Godly Student Chapter 445

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Old bastard, I'll help you At this time, another luxuriously dressed old man suddenly appeared in the sky. This old man was in the middle phase of the Gold Core stage

F * ck, there's more Cheng Yu was shocked. This was not normal. Why were there so many Golden Core experts all of a sudden

Blood Demon Phantom Huo Yu flapped her wings, and two streams of Qi shot towards the old man on the ground. At this time, the black-robed old man in the sky let out a loud shout, and his figure instantly appeared in front of Huo Yu.

Ji Huo Yu withdrew her wings and the black-robed old man's saber hacked down onto it. The man and the beast were immediately knocked away.

Black Demon, why are you here? The old man said.

Ba'er told me, who is this guy? Why would he appear here? Black Demon said.

I don't know either, I just happened to see him sneaking around the room when I came out of the secret room. The old man said.

Don't tell me they came? Black Demon said in a sinister manner.

I don't think so. This guy is only at the late Foundation Establishment stage. If they knew that we were hiding here, why would they send someone with such low cultivation to capture us? The old man said.

That's right, but no matter what, we have to keep him here Black Demon said.

Good, you take care of that magical pet, and leave that guy to me

Alright Black Demon nodded and pounced towards Huo Yu.

Humph. I'll see how you can run now. Seeing that Cheng Yu wanted to escape again, the old man quickly chased after him.

F * ck, you damned old fogey. Exquisite Cauldron Cheng Yu turned around and struck. At the same time, the Exquisite Cauldron suddenly flew out from his body.

Bang! The old man had just broken Cheng Yu's attack, but he didn't expect that Cheng Yu would have such a method. He was caught off guard and was hit by this strange cauldron.

Humph, didn't you want to capture me? I will smash you into a meat patty The Exquisite Cauldron suddenly became huge and fell from the sky like a mountain

Seeing this scene, everyone was scared silly. The old man's expression changed as he took out a bracelet from his hand and threw it towards the cauldron in the sky. He then quickly ran away.

BOOOOOM! With a loud bang, the Exquisite Cauldron instantly returned to Cheng Yu's body. After being heavily injured, his control over the magic treasure was much weaker.

The battle between Huo Yu and Black Demon was also abnormally intense. Although both were in the middle phase of the Gold Core stage, Huo Yu's defense and attack were extremely powerful. This could also be considered to make up for her weakness in speed.

But Black Demon wasn't so lucky. Although Huo Yu's movement speed was slow, her attacks were powerful. With a flap of her wings, a small tornado of flame blades appeared. She also opened her mouth and spat out a fireball, causing Black Demon to be in a miserable state.


Although the old man hadn't been hit by the exquisite cauldron just now, the bracelet had already been blown apart. Every magic treasure had its own soul imprint, so this explosion had caused the old man to suffer a major loss.

Cheng Yu looked at his opponent and realized that he still hadn't killed him. Without any hesitation, he called out his flying sword and flew away

Damn it The old man had just escaped a long distance, and the other side had slipped away so quickly. Seeing Black Demon still fighting with the Magic Pet, he quickly ran over.

Huo Yu had already received the news of Cheng Yu's retreat. With a flap of her wings, a huge tornado appeared from the ground. The two of them hurriedly dodged it. When they saw Huo Yu flying into the sky, they wanted to chase after her

Puff! Huo Yu turned her head and sent a large fireball flying

BOOOOOOM! A large crater had appeared on the ground

You bastard The two of them had their heads and faces covered in dust, their bodies were also covered in a layer of dust.

The people hiding in the distance saw this earth-shattering battle and didn't know how to describe what they had just seen. They felt that all of this was just too magical. This was no less than watching a fantasy movie

This feeling was so f * cking exciting even though they almost lost their life

Boss Xiong, those two elders... the deity was your master? In this great battle, Brother Heong said with a trembling face, but at the same time his eyes also revealed a bit of excitement.

Of course Xiong Ba said in an indifferent tone, but in his heart, he was also very excited. He had finally witnessed the strength of these two.

....Boss Xiong, can you let these two old Deities take me in as a disciple? Brother Heong said with a face full of anticipation.

If this was in the past, he definitely wouldn't have believed that such an absurd thing could happen in this world. Who would believe that there was such a thing as a diety?

However, what happened just now made him admit that at this moment in time, all of his worldviews no longer existed. A gun was nothing. If he met such a deity, even a gun wouldn't be able to pierce through his body. No matter how many guns he had, they wouldn't be as effective as a sword or a saber

It turned out that in this world, there was truly someone who could reach the heavens and overturn mountains and sea. He must become such a person

Of course not. Our Chinese deities do not accept outsiders Xiong Ba said.

The real world was a world of money and power. With enough money and power, he could control the real world. That was what he had thought back then.

Only a small portion of the people in this world knew about the existence of cultivators. If he hadn't met these two mysterious people by chance twenty years ago, even he wouldn't have known about this secret.

Now, he knew that there was something that was above money and power. He naturally didn't want anyone with the ability to steal from him in the secular world

This time, I can give ten percent of the profits Brother Heong said.

There's no need. Why don't you go and find the Hong Gang Xiong Ba said with a smile.

Boss Xiong, why would I go find the Hong Gang when I was just joking earlier? Boss Xiong, why don't you introduce the two old Daoist Immortals to me, and I'll let you have ten percent of the profits? Brother Heong said with a smile.

This... I'm sorry, but my Master is injured and needs rest, so I don't want others to disturb him. You know, if they get angry, it's very easy for us to lose our lives. Xiong Ba thought about it for a while, then decided against it.

This... Fine. Then, I can only come again to visit the two deities. We will take our leave first Brother Heong's face was a bit ugly, but he was truly afraid of these Chinese people now. Their godly strength was not something that a human could resist

Master, Martial Uncle, how are you guys? Let's go inside and rest Xiong Ba did not want to leave these country bumpkins here and let them leave. He hurried over to the two old men and respectfully said.

Hm. Ba'er, do you know where that person came from? The old man asked.

Please forgive my incompetence, disciple does not know this person Xiong Ba said in shame. Just now, this person was able to injure Master and Martial Uncle. It could be seen that his strength was extraordinary. How could he possibly know such a person?

Hm...Get up, I was just about to ask, when I came out, I saw him sneakily staring at you guys. I don't know if he was looking for you, but have you recently offended someone outside? The old man recalled the scene when he found Cheng Yu and said.

This... No. What kind of people have I been dealing with recently? How could I offend such a powerful person? Xiong Ba was shocked, such a powerful person actually came to look for him? But how could he possibly offend such an expert?

Could it be that someone else was behind this? However, who would have the ability to order such a person to kill him?

In short, you must be careful in the future. That person is not simple. However, he was severely injured today, and will probably not appear for a short period of time The old man said.

Within the secret room, two old men sat facing each other.

White Demon, this fellow ran away today. I have a very uneasy feeling in my heart. Black Demon said.

I know, but after so many years of peace and quiet, maybe today was just a coincidence. Those people might have long forgotten about us. The old man who is called White Demon said.

But if this thing is so important, how could they forget? Black Demon said as he held a strange, dry piece of wood.

Are you sure this is their holy object? But after all these years, we still haven't discovered any secrets White Demon also said with a strange expression on his face. No matter how he looked at it, this was just an ordinary dead tree.

I definitely won't be wrong. Otherwise, they wouldn't have chased me so relentlessly all those years ago Black Demon said with certainty.

Sigh, if we knew this would happen, we shouldn't have taken this. Not only did it cause us to hide in the mortal world for so many years, but our cultivation levels have yet to advance even a single inch. White Demon said with a regretful expression.

The two of them were actually Spirit Severing Experts But now, one of them was at the early and the other was at the middle of the Gold Core stage. This was simply outrageous. Back then, the two of them had heard that the sacred artifact of the Mysterious Sky Sect which allowed one to live forever. Furthermore, it was said that it possessed an extremely powerful strength. It was said that even immortals weren't afraid of it.

By chance, the two of them finally managed to steal the sacred artifact. However, the entire Mysterious Sky Sect chased them down, making it impossible for them to stay in the cultivation world. Even their strength had fallen, forcing them to hide in the secular world.

After recuperating for so many years, not only did the two of them not discover anything special about this holy object, they were also unable to gain even the slightest bit of strength

Therefore, when Cheng Yu appeared, they all thought that the Mysterious Sky Sect had discovered their trails. They could still clearly see the scene of them being hunted down and remember the scene of them surviving for such a long time.

Although they regretted not being able to recover their strength, they had been in the mortal world for so many years and were accustomed to such peaceful days. Even staying in this poor place was better than losing their lives.