Godly Student Chapter 441

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Early the next morning, Cheng Yu drove to Zhao Minglong's workplace.

Do you have business with me seeing that you are here so early in the morning? Zhao Minglong was in the office and is surprised to see Cheng Yu arrive at this time.

En, the people Qin Canghai sent to the Azure Bamboo Gang has been wiped out. Cheng Yu sat down and said.

Yeah, I heard about it. Right now, I am also having a headache over this matter. The Azure Bamboo Gang is becoming more and more arrogant. Zhao Minglong said.

Since you know that they are guilty, why don't you get those policemen to go in and arrest them Cheng Yu said disapprovingly. This was simply taking off one's pants to fart. There was no need for such an unnecessary move.

How can we do that? China is a legal country, so we have to have evidence for all crimes. Without evidence, how can we just casually arrest people? Even though we know they are guilty, but without any evidence, they are still legal citizens of China and have complete human rights, how can we just catch them Zhao Minglong said dejectedly.

Then send someone to search their house. Just find the evidence there. Cheng Yu said.

If we are able to find the hideouts of the Azure Dragon Gang so easily even though they have stayed in Yunhai for dozens of years, then I don't need to have such a headache over this matter. Zhao Minglong said.

Do you want me to search for you? Cheng Yu said.

How can we do that? You are the Cheng family's treasure. If something happens, I won't be able to take responsibility. Your grandfather might even kill me. Zhao Minglong said.

Hehe, how is that possible? My grandfather can't let his daughter be a widow, can he? And you should already know that I'm powerful. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Even so, you can't go. Do you think that the Azure Bamboo Gang is weak? You have to know, they are not only dealing in drugs, they are deal with weapons. Almost everyone in the Azure Bamboo Gang carries a gun, aren't you just sending yourself to your death? Zhao Minglong said.

Haven't you heard that I can block bullets?

Alright, I know that you really want to help me. Even if you can block bullets, can you still hords block bullets? Moreover, the security in the Azure Bamboo Gang is very strict, and the classes are very clear. I heard that they have people who are known as 'generals', and all of them have extraordinary skills and extraordinary capabilities, everyone can tear apart tigers, how can you find the evidence by yourself. You don't have to meddle in this matter, just let Qin Canghai find a few more people

Although sending spies is a bit slower, it's still a lot safer. Moreover, it hasn't been just a day or two since the plan to get rid of the Azure Bamboo Gang. We've been waiting for so many years, there's no need to be in such a hurry Zhao Minglong refused once again.

Alright then, I'll be leaving first Cheng Yu did not force him. He had already made up his mind.

Remember, don't act recklessly. This is none of your business Zhao Minglong knew that Cheng Yu was quite stubborn when he wanted to do something, and was afraid that he might do something reckless behind his back.

Got it


After leaving the building, Cheng Yu planned to go to school again. Although he wouldn't participate in the college student sports, it was still quite interesting to see the hot-blooded young men and women.

More importantly, Lin Yuhan might be touched by his actions and she might even forgive him completely

Twenty years was the age to be impulsive, and at the university, one would be impetuous and passionate. Passing through the forest of the university, one would see trees everywhere, and the environment was graceful. It was definitely a good place for university men and women to talk about love.

Therefore, in the entire university campus, besides the sports field, the number of people in this small forest was the highest. Furthermore, most of them were a couple.

Even at night, not only did the number of people not decrease, there were even more people than during the day. Some lonely boys were always able to hear the most primitive music for humans

Hence. This small forest was cordially titled Shameless Forest by everyone

At this moment, Cheng Yu was walking through the small forest that was still full of spring even though it was almost winter. Seeing how modern men and women embraced and kissed without restraint, Cheng Yu's cheeks streamed with tears

He was really too naive Until now, he had never dared to kiss Little Han Han. What a failure

Brother Lang. Why? You said that you loved me, and I don't want to break up with you While Cheng Yu was reflecting on the situation intensely in his heart, a girl's crying suddenly caught his attention.

Little Mei. I'm sorry, you're a good girl. But I'm not a good man. Other than you, I have many girlfriends, but seeing you as pure and beautiful, how could I bear to hurt you? Therefore, I feel very ashamed. I can only choose to give up on you. You deserve to have a truly good man, not an animal like me A tall, handsome man held the girl's hand and said with an ashamed and pained expression.

No, Brother Lang. You are the best man I've ever met. No matter how many girlfriends you have, I don't mind. I just hope that you can let me stay by your side Lil Mei burst into tears and said while hugging the man.

Damn, this was also possible? Hearing the conversation between the two of them, Cheng Yu was dumbfounded. There really was such a woman in the world. Why were the women he knew different from this?

Little Mei, don't say it like that. The more you do this, the more I won't dare to face you. Just forget about me. It's because I'm not worthy of you The man pushed the girl away.

No, I don't want to The girl cried again and hugged the man.

Little Mei, as matters stand, I have no choice but to tell you the truth A trace of depression flashed across the man's face as he suddenly looked at the girl and said.

What do you mean?

Actually, I don't like women The man said in a depressed and helpless tone.

You don't like women? Could it be that you... The girl said in surprise.

That's right, I like men The man said affirmatively.

This... How is this possible? How can you like men? You must be lying to me. You said it because you wanted to leave me right? The girl had a look of disbelief on her face.

Of course not. It was only after I started dating you that I discovered that I had no interest in women at all. So, little Mei, I'm sorry The man continued.

I don't believe it, I don't believe it. You are lying to me, you must be lying to me The girl could not accept this fact.

Little Mei, calm down. I know it's very hard to believe such a thing. However, I truly don't like women. If you don't believe me, I can prove it to you right now The man really had no other choice. Suddenly, he saw a bookworm wearing a pair of thick, black-rimmed glasses walk towards him. The man seemed to have made up his mind and rushed over to hug the bookworm's waist and kiss him.

Silence... It was as if all the sounds in the forest had stopped at this moment, and even time had stopped. Many of the surrounding men and women looked at the two men who were embracing each other.

AHHHHHHH The bookworm was stunned for two seconds. Seeing the man smile at him, he suddenly shrieked and threw the book in his hand into the air in fright. He felt countless eyes on him and ran away crying.

You bastard, I don't want to see you anymore At this moment, the girl finally let go of all her expectations and ran away crying while cursing loudly.

The man did not react at all and remained motionless. He was still smiling at the bookworm. He looked very bright and handsome. It was probably because of this smile that he had attracted the attention of quite a number of ignorant girls

Ugh... Ugh... Suddenly, the smile on the man's face disappeared. Instead, it was ashen. His throat was throbbing as he directly vomited. The man covered his mouth as he ran towards the lake on his left.

Ugh... Ugh... The man lied down by the lake and spat out huge mouthfuls of blood. His face was completely red, and his veins were popping out. He even started to cry. There was no sign of the handsome sunlight from before.

I've really met a ruthless person today. This guy, in order to dump a girl, he even abandoned his dignity and orientation. He could be considered a role model for us guys. It seems like he hurt that girl quite badly. Otherwise, how else could he have made the girl leave him? Cheng Yu looked at the man still lying by the lake, and thought with a sympathetic expression.

Still, this didn't make sense. Why is it that he's so charming that he can't get rid of a woman who likes him, and why has my woman still not given a chance after hearing that I have other girl including her?

Could it be that his charm wasn't strong enough to affect their intelligence? Could this kid be more handsome than me? He couldn't tell

Oh, I get it. It's not that I don't have enough charm, but that the woman just now had a low IQ. Which one of those girls of mine isn't talented and intelligent?

Yes, that must be it. In fact, his own charm is quite strong, look at that bench of beautiful women who are planning to seduce again. Cheng Yu thought narcissistically.

About ten minutes later, the man seemed to have nothing left to vomit. He washed his face with the lake water and got up.

Damn, this woman is really troublesome. He sacrificed so much of his time for her and yet she actually has physical relations with another man, hmm As he walked along the boulevard, the man thought gloomily. But when he thought of that kiss just now, he felt nauseous again.

Hey, Brat, are you Liu Minglang? At this moment, a few fiendish looking people suddenly walked over and pointed at the man as they shouted.

Who are you? The man looked at them with a bit of panic in his heart, but his mental quality was still not bad.

Liu Minglang, how dare you harass our sister-in-law. Brothers, beat him up The group of people suddenly charged towards the man.