Godly Student Chapter 436

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No Seeing that the car was about to hit Cheng Yu, Lin Yuhan shouted in panic.

Everyone was watching this scene. Some of the timid girls quickly turned their heads away in fright. It was as if they had already predicted this tragic ending.

Ye Qian had been watching Cheng Yu's every move from beginning to end. When she saw this scene, she was so scared that her face turned pale.

The students of Cheng Yu's class were also scared silly. None of them thought that the situation would turn out like this. Although Cheng Yu was hateful, they didn't want him to be smashed to death like this.

BOOOOOOOM! Just when the car was collided with Cheng Yu, even the bravest male students and teachers did not dare to look as they turned their faces to the side.

It was just as they had thought. In the end, the car still hit him. With such a loud collision, this person would most likely die on the spot.

Ah! He's fine After waiting for a while, the first person to turn around suddenly exclaimed.

With this cry of surprise, everyone turned to look at the source of the sound. As expected, that person was fine. He was actually standing in front of the sportscar.

After all, this was the first time someone had crashed into someone so openly. He did not know what had happened since the collision, but he could feel the car stop and a thick cloud of smoke rising from the front of the car.

Pow! Lin Yuhan quickly got out of the car.

Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu, Are you alright? Lin Yuhan ran to the front of the car and saw that Cheng Yu was still standing there. She felt relieved, but still asked worriedly.

Hehe. Han Han, I knew you were still worried about me, But have you forgotten who I am? How could this child hurt me? Cheng Yu said with a smile as he retracted his hands. The front part of Xu Liang's sportscar had completely changed shape. The front half of the sportscar had been stepped on and sparks were still being emitted.

You're scaring me There were still tears on Lin Yuhan's face, the soul-stirring scene just now had scared her quite a bit.

It wasn't intentional, I was really worried when I saw you get on this guy's car. Moreover, this brat really owes me too much, he actually dares to provoke me. Cheng Yu said as he looked at Xu Liang, who was still sitting in the car.

You bastard, you actually destroyed my car. If you don't give me an explanation today, you're dead for sure Xu Liang, who had just recovered from his panic, felt weird when he saw that Cheng Yu was still alive. However, when he saw that his car was in a miserable state, he was so angry that he couldn't care less about how Cheng Yu had survived.

Hearing Xu Liang's words, not only was Cheng Yu speechless, even the students and teachers who came to check on the situation were stunned by his words. Is it a joke that you wanted to run into someone and now you're blaming them for wrecking your car?

Everyone looked at the thick smoke of the sportscar and felt that it was a little too horrible to look at. However, most of their gazes were focused on Cheng Yu's body. This fellow seemed to be really fine. There wasn't even a scratch on his body. This was too strange.

We'll settle the bill for the car later, but for me and you, we'll settle it now Cheng Yu looked at him and said.

What do I owe you? Cheng Yu had extraordinary skills. Xu Liang was truly afraid that he would do something rash.

I warned you last time, don't let me see you in front of Lin Yuhan. Today, not only did you appear in front of her, but you even dared to drive and hit me. I might not die, but you, today, are dead for sure. Cheng Yu watched as the other party slowly walked over.

You... You. What are you doing? This is a school. Teacher, hee wants to hit me Xu Liang took a few steps back and shouted at the surrounding teachers.

Pow! Cheng Yu threw him a slap. Xu Liang fell to the ground after a few rolls.

Buddy, don't get so excited. It's not right to hit someone. Let the police handle this matter Seeing that Cheng Yu had made his move, the teachers present had no choice but to stop him. Otherwise, they would be greatly responsible for letting the students fight and cause trouble.

No one can stop this Cheng Yu walked over, wanting to teach Xu Liang another lesson.

Cheng Yu, stop hitting him. Let him go. This is a school, you'll be in trouble if the police come. At this time, Lin Yuhan pulled Cheng Yu and said.

Originally, she was quite grateful to Xu Liang, but she didn't think that this guy would actually want to drive Cheng Yu to death. This was something she couldn't tolerate. If it was said that she didn't have any good feelings towards Xu Liang before, then she didn't have any bad feelings towards him anymore. Now, she really hated him.

Although she also had the urge to go up and beat him up, her mind told her that she shouldn't do it, nor could she let Cheng Yu do it.

Hump. Since Yuhan has pleaded for you, I will let you off today Cheng Yu couldn't be bothered with him, he pulled Lin Yuhan and was about to leave.

I'm going back. You should go back as well However, Lin Yuhan shook off Cheng Yu's hand and left alone.

Sigh... Han Han. Cheng Yu was dumbfounded. This woman had changed too fast. Just a moment ago, she was so worried about him. In the blink of an eye, it was as if she had become a completely different person.

It's all your fault Cheng Yu had nowhere to vent his anger on. Seeing Xu Liang on the ground, he kicked him again, turned around, and left the school.

Leaving behind a group of students and teachers who didn't know what to do, the tragedy didn't happen. The person who was hit was fine, while the person driving the car was actually pretty miserable.

Cheng Yu was in a terrible mood. He didn't know what to do as he drove the car aimlessly. He suddenly remembered that he hadn't looked for Yang Ruoxue for a long time, so he changed his direction and headed towards the Wanmei Building.

Cheng Yu was already familiar with the Wanmei Building, so he arrived at the floor where Yang Ruoxue's office was. Just like last time, the glass door was still locked and the sisters inside were working seriously.

Cheng Yu chuckled and did the same thing as he did last time. He placed his hand on the sensor by the door and was about to break the lock again.

What are you doing? Suddenly, a cold voice came from behind Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu turned around and saw that it was Yang Ruoxue's secretary, Lan Ziyan. Her face was like a blooming sunflower, it was as brilliant as a flower

Hehe, so it's Shan Shan. I haven't seen you in so long, why are you so beautiful? Can you tell me why? Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Because some annoying flies didn't disturb me. And, like I said, please call me Miss Lan or Secretary Lan. Lan Ziyan calmly said.

Although this guy had a close relationship with the chairman, she didn't have any good impression of Cheng Yu. He was both lustful and shameless, and he was also very vulgar.

Just like a moment ago, she saw Cheng Yu standing furtively at the door. With a single glance, one could tell that he wasn't doing anything good. The last time he came, the door was broken.

Although she didn't know how the door broke, but no matter what the reason was, she treated Cheng Yu as an unlucky person.

Okay, Shan Shan. Last time I heard your chairman say that you don't have a boyfriend, she wanted to introduce you to me. Let's have dinner together tonight Cheng Yu followed Lan Ziyan into the office. When he saw those familiar little beauties, he greeted them shamelessly while talking to Lan Ziyan.

I'm sorry, but we don't talk about personal matters during office hours. Also, I don't like men younger than me Lan Ziyan had nothing to say to this shameless person.

Small? How was this possible? I'm very big. Although I'm not as big as you, compared to a man, mine is absolutely majestic Cheng Yu smiled.

Shameless Lan Ziyan spat and knocked on the office door.

Come in

Chairman, Mr. Cheng is here Lan Ziyan said.

Alright, I understand. Let him in. Yang Ruoxue said, then looked at the other two people in the office and said, Director Xie, thank you for your kind intentions, but I don't have any plans for cooperation in this area for now. I'm very sorry for having guests now

Director Yang, you should consider it again. If you were to work with us from the Northern Alliance, your company would definitely be able to rise to a whole new level Director Xie tried to persuade her again.

I'm sorry. We really don't have such a plan. I hope that we can cooperate again next time when there's a chance Yang Ruoxue once again rejected.

Chairman, Director Xie's plan is really valuable to our company... Zheng Zeqiao said too.

Enough. Director Zheng, please send Director Xie off Yang Ruoxue was naturally very polite to the CEO of another company, but towards her own company's people, she wasn't so easy to talk to. She directly interrupted him and ordered him to leave.

Alright, Director Yang A trace of dissatisfaction flashed across Zheng Zeqiao's face, but he quickly covered it up. He stood up and led Director Xie out of the office.

It's you. What are you doing here? At this moment, Cheng Yu was also preparing to enter. Seeing that it was this kid who came looking for Yang Ruoxue, Zheng Ze Qiao's expression immediately changed.

Does me being here have anything to do with you? Cheng Yu also recognized him. Back then when he parked the car downstairs, this person was cursing and shouting at the two security guards. However, after he entered, he directly closed the door.

Humph Zheng Zeqiao let out a cold snort. He was very unhappy. Just now, he was rejected by Yang Ruoxue. Now that he saw this pretty boy alone, he wondered what the relationship was between the two of them.

It was such a pity this time. He originally thought that with his relationship with Yang Ruoxue, this collaboration would be foolproof, but he didn't expect this woman's attitude to be so domineering. Furthermore, she didn't even give him face in front of Director Xie.

Yang Ruoxue, I will get you sooner or later. We'll see how you'll beg me then Zheng Zeqiao said to himself hatefully.

How come you're free to come here today? After sending the two of them off, Yang Ruoxue rubbed her head and said to Cheng Yu.

I naturally miss you. What were those two fellows trying to do just now? Seeing Yang Ruoxue being so tired, Cheng Yu walked behind her, placed both of his hands on her temples, and slowly injected Qi into her brain.

Yang Ruoxue felt that her head was slightly warm and very comfortable. She felt that her whole body was light and relaxed.

One is the general manager of the Northern Alliance Group, the other is the director of my company. He's here to talk about cooperation with me. Yang Ruoxue explained simply.