Godly Student Chapter 446

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In the dark night, no one noticed a person flying by like the sky above Yunhai City. The person quickly slipped into a villa in the city.

Puff! Cheng Yu's first reaction upon returning home was to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Damn it. I never thought that I would meet two fellows like this Cheng Yu felt very depressed and quickly took out the divine water to drink. In the past, he had never cared about the existence of the Azure Bamboo Gang, nor had he ever thought that there would be two Golden Core experts hidden in the secular world. This was too unexpected

Now he finally understood why all the spies that had been sent to the AzureBamboo Gang had been wiped clean. With a Gold Core stage expert around, it would be too easy to find an ordinary person with a problem.

Cheng Yu used his Spiritual Sense to observe his Dantian but it was still empty. He still didn't have any signs of Core Formation. This made him feel very helpless.

Originally, he had thought that with this kind of crazy speed, he would be able to obtain the nine golden cores mentioned in the rumors. But, who would have thought that before the nine golden cores were formed, not even a single one would be left

A Gold Core's explosive power was too strong, it was a common occurrence for him to fight a battle with an apponent that had a higher cultivation level. But now that there was no Golden Core, he was only an overlord under the Gold Core stage. Even when facing an early Golden Core stage cultivator, he couldn't overcome it.

Soul Suppressing. With your experience, do you have any way to help me reach Core Formation? Cheng Yu sent out a question to the Soul Suppressing Orb in his mind

There is, it all depends on whether you're willing to or not said the Soul Suppressing Orb.

You really have a way, why didn't you tell me Cheng Yu said in shock and anger.

Actually, you know about this method too, but you just don't want to

What method? Hurry and tell me

Forget everything in the mortal world, including those women you like. Return to the cultivation world and concentrate on cultivation The Soul Suppressing Orb replied at a leisurely pace.

How can this be? Cheng Yu was taken aback.

In his previous life, he had spent his whole life cultivating in seclusion because he didn't want to bother with worldly matters. In the end, he didn't even see his mother one last time. In this life, he finally had a big family, how could he go back to live like that again. Wasn't that the same as in his previous life?

I knew you didn't want to, so why should I waste my breath?

Is there no other way? Cheng Yu said indignantly.

In fact, what you need now is a lucky chance. You were already in the middle phase of the Gold Core stage, and your cultivation and boundary have already reached the requirements to reach the Core Formation stage. The reason you haven't been able to break through is because your lucky chance hasn't arrived yet The Soul Suppressing Orb said in a serious tone.

But when will this lucky chance arrive? Every single time, I would be beaten up to the point of looking for my teeth, causing me to have to run whenever I see someone powerful. Truly too useless Cheng Yu said gloomily.

He had thought that in the secular world, he would already be considered a king, but now? Previously, that devil had come over to provoke him, causing both sides to suffer. However, now that he had met two Gold Core Stage cultivators, he had to flee. How did this look like a king? He was clearly a refugee

Opportunity is also a dao... If I can control this, then it's not a Dao. Although I might be the spirit of an immortal treasure, even I don't know when your opportunity will come The Soul Suppressing Orb said in disdain.

Alright Cheng Yu said dejectedly./

There are some things that you can't force, and there are some things that you can't ask for. If something is meant to be yours, it'll naturally come. As long as you keep your heart at peace, no matter where you are, you will walk through this hurdle It was rare for the Soul Suppressing Orb to have such patience.

Actually, he hoped more than anyone for Cheng Yu to break through to the next realm, but he truly had no other choice. If one's cultivation wasn't high enough, they could still use supportive pills and array formations to enhance themselves. But in a situation like Cheng Yu's, to be honest, there was nothing he could do

There was one more thing that Soul Suppressor hadn't told Cheng Yu. It was that he might not be able to return to his former realm forever. In the cultivation world, there were too many people like this, and most of them were unable to take this seemingly simple step forward.

However, he would not tell Cheng Yu about this worry. This would only affect his state of mind and would not be conducive to a breakthrough in his cultivation level

Thank you, Soul Suppressor Cheng Yu expressed his gratitude.

For the next two days, Cheng Yu was as obedient as a daughter. He didn't go out at all. He simply refined items at home to increase his own understanding of the equipment refining dao

But today, no matter how much enlightenment he had, he had to go out because it was the weekend. He was going to see his mother-in-law

Before you are officially married with her daughter, you must not do anything to make your mother-in-law think badly of you. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to get a wife. Therefore, Cheng Yu had to put aside the big issues for now.

Cheng Yu was whistling in his sports car as he drove around. Who knew how many miniskirts were lifted on the side of the road. This caused many good youths to fall to the ground in shame

Brother, what are you doing? A man looked at another man who was on the ground staring at a young girl's thighs, he walked up and asked

T-pants. Ah, no. I accidentally dropped my moral integrity on the floor just now The man said with a flushed face.

Such stories could be seen everywhere Cheng Yu passed by

Cheng Yu drove the car to the girl's dormitory building with familiarity

With the same flowers and the same punchline. Cheng Yu got out of the car

Han Han. It's time to go home and eat Cheng Yu shamelessly shouted while holding flowers downstairs

Yuhan, your Big Radish is back Now that all the girls in Class 1 called Cheng Yu Big Radish, they all laughed when they heard Cheng Yu's strange shout.

Lin Yuhan sat on her bed, her face red, she was so shy that she wanted to find a hole to hide in.

Why was this guy so shameless? I don't want to see him anymore, why is he still so shameless

Han Han, it's time to go home and eat. If you don't come down, I'll come up again Cheng Yu did not care about the curious looks on the balcony. He was that shameless

Hee Hee. Han Han, what an intimate nickname, we will call you that from now on

Hehe, Han Han, I think this guy is quite interesting. Although he's a bit flowery, but I think he really is infatuated with you

Pui, is that infatuation? That is truly an extraordinary flowery heart A few girls argued.

Han Han... Since Lin Yuhan ignored him, he began shouting again

Han Han, I think you should go. Otherwise, I'm afraid he'll call the whole girls dormity over Hearing that Cheng Yu was still shouting from below, one of them said with a smile.


Bastard, what are you doing? If you want to flirt, go to the forest, and don't affect everyone here Cheng Yu was about to shout again, but he was suddenly startled by a loud curse

Cheng Yu took a closer look. It turned out to be the teacher who had stopped him at the entrance of the female dormitory. This teacher was really intrepid. She actually knew what the forest was like at school. One look was enough to tell that she was a person who cared about their character

Hehe, teacher, I'm here to bring my sister home for dinner, don't misunderstand me Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Why don't you give her a call on the phone. Do you think that I don't know that you two aren't brothers and sisters? Go play somewhere else, this is a school, not a place for you to talk about love The teacher put her hands on her waist.

Cheng Yu looked at her, then looked up the balcony and felt helpless. This teacher really didn't care that much.

What are you looking at? Hurry up and leave. Don't think that just because your family has money that you think you can do whatever. If I had a nouveau riche son like you, I would have already beaten him to death The teacher said without a shred of mercy.

... Cheng Yu's eyes widened. Did this teachers great aunt come? If seemed as if I owed her a debt. Helpless, he could only drive the car away

Han Han, your family's Big Radish was chased away by the teacher downstairs. You didn't listen to me when I told you to go down. There's no hope now. A girl said.

It's better if he's gone. I'm not going out with him. It just so happens that I won't be disturbed from my reading Lin Yuhan pouted, but she couldn't get into the book no matter how much she flipped through it.

She clearly knew that Cheng Yu had let her down, but she still couldn't help but think of him.

Ding ling ling. Suddenly, Lin Yuhan's phone rang

Lin Yuhan picked it up and saw that it was Cheng Yu. She hesitated on whether to pick it up or not

What's wrong? Is it that Big Radish? Fool, pick it up. Otherwise, there would really be no hope The girl said.

That's right. A man's patience won't last for long. If you don't give him a chance after this passion is gone, it will really be over between you two. Another girl also said.

Yuhan, I think what they said is right, look at that Ye Qian, she obviously likes Cheng Yu, and they have been playmates since childhood. If you don't act now, then maybe he will be taken away by someone else, wouldn't that mean you have another opponent? Yuan Yuan also said.

Lin Yuhan's heart tightened when she heard this. Just as she was about to press the answer button, the phone had already stopped ringing

Looking at the black screen in her hand and seeing that there was no longer that shining name on it, Lin Yuhan felt a sense of loss in her heart, as if Cheng Yu had really left her like that.

Look, I told you so. Are you regretting it now? Seeing Lin Yuhan in a daze, a girl, Feng Xia, asked.

Aiya, you don't have to, Yuhan, don't be sad, they are just blind, he will definitely call again later. I think this Cheng Yu really likes you, he won't give up so easily. Yuan Yuan quickly comforted her.

However, after waiting for a while, Lin Yuhan's phone did not ring again, and everyone was very disappointed

Cheng Yu stood under a big tree not far away, looking at his phone helplessly. This girl was really hard to deal with. It seemed like he really had to cut himself open in front of her in order for her to forgive him