Godly Student Chapter 455

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It was a moonlit night. Ordinary families were already fast asleep, but high up in the sky, in a mountainous region a few kilometers to the north of Yunhai City

Two people stood in mid-air, and beside one of them, there was actually a huge fiery red bird as big as four or five people.

If anyone had seen this amazing scene, they would have thought it was a movie.

Cheng Yu's expression was solemn. The person in front of him was not simple. With his current strength, it would not be an easy task to kill a Gold Core Stage expert

Black Demon also did not dare to slack off as he stared at the man and beast in front of him. He had seen the abnormal defense of that magical beast, so it was impossible for it to break it. He could only attack Cheng Yu.

The last time he was severely wounded by the White Demon, he definitely hadn't recovered yet. As long as Cheng Yu died, this Magic Pet would naturally die as well

Hah After figuring out his plan of attack, Black Demon took the initiative to attack. The target of his attack was Cheng Yu.

Whiz Black Demon wanted to fight Cheng Yu head on, but how could Cheng Yu do as he wished? Since he knew that he wouldn't be able to withstand several attacks from a mid phase of a Gold Core Stage cultivator. Fortunately, Huo Yu was on the same side as him. With a thought, Huo Yu appeared in front of him, blocking Black Demon's attack.

Primordius Thousand Yuan Slash Just as Huo Yu helped Cheng Yu block Black Demon's attack, Cheng Yu suddenly used all of the true Qi within his body to jump up from behind Huo Yu, and fiercely attacked Black Demon.

In the dark night, Cheng Yu's purple light sword was like a million sword images. With his hand as the center, the sword images hacked at Black Demon's blade one by one. When the final sword images merged together, it was like a brilliant firework suddenly exploding

BOOOOOOM! This move of Cheng Yu's could be said to have an extraordinary imposing aura, fully displaying the domineering aura of a king. However, its effect was not satisfactory. In front of a middle phase Gold Core Stage expert, apart from its gorgeous appearance, it only caused Black Demon to retreat a few steps.

Bang! But the moment Cheng Yu made his move, Huo Yu took advantage of this moment to flap her wings. A simple and ordinary flap of her wings actually caused Black Demon to suffer light injuries.

It was just like the old saying. In front of absolute strength, all fancy moves were unnecessary. As long as one has enough strength, just a simple slap would be enough to kill the opponent.

Black Demon's first bout of battle against the cooperation between a human and a beast resulted in his loss. Although he was slightly injured, it didn't affect Black Demon much, so he launched another attack.

This was the first time he had been ambushed by Huo Yu, but now that he experienced it, Black Demon was also on guard. Cheng Yu's attacks were still as gorgeous as before, but in Black Demon's eyes, they had the effect of interference.

Huo Yu had become the main attacker. With Cheng Yu's assistance, Black Demon had suffered quite a bit

Humph. He must be putting his life on the line. Blood Demon Avatar Black Demon attacked many times in order to try to find an opportunity to kill Cheng Yu, but this guy was too cunning. He didn't want to fight him head on and always hid behind his Magic Pet. Black Demon knew that this wouldn't do, so he shouted and his body instantly turned into four.

The four Black Demons were exactly the same. They formed groups of two, one group against Huo Yu, and the other against Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu's expression was solemn, he knew that he couldn't hide this time.

Since he couldn't hide, then he might as well fight head on. For the first time, Cheng Yu chose to attack with his bare hands. Facing two Black Demons, Cheng Yu's pressure was multiplied. However, these two Black Demons were clearly weaker than when there was only one of them.

Spirit Severing experts could separate their primordial spirit into their second body. This kind of body was definitely the same as their main body. Once they reached the body stage, their second body would perfectly fuse with their main body, exploding with twice their original strength.

However, many experts who had not yet reached the Spirit Severing Stage could use a special technique to create clones. However, these clones were not perfect copies of the main body. They could copy the outside, they could copy the aura, but not the strength.

In theory, the more a person was divided, the more parts his strength would be divided. Thus, Black Demon's strength was now only a quarter of his original strength.

But because they were originally one person, their minds and souls were completely interlinked. Their combined strength should be more than half of Black Demon's strength.

Although his strength had weakened, he had to admit that this method was a good way to achieve his goal. He, who was alone, was always stopped by Huo Yu.

But now, they were split into four people. Although the two Black Demon Clones weren't a match for Huo Yu, they could still stall her. As for the other two Black Demon Clones, they were probably more than enough to deal with a Foundation Establishment stage Cheng Yu.

That's right, Cheng Yu's current strength was indeed inferior to the two Black Demon Clones, but he was not as weak as Black Demon imagined.

Bang! The combined attack of the two black demons instantly hacked Cheng Yu to the ground.

Purple Light Thousand Layered Waves Seeing the two Black Demons pouncing towards him at the same time, Cheng Yu shouted loudly. He was like the center of a wave. A circle of true energy waves exploded from the purple sword in his hand.

Suddenly, the two black Demons sabers glowed with a red light as two sabers came slashing down

BOOOOOM! Cheng Yu's purple true energy wave was instantly broken apart and the red Qi directly shot towards Cheng Yu who was on the ground. There was a loud noise from the ground and dust was kicked up. In the dark night, even Black Demon could not see the situation inside.

However, he was certain that under such a powerful attack, a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator would not be able to withstand it. Even if he did not die, he would not have more than a few breaths left.

Chi Chi! When Huo Yu saw that her master was in danger, she loudly cried out. However, the two Black Demon Clones were constantly fighting around her, preventing Huo Yu from injuring them and also preventing Huo Yu from providing any support to Cheng Yu.

Heh heh. For a Foundation Establishment brat to be able to do such a thing, you should be able to die in peace. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for appearing in front of me. Kid, you should be reborn as an ordinary person in your next life. Blood Demon Descended into Dust Black Demon's Clones body sneered. He wouldn't give Cheng Yu any chance. His entire body suddenly turned into a bloody light as countless bloody shadows circled around him. Then, a bloody skull quickly formed in front of him

Roar! Roar! But just as Black Demon was about to condense his blood skull, several dragon roars suddenly sounded out from the dust below. This dragon roar was bold and arrogant, as if it wanted to swallow up the entire sky.

Next, Black Demon suddenly saw six blue dragon shadows roaring out from the dust

What's going on? Black Demon was shocked. How could such a thing appear!.This aura was actually so terrifying, even more frightening than the aura of his Blood Shadow Skeleton

Roar! Roar! Roar! The draconic shadow charged straight towards him, and in his terror, Black Demon shot the bloody skeleton in his hands outwards.

RUUUUUU... Two of the dragon shadows collided with the blood skull. The blue and blood-red light in the sky illuminated the surrounding night sky

This is bad At this moment, Black Demon saw four more dragon shadows fly towards him and another Clone. He jumped in shock, turned, and ran

But, when had Cheng Yu ever failed to use his ultimate skill? He could kill an enemy that he couldn't kill before with this skill, he could hit the enemy that he couldn't hit. This is Cheng Yu's Six Dragons Goes to Sea

RUUUUUUUU In the end, the two Black Demons weren't able to escape from Cheng Yu's hands.

AHHHHHHH With a miserable scream, Black Demon's true body was severely wounded. Three of the clones disappeared and returned to Black Demon's body.

Black Demon's main body fell from the sky, blood spilling onto the ground. Cheng Yu's figure emerged from the dust that flew up into the air. His face was pale, blood was still flowing from the corner of his mouth, his clothes were tattered long ago, and there were quite a few wounds on his body.

Seeing Black Demon fall to the ground, Cheng Yu grinned from ear to ear. His scarred body suddenly shot out a golden light. Whoosh. The golden light hovered above Black Demon. This was Cheng Yu's Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

A golden light shot out from the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and enveloped Black Demon within. Black Demon hadn't even coughed out two mouthfuls of blood when he felt a strong suction force from this golden light. His heart was filled with fear.

No With a loud shout, these two words became the last words Black Demon had said in this world. He was instantly sucked into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

Whoosh. When the Soul Suppressing Pagoda returned to Cheng Yu's body, he directly collapsed limply onto the ground. He then took out a bottle of divine water and drank it up.

Everything became peaceful again. If the surroundings weren't severely damaged, no one would dare to believe that a great battle between deities had occurred here

If not for the fact that Black Demon had split himself into four, he might not have been defeated so quickly, or perhaps he might have been able to escape alive.

Although Cheng Yu's Six Dragons Goes to the Seas Technique was overbearing, it was impossible to kill a middle stage Gold Core Stage expert. At most, he would be seriously injured. He believed that he would still have the strength to fight. Even Cheng Yu's Soul Suppressing Pagoda would not be able to suck him in.

However, Black Demon had split up into four people, and under this Illusory Dragon Technique, the injuries he suffered were fatal. Although only two of his doppelgangers were hit, one of them was his main body.

How could he escape Cheng Yu's Soul Suppressing Pagoda under these circumstances?

Cheng Yu. What's the matter with you? How did you get injured like this? Cheng Yu returned to the villa and fell down in the hall.

Yao Na was originally asleep, but after hearing a series of loud noises, she thought it was thunder. However, seeing that it wasn't raining outside the window, she went to look for Cheng Yu, but she didn't see him in the house.

Hearing that strange loud sound still hadn't stopped, Yao Na immediately felt uneasy. But not long later, Cheng Yu suddenly rushed into the room covered in blood. He scared her but seeing fall down, she quickly went to help him up

I'm fine. I'm too tired After returning home, Cheng Yu finally relaxed and softly said something before fainting.

Cheng Y. Cheng Yu Yao Na was shocked. She checked Cheng Yu's breath and found out that he was still alive.

After painstakingly bringing him to the bathroom, she put him in the hot water and stripped him of his clothes with a blush. Then, under a blush of shame, she scrubbed Cheng Yu's entire body.

Looking at his strong body, Yao Na felt ashamed. Suddenly, she was surprised to find that the wounds on Cheng Yu's body were healing quickly. Seeing such shocking speed, Yao Na was both surprised and happy. At least it meant that Cheng Yu was fine.

After putting on a casual pair of pajamas for Cheng Yu, she moved him to bed.

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