Godly Student Chapter 444

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At the top of the mountain, Cheng Yu rose into the air. With the help of the flying sword, he descended like a meteor onto the roof of the villa

Something flashed past just now a bodyguard said as he looked curiously at the sky.

Don't make a fuss. Who doesn't know this is lord Xiong's territory? Who dares to come here and cause trouble? The other bodyguard said nonchalantly.

Cheng Yu avoided the bodyguards and jumped over the balcony. Soon, he slipped into a room. He opened the door gently and was just in time to notice the scene downstairs

Two middle-aged men in their forties were sitting on the sofa in the lobby of the first floor. Behind one of them was a middle-aged man wearing a black windbreaker.

Boss Xiong, we're also old friends. This time, I've got quite a few policemen eyeing me. I took such huge risks because I don't want to make a mistake in front of Boss Xiong. This time, I want to add 10% The man said.

Brother Heong, I'm afraid this is against the rules, right? We've already agreed on the price. I really don't like the way you're raising the price. Although Xiong Ba's name wasn't very domeering, he looked very much like a tyrant.

If that's the case, then the cooperation between us needs to be considered. Yesterday, the people from the Hong Gang came to find me. They seem to be very interested in the goods I have. Boss Xiong, looks like we need to cooperate next time.

Brother Heong, I, Xiong Ba, have always been an honest person in business. I will definitely not treat people unfairly, but if others are not honest with me, then how is this business going to end? The most important thing is if there is a next time Xiong Ba said indifferently.

Boss Xiong, I'm not an idiot. I know how powerful boss Xiong is, but since I dare to personally come to your house, I'm naturally prepared as well. The brothers outside have already been waiting outside for an hour. If I don't go out now, there'll be conflicts.

Who are you? Just at this moment, the wardrobe in Cheng Yu's room suddenly moved aside. An old man just happened to see a black clothed man staring outside through the crack in the door.

Cultivator Cheng Yu turned around and saw that the old man's aura was actually that of an early Gold Core stage cultivator. He was immediately taken aback.

Cheng Yu is too surprised by this discovery. He didn't dare to stay any longer and tried to escape through the window

Want to leave? However, how could an old man who was at the Gold Core stage be a pushover? He struck out with his palm towards Cheng Yu.

The two palms slammed against Cheng Yu, causing him to jump out of the room and down the stairs.

A Foundation Establishment Staged Cultivator? the old man was also shocked. When Cheng Yu peeped, he did not reveal his presence. He thought the other party was a normal thief, but he did not expect it to be a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator. This surprised him.

However, why did the other party only send one Foundation Establishment cultivator when they discovered their hiding place? Could it be just a coincidence?

Humph, It doesn't matter if it's a coincidence or not. I can't let this guy escape

Who are you attacking? Xiong Ba and Brother Heong were in the midst of negotiations. Suddenly, a black-clothed person jumped down from the roof. Everyone was greatly shocked. Their bodyguards hurriedly took out their pistols and fired at the black-clothed person.

Clang. Clang. Clang The bullets hit the black-clothed man. A few streaks of blue light flashed and it was as if they had hit a bulletproof glass. The blue light frightened everyone.

At the Foundation Establishment Stage, cultivators could use their true qi to block bullets. Moreover, Cheng Yu was even more powerful than a normal Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivators

At this time, the old man had already dashed downstairs.

Master Seeing the old man. Xiong Ba respectfully greeted him

Who are you? What are you doing here? The old man said as he looked towards the black clothed man.

Cheng Yu did not say anything, but he was surprised. No wonder the Azure Bamboo Gang had so many Qi Condensation experts. So Xiong Ba had a Gold Core stage cultivator master

He had no interest in talking to them. He was at the late Foundation Establishment stage. Without summoning Fireplume, it was impossible for him to defeat the enemy so the best plan is for him to run away

Hmph, did I say you can leave? The old man saw that Cheng Yu was about to slip away and slap his hand towards Cheng Yu's back

Peng! Cheng Yu turned around. Suddenly, his right hand chopped out with the purple sword. The old man was startled. He struck out with his palm and was knocked back several steps

Stunned, he looked at the weapon in Cheng Yu's hand. He immediately became excited and greedy It's actually a soul weapon. No matter who you are. Brat, I have to thank you for sending me such a good soul weapon.

The old man pulled out a large red blade. This was a top-grade treasure that he had snatched from the cultivation world

When the people saw the two of them not afraid of bullets at all and they still used swords and sabers to fight. They really couldn't understand what was going on

Xiong Ba's face was filled with excitement. Although the old man had accepted him as his disciple for over twenty years, the old man had once said that his aptitude was too low.

In all these years, he had never seen the old man's true strength. The only thing he knew was that the old man was an immortal. It was no surprise that he could fly in the sky like a god.

Now that he saw such an enemy appear and finally realized that his master was going to bring out his true skills, he felt extremely excited. He wished that one day, he could also fly in the sky and control people's life and death

The old man's blade glowed with a red light. The blade formed a red blade qi and directly flew towards Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu was not afraid at all. A purple sword qi flew out and collided with the red blade qi. Immediately, an explosion resounded throughout the hall. The blade qi shattered sofas, tables, windows, etc... Some unlucky fellows even had their necks directly chopped off by the sword qi and blade qi. There were miserable screams coming from all directions.

At this moment, the others were extremely frightened. They hurriedly moved towards the wine shelves and hid themselves at a place that looked like a bar

Even Xiong Ba was unable to control his fear. He was so scared that his face turned deathly pale, and he hid behind the bar

Boss Xiong, just what exactly happened here? Brother Heong's face was full of panic.

In the past, he had never been so afraid even in the face of a hail of bullets. However, the scene just now had really exceeded what he could understand and accept.

Hmph. This is our country's deity Xiong Ba was both envious and disdainful of the country's punks.

A deity from China? A wave of confusion hit him. There really was a deity in this world

At this moment, Cheng Yu and the old man had already fought their way out of the mansion. Hearing the explosion inside the mansion, the surrounding bodyguards had already gathered over. However, when they saw an old man and a man in black fighting intensely with swords, they didn't understand what was going on.

Why do they still need to use swords and sabers to kill? This is much more dangerous. Isn't it much easier to kill using guns?

But soon, they realized how powerful this sword and saber were. Not only did they glow, it could even cut people into pieces like tofu

Several people were scared out of their wits by the auras of the two. They did not care about their pride or anything else. They all just hurriedly ran for their lives

Everyone hid far away and only revealed half their heads to watch the two fight. Sometimes, the sword Qi would strike the wall beside them, leaving deep sword marks behind. They were so scared that they almost peed their pants

Hmph, as a Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator. Having such strength like yours is indeed extraordinary. But unfortunately for you, since you met me, today will be the day of your anniversary. The gap between Foundation Establishment stage and Gold Core stage appeared after a long battle.

Even though Cheng Yu had a powerful soul weapon, the gap between him and a Gold Core stage cultivator was still too wide

However, this was already worthy of being proud of. Previously, he was also in the late Foundation Establishment stage when he met that Gold Stage cultivator from Kunlun and could only take a beating without any power to fight back

Hmph, let's see how long you can persevere Suddenly, the old man shouted. Another three people appeared in a flash.

Although these three people were only clones and could not compare to the old man's main body. However, when these four people teamed up, it was really not something he could handle. He was instantly sent flying and spewing out a few mouthfuls of blood

Huo Yu Cheng Yu couldn't handle it anymore. He could only summon out Huo Yu

Chi, Chi, Chi. Huo Yu suddenly flew out from Cheng Yu's body. She let out a loud shout and instantly blocked the chain of attacks from the four people

Magic pet The old man was shocked. It's a magic pet with the cultivation of the middle phase of the Gold Core stage. This is going to be troublesome

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuu Her flaming wings flapped, and a tornado suddenly appeared in front of her. With a swish, it directly charged towards the four of them

Pu pu pu pu pu. The four of them received a continuous stream of injuries. The four turned into a single person once more

Old bastard, I'll help you Just at this moment, a black robed old man suddenly appeared in the sky. He was in the middle phase of the Gold Core stage

F * ck, There's more? Cheng Yu was shocked. This wasn't something ordinary. Why are there suddenly so many Golden Core experts in the mortal world?