Godly Student Chapter 451

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Who had just buried me here?

It's that person A villager pointed at Lan Gou n the distance.

Run When Lan Gou saw everyone pointing at him and also noticed that Cheng Yu did not seem to be simple, his face changed and he shouted loudly before running again.

You want to run? With a flash, Cheng Yu was already dozens of meters away. All the villagers were dumbfounded by what they saw. Good heavens, could it be that there was something wrong with their eyes? How could a person run so far away all of a sudden?

Quick. Drive When Lan Gou saw that Cheng Yu was about to catch up to him, he rushed up and said in a hurry.

It was one thing for Cheng Yu to not make a move, but since he already made a move, how could he let these guys escape so easily? With a kick, he arrived in front of the car. Before anyone could see him clearly, they saw the head of the car in front of him become deformed and quickly collided with the car behind

Get off Cheng Yu said.

You... Who are you? What do you want? Lan Gou hadn't even manage to figure out what had happened just now. He only felt dizzy as he looked outside the car at Cheng Yu and asked nervously.

Get off Cheng Yu once again ordered.

Brat, don't be so arrogant. Do you believe that I can't kill you in seconds? After everyone got out of the car, one of the lackeys raised his knife and hooted.

Pow! The distance between him and Cheng Yu was more than two meters, but when Cheng Yu swung his hand, that lackey was actually sent flying two meters away with a pa sound. His mouth was full of blood as he wailed in pain.

F * ck. Hack this guy to death Seeing how fierce Cheng Yu was, Lan Gou was ready to throw caution to the wind and shouted loudly.

Facing so many people's machetes, Cheng Yu's techniques were much more proficient, faster, and more ruthless than Lin Yuhan's moves. Everyone only heard the crisp sound of bones and the ghastly wails of the hoodlums. Other than Lan Gou, all of the lackeys covered their deformed wrists and cried out in pain.

You... What do you want? I have a backer, so don't mess with me! Seeing Cheng Yu walk towards Lan Gou with a smile on his face, Lan Gou nervously retreated and said.

Did you bury me? Cheng Yu said.

Yes... No... It's not me Lan Gou nodded then quickly shook his head.

Pah Are you sure it's not you? Cheng Yu said as he slapped the other party's face.

No Lan Gou still shook his head.

Pah. Another slap

So I'm hitting the wrong person? Cheng Yu said.

No... No Lan Gou was panicking.

Pah So it's you that buried me?

Yes... It's me, I didn't mean to, I didn't know that you were inside, Big Brother, this is a misunderstanding After getting slapped again, Lan Gou didn't dare to deny it.

Pah Misunderstanding? So if I'm not in that house, you can tear down other people's houses at will? Cheng Yu slapped him again.

Big... Brother! Let me go. I don't dare to do it anymore. Our boss asked me to do it. I'm just doing things for him. Brother, please let me go Lan Gou’s mouth was already full of blood. It seemed as if he had lost a few teeth from being hit, making it sound like his words were leaking air.

Your boss? Great. Since you demolished someone's else's house. Get your boss to bring two million over. Or should we continue to play? Cheng Yu stretched out his hand and smiled as he looked at his own palm.

Don't. Big brother, I'm calling. I'll call him now The hoodlum was frightened to the point that his face turned pale. Continue playing? If he continued playing, his mouth would not be able to be found on his face

Hey. Owner Shao. Things here are rather troublesome, so I need you to bring two million The hoodlum took out his cell phone with a trembling hand and made a call.

What? Two million? You're crazy. Do you think I'm doing charity? In any case, I already gave you money, if you want to settle this, settle it for me After saying that, the other party hung up the phone.

Big... Brother... He... He hung up The hoodlum said as he looked at Cheng Yu in fear.

He hung up? Then keep calling. If you can't get him to come, you're going to die Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Lan Gou trembled and dialed the number again.

I already said it. You guys settle the rest for me An angry voice came from the other end of the phone.

Shao Shuiping. If you don't bring two million yuan with you today, do you believe that I won't set fire to your entire family? The hoodlum could not hold it in any longer and shouted into the phone with his blood leaking mouth

Stupid dog Zhang. Are you crazy? How dare you talk to me like that, do you know who usually gives you money to spend? Shao Shuiping roared as well.

Don't put on airs. Anyway, you just have to wait and see, as long as you're afraid of death, you better bring the money The hoodlum threatened.

You... Wait half an hour for me Shao Jun hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he still decided to make a trip.

Brother, he said to wait for half an hour The hoodlum said.

You guys better stay here and not move, otherwise, I'll turn you into that for the rest of your life Cheng Yu said while looking at all the hoodlums on the ground.

We don't dare to. We will not move The hoodlums said.

Big brother Yang, wait a moment. They'll be sending money over soon Cheng Yu walked over to the ruins of the Yang family and said to Yang Tonqiang.

Thank you, Thank you, Dr. Cheng.You are the great benefactor of our Yang family, I thank you on behalf of my family Yang Tonqiang said with a clear expression. A forty-year-old man was actually crying. He was about to kneel down to Cheng Yu as he choked with emotions. His wife also wanted to kneel down in front of him.

Big brother Yang, don't be like this, this is just a small matter. There are still many village brothers who are injured, I'll treat them first Cheng Yu suddenly released a strong aura from his body. The three Yang family members couldn't even kneel down, which made them astonished. They had really met a godly person today.

Mr. Cheng, I'm Yunhai City's People's Hospital emergency department doctor, Zhao Zheng. I've cleaned up these villagers' wounds. At this time, the doctor from before came over and introduced himself to Cheng Yu very politely.

Then thank you, Doctor Zhao. I'll tell your Dean about your good deeds Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Un Zhao Zheng nodded. Although Cheng Yu wasn't one of their doctors, he knew how important Cheng Yu was to their dean and he wanted to have a closer relationship to him

In these days, even if you spend a great deal of money on building a connection with your leader, you might not even be able to build a good connection. But sometimes, if you had some sort of relationship with a great figure, you could make the leader feel incomparably close to you with just a single word from that great figure.

Han Han, what happened to you? Only now did Cheng Yu notice that Lin Yuhan's clothes were torn, and there were a few green pieces on her face as he asked with concern.

It's nothing. I accidentally took a few hits when I was trying to beat them up. Seeing Cheng Yu nervous, Lin Yuhan said with a smile. This was the first time she had defeated so many bad guys, and it still made her feel excited.

Why are you so careless? Cheng Yu said with a pained heart. He touched Lin Yuhan's face with his hands and true energy slowly entered her face, the bruises quickly disappeared.

Let go, everyone's watching? The people around her were all her uncles, and aunts that she had met since she was young, as well as her own mother.

Wee... Woo... Wee... Woo... At that moment, a police car suddenly appeared

What's going on with all of you? Who beat you up like this? A few policemen alighted from the car. One of the policewoman shouted loudly as she looked at the wailing man on the ground.

Cheng Yu had sharp eyes. When he saw the policewoman, his face changed drastically. Why would this woman come here?

What's the matter with you? Lin Yuhan noticed Cheng Yu's expression and asked in confusion.

No... Nothing. Wait here, I'll go take a look. Cheng Yu said with a guilty conscience.

Young Master Yu? Why are you here? Officer Wu Zhong said in surprise when he saw Cheng Yu appear.

No reason, why are you here? Seeing that Han Xue had already noticed him, Cheng Yu said in embarrassment.

Sister Xue and I are on duty today. We came over after receiving a call from the police department. Wu Chong said.

What are you doing here? Seeing Cheng Yu, Han Xue's heart was filled with curiosity, but she didn't understand and asked.

Zzzt Cheng Yu didn't know what to say anymore. Was he supposed to say that he was here to see another mother-in-law?

Cheng Yu, this is? Suddenly, Lin Yuhan stood beside Cheng Yu and said to Han Xue.

Zzzt Cheng Yu was even more speechless.

Seeing this situation, Wu Zhong quickly slipped away. [This part made me laugh a little]

And who are you? Cheng Yu had a criminal record after all, and now that he had such a beautiful girl by his side, she had no choice but to be on guard against her.

I'm Cheng Yu's girlfriend, who are you? Lin Yuhan had already decided to protect her love, and naturally could not let others take advantage of her.

What? You are his girlfriend? Cheng Yu, what exactly is going on? Han Xue was furious. It wasn't easy for her to reconcile with Cheng Yu, but now this guy had a girlfriend? How could she endure this?

Didn't you already know? Cheng Yu said. Today was truly an unlucky day. Two comets hit the Earth.

What do you mean? Could it be that she... The two women said at the same time.

En Cheng Yu nodded in shame.<.p>

... Now the two women stopped talking. Looking at each other, the two were secretly amazed. No wonder he didn't want to let go of either of them. The other was actually so beautiful..

Officer. He wants to beat us to death At this time, the hoodlum came over and pointed at Cheng Yu./

Take them away Han Xue was angry in her heart. Although she was aware of the other party's existence, now that her colleagues at the police station also knew about it, how could she keep a good face?

Sigh... Xiao Xue, don't take him away first. He demolished a villager's house here. Cheng Yu said.

I have to take him away and you are also coming with us Han Xue said angrily.

Me? Is there anything else I can do? Cheng Yu said.

You've injured so many people, go back to the police station if you have anything to say Han Xue didn't give him any face.