Godly Student Chapter 456

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In Xiong Ba's villa in the western part of Yunhai, White Demon felt uneasy and restless throughout the night. But he didn't know what was wrong. It had not happened for many years.

He pressed a button in the secret chamber and Xiong Ba came in.

Master, what can I do for you? Xiong Ba said respectfully.

Ba'er, what happened outside today? White Demon asked.

Nothing, everything was normal. Master, why do you ask? Xiong Ba said in confusion.

It's nothing. It's just that I feel that something isn't right tonight. You can leave White Demon closed his eyes again.

Master, hearing you say that, I do remember something Xiong Ba said after some thought.

Oh? What is it? White Demon opened his eyes and said.

Today, one of my men found a Qi Condensation cultivator at my place. I reported this to Martial Uncle. He went out to investigate the situation tonight Xiong Ba said.

Qi Condensation Stage? What's his background? White Demon asked.

He is the nephew of the Mayor of Yunhai City. As for the other details of his family, I do not know yet. Xiong Ba said.

Hm... I understand. You can leave now. If anything happens, you must tell me in time White Demon said.

Yes, Master Xiong Ba nodded his head and left the secret room.

The next day, when Cheng Yu woke up, Yao Na had already left.

Looking at the fried eggs, porridge, and a glass of milk on the table, Cheng Yu sighed with emotion. It seemed that there had to be a woman in the house. Otherwise, how could he eat such a perfect breakfast every day?

But these women, no matter who he sought for, he would never be able to do so. If the other five knew of each other, he'd definitely be split into pieces

After finishing breakfast, he felt full of energy and was in a good mood. The harvest from the last trip to the cultivation world was simply too great, especially after the discovery of the divine water. Although it couldn't revive a person from death, as long as Cheng Yu could preserve his life, this divine water was equivalent to countless of his own lives

Thinking back to last night when that guy was pulled in to the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, Cheng Yu decided to check on him. Sitting on the bed, his soul consciousness quickly slipped into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

On the sixth floor of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, an old man in a black robe was locked in place by four illusionary locks. From time to time, purple runes would enter the illusionary lock.

Compared to Cheng Yu, the black-robed old man seemed to be in a bad mood. He lowered his head, no longer having the mighty and domineering aura from before.

Old man Cheng Yu cried out, but the other side didn't seem to be in a good mood.

Hey, old man, get up and piss Cheng Yu called out a few more times, but the other side didn't seem to care at all.

Soul Suppressor, what's wrong with him? You can't have killed him right? Didn't I ask you to keep him alive? Cheng Yu said. Yesterday, he told the Soul Suppressor to leave his life when he suppressed the Black Demon

Since you said that, can I still kill him? It's just that his soul was severely injured The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Then can you wake him up?

That's easy As the Soul Suppressing Orb spoke, the runes on the side next to Black Demon suddenly shot out a purple light that shot into Black Demon's mind.

AHHHHHHHH. This... What is this place? You. Who exactly are you? Black Demon screamed in pain as he regained consciousness. Seeing the strange surroundings and seeing that the person in front of him was the Foundation Establishment brat he was going to kill, he shouted loudly.

Who I am is not important. What is important is who you are. Why are you staying in this mundane world? Cheng Yu really did not understand. They were all in the Gold Core stage, but why would they stay in the secular world?

Not every cultivator was as greedy as him. Moreover, not every cultivator had as many cultivation resources as he did. In the cultivation world, even though Gold Core stage cultivators were not peerless experts, they were already cultivators with status.

Once they formed their Gold Core, they would be destined to have a higher achievement. Forming their Nascent Soul would only be a matter of time, although the process would take a long time.

However, as long as they didn't die, they would have the chance to break through to the Nascent Soul Stage. Thus, in the cultivation world, the Gold Core stage was crucial.

If it was said that Foundation Establishment cultivators might not necessarily be able to form their Gold Core, it was understandable that they would want to come to this secular world to roam about for a few hundred years when they were at their wits' end.

However, once they broke through to the Gold Core stage, no one would be willing to give up on their pursuit of immortality and possess the ability to destroy the heavens and the earth.

Of course, it wasn't that there weren't such people, but he believed that these two old fellows definitely weren't such people. Therefore, Cheng Yu wanted to know why they had stayed in the secular world.

Ouch! If you can stay in the secular world, why can't I? If you want to kill me, then kill me. Black Demon said angrily.

We are all cultivators, and meeting in the secular world can be considered fate. If you are willing to tell me, I might let you go Cheng Yu said with a smile.

What flowery words. We cultivators go by the law of the jungle. Although I am unwilling to be caught by a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator like you, I do not believe that you will let me go. I am not a newbie who knows nothing. Don't bother, just do it Black Demon had some backbone, but in his heart, he was truly unwilling

Back then, he hadn't been caught when the entire world of experts of the Mysterious Sky Sect were chasing him down. But now, he was actually caught by a Foundation Establishment cultivator. This was simply too humiliating.

Hiding in seclusion for so many years was enough. Perhaps this was some sort of divine will. He accepted his fate

You have seen through the lies, but I really don't want to kill you. I don't have any deep grudges against you, so there's no need for me to kill you Seeing that this old man still had some backbone, Cheng Yu suddenly had the thought of taming him.

Really? You really won't kill me? Two rays of light shot out from Black Demon's eyes as he looked at Cheng Yu and said.

The boldness he had spoken of just now was only forced by the formalities, but if there was a way to survive, he still hoped that he would be able to survive. He was once a Spirit Severing expert, yet, after all these years, he still hadn't recovered. He truly wasn't willing to die just like that

I'm actually very easy to talk to. I am willing to risk my life for my friends, but when it comes to my enemies, I will take revenge and root out everything in my path. So whether you want to live or die, it's up to you. Cheng Yu said.

What do you want to know? Black Demon said after a moment of silence.

What's your name? Which Sect are you from? Why are you still living in the secular world? Cheng Yu asked all the questions in his heart

My name is Black Demon. I used to be a member of the Blood Demon Sect, but I was chased down by my enemies, that's why I came to the secular world Black Demon said.

The Blood Demon Sect? Aren't they the four great hidden sects? Since you are a member of the Blood Demon Sect, your allies would naturally come looking for you. The credibility of your words is very low. Could it be that your enemy is a member of the Heaven Demon Sect? But you don't need to run and hide in the secular world, right? Cheng Yu immediately thought of the other party's weakness.

He was also being chased here by others. The cultivation world was not that big, so how could it be easy to find a place to hide? Wasn't Cheng Yu being hunted by the entire Kunlun Mountains? It wasn't the same as before in the cultivation world.

In the secular world, where the spiritual energy was so thin, it was impossible to even buy pills to raise one's strength in the marketplace. Wasn't that destroying his own future prospects?

The one chasing me is not the Blood Demon Sect, but another hidden sect, the Mysterious Sky Sect. Since they sent people to kill us, we naturally have no choice but to escape to this mortal world Black Demon did not expect this kid to have such a deep understanding of the cultivation world's sects even though his cultivation level was not high and he was staying in the secular world.

Mysterious Sky Sect? I don't believe it at all. The Mysterious Sky Sect is one of the four great hidden sects like your Blood Demon Sect. If the Blood Demon Sect wants to protect you, I think that's not a difficult matter. You don't seem to want to be my friend. It seems like I can only go and bring your friends in as well Cheng Yu said.

You... this... Black Demon hesitated. If Cheng Yu found out about the sacred artifact, then he would definitely take the sacred artifact from him. Wouldn't that mean they did all this for nothing?

Black Demon didn't suspect anything about Cheng Yu being able to capture White Demon. Although this boy's cultivation wasn't high, he still emitted a great deal of eeriness.

For example, his magical pet's cultivation level was actually higher than her master's, and there were quite a few treasures in Cheng Yu's hands. According to him, this was the place where the golden light had sucked him in.

What confused him the most was what happened to the dragon shadow that had injured him. That strong aura, it was definitely not something that a Foundation Establishment cultivator could display. Just how did he do it?

All of this was like a mystery. This caused the young man in front of him to become even more mysterious. If he wanted to capture White Demon, it wouldn't be difficult

Looks like I have to capture him as well Cheng Yu turned around and was about to leave.

Wait. If I tell you the truth, will you really let me go Black Demon said.

Actually, I'm not afraid of telling you. You only have one path of survival, and you will follow me in the future Cheng Yu said with a smile.

This won't do Black Demon immediately turned serious. No matter what, he was once a Spirit Severing Expert. Now that he was beaten down to the Gold Core stage, how could he possibly follow a mere Foundation Establishment boy? How could he face others in the future?

Do whatever you want! Cheng Yu laughed softly. Suddenly, a group of people with disheveled hair appeared around Black Demon. Do you see these people? They were all once Gold Core stage experts, and some were even at the Nascent Soul stage. But now, their Gold Core and Nascent Soul have already been absorbed by my soul weapon. What's sad is that they didn't have such a good opportunity to be absorbed by my soul weapon like you. As for your willingness to seize this opportunity, that will be up to you