Godly Student Chapter 438

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Now, I am considering whether I should set up a fund personally or ask you to create a fund together with us. Cheng Yu said.

Us? Who else? Yang Ruoxue frowned and said.

Uh, it's the companies that provided the medicinal ingredients for you and the company of my friends. Cheng Yu said.

So you mean the Lan family is on this too? Yang Ruoxue looked at Cheng Yu and said.

This, hehe, let's work together. Besides, this is giving money to others, not making money Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Humph. Then how much do you want us to pay? Yang Ruoxue said in annoyance.

About this, we are not lacking in money right now, are we? Let's donate a hundred million first. As for the three companies, they are only able to pool together a hundred million, so a total of two hundred million. Cheng Yu said.

Alright. I agree Yang Ruoxue said after thinking for a while. After all, charity was also a type of advertisement.

Then you have to help me prepare the documents. As for the specifics, I will have them come here to discuss with you. The sooner this matter is resolved, the better Cheng Yu said.

Alright, I will arrange it. I need to work now. Yang Ruoxue once again sent out the order to leave.

After exiting the Wanmei Building, Cheng Yu drove to Lan Ya's company. Since this matter had already begun, he would settle it in one go.

Yo, how can our Great Immortal Cheng have the free time to come to my little place today Seeing Cheng Yu appear in her office, Lan Ya was overjoyed but her face was full of mockery.

This brat hadn't come to find her since they came back from the cultivation world. This made her feel very unhappy and she felt like she was an abandoned mistress.

Hehe, can I not be busy? Cheng Yu said with a smile. Actually, Cheng Yu also had a headache. It wasn't a good thing to have too many women, especially when he had to hide them from each other.

Seems like the Great Integration is the way to go. I have to think of a way for them to accept one another, Cheng Yu thought to himself.

Is that so? You must be busy accompanying your first wife, as well as your other wives. Where would you find the time to remember a mistress like me? Lan Ya said with jealousy.

Don't be angry. I know you are the most considerate, Xiao Ya. Besides, I'm not as bad as you say I am. Right now, I'm extremely anxious every single day, and I don't even have time to look for a woman Cheng Yu said while holding Lan Ya.

What's the use of being considerate? Only considerate women and men would treasure it.You're just a student, the other university students have a lot of time every day. Even if you are busy, it's still because you are busy accompanying your first wife. You clearly don't have me in your heart Lan Ya said with a wronged expression.

Xiao Ya, don't be like this. I also know that I have made you feel wronged. I admit that I still have a woman I like, but I swear that my heart will always love everyone of you equally. Of all the women here, you are the one who knows my background the most and the only one who has seen the real me. There are some things that I can only tell you. Cheng Yu said tiredly while coaxing Lan Ya.

Of all the women, Lan Ya was the most unrestrained. Because of this, she had turned a blind eye to Cheng Yu's obscenities and had tacitly accepted it.

Having to coax women every day made him feel very tired. He felt that this matter was even more difficult than cultivating. He also wanted to find a shoulder to lean on. He also wanted to find someone to advise him.

Lan Ya was such a person. Because she knew almost everything about Cheng Yu, she also tacitly agreed with him having other women. Besides her, he could not tell other people about his problems.

What's wrong? Lan Ya also felt the fatigue in Cheng Yu's heart. Seeing how confident he was in her, she also felt warm in her heart. Although this man was indeed perverted, she still loved him. If she loved him, she could even give up her life for him.

Sigh, the two women that I like have discovered each other's existence and ended up falling out with me. Cheng Yu said.

That's it? Lan Ya said disapprovingly.

Isn't this a big matter? I spent a great deal of effort to persuade one of them back, but one still chose to ignore me. Cheng Yu was extremely depressed when he thought about how Lin Yuhan still refused to forgive him.

Aren't you pretty good? You've already settled one, why are you still looking for me? Lan Ya said.

I have no other intentions. I just want to find a shoulder to lean on. I feel very tired Cheng Yu held Lan Ya and rested his head on her shoulder.

Do you like her that much? She ignored you. Don't you have a few women? Can't we compare to her? Aren't you satisfied enough to have us? Lan Ya also said in a sad voice.

Even though Lan Ya was generous, the man she liked felt so sad for another woman. She felt really bad in her heart. No woman really wanted to share her man with another woman.

However, she had no other choice. She knew that she had fallen deeply in love with this man. She wasn't willing to give up on a man who doted on her and was willing to use his life to protect her.

I'm sorry Cheng Yu didn't say anything else as he quietly held Lan Ya in his arms.

Did you only come to find me because of this woman? After hugging for more than ten minutes, Lan Ya retracted her sad mood and said.

I do have something to tell you. I'm going to set up a medical charity, and I'm going to involve you in it. Are you willing? If she wasn't willing, he naturally wouldn't force her.

Medical Charity? Why do you want to do this all of a sudden? Lan Ya sat on Cheng Yu's lap and asked the same question as Yang Ruoxue.

These two days, I've seen some of the people's misery. You know, I don't need that much money, leaving this money for those who are sick has its value. Cheng Yu said.

You're at a pretty high level, you're actually beginning to worry about the hardships of the people. You also have a part in it for that first wife of yours Lan Ya said.

What first wife or second wife, it's as if I've mistreated you. Cheng Yu gave Lan Ya a kiss on her cheek


Who says you haven't? Look at what your first wife earned in the past few months. Although I don't know how much she earned, I'm still a woman. I know how tempting that product of yours is to a woman. I'm just providing her with medicinal ingredients. Her monthly earnings are already enough for me to be busy for dozens of years. Lan Ya said.

What do you want so much money for? If you want it, I'll give you my share over there. I'll let you have the same amount of money as her, okay? Cheng Yu smiled.

Humph, I don't care, I can earn it myself Lan Ya said with a face full of ambition. However, she felt much better after hearing that Cheng Yu was willing to give her his share.

Anyways, the Medical Charity is also the beginning of your cooperation with the Wanmei Group. When it is established, I will arrange for you to form a pharmaceutical company together. When the time comes, all kinds of new drugs will come out of this company. Are you afraid that you won't be able to become a rich woman? Cheng Yu said.

Really? But would your first wife would agree to let you do that? Lan Ya exclaimed in surprise.

What's there to disagree about? Her products are already profitable enough, and those dividends have already been taken away by outsiders. Rather than letting those people take so much money out to enjoy themselves, I should put the money in my own pocket and give to those poor people who need it Cheng Yu said.

If it was before, he wouldn't have minded it. However, since he had the idea of setting up a Medical Charity, he wanted to spend his money where he wanted.

Hehe, I didn't expect you to have such a benevolent heart. Lan Ya smiled. Actually, she wasn't short on money. Due to Cheng Yu's relationship, her collaboration with the Wanmei Group caused her company's sales of medicinal ingredients to soar, and she earned quite a bit.

She always felt that she was not valued highly by Cheng Yu. If Cheng Yu wanted to re-establish the company as a charity, then it didn't matter whether she earned money or not. It didn't matter how much money she earned.

Just as Cheng Yu said, money didn't mean much to them. Even if they did charity, the rest was enough for them to spend.

I've decided to let the Meng Family participate. Since they chose me, I can't just throw them away. As for the matter with the Medical Charity, you guys can contact Ruoxue. I've already told her. Cheng Yu said.

I got it. Accompany me for dinner tonight Lan Ya said.

Hm, You have the final say today Cheng Yu smiled.

After having dinner with Lan Ya in the evening, Lan Ya wanted to keep Cheng Yu, but Cheng Yu didn't want to stay, not for any other reason, but because Lan Ya was too attractive. She always teased Cheng Yu even though she knew that he wouldn't eat her at her current stage, which made him angry and also made him want to recite the curse in his heart.

But it wouldn't take long. Cheng Yu had given her a True Essence Pill and she would be able to completely absorb the True Essence pill. Once she finished absorbing the True Essence, he would then be able to help her build her foundation.

The city's nights are always so captivating, especially in a place like New Light nightclub. The beauties here were always sexy and seductive 315 days a year, so it was easy for men to make mistakes when they came here.

But these men never know repentance, so they want to make the same mistakes again and again.

Sin... Cheng Yu shook his head with a sigh and went straight upstairs

Young Master Yu, is there anything I can do for you? Seeing Cheng Yu, Qin Canghai and the other two quickly stood up and greeted him.

Now that they knew Cheng Yu's identity. Although Cheng Yu said that he wasn't a deity, but in their minds, Cheng Yu was already a deity.

I have something to tell you. I'm going to set up a medical Charity, and I'm going to involve you in this. This is going to give you a positive image. Cheng Yu said.

Medical Charity? Qin Canghai and the other two were astonished. Although they were bleaching under Cheng Yu's lead, they always thought of themselves as gangsters in their hearts.

Now that he wanted them to do charity, wasn't this a joke to their peers? The underworld engaging in charity?