Godly Student Chapter 454

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Master Ba, Today, we have met a Heaven Stage Expert Hu Er said.

Heaven Stage Expert? Did you manage to find out the background of the other party? Xiong Ba said with a frown.

In the past, it was not rare for a Heaven Stage Expert to appear. Although the Heaven Stage was difficult, it wasn't impossible. But now, things are different.

The mysterious expert that appeared in his villa a few days ago made his master and uncle seem very fearful. According to his knowledge, that mysterious master should be in the Foundation Establishment stage, and his master and uncle, one early and one in the middle of the Gold Core stage, was actually injured by a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Therefore, his master told him to pay attention to all those who had the strength of a Qi Condensation cultivator, which was the so-called Heaven Ranked Martial Master in the mortal world. It would definitely not be easy for an ordinary person to reach the Heaven Stage. However, if they were an immortal cultivator, then it would be too easy for them to reach the Heaven Stage.

As a result, there was a high chance that there was a cultivator behind the Heaven Stage expert. If his master told him to investigate the Heaven Stage expert, he might be able to find the mysterious Foundation Establishment expert.

As for what he would do when he found that person? That was not what he knew

Master Ba, Long Si had interacted with him before Hu Er said.

Oh? Long Si, when did you exchange blows with such an expert? How come I didn't know? Xiong Ba knitted his brows as he looked at Long Si and said.

Master Ba, it's like this, a few months ago, a student asked our Azure Bamboo Gang to teach this kid a lesson, but we didn't expect him to be a Heaven Stage Expert, and in the end he beat everyone up. I felt that this wasn't a big deal so I didn't inform Master Ba Long Si said nervously, afraid that Xiong Ba would think that they were secretly in contact with a Heaven Stage expert.

En, then do you know the identity of a Heaven Stage Expert? Xiong Ba said.

Yes, we did investigate it earlier. He is called Cheng Yu, Mayor Zhao's nephew, He used to be a senior in Yunhai High School, but now I don't know Long Si said honestly.

At that time, he was the one who handled the matter with Cheng Yu with Long San and the others, so he was naturally the one who looked into the information regarding Cheng Yu.

Mayor Zhao's nephew? Where does he live? Xiong Ba wrinkled his brows in confusion. He actually had such a powerful nephew? It was too unexpected. Zhao Minglong has always wanted to get rid of his Azure Bamboo Gang. Since that's the case, why doesn't he let his nephew come and deal with us?

Central District's Prosperous Villa District #68 Long Si said.

Alright. You guys have done a great deed on this matter, you can go back first. When you meet Heaven Stage experts in the future, you must tell me immediately Xiong Ba said.

Yes The two of them performed a meritorious deed and left happily.

Xiong Ba came to a room and turned a blue and white porcelain vase on the antique shelf. The antique shelf opened up like a door, revealing a basement.

Uncle When he arrived at the basement, he found that although the interior was brightly lit, the surrounding furniture was simple and unadorned, but it was also very tasteful. There were luxurious high-grade carpets, expensive blue and white porcelain tea sets, and exquisite tea leaves.

Why are you looking for me? Black Demon calmly said without opening his eyes.

He and White Demon usually only lived in two places. He guarded the headquarters of the Azure Bamboo Gang, and White Demon stayed in Xiong Ba's villa.

Some of them just reported that they found a Qi Condensation expert Xiong Ba said.

Oh? Have you found out where he came from? Hearing the appearance of a Qi Condensation expert, Black Demon finally opened his eyes. The glint in his eyes made Xiong Ba feel an incomparable pressure.

I heard he's the nephew of the Mayor of Yunhai City. They should be ordinary people Xiong Ba said

What do you know? The more ordinary people reach the Qi Condensation Stage, the more strange it is. Without your master, how could you reach the Qi Condensation Stage so quickly? Black Demon said.

Uncle is right Xiong Ba thought that this was indeed the case. If one were to say that those martial arts families had reached the Qi Condensation stage were normal, then the ordinary people who had reached the Qi Condensation stage would have a problem.

Do you know his address? I'll go check it out Black Demon said.

Yes, I will get someone to send the address to Senior Martial Uncle Xiong Ba said.

En Black Demon nodded/

Black Lord. The Villa in front is the one you're looking for An hour later, a young man pointed at a large villa on the right side and said respectfully to Black Demon.

Actually, they didn't know who this old man was. They only knew that their Sect Master had made them treat this old man with even more respect than him.

Mm, you can go back now. I'll go back myself later Black Demon said as he got off the car.

Seeing that the car was already far away, Black Demon looked at the house, then he leaped up and disappeared from where he stood

Within the villa, Yao Na had already fallen asleep. Cheng Yu was sitting cross-legged on his bed in his room.

Suddenly, Cheng Yu abruptly opened his eyes. He was shocked in his heart. He felt that someone was spying on him, so he immediately released his spiritual sense and began to search outside to see who the person spying on him was

At this moment, hiding on top of a big tree in the villa to check out the situation, Black Demon's heart was also in turmoil because the person he just detected wasn't in the Qi Condensation stage, but the Foundation Establishment stage, or even the late Foundation Establishment stage.

His brain was rapidly thinking, there was actually a late Foundation Establishment cultivator here, and the person they were fighting a few days ago was also in the late Foundation Establishment stage, could it be the same person?

If it wasn't the same person, would there be any connection between them? Are there any stronger people behind them? Black Demon was currently weighing the pros and cons. Should he test this guy?

No matter what, he was an expert in the middle phase of the Gold Core stage, so dealing with a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator would definitely not be a problem. However, the last time he encountered a Foundation Establishment cultivator, it was really a bit strange. Not only was there a Magic Pet that surpassed him in level, but there were also quite a few soul tools in his hands.

However, looking back, that fellow had just been severely injured by them a few days ago, so he shouldn't have recovered so quickly. If that person really was him, then he would only have to deal with a mid-stage Gold Core Stage demonic beast.

Thinking of this, Black Demon no longer hesitated and used his spiritual sense to launch an attack towards the people in the villa.

Cheng Yu sensed the other party's attack and immediately protected his spiritual sense. With a sou sound, he flew out of the window.

Who is it? What are you trying to do? Cheng Yu landed in the room and shouted loudly.

Whiz A black-robed old man floated down from a large tree

It's you! Cheng Yu saw that this old man in black was the same old man he met at Xiong Ba's mansion a few days ago. He was startled in his heart. he didn't expect this old man to find him so quickly.

However, when he recalled that the two fellows he had met tonight were also members of the Azure Bamboo Gang, he somewhat understood what was going on.

You know me. Looks like you are indeed the person from that night Seeing the expression on Cheng Yu's face, Black Demon confirmed his thoughts


Hoh, since you've come looking for me, what does it have to do with you? Cheng Yu smiled.

Since the other party had come looking for him, regardless of whether he was the person from that night, they would have an unavoidable battle. As long as he used his weapon, the other party would also be able to recognize him, so Cheng Yu didn't need to hide anything

Good. Since that's the case, I'll send you on your way today. Don't worry about me! Black Demon said.

After staying in the mortal world for so many years, they had yet to be discovered by cultivators. They were already used to this sort of life. However, Cheng Yu's appearance had broken their peace. He did not know what status Cheng Yu had.

However, this was not important. What was important was that Cheng Yu was a cultivator. If this news were to leak out, sooner or later they would be found by the Mysterious Sky Sect.

That was the reason why they had the Azure Bamboo Gang pay close attention to the existence of the Heaven Ranked Rankers ever since Cheng Yu escaped.

Hehe, last time you two old fellows couldn't keep me here. Do you think that you alone can kill me today? Cheng Yu smiled.

Haha. Brat, you are underestimating a Gold Core stage expert. It is enough to deal with a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator like you Black Demon laughed. However, he wasn't too sure. After all, this guy had a companion of the same rank as him.

Since that's the case, why don't we find a quiet place to have a good battle? You don't want to stir up the police in the middle of the fight, do you? Cheng Yu said.

Good, that's exactly what I was thinking Even though it could be said that Gold Core stage cultivators was completely unafraid of the secular world's martial power, he also did not want others to know of their existence. It would not be beneficial for him since although he could kill, but he could not kill everyone in the secular world

If two people were here, Cheng Yu would still have a lot of scruples, but only one person came. Even though the other party was in the middle phase of the Gold Core stage, Cheng Yu still had a way to kill him.

As long as he could get rid of this formidable opponent, dealing with an early Gold Core Stage Cultivator would be easier.

Cheng Yu summoned his flying sword and flew into the distant mountain forest like a streak of light. Black Demon followed him without the slightest fear.

After finding a relatively flat mountain, there seemed to be no one else nearby. The two of them did not fall directly to the ground. Instead, they faced each other in the air

One was standing straight in the air, while the other was standing on a multicolored flying sword, looking very impressive. However, those who were knowledgeable knew that it was useless to be good-looking. Those who could stand in the air without borrowing anything were the true experts.

Since this wasn't the first time they had exchanged blows, there was nothing much to hide from Cheng Yu. He directly called out Huo Yu. It was too easy for him to be injured while fighting a fellow in the middle phase of the Gold Core stage by himself.

Tonight, he eliminate this guy. The Black Demon had the same thought when looking at Cheng Yu