Godly Student Chapter 449

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After Cheng Yu carried the old man into the broken house, the Yang family was extremely anxious.

Let's go. Such bad luck today, Pack up all our stuff and let's go home Seeing this, the leader of the construction team said to the workers

All of you, stand still. Today, before my father comes out, none of you should even think about leaving. And this house of mine, if you don't give me an explanation today, I'll pick you to death right now Yang Tongqiang shouted as he smashed the hoe on his shoulder onto the ground.

Are you threatening and trying to extort us? I've already said that we're following the rules of the government and that the government wants to collect land. Once your house is demolished, you can ask the government for money The leader said.

Bullshit, don't think that I don't know anything just because I'm uncultured. You're trying to use the government to take our house down Yang Tongqiang said.

You are all in the same group. What can we do with the government's small amount of assistance? Where are we going to live? The villagers also shouted.

This is your problem. We only listen to our boss. If the boss tells us to tear it down, we'll do so. You can negotiate with the government yourselves The little leader said.

Then you're not willing to lose money. Fine, I'll kill you today Yang Tongqiang was infuriated, he raised his hoe and charged towards his opponent.

Hey. Don't act recklessly. You're crazy Upon seeing this, the construction leader started to run in panic.

Clang! Yang Tongqiang hoe landed on the ground, allowing the small head to dodge.

Old Yang. You're crazy. Put down the hoe. You really want to kill him? If you kill him, you'll go to jail. A few villagers were also shocked by Yang Tongqiang's actions, and quickly rushed up to pull him away while hugging him.

If he doesn't lose money today, I will kill him Yang Tongqiang struggled.

Boom, Boom. Boom. Boom Calm down, don't be like this/ You should look for the government regarding the house. There's two thousand yuan here, consider it as my medical expenses for your father. The construction leader used a handkerchief to wipe his cold sweat and took out a red envelope from his bag as he spoke.

Bullsh * t, you were the one who smashed my house. I want an explanation from you, not anyone else Yang Tong forced away a few people, and was about to rush up to beat up the construction leader.

Calm down... Then how much do you want? The construction leader quickly hid behind the bulldozer and said.

My father was injured so badly, the medical fees would need two hundred thousand. As for this house, you'll lose as much as it costs to buy a house of the same size. Otherwise, try moving my house again Yang Tongqiang said.

Why don't you just rob a bank, do you think that this house is new? The construction leader said.

Did I ask you to demolish my house? No matter how bad my home is, it's still my home. Our family should have a place to live. Do you think you can give me a safe home with just a few tens of thousands of dollars? I don't care if your boss wants you to demolish my house or if the government wants you to demolish it. Unless you pay for the damages that you have done today, don't think about leaving Although Yang Tongqiang is a farmer, he is not stupid.

No one here wanted to move. Although the place was dilapidated, they at least had a home. But government subsidies are not enough to buy a home.

Who in the village didn't live here for generations? Who didn't have their own family to take care of? Were they even allowed to rent a house with just tens of thousands of yuan?

Although the government also has housing units, these housing units also cost money. The government's subsidy was far from enough to buy them a house. They had to use their savings to buy a house.

Perhaps to others, it is actually very profitable, spending less money to buy a new house. But don't forget, it doesn't make sense to see if you need to buy a new house when you already had one.

They had lived in the countryside for generations, and now the countryside was going to be urbanized. But what did this have to do with them? Originally, they could have saved up enough money to treat the elderly, let their children go to school, and let their family live a better life. As for living in a house, they didn't need to worry about it at all.

But now, although their house was run down, it was actually demolished. If that was the case, then they wouldn't have a place to live, and they would need to find and buy a new house to live in.

Originally, he could have used his savings to make a good living, but now he had to take it out and buy a house. In the future, the old man would no longer have money for medical treatment, and their child would no longer have money for school.

Under these circumstances, would they still think that they had made a profit by exchanging a broken house for a new one? The old man knew better than anyone else that this was such a simple matter.

Urbanization in the countryside was a matter for the government, but it wasn't something that they had to deal with. It wasn't something that they had to be greedy of. As long as the government could properly arrange it for them, none of them would be willing to be a thorn in the side in the urbanization process

I can't handle this matter, I'll find my boss to handle it The construction leader took out his phone and said. He didn't know anything about these barbarians. If he angered them, he was afraid that they would kill him.

Then hurry up. Otherwise, don't even think about leaving Yang Tongqiang said.

The construction leader didn't dare to run around after making the call. Thus, Yang Tongqiang stared at him with the hoe, waiting for his boss to deal with it.

Yang Tongqiang's mother, wife and villagers had been waiting at the dilapidated house, waiting for news from Cheng Yu. Not long after, the ambulance arrived.

I'm a doctor from Yunhai City's People's Hospital. Where's the patient? The moment the ambulance arrived, a man and several nurses asked curiously. Although there were traces of blood on the ground, they didn't see the patient.

There's a doctor there Yang Tongqiang's wife said.

Doctor? Did you call another doctor? Then what are you calling us for? Do you think this is ordering food? Can you get more ambulances? The doctor immediately said in dissatisfaction.

No, he just happened to be here. He said he's also the doctor Yunhai City's People's Hospital Yang Tangqian's wife said.

Our doctors? What's his name? The doctor didn't seem to mind. The doctors took turns resting, and it was normal for some doctors to rest today.

This... Sister Lin, you should know him Yang Tangqian's wife looked at Mother Lin and said.

Ugh... Mother Lin and Lin Yuhan were at a loss of what to do. Lin Mu did not know about Cheng Yu's situation, although Lin Yuhan knew about Cheng Yu's ability, but she knew that Cheng Yu was not Yunhai City's People Hospital's doctor, so wouldn't the lie be immediately found

What's his name? the doctor asked.

His name is... Cheng... Cheng Yu Lin Yuhan said hesitantly.

What? You. You said.. He... His name is Cheng Yu? The doctor said in surprise.

Yes. Lin Yuhan thought that the lie was found out, so she could only grind her teeth and nod, but then she heard the doctor speak again.

Is it really Cheng Yu? That would be great. I believe the patient will be fine. The doctor said in surprise and delight.

In the city, there really was not a single medical worker who hadn't heard of the famous medical practitioner, Cheng Yu. No one dared to doubt Cheng Yu's medical skills anymore.

What people admired was not only his medical skills, but also his kind heart that made everyone feel touched

Doctor, what do you mean? Madame Yang and everyone present were somewhat confused, including the Lin Family's mother and daughter, they were all extremely curious.

This Mr. Cheng is not our doctor. The doctor paused for a moment, and everyone was shocked. Could it be that that person was a fake? But what did he mean by those words? The doctor paused before speaking again.

Although Mr. Cheng is not our doctor, but our head had asked him to come to our hospital to treat patients. I'm not afraid to tell you that Mr. Cheng even cured cancer and advanced leukemia stages. You can imagine how great his medical skills are. The doctor said proudly, as if he also had a share of the glory.

Actually, among the doctors in the city, Cheng Yu was their role model and idol.

There's actually such a thing Everyone was shocked to hear the doctor's words. Cancer and late leukemia can be cured? Yang Tongqiang was also rejoicing, it was fortunate that he made the right decision just now. At the same time, he was also rejoicing for his father. With such a powerful doctor, his father would definitely be fine.

But Doctor, is this Doctor Cheng's treatment fee very expensive? Suddenly, the Yang family thought of the most important question. If this young doctor wanted to invite him to treat a patient, then wouldn't the fee be very expensive?

You are in good hands. You should be assured of my words. I believe that since Mr. Cheng is willing to treat your family, he won't want your money. The doctor smiled.

No money? How is that possible? Everyone was shocked.

Everyone knew that this was the most popular profession in the world of doctors. The more famous a specialist was, the fewer patients they saw, and the higher the cost. How could this person, whom even the boss of this doctor had to invite, not want money?

I'm not lying to you, Mr. Cheng is definitely the most kind-hearted doctor I've ever met. He had not even confiscated a penny from the two patients whom he had treated at our hospital the other day. The next day, he had even delivered a pile of belongings, including a hundred thousand dollars in cash, to the two patients. I've never seen such a doctor. The doctor sighed with emotion.

There's such a thing? Everyone was astonished. There really was such a good doctor in the world, and that doctor who looked so young had so much money to give away?

This is what many doctors and medical personnel and patients have witnessed. As for whether he wants your money or not, that will depend on him. The doctor didn't dare to be completely honest. After all, he wasn't Cheng Yu.

If he was willing to give money to someone he didn't know, then with his relationship with her daughter, it would be very simple for him to open a restaurant for herself. At the same time, she was even more determined to let her daughter capture the heart of such a good son-in-law

With Cheng Yu around, the doctor was in no hurry and waited for him to come out.

More than an hour later, Cheng Yu still hadn't emerged from the house. Everyone was extremely anxious.

But at this moment, several vile looking people suddenly arrived. As soon as the vans stopped, several vicious looking people got off. Some held sticks in their hands, while others were even holding knives