Godly Student Chapter 453

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Stop him The manager's expressions changed as he shouted loudly.

A dozen black clothed bodyguards rushed forward and charged at Cheng Yu. Although these bodyguards had a good aura and they did have a few moves, compared to Cheng Yu, these little tricks were too much of a child's play.

Although Cheng Yu was still holding Yao Na, does he really need to use his hands against these guys? It was clear that in the eyes of a normal person, Cheng Yu was simply too fast. In front of everyone's eyes, Cheng Yu seemed to have instantly turned into a shadow.

Some plunged into flower beds, some hung from the rockery in the middle of the hall.

Go get Second Brother Hu and Fourth Brother Long The manager saw that Cheng Yu was actually so strong. Although his bodyguards weren't experts, they weren't people that could be defeated that easily. However, Cheng Yu was holding a person and fighting these people like he was playing, so he could only let two heavyweights come out.

Cheng Yu had no interest in playing house with these pretentious guys. Yao Na continuously squirmed in his arms. He had to find a place to quickly get rid of the lust in her body.

Sou sou! Just as Cheng Yu was about to walk out of the hall, two people suddenly jumped down from the second floor and stopped him.

Trying to run away from our Azure Bamboo Gang's territory A bald man looked at Cheng Yu and said.

It's you? But when the other man saw Cheng Yu's face, his face was full of surprise, and he subconsciously took a few steps back.

Long Si, you know him? When Hu Er saw that Long Si seemed to be very afraid of this young man, he curiously asked.

He... He is a Heaven Stage expert Long Si said with a trembling voice.

What? Heaven Stage Hu Er was also frightened into taking a few steps back. His face was filled with disbelief. This seemingly harmless young man was actually a Heaven Stage Expert?

As the Tiger General of the Azure Bamboo Gang, although he was very arrogant in front of ordinary people, he knew what the Heaven Stage was. In the Azure Bamboo Gang, there were only five people who could reach the Heaven Stage.

One was their Sect Master, while the other four were all Hall Masters. All of them were just Earth Stage Dragon Generals. Perhaps in front of an ordinary person, their strength was already world shocking. Just now, they had jumped down from the third floor and stood firmly on the ground, completely unharmed. To an ordinary person, this was impossible.

But people like them were nothing in front of a Heaven Stage Expert

That's right, last time Long San was injured by him Long Si said with a serious face.

Then are you going to fight me again, or do you want me to leave? Cheng Yu indifferently said

This... The two of them hesitated. With so many people watching them, before, they were always so high up in front of these people. Now, they would be scared of a young man. This made them lose a lot of face in the future.

But if they had to fight, the ones who would suffer were themselves. They didn't know whether to fight him or to save their lives.

Damn, today let me test just how strong are the Heaven Stage people Hu Er was a ruthless man. In the martial arts world, the most important thing was to gain face. Even if he couldn't win, he had to lose with momentum. If he was so cowardly, who knew what others would think of him in the future?

Hu Er dove down, and with a twist of his leg, he kicked Cheng Yu's neck. Cheng Yu's aura suddenly released, and when Hu Er kicked a few centimeters away from Cheng Yu's neck, he instantly felt a suppressive force rush towards him.

Bang! Before he could kick Cheng Yu, Hu Er was forced out.

Releasing inner Qi He knew that Heaven Stage experts had inner Qi, but he had never seen a Heaven Stage expert that could release inner Qi outside of their body. According to him, their Sect Leader Xiong Ba was a Heaven Stage Mid Rank expert, but it seemed that he could not release inner Qi outside of his body.

Could it be... This young man was even more powerful than the leader of the Azure Bamboo Gang. Could he be a late stage Heaven Stage Expert?

Seeing Cheng Yu walk towards him step by step, Hu Er felt a little scared. At this moment, he finally understood how useless he was in front of a Heaven Stage expert.

He couldn't even meet them if he wanted to, so how could he defeat them?

Just as Hu Er was about to receive the blow from the mysterious young man, the other side directly walked past him. Hu Er breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, but he was still unwilling. He never thought that the other party would not even have the intention to attack him. This was completely not taking him seriously

However, there was such a huge gap between the two of them. Although he was unwilling, he could only accept it. Long Si had long since seen the ability of Cheng Yu to release inner qi. Seeing Cheng Yu walk over, he tactfully moved to the side, allowing Cheng Yu to walk over.

Just who is he When Cheng Yu left, Hu Er noticed that his back was already covered in cold sweat and asked Long Si.

There was a little brat that had a grudge against this person. He gave us a lot of money to help him out, but you knew the result. Long Si said.

It was originally like this. Did you see that just now, this person has already reached the level of releasing his inner Qi? This means that he is even stronger than our Leader Hu Er said with envy and fear when he thought of the formidable power he had just shown.

I already told you that he was a Heaven Stage Expert, it was you who insisted on taking action. Long Si said.

That won't do. Didn't Sect Master say that we should pay attention to the strange people? I have to tell this matter to the Sect Leader. Don't you know about this fellow's situation? Come with me Hu Er thought for a moment and said.

Cheng Yu caught a taxi home with Yao Na. At this moment, Yao Na was already like a bear tree as she hugged Cheng Yu tightly, moaning and asking for a kiss.

He threw away the blanket and looked at Yao Na's body. All of a sudden, Cheng Yu became slightly naughty. Although he really wanted to take Yao Na, he couldn't do so. He suppressed the flames of desire in his heart and put Yao Na on the bed. He tapped her neck and Yao Na, who was constantly twisting, fainted on the bed.

Cheng Yu sat on the bed and fed a bottle of the Divine Water to her. He placed both of his palms on her back and slowly injected true Qi into her body, helping her absorb the Divine Water quickly.

Half an hour later, Cheng Yu had finished injecting his true Qi into her. He placed Yao Na on the bed and covered her with a blanket. Then, he entered the bathroom covered in sweat.

Cheng Yu immediately turned on the cold water to rinse himself when he recalled Yao Na's enchanting body and her alluring fragrance.

Foundation Establishment He had to let them reach Foundation Establishment as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will suffocate to death sooner or later Cheng Yu gloomily washed his body with cold water to cool it down

Cheng Yu... Save me... Save me Cheng Yu had just finished showering when he heard Yao Na's dazed voice.

Nana, I'm here. It's fine now. It's fine now Cheng Yu quickly sat in front of the bed and gently caressed Yao Na's face

Cheng Yu. Where is this? Why am I here? Yao Na opened her eyes and looked at Cheng Yu. She felt reassured and asked curiously.

I've just saved you from Dance of the world KTV. It's all right now Cheng Yu smiled.

Then I... Is there... Yao Na was shocked. She opened her blanket to look at her body and said nervously.

Don't worry. Fortunately, I managed to make it in time. Since your fine now, I better get some sleep

Thank you, Cheng Yu Yao Na was relieved to know that she was still a virgin.

Idiot, why are you telling me this?

What about the other female teachers? Yao Na suddenly thought of the other female teachers and said.

Other female teachers? I don't know! I only saw you, and I don't even know what happened. With your safety, how could I know there were other teachers? What exactly happened today? Cheng Yu said.

Today is Teacher Hao's birthday. He is inviting our third year class teacher out for a meal. I didn't want to go, but we were all working together, so I had to go. But who would have thought that after dinner they would go and sing again. The older teachers were all gone, and we, the young female teachers, were so bothered by them that we had no choice but to go and play. I was just playing around for a bit before I left, but that Teacher Liao Yun insisted that I drink a cup of wine before he was willing to let me leave. I wanted to leave earlier, so I drank the wine, but after drinking it for a while, I started to feel dizzy, I knew something was wrong. I used the time that you taught me to force the drug out, but I couldn't force it out, so I ran to the toilet to call you. Yao Na recalled with a frown.

So that's how it is. Then don't worry. Their target should be you. Those teachers might already be home, rest well tonight Cheng Yu finally found out the whole story and covered her with a blanket so she could have a good rest.

When he received Yao Na's call, Cheng Yu was truly frightened, thinking that she had met a cultivator. But luckily, she was fine. As for He Jian and Liao Yun, they had already received their due punishment.

The headquarters of the Azure Bamboo Gang was an upscale entertainment club called Di Hao's Leisure Club.

In one of the large rooms, there was a large bed with a middle-aged man lying on it. Beside the man sat two sexy women wearing bikini who were massaging him.

You two go out first/ The middle-aged man snapped his fingers and spoke to the two women. The woman tactfully left the room.

The two of you aren't here to watch all night, what are you doing here? The middle-aged man was the Green Bamboo Gang's leader, Xiong Ba.

Master Ba, today we met a Heaven Stage Expert Hu Er said.