Godly Student Chapter 450

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The sky gradually darkened as a group of people with sticks and knives walked over.

Who the f * ck is extorting us The leader of the group called Lan Gou was holding a knife as he led his men in shouting.

Who are you people? What do you want? Yang Tonghan was shocked, this bastard actually asked a hoodlum to help him

Are you planning to extort our boss? Lan Gou pointed at Yang Tonqiang and said.

Yes, it's him When the construction leader saw that the person was on his side, he ran over excitedly and pointed at Yang Tonqiang.

I didn't extort them. They demolished my house and hurt my father. I just want to get back what I deserved Yang Tongqiang said.

Facing so many people with knives, he was still afraid.

Compensation? This land was taken over by the government. If you want compensation, naturally you have to get it from the government. Why are you looking for our boss? That scumbag leader said fiercely.

I don't care which one of you has taken over the land. In any case, whoever demolished my house, I'll get the money from that person Yang Tongqiang said.

Isn't this house of yours still here? What kind of compensation do you want? Lan Gou laughed.

Can't you see that half of the house has been destroyed? Can anyone live in this house?

Anyway, the house is still here. Our boss has said that if you want compensation, you have to destroy your house

Then how much are you going to lose? Yang Tongqiang said.

One hundred thousand Lan Gou raised a finger and said.

Bullshit, my house is only worth one hundred thousand? Yang Tonqiang said angrily. A whole house for only one hundred thousand, what use was that? He couldn't even buy a toilet

Of course not. If it wasn't for the kindness of our boss, you wouldn't even be able to get a hundred thousand yuan from this house of yours

I'll kill you all! Yang Tongqiang really couldn't hold it in anymore, he swung his hoe towards Lan Gou.

You're courting death, beat him up Lan Gou dodged Yang Tongqiang's hoe and shouted.

The hoodlums behind him took their weapons and rushed forward. After all, they did not dare to kill people carelessly. They showed their knives to scare the villagers, but at the same time, they also took precautions

Stop fighting. Stop fighting Yang Family's daughter-in-law shouted in panic.

There were many villagers around. At first, everyone was scared too, but after a while, they could no longer stand it any longer and finally rushed up to fight.

The doctor and the nurses were also frightened. The doctor quickly took out his phone and called the police.

Bastard, how dare you hit me After being surrounded by the villagers, the hoodlums finally could not hold on any longer and hurriedly took out their knives to chop down on the villagers, causing them to be injured.

Come, How dare you hit me, Come on<.q> That hoodlum with a swollen face waved his blade crazily as he shouted.

Seeing this scene, the villagers no longer dared to charge forward.

Qiangzi, how is it? Madam Yang ran up and cried when she saw her husband being cut on the arm. Blood flowed profusely.

F * ck, they actually dared to hit me. Go and give them a good beating Lan Gou did not know who had hit him and angrily roared.

Peng peng peng! Those who held sticks in their hands went up to attack the villagers.

Creak! Creak! Creak! Lin Yuhan, who was watching this scene from not far away, clenched her fist tightly. This was the first time she had the urge to hit someone. She recalled the kung fu Cheng Yu had taught her. She immediately charged forward alone.

Little Han, don't go. It's dangerous Mother Lin was about to go and pull her daughter, but she was stopped by the villagers beside her.

Quickly stop Lin Yuhan shouted.

Yo. This girl is pretty? You want to play with us too? Seeing that there was actually such a beautiful girl, Lan Gou’s expression immediately changed as he touched Lin Yuhan's face.

Ka-cha. Ouch Lin Yuhan grabbed his hand and twisted it, causing a clear sound. Lan Gou immediately cried out in pain.

Damned bitch, how dare you hurt me. Grab this slut, I want to see who can save her today Lan Gou shouted.

No Lin Mu didn't know how Lin Yuhan had hurt Lan Gou, but seeing that there were so many people surrounding her wanting to hit her daughter, she was scared to death and shouted loudly.

Bang! However, Lin Yuhan was not injured like everyone thought she would be. Instead, everyone was stunned, and they saw that Lin Yuhan seemed to be lost in thought. Several fierce men were quickly knocked down by her, and the ones that were hit by her fist were actually knocked back one meter.

This shocked everyone. They couldn't believe that this usually obedient girl could actually knows martial arts. She was also so strong that even these hard working men couldn't hit them one meter away, but this delicate girl could do it.

Mother Lin had already been stunned. She did not even know that Lin Yuhan was this strong. This was unbelievable, where did this girl learn all these skills from

Trash, attack. All of you, attack Seeing so many people unable to defeat a girl, Lan Gou became even more furious and shouted loudly at the people standing beside him with knives in their hands.

Although Cheng Yu had taught Lin Yuhan cultivation and martial arts, it was the first time she used it, and also the first time she fought with someone in her entire life.

Even though she had hit someone, she was still very scared. Moreover, she wasn't very familiar with martial skills, so she was hit by these hoodlums quite a few times. Fortunately, she had true qi inside her body.

The more Lin Yuhan fought, the more familiar she became with her strength, the more powerful her attacks were. Not long later, all the men were beaten to the ground by her.

Looking at the wailing men on the ground, Lin Yuhan could not believe that she had done it. Looking at her hands, she was both excited and scared. She actually did it, she really beat down these bad guys

You bastard. I will tear down this house today Seeing that he had suffered so much, that hoodlums boss sneakily ran up to the excavator, manipulating the hand to directly ram towards the house of the Yang family.

No Hearing the sound of the house collapsing, Lin Yuhan saw that half of the house had collapsed. Her face changed drastically as she shouted.

Haha, You bastards, don't be so impatient. I'll make sure to demolish your houses too Seeing the expressions of those people, Lan Gous face was full of excitement. He once again manipulated the hand

Everyone was stunned. What happened to the doctor and the Second Master of the Yang family inside?

You bastard! Lin Yuhan's face was filled with anger, she immediately jumped onto the excavator and kicked Lan Gou off, but the excavator was still demolishing the house. Lin Yuhan was impatient, she said to the construction workers below: Come and help out quickly Stop it

Ah... Oh Someone quickly came over and stopped the excavator.

Hurry and save them the villagers shouted as the excavator stopped.

Save them? What do you mean? Lan Gou said in confusion.

There were two people inside<.q> the construction leader said.

What? Then why didn't you tell me? He was a hoodlum, but if he were to kill someone, he would still be in big trouble.

...You didn't ask either The construction leader said.

What the hell are we waiting for? Hurry up and run Lan Gou said in panic.

On the other side, the villagers were moving away the rocks in a hurry.

Little Yu, don't let anything happen to you Mother Lin was praying on the side. She was going to invite Cheng Yu over for a meal today, but she didn't expect that so many things would happen. Now that Cheng Yu was buried under the ruins, what could happen to him?

Not to mention opening her own store, she doesn't even know how to explain it to his family members

Cheng Yu, you have to hold on Lin Yuhan was also extremely sad, crying as she moved the rocks.

Even though she knew Cheng Yu was powerful, she wasn't sure how powerful he was. After being buried under so many stones, it was really hard to predict

Eh? What was going on? It moved. It moved. There's someone there, quickly dig Suddenly, someone saw the stone in the middle move

Get out of the way. Move away However, a voice came from inside

This is... It's the doctor's voice, he's still alive Everyone exclaimed in surprise. Hearing the villagers' excited shouts, Lan Gou stopped running. As long as the person wasn't dead yet, he wouldn't need to waste his time

All of you retreat. The farther the better The voice came again.

Everyone was a bit confused. We all wanted to save him, so why did he tell everyone to retreat? However, everyone still retreated

BOOOOM! After everyone had retreated about 20 meters, the rubble suddenly exploded, sending rocks and stones flying everywhere. Everyone was shocked. They finally knew why Cheng Yu had made them retreat, but what was going on with this explosion?

Suddenly, everyone saw another figure flying out from the rubble. That's right, he had flown out, because this person had jumped at least four or five meters into the air.

Oh my god The hoodlums in the distance were all terrified. What was going on?

Under everyone's astonished gaze, Cheng Yu landed on the ground. He was carrying another person, it was the Second Master of the Yang family. However, what made everyone feel even more inconceivable was that Cheng Yu and Second Master Yang did not have a single wound on their bodies, not even a speck of dust. This was simply too strange.

Doctor. My father, he... Yang Tongqiang said anxiously.

Don't worry. He's fine now, just take him to rest for a few days Cheng Yu smiled.

Thank You Yang Tongqiang was thankful that his father was better but felt sad to see his house in ruins

Who buried me here Looking at the other party's expression, Cheng Yu seemed to have understood something as well.

It's that guy Some villagers noticed that Cheng Yu seemed to be really out of the ordinary and pointed at Lan Gou in the distance as they spoke.

Run When the hoodlums saw Cheng Yu coming out from the ruins, they felt that he was not ordinary. Moreover, they were already injured, so it was better for them to leave first