Godly Student Chapter 442

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Liu Minglang, how dare you harass our sister-in-law, beat him to a pulp The group of people suddenly charged towards the man.

Hey, who is your sister-in-law? You must have recognized the wrong person Liu Minglang ran and shouted loudly.

Don't run, stinking brat The people behind chased after him. Suddenly, one of them threw themselves at Liu Minglang, knocking him to the ground.

Liu Minglang wanted to turn around and kick down the fellow that was pouncing on him.

Don't act recklessly! Let me tell you, beating students is against the law. Also, I'm not an ordinary student. If my boss finds out about this, you won't get out unscaved Liu Minglang said as he looked at them.

Is that so? Who is your boss? I want to see how powerful he is The leader of the group said in a fierce tone.

What's the identity of my boss? Is he someone a hooligan can see? Liu Minglang said in a very imposing manner.

Brat, don't think that this kind of trick can scare us. If you know what's good for you, just say his name. Maybe we can even spare your life The leader of the group said.

I'm not afraid to tell you, he is the boss of the Blood Wolf Gang Liu Minglang said with a domineering expression.

The Blood Wolf Gang? Brat, you're trying to trick me The lackey obviously didn't believe it.

Humph, If you don't believe me, then hit me. If you can't kill me, then just wait to be hacked to death Liu Minglang spoke seriously.

Brother Shui, what should we do? The Blood Wolf Gang is the boss of this area, we cannot afford to offend them A delinquent said in a low voice.

It shouldn't be possible. This kid is probably trying to scare us. Brother Shui said while looking at Liu Minglang's expression.

Brother Shui, I heard that the boss of the Blood Wolf Gang has already washed his hands. He shouldn't do anything to us, right? A hoodlum said.

Are you for real? Where did you hear that Brother Shui said.

Monkey mentioned this to me a few days ago. At that time, I didn't pay much attention to it, but I think it should be true. The Blood Wolf Gang has even stopped asking for protection fees in the past few months. This matter should not be fake The hoodlum said.

Good, I'll believe you this once. Boy, are you really a member of the Blood Wolf Gang? Brother Shui said.

Why would I lie? Liu Minglang saw that these people were hesitant and muttered to himself. In his heart, he knew that this fox taking advantage of a tiger's might was quite effective.

Is that so, but I heard that the Blood Wolf Gang has washed their hands. They don't even bother to ask for protection fees anymore. Do you know anything about it? Brother Shui smiled as he looked at Liu Minglang.

This... Of course I know that. Although my boss has already washed his hands, if something happens to me, my boss will act. Even if he doesn't act, his subordinates will still be enough to deal with you all Liu Minglang's heart skipped a beat. It can't be such a coincidence. He was about to yell out blindly, did this Blood Wolf Gang really wash their hands at this time?

Is that so? Then we'll talk about it when the time comes for your to deal with us. But your time is up, give this fellow a beating Brother Shui shouted and everyone immediately rushed forward.

Hey, you will regret it. AHHHHHHH. Don't slap people's faces! Slapping someone's face hurts their self-esteem Liu Minglang cried out in pain as he received a slap on his face.

This kid... he really does have some skills when it comes to women. As for men... Cheng Yu had been hiding behind the tree the entire time as he shook his head.

You bastards, I already said not to hit my face. Ouch There were quite a few men and women watching the show, but none of them stepped forward to help.

Whiz Suddenly, a figure rushed out from behind the tree like a ghost.

Peng peng peng! Under everyone's astonished gazes, the originally vicious men couldn't withstand a single blow from the man in front of them, and immediately cried out in pain before falling to the ground.

Who are you? How dare you interfere with our business? Brother Shui shouted while lying on the ground with his hands on his stomach.

You guys shouldn't be students of Yunhai University, right? You came to our school to beat people, why can't I interfere? Cheng Yu walked in front of Brother Shui and squatted down, smiling as he looked at him.

You're also a student of Yunhai University? Brother Shui said in surprise. Was there even a martial arts major in Yunhai University? Such a young boy was actually so good at fighting.

Yes, I'm from Yunhai University's beats up the dog department Cheng Yu said with a smile.

You... Just you wait, I won't let you get away with this, and you... Brother Shui stood up from the ground. Just like all gangsters, even if you lose, you still have to have the spirit of not admitting defeat. He pointed at Cheng Yu and Liu Minglang, then left with his men.

What are you doing? I'm telling you, you were the one who came out to help me. I won't thank you, and I don't have the money to give you Liu Minglang, who had been beaten into the shape of a pig, said when he saw Cheng Yu looking at him with a smile.

I don't need your thanks, nor do I need your money. The only reason I'm helping you is because I'm interested in you Cheng Yu smiled.

You... What do you want? I'm telling you now, I'm not interested in men. If you dare do anything to me, I will scream Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Liu Minglang jumped in shock, immediately retreating a few steps while covering his chest.

Don't worry, I'm not interested in men either, I'm just curious. When you were kissing that guy just now, you... did you extend your tongue? Cheng Yu looked at him and said in a threatening manner.

You... Liu Minglang's originally ashen face turned even uglier. He never thought that this brat would see him kissing another guy.

Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about you kissing a man The first part of Cheng Yu's sentence was said softly, but the latter part was said very loudly. Everyone could hear him clearly and many of them burst out laughing.

Humph. Seeing that you've saved me once, I won't bother with you anymore. Otherwise, I'll definitely let my boss beat you up until you look like a pig's head Liu Minglang said.

Threatening to beat me into a pigs head are we, I don't think you will be able to do that though? and is your boss really the boss of the Blood Wolf Gang? Cheng Yu said with a smile.

That's not fake, so you'd better be polite to me, or else I'll tell my boss to beat you up Liu Minglang was embarrassed. He didn't expect this guy to see everything about him.

I can presume that your threatening me right? In the future, Go to the New Light Nightclub to find someone and tell them my name. Cheng Yu smiled and then turned around to leave.

New Light Nightclub? Isn't that the place of the Blood Wolf Gang? Was this fellow a member of the Blood Wolf Gang? But wasn't he a student of Yunhai University? But he's so good at fighting, he does look a bit like someone from the underworld. Liu Minglang thought about it and then said, Hey, What's your name?

Although Liu Minglang wasn't a member of the underworld, he spent his days in the night shops, so he still had some understanding of these simple news.

Cheng Yu Cheng Yu did not turn back, leaving behind only two words as he walked out of the small forest.

Cheng Yu? Such a familiar name? Could it be the legendary playboy? Pfft, aren't I a playboy too? Although I don't have much money. But with my temperament, how could I lose to him? Ouch. These bastards, sooner or later I will pay you back for this. F * ck, I don't even know who the elder sister-in-law is. If I find out, you'll definitely cry Liu Minglang thought about it for a while, then he shook his big pig head and walked away with a limp.

On the sports field, it was still a sea of people. The cheers were getting louder and louder. The atmosphere of youths was getting stronger and stronger.

Good luck guys, overthrow those poor fellows As soon as Cheng Yu walked into the field, he heard the girls of his class shouting loudly. There was actually a game going on for his class today, and these beauties' legion was cheering for the male comrades on the field

However, when Cheng Yu saw Fatty's panting figure on the field, he became completely speechless. Was there really no one else in this class? You can't even gather five guys? Even a guy like Fatty was sent to battle?

Mechanic Departments Class Five, do your best to suppress the enemy's team ordered the enemy teams captain

When Cheng Yu's classmate saw this, they knew that whether it was their members' skills or number, they were all significantly worse than the enemies team.

Mechanic Departments Class Five doesn't care about face. Using their numbers to bully others is not cool Seeing that the other side had scored another goal, the girls couldn't help but to cry out.

Hey, you group of beauties. If you can't get on the field, get on the bed The males of Mechanic Departments Class Five laughed and shouted.

Don't be complacent, the only girls you guys from the Mechanic Departments Class Five will ever marry is a basketball The beautiful ladies cursed Mechanic Departments Class Five guys to be able to only ever marry a basketball.

Bastard, how infuriating. These guys in our class are too disappointing, they can't even beat the poor bumpkins on the other side Seeing how pleased the Mechanic Departments Class Five was with themselves, the beautiful ladies' team spoke in a huff.

Cheng Yu, you're here Suddenly, Ye Qian saw Cheng Yu in the crowd and shouted loudly.

Hearing Ye Qian's words, everyone looked towards Cheng Yu, Lin Yuhan coldly snorted and turned her head away.

Ugh... Why are you here? Cheng Yu was depressed. He originally wanted to talk to Lin Yuhan, but when he saw Ye Qian sitting next to Lin Yuhan, he was puzzled. Was this woman here to mess things up? Why did she come to the base camp of their class and sit next to Lin Yuhan?

We're all in the same class, where else can I go if I'm not here? Ye Qian smiled and said.

What? You're in the same class as us? Cheng Yu exclaimed. At this moment, he finally understood who Fatty was talking about. It seemed like it was this girl

When he saw Ye Qian at Yunhai University, he didn't think much about it at all. This girl was actually in the same class as him. Wasn't this clearly a last-ditch effort?

You Big Radish, do you think we can't deal with you? Seeing Lin Yuhan's expression, Yuan Yuan couldn't help but want to stand out for her.

I'm not feeling well, so I'll be leaving first Lin Yuhan's face was ugly, she stood up and was about to leave after saying that simple sentence.

Han Han, wait a minute, Ye Qian and I are not what you think. She's my friend from a young age in the capital. Don't misunderstand. Ye Qian, can you help me explain it to her please? Cheng Yu quickly tried to smooth things over.