Godly Student Chapter 443

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Han Han, wait a minute, Ye Qian and I are not what you think. She's my friend from a young age in the capital. Don't misunderstand. Ye Qian, can you help me explain it to her please? Cheng Yu quickly tried to smooth things over.

Yeah, Lin Yuhan, Cheng Yu and I were just good friends since we were young.

I'm sorry, I'm not interested in knowing anything about your relationship Lin Yuhan said.

Don't go, Han Han. What do you want me to do in order for you to forgive me? Seeing that Lin Yuhan was about to leave, Cheng Yu quickly walked up and hugged her from behind.

Ah! You.... Let me go, how can you do this, we are at school Lin Yuhan was shocked. She never thought that Cheng Yu would be so bold as to treat her like this in front of so many students.

Then you mean we can do this if we're not in school? Cheng Yu did not care about the weird looks from his surroundings, as he hugged Lin Yuhan and said.

I didn't say that. Let me go Lin Yuhan said anxiously.

Then forgive me, or I'll hug you like this forever Cheng Yu was like a dead pig, so he wasn't afraid of boiling water. He didn't want to let go anyway.

Lin Yuhan was too hard to deal with. Cheng Yu tried almost everything but it did nothing so he could only act like a scoundrel.

You pervert Being stared at by so many people, Lin Yuhan was both embarrassed and angry.

Let her go As soon as Lin Yuhan finished speaking, another voice sounded. Following that, an object flew out from the field and headed straight for the back of Cheng Yu's head.

Bang! Cheng Yu caught the flying object with one hand. It was a basketball.

Take your dirty hands off her A player walked out from the field. Cheng Yu didn't know who he was, but judging from his uniform, it was clear that he was from Mechanic Departments Class Five.

You sure have a lot of pursuers Cheng Yu said in confusion.

You Big Radish, do you know how popular our Yuhan is now? If you do not cherish her, then naturally, there will be many people who would cherish her. Yuan Yuan started to chime in again.

Han Han, you know I've always cared about you, so forgive me Cheng Yu said.

I've made it very clear last time that you want me to forgive you. You know what to do Lin Yuhan endured her heartache and said.

Han Han... Cheng Yu knew what Lin Yuhan was referring to and wanted to tell him to leave Han Xue.

Didn't you hear what I said? Get your dirty hands off her Zheng Haolin saw Cheng Yu catch his ball and throw it on the ground, then didn't even look at him as he continued to hug Lin Yuhan. He walked over and shouted angrily again.

Lin Yuhan was also a student council member like him. Ever since the day they met, Zheng Haolin had wanted to pursue Lin Yuhan. Although Lin Yuhan had rejected him, he didn't give up.

No goddess was easy to catch, he must reveal his determination, thus, he would be able to move Lin Yuhan.

However, not long ago, he heard that Lin Yuhan's boyfriend Cheng Yu appeared. This made Zheng Haolin very depressed and sad. However, a few days after the bad news spread, he heard another piece of good news.

Lin Yuhan found out that Cheng Yu was two timing, and now the two were having a falling out. Zheng Haolin was overjoyed hearing the news and knew that his chance had come again.

This basketball game was a good opportunity for him to show off to Lin Yuhan. Although he beat their class badly, it showed that he was much stronger than the trash in their class.

But the good news didn't last long, just when he was slaughtering everyone around him, Cheng Yu showed up again and forcefully hugged Lin Yuhan in front of so many people. This made him unable to hold back, and he finally exploded

Student Zheng, this has nothing to do with you Lin Yuhan was afraid that Cheng Yu would beat Zheng Haolin up, so she quickly said.

Lin Yuhan, don't be afraid, this guy actually dared to do this to you. I'll definitely help you. Get your pig hands off her. Don't force me to make a move Zheng Haolin thought that Lin Yuhan was afraid of Cheng Yu's threat and glared at him.

Han Han, let's find a quiet place to have a good talk How could Cheng Yu even put a student in his eyes? He only wanted to resolve the conflict between him and Lin Yuhan, towards this kind of pursuer, he had no interest in fighting with them.

You're courting death Cheng Yu didn't want to fight with him, but in Zheng Haolin's eyes, Cheng Yu looked down on him so punched Cheng Yu in the face in anger.

Pow! Cheng Yu grabbed the other party's fist.

For Han Han's sake, I don't want to hit you, go to the side and wait Cheng Yu grabbed the other's fist and gently pushed him out.

I don't need you to give me any face. If you're a man, then come out and fight with me. Why bully a girl? Seeing his opponent block his fist so easily, Zheng Haolin was also surprised.

However, with so many people looking at him now, he couldn't be so cowardly anymore, so he said.

Student Zheng, you can go. I really don't need you to do this Lin Yuhan did not want to owe others favors, even though he did it willingly, how could he fight Cheng Yu? Wasn't that asking for trouble?

If he was beaten up by Cheng Yu because of her, she would feel that she owed him even more, and she wasn't planning on ever being his girlfriend.

Lin Yuhan, don't say anymore, I know what I'm doing. I volunteered. A warm feeling flowed through Zheng Haolin's heart. At least Lin Yuhan cared about him, which made him more motivated.

Cheng Yu, stop messing around with him. I'm going with you. Lin Yuhan didn't want any more trouble, so she said.

Mm, since you've already spoken, how could I not agree? Then let's go Cheng Yu was overjoyed. He carried Lin Yuhan and left.

What are you doing? Let me down, I can walk by myself! Lin Yuhan's face turned pale as she struggled in Cheng Yu's arms.

You perverted bastard. Looking at Cheng Yu and Lin Yuhan's expression, although they did not seem to be a couple, the two of them seemed to be flirting. Zheng Haolin was both angry and embarrassed and felt that he couldn't just leave, so he could only direct his anger onto Cheng Yu.

Whiz Cheng Yu didn't pay any attention to him. He carried Lin Yuhan and dodged Zheng Haoran's kick from behind. His entire body flashed for more than ten meters, and just like that, he left the sports field in a flash.

Damn, is this a Surging Wave Micro Step? I must be seeing things When some of the male students saw this, they hurriedly wiped their eyes and said.

I saw it too, I think it must be the long-lost 'Surving Wave Micro Step' A male student said with certainty.

What did you bring me here for? Put me down. The students' curious discussion did not reach the ears of the two. At this time, Cheng Yu had already brought Lin Yuhan to the Shameless Forest that Cheng Yu had passed by.

Hehe, do you feel uncomfortable with me hugging you like this? I am quite comfortable Cheng Yu smiled.

You're so annoying, only a ghost would feel comfortable. Quickly put me down Lin Yuhan said angrily.

Alright. Han Han, actually, you don't have to be so shy. It seems that most of the people here are lovers. It's normal to kiss and hug each other. I even saw a man kiss a man here Cheng Yu found it funny when he thought of Liu Minglang.

Disgusting. Did you come here to see this sort of thing? Lin Yuhan frowned and said.

Didn't I just have nothing better to do? Cheng Yu smiled.

Why are you so bored, why don't you accompany your girlfriend. What are you doing here for Lin Yuhan said in annoyance.

Han Han, don't be like this. Don't always talk about others, let's not talk about others today. Look at how long it's been since we've talked alone. I'm so sad. Cheng Yu said.

Who would want to be alone with you? You were the one who said that you had something to talk to me about. Since there's nothing else, then I'm leaving

Sigh. Han Han, don't be so impulsive. Let's just sit here quietly for a while. Just treat it as accompanying me, okay? Cheng Yu pulled Lin Yuhan's hand and said softly.

Seeing them so happy, I hope that we can also be so happy. Cheng Yu said in envy.

Happiness is something two people give each other, not just to say that they love one another, but to love the other in their hearts Lin Yuhan said.

I swear, I definitely love you in my heart. Cheng Yu stretched out his hand and said solemnly.

What about her?

It's in my heart too Cheng Yu said.

Humph, your heart is rather big, so you can't get complete happiness Lin Yuhan said sarcastically.

Why don't you give me half of it Cheng Yu pulled Lin Yuhan's hand and said.

I can't be bothered with you. You can choose between 100 points or 0 points, it's up to you Lin Yuhan threw Cheng Yu's hand away and left in a rage.

Sigh... Another failure Looking at Lin Yuhan's departing figure, then looking at the surrounding couples that were full of passion, Cheng Yu became even angrier, and suddenly shouted: Pornography

Ahhh, quickly get dressed

Sigh Immediately, the forest was in a state of chaos, especially those lecherous men and women who couldn't hold back their lust in broad daylight

That bastard who shouted However, when everyone was dressed in a flurry of hands and feet, there was no sound at all. Immediately, they became furious and started to curse loudly. However, Cheng Yu, who was the mastermind, had already left the small forest.


That night, Cheng Yu called Wu Chang. He asked for the address of the Azure Bamboo Gang's Xiong Ba and drove to the scene alone.

The Blood Wolf Gang was once in charge of a central city, but the Azure Bamboo Gang occupied two territories: the east and the north.

Cheng Yu followed the address that Wu Chang had given and arrived at a villa in the western part of the city.

Seeing this situation, Cheng Yu's car could no longer be driven up. It stopped at the villa area below, otherwise, only Xiong Ba and his family would have been discovered.

In any case, this sort of place didn't have many people regardless of day or night. Even if there were people, there shouldn't be that many. Cheng Yu quickly ran up the mountain.

From afar, he could see that the villa was brightly lit and that there were people standing guard everywhere. They were quite cautious and he had no idea how many bodyguards there were.