Godly Student Chapter 437

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One is the general manager of the Northern Alliance Group, the other is the director of my company. He's here to talk to me about cooperation. After being magically massaged by Cheng Yu, Yang Ruoxue felt that she was in an especially good mood, so she sat up and explained simply.

Cooperation? What kind of cooperation? Cheng Yu asked.

They want to be our North's sales representative Yang Ruoxue said.

Can't we sell it ourselves in the north? Cheng Yu said.

Of course we can, it's just that they are a large group in the north. They have been there for many years, and their channels and market are very perfect. If we work with them, we can open up the northern market faster. Yang Ruoxue said.

So what? Our products are ahead of the world and it's easy to open up the market. Cheng Yu said in disdain. He understood more than anyone else about the Face Restoring Pills and the Longevity Pills. How could it compare with the current modern pills?

Even if this is our first time opening a market in the North, with such remarkable results, no woman will not be moved. Being recognized by the market is only a matter of time, we don't need to use other people's connections to sell our goods.

Of course I know that, it's just that they have a lot of influence in the north. Even if we can open up a market, the market in the north won't let us get into it, there's nothing we can do about it Yang Ruoxue said.

There's such a thing? Cheng Yu said.

Of course, just like some products from other countries that want to enter Yunhai. When other people's products enter Yunhai, the competition among our peers will naturally become bigger. Local enterprises will be affected, and the government will naturally have restrictions on external products. Yang Ruoxue explained.

So that's how it is? Could it be that our products have been greatly restricted in the north? Cheng Yu said.

Not at the moment because the Northern Alliance Group wants a share of the spoils. I'm afraid that if this cooperation didn't succeed, they would use a method to slowly restrict our products from entering. Yang Ruoxue said worriedly.

Relax, the north isn't their territory, don't forget that I'm also from the north. If they know what's good for them, then forget it. If they want to do something, then I'll make sure they regret it. Just give me a call when you're in trouble. Cheng Yu said.

Northern Alliance Group? F * ck you, laozi has already helped those big bosses so much, if they really dare to restrict laozi's products, see if I still help you in the future, Cheng Yu thought in his heart.

I understand, let's not talk about this anymore. Tell me about yourself! You never visit me when you have nothing to do, and always think of me when you have something to do. Yang Ruoxue said snappily.

How could that be? I definitely came because I missed you. I know you are very busy every day, so I didn't dare to come and disturb you every day. But since I haven't seen you for so long, my whole heart wants to break down, so I thought that even if I have to disturb your work, I must come up to see you to resolve the pain that has plagued me for the past few days Cheng Yu pulled Yang Ruoxue's hand and said affectionately.

Come on. It's more like you're trying to trick the girls at your school. Do you think I don't know you? I'm not going to buy that. Although she said this, anyone could tell that she was in a good mood.

Hehe, I've been lying for a long time. Actually, I do have another important reason to come see you. I brought a gift for you Cheng Yu said with a smile.

A gift? What gift? Yang Ruoxue asked curiously.

Close your eyes first

Humph, being so mysterious. If I'm not satisfied, then I don't want it Yang Ruoxue humphed and honestly closed her eyes.

Cheng Yu took out the Phoenix Ring and placed it on Yang Ruoxue's finger as he smiled, It's done

Ah!... This... Yang Ruoxue opened her eyes and cried out in alarm. She quickly covered her mouth.

Under the sunlight that passed through the glass window, the Phoenix ring shined brightly,, sparkling with all sorts of lights. The phoenix crystal on the ring was like a living creature, lifelike and holy.

Do you like it? Seeing Yang Ruoxue's expression, Cheng Yu was satisfied.

You... This... Is this really for me? Yang Ruoxue said excitedly. For Yang Ruoxue, who was worth tens of billions, many things could no longer arouse her interest.

However, when one looked at this ring, they could see that it was truly beautiful. It was simply the most precious work of art. She had seen too many diamond accessories before. Most of them were imitations of each other, so it was not that novel

However, she believed that even the most experienced diamond craftsman in the world would not be able to create this exquisite ring on her finger.

More importantly, the meaning of a man giving a woman a ring was obvious to all. Did he want to propose to her?

I know, a lot of times, I ignore you too much. This ring represents my apology to you and at the same time represents my love for you. I hope that you can wear it and be together with me throughout your life, just like this Dragon and Phoenix Rings, and never be separated from each other. Cheng Yu extended his hand out. The dragon and Phoenix rings looked as if they were meant to be next to each other as it increased the rings majesty.

Yang Ruoxue was very excited in her heart. Looking at the two rings that were similar and compatible with each other, she didn't know how to describe her feelings, she only felt that she was filled with happiness.

Cheng Yu's face was full of deep emotion as he gently kissed this business goddess' fragrant lips

From now on, you are the Cheng family's daughter-in-law. No one can have any ideas about you Chuckling, Cheng Yu said with a smile.

How can you be like this? I didn't promise to marry you. Yang Ruoxue's face was a little flushed as she protested coquettishly.

Hehe, you have no choice but to agree. Anyways, you have to be careful around that brat just now. Cheng Yu said.

Humph, No matter how dangerous he is, he can't be more dangerous than you. I think you're the one I need to be careful about the most. Yang Ruoxue humphed and said.

Hehe, this is not the same. We are husband and wife after all Cheng Yu smiled.

Do you really like me? Yang Ruoxue said.

How could it be fake Cheng Yu patted his chest and said.

What about your Miss Lan? Yang Ruoxue asked.

Miss Lan?< Oh, you mean Ranya

That's right. Didn't you admit your relationship in front of so many people? What if you marry me? When Lan Ya had celebrated her birthday, he had clearly indicated their relationship.

Heh heh, this... There was a reason behind it, I was just acting as a shield for her With the case of Han Xue and Lin Yuhan, Cheng Yu wouldn't dare to speak the truth even if he was beaten to death.

As for the future, f * ck, they'll all be in his bed, don't even think about running away. Otherwise, if another comet crashed into the Earth, his head would really hurt.

Is that true? Yang Ruoxue looked into Cheng Yu's eyes and said.

Of course

Did you give her such a ring? Yang Ruoxue suddenly stretched out her hand and pointed at the ring.

No, I swear, no This Cheng Yu sounded quite confident, because he really hadn't given the ring to Lan Ya yet.

Really? Did you give a ring like this to anybody else? Hearing Lan Ya didn't receive one, Yang Ruoxue heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. In her heart, Lan Ya was actually her biggest love rival.

No. This ring of yours is definitely one of a kind in the world, there can never be a second one. Cheng Yu said with certainty, because each of the Phoenix Rings he forged was different.

Humph, It's best if you speak the truth. I don't care if you go on a rampage outside, but in the end, you can only marry me Yang Ruoxue said.

Hehe. Of course, Of course.Then let's make a deal, I'll definitely marry you. Seeing that Yang Ruoxue did not continue pestering him, Cheng Yu relaxed. However, he was still very nervous. He was much more nervous than when he first met the fellow who was at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Stage.

What he said just now was all a slip of the tongue. If she were to find out that there were still five women with such rings in the future, who knows if she would kill him or not.

However, for the time being, he could only pass through one trial after another.

Alright, I want to work, remember my words. Otherwise, I will definitely... After getting Cheng Yu's simple promise, Yang Ruoxue made a cutting gesture and no longer forced him. As a woman, she had to keep her guard up. She couldn't be too tight or too relaxed with Cheng Yu.

Having been in the business circles for so long, she had been to quite a number of ball parties and social gatherings. She had naturally seen a lot of men getting what they wanted, so it was natural for her to be able to grasp on what men wanted.

Ugh... Ruoxue, I have something to say. Cheng Yu was also shocked and subconsciously covered his crotch.

What else is there?

I'm going to set up a medical charity. I want to discuss it with you Cheng Yu said.

Medical Charity? Why do you suddenly have such thoughts? Yang Ruoxue said in surprise. She didn't expect that Cheng Yu would want to set up a charity at such a young age.

Two days ago, I saved two people in the hospital, they were both poor people. One was an old couple, the old couple has no money to cure their illness, their children left them alone in the hospital. You know what the hospital is like now, with no money, the hospital won't care for you. The old couple could only rely on picking up trash to cook porridge in order to keep their lives, not to mention cure them.

The other was a single mother with a five-year-old girl. The mother was dying of leukemia, leaving behind such a lonely little girl.

Although I have cured them, there are tens of thousands of such tragedies in this world, and I cannot save them one by one. Some terminal illnesses are treatable in the early stages, so I'm going to set up a Medical Charity to fund surgery for those who are poor in the early stages that modern medicine can cure. Cheng Yu said.

It was originally like this. I never thought that you, the hooligan like young master, would have such love for the poor. Then, what do you want to do? Yang Ruoxue looked at Cheng Yu and praised him.

Now, I am considering whether I should set up a fund personally or ask you to create a fund together with us. Cheng Yu said.

Us? Who else? Yang Ruoxue frowned and said.