Godly Student Chapter 448

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Mom, let me help you cook Lin Yuhan placed the things in her hands onto the table, rolled up her sleeves and entered the kitchen

Little Yu, the house is rather dirty, find a clean stool to sit on for a while.

I'm fine. Auntie, how are you feeling about what I said a few days ago? Seeing that the environment here was getting worse, Cheng Yu was even more unwilling to let her live here.

This... Little Han, she doesn't want to. Mother Lin said. Although many things were decided by Mother Lin, on this matter, Mother Lin could only listen to her daughter. After all, this was not a small matter.

In a place like Yunhai, a storefront could cost at least several hundred thousand yuan. In addition to the monthly rent of no less than ten thousand yuan, this number was not small.

Although Cheng Yu was very generous and his family was very rich, her daughter didn't have any relationship with him. If the Cheng Yu family knew about this and thought that they coveted Cheng Yu's money, then they would be in big trouble. The mother and daughter pair were born to work hard, so it was better for them to be more dependable and do some small business.

Moreover, the seasoning packs that Cheng Yu gave her last time made her business extremely good. Now, every night, she sold out the goods after 10 o'clock instead of later. She felt that this life was also very good.

Auntie, I know you have a lot of scruples, but look at the environment here. The dust is everywhere, and the noise is so loud. How can you live like this? Cheng Yu said.

Actually, I'm already used to living here. Mother Lin said.

How can you get used to this? Auntie, just listen to me this time.

Little Yu, I really have to thank you. It's really good luck for Xiao Han to be able to meet you, but you have to convince Xiao Han to do this. She has a stubborn temper, once she decides on something, she won't back down no matter what Mother Lin said.

She was truly moved by Cheng Yu's heartfelt care for her family. Perhaps Cheng Yu only treated her like this is because of her daughter. But so what? The fact that he was able to take care of her for her daughter meant that he loved her daughter very much.

Furthermore, how could she not want to live a good life? She had been born and bred in a society like this, and she only had so much ability. Besides that, who else could she rely on but herself?

However, Cheng Yu was different. If Cheng Yu could really get along with her daughter, then she would really find a good son-in-law.

Yes, I'll talk to her later. Cheng Yu felt helpless. If only Lin Yuhan felt it was her fortune to have met him then things would be so much easier, but as of right now, she must really hate him.

At the dining table, Mother Lin directly shut the doors of the nave, otherwise if the dust was blown into the room, they would not be eating food, but eating dust.

Han Han, I want to talk to you about getting your mom to open a shop Cheng Yu said.

It's good like this right now. We can earn our own money. You don't need to help us Lin Yuhan said.

Han Han, do you think this is really good? Your mother worked hard for you for so many years, and even now she still gets up every day, early and in the dark, and doesn't stop until midnight. Also, look at the surroundings. It's not a very good environment to live in. You're in school now, but your mother is still suffering here. Don't you want her to live a better life earlier? Cheng Yu said.

Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Lin Mu and Lin Yuhan was stunned. Mother Lin seemed to have suddenly found someone she knew and secretly wiped away her tears.

Looking at her mother's haggard face, Lin Yuhan felt as if a knife was being twisted in her heart. She looked at Cheng Yu and said, But ...

No buts, this is a deal. I will find you a good location. Even if you don't do business, you must find a decent place to stay. Cheng Yu said decisively.

This... Lin Yuhan still could not accept Cheng Yu's favor.

Enough, eat. Hmm, not bad, Xiao Han's cooking is pretty good, looks like I'll be lucky for the rest of my life. The moment Cheng Yu picked up his bowl of rice, the serious look on his face returned to his slovenly self as if he had become a completely different person.

Come, Little Yu, eat more if you like it. Seeing that this matter had been settled, Lin Mu became even happier and happily said while holding a piece of meat in her bowl.

Seeing Cheng Yu wolf down his food, Lin Yuhan's happiness suddenly returned. What she did not understand previously seemed to have become much clearer.

No matter how Cheng Yu changed, his heart was absolutely sincere and that was enough. As for the rest, she would think about it in the future

After she had untied the knot in her heart, Lin Yuhan's complexion also improved

AHHHHHH. I've dug out a dead person, Hurry and save them, I've dug out a dead person Just as the family of three were enjoying their meal, a loud cry for help came from outside.

What's going on? Mother Lin panicked

Let's go take a look Cheng Yu stood up, opened the door and left.

The sky wasn't yet dark, but because there were too many clouds of dust in the area, it was as if the sky had already turned dark. The cry for help came from the construction site at the demolition site.

A lot of people had already rushed over, some carrying hoes, some carrying poles while running and yelling, What's going on? Who dug out a dead person?

Cheng Yu and the others no longer cared about the dust blowing, and quickly followed

You bastards, you will definitely receive your retribution one day As soon as they rushed over, they heard an old woman crying on the ground. Beside her was an old man with his head covered in blood and his body still slightly twitching.

This is the Second Master of the Yang Family Lin Mu saw the old woman's panicked expression and said.

Bastard, which one of you did it? If you don't give us an explanation today, none of you should even think of leaving the village A burly man carrying a hoe pointed at the group of people wearing safety helmets and shouted.

What are you shouting for. We follow the rules of the government. We already made it very clear to him and it was he who refused to come out. No wonder we couldn't find him anywhere cried a man in his forties, who appeared to be the leader of the construction team.

Bastard, this is my dad's house. Since he doesn't want the house to be dismantled, then don't dismantle it. What can the government do? I will definitely smash your head in today The man was in a very bad mood. So this was his home. It seemed that the old man was his father as well. He hefted his hoe and was about to smash it on to the construction teams leader head

Don't be reckless. You're breaking the law. You will definitely go to jail The construction team leader took a few steps back in fear before falling to the ground.

Yang Tongqiang, calm down, don't do anything rash, this is not a joke. Or do you want to go to jail? Let's first see how your dad is doing Several villagers hurried forward to hold back the man. If he really did smash him, then wouldn't he destroy himself as well?

Let me go. let me go, since they dared to bury my dad in, I'll bury him too. How could Yang Tongqiang have any sense left in him, he just wanted to beat the opponent to death<'p>

Sigh... Little Yu, what are you doing? At this time, Cheng Yu suddenly walked out, causing Lin Mu's mother to jump in fright.

Cheng Yu walked over to the old man's side and looked at his condition. His head had been smashed open. One of his legs was also broken

What are you doing? Seeing that Cheng Yu wasn't dressed like a peasant, Yang Tongqiang thought that he was in the same group as the construction workers and came over to beat him up with his hoe.

You don't need to be so cautious, I just want to save your father Seeing that Yang Tongqiang was about to attack Cheng Yu, Lin Mu and Lin Yuhan were shocked, but soon, they calmed down and continued watching

Are you a doctor? Yang Tongqiang said.

Yes, your father is severely injured right now, so I hope you can allow me to treat him Cheng Yu said.

But we've already called the ambulance. They'll be here soon Yang Tongqiang said.

Your father can't wait that long, and the doctors can't save him. With your words, if you are willing to let me save you, then he will definitely be fine. If you are unwilling, then I will not force you. Cheng Yu said.

Can you really save my father? Seeing Cheng Yu speak with such confidence, Yang Tongqiang was not sure. After all, Cheng Yu was so young, he believed in the ability of an official doctor

Cheng Yu nodded

Sister Lin, who is he? When the villagers saw Lin Mu and Lin Yuhan shouting out Cheng Yu's name. The villagers knew that they knew Cheng Yu

This... Mother Lin hesitated. She did not understand why Cheng Yu would do such a thing. Could he really save someone? But what should she say? Should she say that he is a university student like her daughter

He's a doctor Just when Lin Mu did not know how to speak, Lin Yuhan spoke.

Other people didn't know Cheng Yu's true identity, but she knew it clearly. She believed that Cheng Yu had some ability so she said this with certainty.

Where does he work? That person asked again. After all, this was a life threatening matter.

Yunhai City's People's Hospital. Hurry up. if you really don't believe me, then forget it Cheng Yu said impatiently and turned to leave.

Sigh... Doctor, I believe you. I am willing to let you treat my father Yang Tongqiang was anxious as he said loudly. Cheng Yu being so confident didn't seem like he was lying.

You made the right decision. All of you wait outside, no one is allowed to come in, do you understand? Cheng Yu carried the old man in his arms as he entered the half-destroyed house.