Godly Student Chapter 440

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Sorry, this product was just made. I came here specifically to deliver this new product, so the taste of the Malatang for the next few customers will naturally be very special. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Is that really the case? Well then, we want to see if your new product is really that awesome. Give us another serving the man said.

Hubby, but I can't eat anymore The woman beside the man said.

It doesn't matter if you can't finish it, you can pack it up. I want to see what kind of new product is so awesome, but I'll leave it here for now. If the taste isn't as good as they say, then I won't have to pay extra. The man said.

Yes, but what if it's as they say? Cheng Yu said with a smile.

If it's really as they say, I'll pay double The man said in a domineering tone. In fact, double the amount was only around 30 yuan.

Good, you said it Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Little Yu Lin Yuhan's mother was completely confused and worried. She did not know what was so special about this Malatang, nor did she understand what was going on with this so called secret recipe.

Auntie, just watch from the side. Cheng Yu grabbed the vegetable and meatball and threw it into the pot.

Not long after, Cheng Yu scooped up the cooked food and put it into a bowl. He also put quite a few of the seasonings into the bowl, including his special seasoning.

Please Cheng Yu said as he put the Malatang on the table.

Humph, I would like to taste what's so special about this thing. The man took out a pair of chopsticks and prodded the bowl with it. He didn't find anything special, but the fragrance was really unusual. He picked up a piece of meatball and put it into his mouth.

Hmm? The man chewed two mouthfuls before his eyes suddenly lit up. The taste seemed to be really special as he picked up another meatball from the bowl.

En As the man ate, the contents of the bowl were soon to be wiped clean.

Hubby, is it really that delicious? The woman said with a strange expression.

Yeah, it's really delicious. You have to try it too The man put the last piece of meatball into the woman's mouth.

Hm, how delicious. Hubby, I want another set The woman said with a face full of enjoyment.

It's good. Lady Boss, give me another serving. I want a large portion. The man said grandly.

It can't be? Is it really that magical? Lady Boss, we want one as well! At this moment, the curiosity of the customers at the next table was piqued.

Me too

Lady Boss, I want one too

Lady Boss, here too For a moment, the guests all seemed to have gone mad.

This... Even Lin Yuhan's mother was shocked. She had done many years of business, but she had never seen anyone enjoy a Malatang so much.

Auntie, the dishes are ready to be served Cheng Yu fished out the food from the pot with a smile and then added it the seasoning onto it.

Ah? Oh... Alright Lin Yuhan's mother reacted and quickly placed the bowl Cheng Yu brought over onto the guest's table.

Immediately, Cheng Yu's pot of boiling water was filled with ingredients to serve the customers. When Lin Yuhan's mother wanted to help, she suddenly realized that she couldn't even help. Cheng Yu's hands and feet movement had already surpassed her imagination. He would put the food in the bowl while preparing the ingredients in one go. The only thing she could do was to help carry the food to customers.

Many of the guests at the table were reluctant to leave. They ate one serving after another, shocking Lin Yuhan's mother. When passersby saw this situation, they didn't know what was going on and also stayed to try. This way, the small stall's shed was filled with customers.

Delicious. Delicious. Lady Boss, another serving Cried out the customers.

In the end, there was no table left to sit on, so the new customers could only pack their bags and take them away. As a result, a line slowly formed outside the stall, and the line became longer and longer.

Lin Yuhan's mother had been selling Malatang for so many years, but she had never seen anything like this before. Although she wanted to know what sort of seasoning Cheng Yu used, she was too busy to care about this.

In the end, the goods that could not be sold out even after twelve hours were all sold out today, many guests left helplessly

Little Yu, thank you so much for today. You must be exhausted Lin Yuhan's mother happily said after the guests left.

Hehe, I'm fine. This was a fun experience Cheng Yu smiled. He had never experienced the feeling of earning money from a business before, and now he finally understood why Lin Yuhan and her mother were so satisfied even though they had worked so hard.

There was nothing more pleasing than seeing your guests satisfied with their food.

Haha, although you think it's fun now. If you had to do this year after year, you wouldn't think so Lin Yuhan's mother said with a smile.

Maybe, What do you think of my previous thoughts? Cheng Yu smiled.

You mean about the store? But I... Lin Yuhan's mother was both moved and worried.

Auntie, you don't have to worry about money. I'll help you settle it. Just be a boss with ease. Cheng Yu said.

But how can this be? After all, you and Xiao Han are only friends, how can I accept such a huge favor from you? Lin Yuhan's mother said.

Auntie, you don't have to worry about that. This doesn't have to do with the relationship between Han Han Han and I. Even if I don't have any relationship with her, I won't take back this shop. When the time comes, the store will belong solely with you and I won't interfere with how you run the store.

This... How about I discuss this with Xiao Han Lin Yuhan's mother said after thinking for a while.

Alright then. I hope you can convince Han Han, I just don't want to see you work so hard When Cheng Yu heard that she wanted to talk to Lin Yuhan, he knew that this matter was hopeless. Now that Lin Yuhan treated him like a stranger, how could she agree to accept his help?

No matter what! I still have to thank you, Little Yu Lin Yuhan's mother sincerely expressed her gratitude. At the same time, she firmly believed in letting her daughter be with Cheng Yu.

Hehe, it's nothing

Right, Little Yu, about the seasoning you used... After all, this was Cheng Yu's own secret, and she felt that this wasn't quite right.

Oh, I almost forgot, this is the seasoning I added. Here, this is all for you. I only have this much on me now. I'll send more to you next time. Cheng Yu turned around, rummaged around his body, pulled out a bunch of seasonings and said.

This... how can I accept this? Did you make this seasoning yourself? Lin Yuhan's mother said embarrassedly.

Yes, Sometimes I roast meat at home and use this stuff. Cheng Yu smiled.

Little Yu, you're really capable. You're so capable at everything. I've never seen such a delicious Malatang Lin Yuhan's mother carefully put away the seasoning pack and said with a smile.

Hehe, I was just messing around. Aunty, it's getting late, why don't I send you back Cheng Yu said.

No need, I closed very early today. I usually only return home after 12 Lin Yuhan's mother said with a smile.

So late?

As small business owners? How many of us don't get home until two in the morning? I only return at 12 because I don't feel at ease staying out so late.

So that's how it is. So I still hope that you can convince Han Han as much as possible so that I can help you open your own store. Cheng Yu said.

Un, I will. By the way, Little Yu, do you have time this weekend? Why don't you come home and have a meal Lin Yuhan's mother said.

I do, I will definitely come when the time comes Cheng Yu said happily.

He had always wanted to have a good talk with Lin Yuhan, but she didn't even give him a chance. This was a good opportunity, Cheng Yu naturally didn't want to miss it.

Then I'll be going home. Thank you for today, Little Yu Cheng Yu helped her pack up her stall and put it on the tricycle.

Auntie, there's no need to be polite. If you need anything, you can find me anytime. Cheng Yu smiled.

Watching as Lin Yuhan's mother rode her tricycle away, Cheng Yu also prepared to leave

Sigh. Little Brother, hold on Suddenly, a middle-aged man called out to Cheng Yu.

What's the matter? Cheng Yu looked at him and said.

You are the assistant hired by Sister Lin? The middle-aged man said.

Un, that's right. What's the matter? Cheng Yu said after pausing for a moment.

Do you still have the seasonings you brought with you today? I'd like to buy a few bags, how about that? The middle-aged man said.

There is, but I'm afraid you can't afford it Cheng Yu realized what the other party wanted.

How much do you want? The moment the middle-aged man heard Cheng Yu, he immediately realized that Cheng Yu was planning to ask for an exorbitant price.

One million per gram Cheng Yu said with a smile.

What? Why don't you just rob a bank. It's not even that expensive. Two hundred dollars, you give me a packet, okay? This is much better than working all day. The middle-aged man said.

If you don't have money, then why are you still talking about business? Cheng Yu said snappily. He didn't give his opponent a chance, turned around and left.

You... Three hundred, Four hundred, Five hundred. Brother, Five hundred. I've almost caught up to your salary of half a month. The middle-aged man was unwilling to give up and continued to chase after Cheng Yu.

How about this, looking at how sincere you are. For one bag of 500 grams, I'll charge you 10 million. This discount is already quite a lot. If it's any lower, I will lose quite a bit Cheng Yu stopped and said.

You... Don't be so stubborn, since she is giving you such a low salary, do you have to help her? The middle-aged man had an ugly expression on his face. The other party was clearly messing with him.

Since you're so capable, why don't you go and make your own seasoning. Why do you use such a method to get the formula? Cheng Yu ignored him and left again.

You... Seeing that his thoughts had been seen through, and his face was filled with rage.

This... However, what made him even more embarrassed and angry was that Cheng Yu actually got into a sports car in front of him and sped away.

The middle-aged man was dumbfounded. How come the boss rides a worn-out tricycle while the employee drives a super sports car?