Godly Student Chapter 452

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Of course I'm taking him away. You've injured so many people so you're also coming with us Han Xue said without any trace of politeness.

Xiao Xue, we are all on the same side, I still have things to take care of. Since one of their houses has been demolished, and they don't even have a place to stay today. I have to arrange it for them Cheng Yu said.

Who's on the same side as you, I'm just being impartial. As for the problem with the villagers, we, the police, will solve it Han Xue said.

This... Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan, confused.

Let's go Han Xue pushed Cheng Yu.

Han Han, if anything happens, remember to call me Cheng Yu said.

Under Lin Yuhan's complicated gaze, Cheng Yu left in a police car.

Little Han, why did they take Little Yu away Seeing that Lin Yuhan had returned, Lin Mu asked in confusion.

He beat up so many people. Naturally, he has to follow them back to the police station. Lin Yu said absent-mindedly.

Will Little Yu be alright? Mother Lin gloomily said.

He is so resourceful, his people are everywhere, what can happen to him? Uncle Yang, we'll be leaving first. The police will help you deal with the matter regarding the house. If you have any problems, you can come and find me. Lin Yuhan said to Yang Tonqiang.

Alright, thank you for today. We will definitely come to thank you another day. Yang Tongqiang said gratefully.

Cheng Yu followed Han Xue, and Lin Yuhan also lost her spirit and went home alone. Mother Lin did not know what happened. She spoke with the Yang family for a bit then went back home.

Xiao Han, what's wrong? Was it little Yu? Why don't you go to the police station and take a look Back in the house, Mother Lin saw her daughter's frown and thought that she was thinking about Cheng Yu.

Mom, tell me. If Cheng Yu likes other women, what should I do? Lin Yuhan said.

What is it? You know that Little Yu has other women he likes? Mother Lin frowned and said.

I... Didn't I say if? Lin Yuhan said.

Of course we have to get him back. A son-in-law like Little Yu is good, capable, and he's also very kind. The most important thing is that he treats you so well. How can someone like him be taken away from us? Mother Lin said.

But what if he refuses to give up on that woman? Lin Yuhan said.

That won't happen, since Little Yu likes you so much, will he give up on you for that woman? Don't be silly Mother Lin said.

But what if he wants both of us?

How is that possible? This isn't the old society, does he still want to have two wives? Silly girl, what are you thinking about all day? Mother Lin poked her daughter on the forehead with her fingertips.

But... However... What if that's the case? Lin Yuhan still did not give up and asked.

If Little Yu really wants to marry two wives, then you'll just have to be the first wife while she will be the second wife Mother Lin said snappily as she went into the kitchen to boil some water.

I be the first wife and she be the second? Lin Yuhan smiled bitterly, that woman was obviously older than her and was so beautiful, why would Cheng Yu let her be the second wife?

At the police station, Han Xue was sitting on a chair with a straight face. Cheng Yu seemed to have made a huge mistake. He lowered his head and sat obediently opposite her.

I'll go and take notes. Take me home after work Han Xue stood up.

Young Master Yu, come have a cup of tea Seeing Han Xue exiting the detention room, Wu Zhong poured Cheng Yu a cup of tea.

Thank you Cheng Yu drank a mouthful of tea. His heart was filled with panic, he didn't know what Han Xue was going to do this time

Young Master Yu. You've embarrassed Sister Xue today, I think Young Master Yu is going to suffer. Wu Chong said as he sat in front of Cheng Yu with a smile on his face.

Hehe, I'm fine. What's there to be afraid of about my woman? Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Young Master Yu, I really admire you Wu Chong gave a thumbs up as he spoke.

Ding ling ling! Suddenly, Cheng Yu's phone rang. He took it out and saw that it was from Yao Na.

Nana, what's the matter? Cheng Yu carefully looked at the door and picked up the phone.

Cheng... Cheng... Cheng Yu, Wu... Dance of the World KTV, Save... Save me Yao Na's intermittent voice came over the phone.

Hey, Nana. What's going on? Cheng Yu's heart tightened? However, the other party had already hung up. What was going on?

With Yao Na's current strength, who could possibly hope to defeat her? Just like Lin Yuhan, although she was not proficient in it, ordinary people would definitely not be a match for her.

Could she have met an immortal cultivator? Thinking that he could meet two Gold Core Stage experts in the secular world, it was not impossible for Yao Na to meet a cultivator. Thinking of this, Cheng Yu's heart broke out in a cold sweat.

Wu Chong, help me tell Han Xue that I have urgent matters to attend to. When the time comes, I'll give her a call After giving his instructions, Cheng Yu quickly left the police station.

Seeing Cheng Yu's anxious expression, Wu Chong was truly impressed in his heart. It seemed that there were quite a few women. A Han Han just appeared, and now there's a Na Na.

Sister Xue, ah, Sister Xue, you really have a lot of love rivals

Dance of the world KTV. Quickly go there After leaving the police station, Cheng Yu caught a taxi. At this moment, he really wanted to fly over, but now was the time, if he flew back and forth in the city, then he really wouldn't be able to leave during the day.

Can you hurry up and get me there in 10 minutes for one thousand Yuan? Cheng Yu said anxiously.

One Thousand Yuan The drivers eyes lit up as he put all the driving skills he had learned in the past few years into full play. The original thirty-something minutes had turned into a nine minutes fifty-nine seconds drive.

Cheng Yu threw down a dozen red notes and got out of the car. This made the driver extremely happy, and without saying anything further, he drove away, as if he was afraid that Cheng Yu would go back on his word.

Arriving at Dance of the World KTV, Cheng Yu released his Spiritual Sense and started to look for Yao Na's aura.

Advanced VIP area on the fourth floor. Although this was a KTV, it was just like a hotel. Some of the higher level members who were tired or drunk in their rooms would provide them with a hotel suite to rest in.

In these high-end rooms, there was a man and a woman lying unconscious on the bed. A man stood in front of her with a lewd smile on his face.

Humph, Do you really think there is such a cheap thing in the world? Idiot The man looked at the woman on the bed with a look of disdain

Yao Na, I said that one day, you will become my woman. I never speak falsely to a woman. The man sat on the bed and caressed Yao Na's blushing face as he laughed proudly.

Hm... Yao Na snorted and her body started to twist slowly. Her face turned redder and redder. She frowned as if she was in great pain.

Hehe, It worked. This rat's medicine is amazing. It worked so quickly. Yao Na, from today onwards, you're going to be my plaything! The man took the camcorder and started recording Yao Na on the bed.

Yao Na lay on the bed as she kept humming. Her body kept twisting. Her hands kept pulling at her clothes, as if she was trying to pull them off.

With the effects of the pill, Yao Na's range of action increased and her humming increased. Under the pressure of the man's medicine, she was soon reduced to her underwear.

Gulp! The man looked at Yao Na's enchanting body, her curves, and her majesty, and kept swallowing his saliva. After a while, the man placed the camera on top of the bed and excitedly walked to it.

Bitch, don't worry, I'll come and help you quench your thirst The man finally couldn't take it anymore and quickly began to strip off his clothes.

Bang! Just as the man took off all his clothes and threw himself onto the bed, the door was suddenly kicked open.

Sir. You really can't go in, if you continue like this I'll call the police A voice came from outside the door!

Who is it? How dare you disturb my work The man quickly covered his vital parts and roared.

So it's you, pervert Cheng Yu rushed into the room and saw Yao Na lying exposed on the bed, her body twisting non-stop. The man who had taken off his clothes was Hao Jian and there was an acquaintance, Liao Yun, lying on the ground. Cheng Yu was infuriated and quickly covered Yao Na with his pants..

Cheng Yu. What are you trying to do by barging in? Seeing that it was Cheng Yu, Hao Jian was shocked and quickly shouted.

Pow! Pow! Without a word, Cheng Yu went up and gave him two slaps.

Cheng Yu, how dare you hit me! Hao Jian laid on the ground, he actually spat out two teeth, his mouth was full of blood, he shouted in anger.

Bang! Cheng Yu kicked him in the stomach and Hao Jian flew away, smashing into the wall and immediately spitting out a mouthful of blood before fainting on the spot.

Cheng Yu walked over and stepped on Hao Jian's crotch. AHHHHHH Hao Jian was immediately awakened by the pain. Walking up to Liao Yun, Cheng Yu stomped his foot on his crotch. With another miserable scream, Liao Yun was jolted awake from the pain.

You... It's you Liao Yun clutched his crotch, blue veins popping from his forehead as he broke out in a cold sweat. He was baffled to see that it was Cheng Yu.

At this moment, he still had not figured out the situation. He had given Yao Na the poisoned wine and she had fainted. He had brought Yao Na to get a room and then... What happened then? Why was Cheng Yu here

Liao Yun's heart was a mess, but he did not have the time to think about it. Right now, his crotch hurt like hell

Cheng Yu looked at Yao Na's condition and discovered that her heart was beating very fast. Her face was slightly red.

Today, I will only break your lifeline and leave you with your dog lives. If you dare to have any more thoughts about my woman, I will let you know what it means to have a life worse than death Cheng Yu carried Yao Na on his arms. Then, he kicked Liao Yun in the stomach once more before leaving the room!

Manager, He rushed into the guest's room and even beat up our guest Cheng Yu walked into the hall. The waiter, who was blocking Cheng Yu's way, brought a group of people and pointed at Cheng Yu as he spoke.

Sir, you've disturbed our guest, you can't leave now The manager walked over and said to Cheng Yu.

Scram Cheng Yu walked past the manager with a cold expression.

Stop him The manager's expression changed as he spoke to the person behind him