Godly Student Chapter 447

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Standing under the tree, Cheng Yu shook his head helplessly. This girl must really hate him. However, Cheng Yu had never been one to give up so easily.

Arriving at the entrance of the female dormitory, Cheng Yu looked around to see if there was anyone there before leaping up like a goose to the sky. He landed his left foot on the balcony of the third floor and rushed up again.

Eh? Why did I seem to see someone flying up from below just now? In the dorm, a girl was putting on makeup in front of a mirror when she suddenly asked curiously.

Are you seeing things!? It's possible that the clothes upstairs fell Another girl said.

Is that so? The girl was puzzled for a moment. Then, she ignored her and continued with her makeup

Yuhan, don't be sad, if you wait any longer, he might call you again. If he doesn't, that means he isn't sincere enough towards you, and losing you is his loss In the girl's dormitory, Yuan Yuan saw that Lin Yuhan's mood was a little down and quickly comforted.

That's right, Yuhan, it's not good to be sad for such a man. Feng Xia added.

Hey, what enmity do I have with all of you? You guys don't have to do this behind my back Suddenly, a figure jumped up from the balcony of the dormitory. He happened to hear their conversation and spoke in a dissatisfied tone.

No wonder Lin Yuhan ignored him, it was all because of these women

Ah, are you a gecko or something? Climbing up here again, wanting to scare people to death The sudden appearance of a man's voice in the girls' dormitory scared everyone quite a bit.

You deserve it, who told you to stir up trouble behind my back. Cheng Yu said proudly.

Who's stirring up trouble behind your back? You are not a good person. Did we say anything wrong? Feng Xia looked up and said.

Humph. I can't be bothered to argue with you girls. Han Han, look, these are the flowers I gave you, are they beautiful? Cheng Yu twitched his mouth and turned his face away as if he was a good guy that didn't want to fight with women. He took out a bright red rose from his back and looked at Lin Yuhan with a smile.

Seeing Cheng Yu's smile that was like the sun with the incomparably beautiful flowers in his hands, Lin Yuhan suddenly felt like crying, and her eyes slowly turned red.

Han Han, you... What's the matter with you? Cheng Yu said in confusion.

Lin Yuhan did not say a word, and quickly wiped the tears that were about to spill out of her eyes.

What happened to her? Cheng Yu asked the girls in confusion.

It's all because of you Feng Xia said snappily. But as a girl, she could more or less understand some of Lin Yuhan's feelings.

Could it be that I look very shameful? Cheng Yu rolled his eyes, looked at Lin Yuhan and laughed, Han Han, your mother is treating me to dinner at your house today. Let's go back together

Why did my mom invite you to dinner? Lin Yuhan looked at her roommates and said with a red face.

Your mother wants to talk to me about our marriage so how can you not go? Cheng Yu smiled.

When did I say I am going to marry you? I'm not going With her roommates watching, how could she not be embarrassed

Let's go. If not, mother-in-law will lose her temper Cheng Yu couldn't care so much anymore, he dragged Lin Yuhan out of the dorm.

Seeing that a boy had appeared in the girls' dormitory, some girls hurriedly closed the door while some girls curiously came out to look. Watching the two of them leave hand in hand, one of the girls' faces turned gloomy.

Ye Qian, don't be sad. Although he is rather handsome and his family are very rich, you are not bad either. He was born in the capital, where there were nobles everywhere. Why do you keep staring at him? You saw that, this guy only had eyes for Lin Yuhan. It's not worth it When the girls beside Ye Qian saw the loneliness on her face, they comforted her.

You won't understand. I will definitely make him like me Ye Qian said firmly and left the dorm alone.

The girl shook her head. She really couldn't understand what she was thinking

Didn't you say you were going to my house? Sitting in the car, Lin Yuhan saw that Cheng Yu was not going in the direction of her house

How can I not prepare a present when I see my mother-in-law Cheng Yu said with a smile.

It had been a long time since Cheng Yu and Lin Yuhan came out to shop. Although Lin Yuhan was hesitant to go out, Cheng Yu didn't care too much about it. He held her hand and walked around, eating sweets and drinking drinks, Lin Yuhan had unconsciously forgotten all about her worries.

Young Master Yu. What a coincidence, I never thought that I would meet you here Cheng Yu was bringing Lin Yuhan to buy her clothes in an international fashion shop when a surprised voice was heard from beside them.

Meng Wen Cheng Yu said.

Hehe, Young Master Yu, you have a good memory. Meng Wen said happily. Ever since he insisted on joining Cheng Yu, the Meng Family's business had expanded jointly with the Lan Family's business. The cooperation between them and the Wanmei Group was also shared by both of them.

Although it had only been a few months, the Meng Family's business had already become more profitable.

Looking at the current Meng Family, everyone was glad that they chose Cheng Yu between Kunlun and Cheng Yu. In the end, they could no longer see Kunlun's herb business in Yunhai

Since he was able to see Cheng Yu here today, Meng Wen was naturally very happy.

Hehe, by the way, did the Lan family tell you anything about the charitable foundation? Cheng Yu said with a smile, with Lin Yuhan beside him, he naturally did not dare to say Lan Ya's name.

I already know. Thank you, Young Master Yu, for giving us this opportunity. Our Meng Clan is willing to listen to Young Master Yu's arrangements. Meng Wen was an expert in reading the situation. Just by looking at the girl beside Cheng Yu, he could tell who Cheng Yu was referring to.

He wasn't surprised seeing Cheng Yu with another. Just like her, the woman he brought with him when he first met Cheng Yu in the mall wasn't the same as the one beside him now.

Men... In some ways, they had a very good understanding of one another

Hehe, this is a matter of paying, not making money. Why are you so happy? Cheng Yu smiled.

Hehe, to be able to work with Young Master Yu, even if I have to lose money, I'm also very happy. Meng Wen said with a smile. Actually, the reason he did so was to gain more trust and support from Cheng Yu.

You said it yourself. When your Meng Clan goes bankrupt, don't blame it to me. Cheng Yu smiled.

Hehe... How could that be? Looking at the unreadable smile on Cheng Yu's face, Meng Wen's heart skipped a beat. It can't be that the Meng Family was going to be bankrupt right? But, he still had a brilliant smile on his face.

Your status in the Meng Family right now shouldn't be low, is that correct? Cheng Yu said.

This is all thanks to Young Master Yu's support. I can speak up for myself in the family business now. Meng Wen said.

That's a good thing. To tell you the truth, I'm going to find your families to set up a new pharmacy company. I wonder if the Meng Clan is interested Cheng Yu smiled.

Yes, of course Meng Wen was pleasantly surprised. As expected, the choice he made was correct. He didn't know that the products made by the Wanmei Group were made by Cheng Yu, but his cousin had once said that Cheng Yu had extraordinary medical skills.

More importantly, Cheng Yu had an immortal sect behind him that was even stronger than Kunlun. This was what the Meng family had always thought. Last time when Kunlun came to find them, he took out a pill that could increase their lifespan by five years and Cheng Yu also said that he was from Limitless Palace. Hearing this name, one could tell that this immortal sect was very grand and it definitely had better immortal pills.

If Cheng Yu gave these miraculous immortal pills to them to produce, then the wealth would come rolling in

Hehe, this time I'm not going to let you guys lose money. I'm going to let you guys earn money. Cheng Yu smiled.

Thank you, Young Master Yu Hearing Cheng Yu's affirmation, Meng Wen exclaimed in surprise.

Since your Meng Clan has chosen me, then I won't let you suffer a loss Cheng Yu said.

Thank you, Young Master Yu. Our Meng Family will definitely follow Young Master Yu's arrangements. Oh right, my father's birthday is coming up in a few days. When the time comes and we have to invite guests, my father would really like to meet Young Master Yu. I wonder if you would have the time to show us some face Meng Wen invited.

Since it's your father's birthday, I naturally have to go celebrate it as well. Just let me know when the time comes Cheng Yu said. Since there was nothing going on, it didn't matter to him to take a look

Then, thank you for coming

Un, that's enough. I still need to accompany my wife to see my mother-in-law Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Since that's the case, then Young Master Yu, I'll take care of sister-in-law's expenses, how about that? Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Meng Wen was shocked. Cheng Yu couldn't be serious with her, right? What about Lan Ya?

But no matter what, the most important thing was to establish a good relationship with the people around Cheng Yu.

Well then, thank you, young master Meng Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Not at all, this is my honor Meng Wen said politely.

Then we'll be leaving first Cheng Yu said.

Alright. Young Master Yu, sister-in-law, take care Meng Wen said.

Who is he? Why did he keep on flattering you? She was really not used to being called sister-in-law by someone older than her and Cheng Yu

What do you mean flattering me? He was clearly just speaking the truth Cheng Yu smiled.

Hmph, what does he do?

If I want to open a pharmaceutical company to sell medicinal herbs, I would naturally need to find a medicinal herb company to work with. It would save me the trouble of picking the ingredients. Cheng Yu said.

Around five in the afternoon, the two finally arrived at Lin Yuhan's home.

Seeing this run-down house again, Cheng Yu's heart was in a mess. Looking at Lin Mu happily slaughtering chickens, Cheng Yu felt as if he had crossed thousands of years in an instant and returned to that thatched hut

Mother Cheng Yu subconsciously shouted.

Why are you shouting? Hearing how shameless Cheng Yu was, actually called her mother mother in front of her, she blushed.

Ah. Little Yu, you guys came so early. The dishes aren't ready yet. Sit down first as I prepare the dishes Lin Mu exclaimed in delight when she saw the two of them carrying something.

It's alright. I'm not in a hurry. Cheng Yu also realized that he was hallucinating and hurriedly said.