Godly Student Chapter 435

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Can I sit here? While Cheng Yu was sitting alone in the stands looking at Lin Yuhan in deep thought, a sweet voice suddenly sounded from beside him.

You... Why are you here? Cheng Yu turned his head and looked at the girl in front of him as he spoke in surprise.

Why can't I be here?. It's not like you're the only one who can come to Yunhai University The girl seemed to be very satisfied with Cheng Yu's expression, smiling as she sat beside him.

Aren't you doing well in the capital? It must have been hard for you to come here without anyone taking care of you Cheng Yu said dejectedly. He really wanted to persuade this girl to go back. The girl in front of him was none other than the one he had met in the capital, his former lover, Ye Qian.

He didn't know what to do with this girl. It would have been fine if the other party hadn't pestered him. The two of them were living their own lives, but she really did like him, or rather she liked the former Cheng Yu.

Moreover, he had already rejected her, but this girl had actually come to Yunhai. He could not figure out what this girl was up to

Aren't you here? You can take care of me Ye Qian said with a smile, as if she had long forgotten all about her unhappiness in the capital.

Stop joking, I don't have time to take care of you Cheng Yu was shocked and hurriedly said.

She's beautiful Suddenly, Ye Qian said in a bad mood.

What? Cheng Yu was slightly unable to keep up with the other party's tempo.

I said your girlfriend is beautiful Ye Qian repeated as she looked at Lin Yuhan's beautiful back.

You already know about it? Cheng Yu said in surprise.

Hm! It's no wonder you're unwilling to return to the capital. Such a spirited girl, I believe that no boys would not like her Ye Qian's eyes were a little sad, but she quickly hid it.

Ye Qian, I don't want to lie to you. Since you already know about it, you should go back. Cheng Yu said.

Am I that annoying? Even if you don't like me, you aren't even willing to look at me? Ye Qian said in sadness.

Of course not, it's just that...

Just because you're afraid that I'll affect your relationship with her? Ye Qian said./

Err... Cheng Yu was speechless. To be honest, he really did think that way. He finally found the time to look for Lin Yuhan to restore their relationship, but who knew that this girl suddenly came to Yunhai. He was worried that this situation was going to get complicated.

Don't worry. I won't spoil your relationship. Ye Qian said.

Cheng Yu was relieved, but Ye Qian's next words made Cheng Yu take a deep breath.

I've heard that you're a two-timer. Is she ignoring you now? Ye Qian smiled.

Who... Who... Who said that I was a two-timer? I have a very good relationship with her. Cheng Yu said while struggling, but anyone could see that this kid was feeling guilty.

But I heard the whole school say that. Your reputation at Yunhai University is not small. Just like when you were in the capital Ye Qian smiled.

Don't listen to their nonsense. They are completely jealous of me, which is why they are slandering me. My feelings are very special. Cheng Yu was afraid of letting Ye Qian know that he had other girlfriends, otherwise, he would be in trouble again. Since you already have two girlfriends, it won't matter if there's one more.

Cheng Yu was helplessly dug up by Ye Qian as a scandal, but their conversation was clearly seen by the people in the base camp. Ye Qian's smile from time to time made these girls even angrier.

Humph. I originally thought that she was a good new classmate, but I never thought that the moment she arrived she would be so shameless. The slightly plump girl said.

That's right, she clearly knew that he was Yuhan's boyfriend. At this moment, they are having a fight right now but she is purposely inserting herself into the conflict. This is clearly opening a loophole

Although Fatty didn't say anything, anyone could see the strong envy in his eyes.

The boss is the boss. He can even casually sit there and attract beauties, as if he has a magnetic field that attracts all beauties. Even new beauties are attracted to him the first time they meet him. No wonder the boss was disdainful of picking up girls. He had already been promoted to the level of being seduced by a girl. Fatty sighed inwardly.

In fact, there were quite a few boys who thought the same way as him, especially the ones in the same class. They were all extremely envious. Especially when they saw Cheng Yu's occasionally wronged appearance, they all wanted to rush over and give him a good beating.

Did it hurt to chat with such a beautiful woman? You are not even willing to chat with such a beautiful woman. It's like occupying a latrine pit but you don't even need to shit. The good cabbages were all given to the pigs. One after another, devoid of conscience

At this moment, Lin Yuhan was the first to break through the finish line and became the champion of this competition.

Just as Lin Yuhan returned to her base camp, the slightly fat girl called Yuan Yuan said, Yuhan, the Big Radish is here again. But right now, he's having a hot chat with the new fox spirit in our class. Look

Lin Yuhan was startled when she heard that Cheng Yu had arrived, but when she followed the direction of her finger, she saw Fatty's fat body.

Fatty, you are courting death. Get out of the way Yuan Yuan angrily pushed Fatty away showing Ye Qian and Cheng Yu chatting together.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yuhan felt very disappointed in her heart. It was hard to tell what kind of expression was on her face, or maybe she was just expressionless, as if it had nothing to do with her.

Sister-in-law, don't misunderstand, this was an accident. The boss came specifically to find you. Fatty explained. He lamented in his heart. This boss truly had great ability to pick up girls, but he had to pay attention to the situation. Even if he jumped into the Yellow River, he wouldn't be able to wash this off.

Fatty, stop arguing for that guy. It's right in front of us. He's a Big Radish who never repents. If you dare to plead on his behalf again, then don't think about me talking to you again in the future. Yuan Yuan said angrily.

This... This time, Fatty was in a difficult situation. On one side was his boss whom he had followed for his entire life, and on the other was a girl whom he had admired for a long time. In the end, he helplessly chose to shut his mouth.

I'm sorry, I'm leaving He was too busy trying to persuade Ye Qian to go just now and almost forgot about Lin Yuhan. Seeing that her competition was over and she was already at the base camp, Cheng Yu quickly got up and left.

Although Ye Qian still wanted to chat with Cheng Yu, she didn't want to force Cheng Yu too much. Anyway, they were already in the same class, and with Lin Yuhan at school, he couldn't escape.

Han Han Cheng Yu walked into the base camp and shouted


However, Lin Yuhan didn't seem to feel Cheng Yu's presence at all as she wiped the sweat off her face with her towel.

Han Han. There's something I want to say to you. Cheng Yu said.

Sorry, I'm not interested Lin Yuhan said calmly and left.

Han Han Cheng Yu shouted and was about to give chase, but he was stopped by a group of girls surrounding him.

She already said that I'm not interested, so don't disturb her anymore. Don't you have a lot of women by your side? If you want to harm girls, go find someone else, don't harm Yuhan. Yuan Yuan stopped Cheng Yu.

Beauty, stop fooling around. Let me go. I'll treat you guys to a meal another day Cheng Yu said helplessly.

Humph. Who cares about your meal These girls were unaffected by the situation and seemed to like this game a lot. They held hands as they surrounded Cheng Yu.

I don't know if you want it or not? Cheng Yu had no other choice. In the end, his eyes lit up and a stack of hundred-dollar bills suddenly appeared in his hand. It was almost a few thousand yuan, so Cheng Yu directly threw it into the sky.

Wah. Money, Hurry and pick up the money Although the girls were loyal, if they didn't pick up the money when it came down to it, wouldn't it be a waste if they didn't pick it up?

The alliance immediately fell apart. It was either jumping up to grab the money or crouching on the ground to pick up the money. Cheng Yu took advantage of the chaos to quickly run out of the crowd.

Han Han, Listen to me Seeing that Lin Yuhan had already walked far away, Cheng Yu hurriedly chased after her and shouted.

Lin Yuhan turned her head and seeing that he is chasing after her, also ran.

Yuhan, I'll save you. Get in the car Just as Lin Yuhan ran out of the field, a car stopped in front of her. The driver was Xu Liang./

Seeing that she had accepted his good intentions, Xu Liang was overjoyed. Looking at Cheng Yu, who had caught up with him, he stretched his right hand out the window, gave him a thumbs-up, turned 180 degrees, and ferociously gestured downwards twice before driving away with a complacent look on his face.

Cheng Yu was furious. He had been robbed by this kid, and had even been looked down upon by him. His originally depressed mood instantly turned into anger, and as the road was circular, Cheng Yu's figure flashed, his speed was extremely fast as he directly passed by the sports field.

At this moment, a man was running a 100-meter sprint on the track. Cheng Yu came up behind him at an extremely fast speed, directly rushing past the final reading. It shocked all the athletes and the audience

At first, everyone was stunned, but soon after, there was a burst of liveliness

What speed is this? Who is he? All the other competitors are so slow compared to him, he's f * cking Superman

Student. Don't run, Which class are you from? The referee hurriedly chased after him with a whistle.

Following the gaze of all the teachers and classmates, they saw Cheng Yu running at a high speed, his goal seemed to be to capture the car coming from the left.

Lin Yuhan saw Cheng Yu running outside desperately and felt very uncomfortable in her heart, but she didn't want to face Cheng Yu right now, nor did she know how to face Cheng Yu. She also wanted to forgive Cheng Yu, but she couldn't accept that Cheng Yu liked another woman at the same time.

When Xu Liang saw Cheng Yu rushing over, he was astonished as well. He didn't expect this kid to be not only good at fighting, but also so fast.

Soon, Cheng Yu arrived in front of Xu Liang. Xu Liang was startled at first, but soon after, a look of conspiracy appeared on his face./

You are courting death Xu Que laughed coldly in his heart.

No Lin Yuhan, who was sitting in the car, saw that Xu Liang did not dodge nor slow down, but instead sped up. With a panicked expression, she shouted loudly.

AHHHHHHHH All the students and teachers who were watching this scene cried out in alarm. This was going to be a tragedy

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