Godly Student Chapter 439

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Medical Charity? Doing charity? Qin Canghai said with a face full of surprise. There were a lot of people who turned from black to white, but he had never seen anyone from the underworld who did charity after that.

Yes, this is a good time for you to create a good image. Also, the companies you are working with are all big ones, so there will be more cooperation in the future. Do you want to stay in these two nightclubs forever? Cheng Yu said.

But Young Master Yu, now that we're doing charity, aren't we letting our peers make fun of us? Qin Canghai said.

Fellow peers? Do you want to continue being a gangster?

Cheng Yu said with a cold expression.

Of course not Seeing Cheng Yu's expression, Qin Canghai's heart tightened and he quickly said.

Then that's it, this is settled then. Wu Chang, go and discuss this matter with the Wanmei Group tomorrow. Cheng Yu said.

Understood Since the young master had already spoken, who dared to say anything else?

If there's nothing else, I'll be on my way Cheng Yu turned around and was about to leave the room.

Young Master Yu, wait a moment Qin Canghai suddenly called out to Cheng Yu.

Anything else?

A few days ago, the people we sent into the Azure Bamboo Gang were all eliminated. Qin Canghai said with a heavy face.

Everyone has been killed? Cheng Yu said with a frown.

Yes, none of them are alive.

So you haven't gotten the evidence from the investigation?<;q> Cheng Yu said.

No, none of the evidence were brought out.

Alright, let's leave this matter for now. Don't send anyone else in. I'll let you arrange it when you need it. Do you know the identity of the deceased? Give their families a pension of one million Cheng Yu said after some thought.

Naturally, he didn't care too much about this matter. After all, fighting against the underground forces was a matter for the police and the government. However, Zhao Minglong asked for his help, and he didn't think this matter was that difficult.

Now it seemed that he had been a little too presumptuous, he had to first get more details from his uncle because he could not let his subordinates die in vain

Yes, Young Master Yu. I will arrange it. They had already gotten used to Cheng Yu's generosity.

Walking on the street and looking at the stalls on the street, Cheng Yu suddenly thought of Lin Yuhan and her mothers stall. He turned around, and headed for the snack street behind Yunhai High School.

This street was actually not that far from Yunhai University. However, it was closer to Yunhai High School, but most of the people here were students of Yunhai University.

After all, there were too few students in Yunhai High School. Compared to the students in Yunhai High School, the students in Yunhai University were able to enjoy themselves more

Looking at the bustling street full of people, and every stall was filled with people. It was likely that every stall earned a lot from doing business here

Although Yunhai was in the south and the weather was slightly warm, it was already almost December and the weather was gradually turning cold. However, Lin Yuhans mother was wearing a very thin, simple sweater, seeing her busy cooking Egg-Fried Rice and wiping the sweat off her face from time to time, it could be seen that business was booming.

However, she did not seem to have suffered any hardship, because her face was always brimming with a contented smile.

Remembering that her smile resembled Lin Yuhan's smile so much which is both simple and pure. This mother and daughter pair was easily satisfied with what they had, but he had hurt Lin Yuhan's pure and flawless heart.

Auntie, long time no see. Is business going well? Cheng Yu did not see Lin Yuhan, so he walked up and greeted her with a smile.

Little Yu? You're back? I heard from Xiao Han that you went abroad? Why are you back so soon Seeing Cheng Yu appear, Lin Yuhan's mother said with surprise and joy.

Lin Yuhan's mother was very optimistic about Cheng Yu. Not only does he have a good family background, but she also heard that he was the top scorer for the college entrance exam. She originally wanted to have her daughter invite Cheng Yu over as a guest during the holidays.

Although she hadn't agreed with her daughter's love affair when she was in high school, it wasn't the same when she went to college. How many men and women fell in love with each other when they were in college?

She didn't encourage her daughter to fall in love in university, but because she already knew of Cheng Yu's existence. After so many meetings, Cheng Yu not only cured her asthma, but also solved quite a bit of trouble for her.

Ever since the police had given her some compensation, her stall business had become more and more popular. There were no longer any troubles.

Especially since even the Public Security Bureau Chief was so polite to Cheng Yu, she could tell that Cheng Yu's family background was not ordinary. Moreover, he liked her daughter so much that he even gave up the opportunity to go to Beijing and Hua Xia University. He insisted on staying behind to go to Yunhai University with her daughter.

For such a boy, Lin Yuhan's mother was naturally full of joy. However, after hearing that Cheng Yu had gone abroad, she was worried that the matter between him and her daughter.

Now that she saw Cheng Yu returning, she was naturally very happy.

Hehe, I've been back for a while, but I've been too busy to come see you. I'm sorry Cheng Yu said awkwardly.

So that's how it is. Does Xiao Han know you are back? Have you seen her? I also heard that you two are also in the same class Lin Yuhan's mother said happily.

Yes, I went to see her. Cheng Yu said embarrassedly.

Lady Boss. Why isn't my Egg Fried Rice served yet? Suddenly, a customer couldn't wait any longer.

It's here, Sorry. Little Yu, wait a moment Lin Yuhan's mother almost forgot that she was still doing business. She quickly scooped up the Egg Fried Rice in the pot and carried it to the customers.

Little Yu, what do you want to eat? I'll get it for you Lin Yuhan's mother came back and said warmly.

No need, Auntie. I see that you're rather busy, so you don't need to take care of me. Cheng Yu said.

It's fine, I'll be done soon

Lady Boss, Why isn't my Malatang done yet Before Lin Yuhan's mother could finish, the guests at the table urged her on. [Malatang is a chinese street food]

Oh, oh, I'm sorry. it'll be there shortly Lin Yuhan's mother had just beaten eggs into the wok and was preparing to fry a customer's Egg-Fried Rice when she heard a customers shout again.

Auntie. Let me help you Cheng Yu said.

How can I trouble you? Rest assured, I can handle this Lin Yuhan's mother stopped him.

However, Cheng Yu directly walked into the stall, took out a bowl and placed the vegetables and meatballs in the bowl.

He sprinkled the seasonings on top and served it to the customer. Then he began to work on another customer order and put the ingredients into a pot.

Lin Yuhan's mother was stunned. She had not expected that the young master Cheng Yu, who she had always regarded as a person who belonged to a rich, would actually be so efficient in his work.

Little Yu, have you done this before? Lin Yuhan's mother said in surprise.

No but I usually cook for myself when I'm hungry Cheng Yu said with a smile. Not long after, he scooped up the food in the pot.

Cheng Yu thought for a moment and suddenly remembered the seasonings in his hands. He took them out and sprinkled some into the bowl, then gave them to the customer.

I really didn't expect you, Little Yu, to be so efficient. If I didn't know you from before, I would have thought that I had mistaken you for someone else. Lin Yuhan's mother said with a smile.

Seeing that Cheng Yu was so considerate and diligent, Lin Yuhan's mother was even more satisfied. With Cheng Yu's help, she felt much more relaxed and could focus on cooking the Egg-Fried Rice.

Auntie, why don't you get a few people to help you? Han Han can't come to help you every day even if she wants to since she has to go to school. Cheng Yu said.

Hey, how can I hire anyone to do this? If the salary is too high, we can't open it. If the salary is too low, who would be willing to do it? The stalls around are all being helped by their own family members. I only have one daughter, Xiao Han, so I have no choice but to do it myself. Lin Yuhan's mother sighed.

Auntie, how about I help you set up a shop? This small business is very tiring and even if keep yourself busy all day, you won't earn much Cheng Yu said.

This... But... Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Lin Yuhan's mother's heart was moved.

Lady Boss, why is the taste different from usual today? At this moment, the customer from before spoke up.

What;s wrong? Do you want me to get you a new bowl? Lin Yuhan's mother thought that Cheng Yu had incorrectly added the amount of seasonings and spoiled the taste, so she hurriedly said.

No, Lady Boss, I just feel that today's taste... It was as if ... It seemed to be full of energy. After eating it... It's very comfortable, as if all the pores on my body have opened up, this taste is too wonderful The customer at the table said with a face full of enjoyment.

Huh? Lin Yuhan's mother could not understand his words.

Really, Lady Boss, how did you do it? The customer asked curiously.

Really, Lady Boss, your Malatang is really too good today. I've never eaten such a Malatang before. I feel so comfortable now At this moment, the guests at the other table also began to speak.

Brother, you must be acting out a play right? This lie is too ridiculous. It's not only you guys who are eating Malatang, why don't we have this feeling? A few other guests said.

Exactly, Lady Boss, these people can't be someone you've asked to act out for you right? This is not the way to deceive consumers The other guests began to talk as well.

This... This... Lin Yuhan's mother did not know what to do. She did not understand what was going on!

Auntie, let me explain. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry, just now these two customers had eaten a Malatang that uses our bosses secret ingredient which is also a new product. The Malatang of these last few customers also had our bosses secret ingredient added in, which is why they had this kind of feeling. Please don't misunderstand Cheng Yu said, but Lin Yuhan's mother was still at a loss.

New product? Then why did you only give them and not us? Could it be that you are looking down on us? The guests said.

Sorry, this product has just been made. I came here specifically to deliver this new product, so the next few customers Malatang will naturally have a very special taste. Cheng Yu said with a smile.