Godly Student Chapter 457

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Up to you. Do you see these people? They were all once Gold Core stage cultivators and some were even at the Nascent Soul stage, but they are not as lucky as you. Because they are my enemies, I did not give them such a good chance.

Even though you were captured by me, you are not my enemy. I wanted to spare your life, and as for whether you were willing to take the offer, that would be up to you Under Cheng Yu's control, more than twenty people suddenly appeared in a dark corner.

This... Looking at their empty eyes, although they still had some aura, they were like living dead people. From their bodies, Black Demon could barely feel the presence of a Gold Core Stage cultivator. If it weren't for the small amount of true Qi in their bodies, he would have thought that they were just ordinary people.

But he knew that it was impossible for Cheng Yu to capture a group of ordinary people and bring them in. He remembered that if he didn't agree to follow him, he would end up like these people.

You are basically meat on my chopping board, your life and death is in my hands. Do you think following me is more difficult than letting you die? I believe that no one who has stepped into the immortal path will so easily give up their own life. If you were hiding in the secular world because you were being hunted down by the Mysterious Sky Sect, not only could you hide from them by following me, I could even raise your cultivation by a level Cheng Yu smiled.

Heh, even higher? Black Demon gave a bitter smile. It had been so many years, but he still hadn't broken through to the later stage of the Gold Core Stage.

He was not an ignorant newbie. It was not his first time entering the Gold Core stage, but he had been seriously injured by someone and dropped to the Gold Core stage. It was easier said than done. Not to mention the fact that the spiritual energy here was thin, even after he returned to the cultivation world, he probably wouldn't be able to do so.

What is it? You don't believe me? The resources on my body are not what you can imagine. As long as you follow me, you will definitely be stronger than if you were to cultivate for a hundred years Cheng Yu said.

It's not that I don't believe you. My situation is not as simple as you think. Back then, I didn't even place Gold Core Stage cultivators in my eyes at all Now, I have been forced by you, a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, to become your follower. Black Demon's face was filled with grief.

So, you were once an expert? Cheng Yu was also slightly surprised in his heart. Listening to him, he was also reduced to such a state by someone else.

Humph. Of course. If it was me from the past, I could turn you into ash with a wave of my hand Black Demon said proudly

So what? Even if you were an immortal, so what? You are still my captive. Your life and death is within my hands. The law of the jungle, you said it yourself Cheng Yu laughed loudly.

Wasn't he once an immortal? But so what? He was still bullied by Kunlun,

Humph Black Demon's expression was ugly as he snorted. He didn't say anything. The other party was right, what was the use of being glorious in the past? Wasn't he living in the mortal world in fear?

Enough. As a human, you have to face reality. Even if your realm was destroyed, you still have a chance. It's still better than being killed by me. How about it? Have you thought it through? Follow me. It's not impossible for you to reach the Late Gold Core Stage, or even go further. If I form my GoldeCore, you really won't have any chance Cheng Yu said.

He was also the same as him, but he had never given up. He firmly believed that one day, he would once again stand at the peak of the crowd.

This... I... I am willing Black Demon hesitated, but in the end, he clenched his teeth and agreed.

What Cheng Yu said was right. He didn't want to die like this, or else he wouldn't have hidden in the mortal world for so many years. This young man didn't seem to be a simple person. Perhaps this really was a lucky chance.

Good Chocie. One day, you will be proud of yourself. However, I can't just let you go with a single sentence. Swear a blood oath that you will swear your loyalty to me Cheng Yu said indifferently.

In his heart, however, he was very happy. What he lacked the most right now was talent. Relying on the people he raised, it was like a cup of water to a cart of firewood. Moreover, their growth was too slow.

He didn't know how long it would take to cultivate a Gold Core Stage cultivator, but now that he had one, not only did it save him a lot of resources, but it also saved him a lot of time.

However, he was currently too weak and had to have a restriction on Black Demon. He does not want to leave behind any trouble for himself.

Blood oath Black Demon was shocked

That's right. As long as you don't have any ill intentions towards me, this blood oath will have no effect on you. If you can't even accomplish this, how can I be at ease with you? Cheng Yu said.

Alright! Black Demon thought for a moment, squeezed out a drop of blood from his fingertip, floated in front of him, pointed to the sky, said, I, Black Demon, swear that under the Blood Oath I will be under Cheng Yu's lead, and follow him until my death. If I have any ulterior motives, may the Blood Oath devour my heart, and be punished by the heavens

Whiz With Black Demon's oath completed, the drop of blood instantly flew into the center of Cheng Yu's brow and disappeared. Cheng Yu quickly noticed that this blood droplet was floating within the Violet Palace Realm. With just a thought from Cheng Yu, Black Demon General would be devoured by the blood oath and become a sacrifice to the Heavenly Dao.

Black Demon greets Master Once the blood oath was completed, Black Demon kneeled in front of Cheng Yu and said.

Just call me Young Master from now on. Alright. Now come out with me With a wave of his hand, Black Demon appeared again in Cheng Yu's room.

Since you are following me now, you should at least tell me why you are staying in the mortal world Cheng Yu said.

Young master, I didn't lie to you before. The white-robed old man you saw last time was originally the Black-White Protector of the Blood Demon Sect. His cultivation was originally at the Spirit Severing Stage, but he had overheard that the Mysterious Sky Sect possessed a sacred artifact. It was extremely magical; not only could it bring one back from the dead, it could also give one endless amount of power. As luck would have it, White Demon and I obtained a holy treasure. In the end, the entire Mysterious Sky Sect chased us down and issued a Profound Heaven Token. White Demon and I were severely injured by an expert from the Mysterious Sky Sect.

Although we want to return to the Blood Demon Sect, we are afraid that the holy treasures will be taken away, but the cultivation world is too dangerous, so we didn't dare to take the risk and decided to enter the place that the cultivation world didn't want to go to... the secular world. Originally, we thought that by relying on the sacred objects, we would be able to grasp the power inside and then return to the cultivation world.

But after so many years, we still can't figure out the secrets of the sacred objects, so we've been hiding in the secular world. A few days ago, when young master showed up, we thought that people from the Mysterious Sky Sect had come looking for us. Even if they didn't, we couldn't have young master spread the news about us, that's why we came looking for you. Recalling the events of the past, he couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

What about the holy object you mentioned? Let me take a look Cheng Yu didn't expect the situation to be like this. As for that miraculous divine object, he was also very curious. He wanted to see what kind of powerful object could actually bring someone back from the dead

The holy object is in the hands of the White Demon Black Demon said.

Black Demon, since you're following me now, convincing White Demon to follow me shouldn't be too difficult Cheng Yu said.

Of course, my relationship with the White Demon is so close. It won't be a problem for him to follow Young Master Black Demon said. The two of them had known each other for several hundred years, and they had even been through storms in the cultivation world for the sake of a sacred artifact.

Alright, then I'll leave this matter to you. When you come back, I will take you to a place. As long as I don't tell them, they will never find you. This is the medicine for your injuries Cheng Yu said as he took out a bottle of the Divine Water and passed it to Black Demon.

Thank you, Young Master Black Demon took the pill bottle and opened it, immediately releasing a strong surge of life force. He was very curious, since he had already sworn a blood oath, he didn't believe that it would be a poison, so he drank it without saying a word.

Feeling the injuries in his body rapidly healing, his heart was even more shocked. He had lived for so many years, but he had never known that the cultivation world would have such a magical spiritual medicine.

He was even more curious about this late Foundation Establishment young man. Furthermore, he still had a method up his sleeves that prevented the Mysterious Sky Sect's people from finding him. He was really looking forward to it.

Black Demon left Cheng Yu's villa to add another general for him.

He had subdued a Gold Core Stage master, and now there was going to be one more. Cheng Yu's mood couldn't have been a lot better than this

A sacred object Cheng Yu muttered to himself. He was really looking forward to see just what this sacred object was.


Xiong Ba arrived at the Di Hao Leisure Club early in the morning and found out that Master Black Demon had not come back yesterday.

Recalling his Master's words yesterday, he felt even more uneasy and quickly went home.

Master, Uncle didn't come back yesterday After Xiong Ba returned to the villa, he went into the secret chamber to report to his Master.

Did you send anyone out to look for him? White Demon frowned. For the entire night, he felt as if something bad was going to happen. Black Demon had gone out to find a Qi Condensation Stage martial artist, and yet he hadn't come back for the entire night.

Someone has already been sent to look for him. No news yet Xiong Ba said.

Clang! Suddenly, the door to the chamber opened. A black-robed old man walked in. It was Black Demon.

Martial Uncle Xiong Ba exclaimed in delight when he saw Black Demon appear.

Black Demon, did you manage to investigate anything last night? White Demon said with a sigh.

Ba'er, you go out first, I have something to say to your master! Black Demon said.

Yes sir Xiong Ba left the secret room without saying anything further.

Black Demon, what's wrong? White Demon said as he saw Black Demon's strange appearance.

White Demon, how long have we known each other? Black Demon said.

It's been more than four hundred years since we joined the sect, right? Why do you ask? White Demon didn't understand why Black Demon would suddenly ask about this

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