Godly Student Chapter 434

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This... Is this magic? Zhao Minglong said in surprise.

No matter if you think this is magic or not, this is what I can tell you. This is how the mountains appeared. Do you think you can explain it to everyone? Cheng Yu said.

Then what should I do? Zhao Minglong said with a conflicted expression. Although Cheng Yu had given him a demonstration, it was still hard for him to believe that he could conjure up thirty mountains.

Just say that the developers of this land came from afar to do the construction work. Cheng Yu said after some thought.

Then how did it get here? Do you think this is a pile of sand? Zhao Minglong snappily said. Why and how would such a large mountains be transported over from afar?

This is a trade secret, there's no comment. The wisdom of humans is limitless, there's nothing you can't do. Cheng Yu smiled.

Although this is child's play, this is the only way Zhao Minglong thought for a while and knew that there was nothing he could do about it. In any case, it wouldn't happen again like what the people were worried about.

After sending off Zhao Minglong, Cheng Yu felt helpless. He hadn't fully considered this matter, who would've thought that the matter that he didn't care about would become so big.

Regardless, this matter was resolved in this way. After giving it some thought, he took out his phone and made a call to his aunt, Cheng Meiyan.

You stinking brat, what is going on? Cheng Yu had just called when a stern voice sounded from the other side of the phone.

Hehe, I've already explained this to uncle and you can ask him about it. Anyway, I've already removed the problem of the mountains, so you can just follow my instructions and build the palaces. Alright, I still have things to do, so I'll hang up first After Cheng Yu said this, he quickly hung up the phone. He didn't want to explain it to his aunt from the beginning again.

This stinking brat Hearing that the other party had hung up the phone, Cheng Meiyan felt a burst of anger in her heart.

No matter how many times larger this matter was in the society, as the person in question, Cheng Yu didn't care at all.

It was rare for him to be in such a good mood. Now, his ideal home had already taken the first step, and it was a very important one at that. The most important thing was that Han Xue's problem had been solved, the only thing he had to think of is a way to deal with Lin Yuhan.

After driving into Yunhai University, Cheng Yu was surprised to find that it was very lively today. The entire campus was filled with the sound of loudspeakers. There were also waves of cheers, and the music playing was especially youthful and lively.

As soon as Cheng Yu got off the car, he could see that the field was filled with people from afar. He took out his phone and called Fatty. After a while, he finally got through to fatty. However, Fatty was breathing heavily and Cheng Yu did not know what he was doing.

Boss, did you come to school? We are in urgent need of reinforcements right now Fatty said excitedly.

What happened today? Is this a holiday? Cheng Yu said in confusion.

Boss, today is Yunhai University's annual University Games Fatty said.

Games? How come I didn't know? Cheng Yu said.

Boss, how long has it been since you last came to school? I originally wanted to find you, but sister-in-law didn't let me call you. Boss, didn't you say you've taken care of sister-in-law? Why don't I see it? Fatty asked asked curiously.

In the past, Cheng Yu's sensational courtship had had a great impact on him. With Cheng Yu's solemn and confident appearance, he really thought that Lin Yuhan had forgiven him.

But in these past few days, he discovered that things were not as he had imagined. Lin Yuhan was always cold these days, continuously studying, and was even more proficient than before. She did not have the characteristics of being in love. This was clearly the Cold War period, causing him to be always trembling in front of Lin Yuhan.

Ugh... This... How could that be? It must be because I've been so busy lately and ignored her. You know, women are always a little bit mischievous. Cheng Yu's face turned red as he refused to admit it.

Is that so? Where are you? I'll pick you up Fatty said doubtfully.

Yo, Fatty, what are you doing? Did you participate in any sports as well? Not too long after, Cheng Yu saw a plump man dressed in a set of shorts with the number 5058 hanging on his chest. No matter how he looked at it, Fatty didn't look like an athlete.

Hehe, boss, don't make fun of me, I was forced to do this. Our department has only a few boys, as the few guys in the class, I have no choice but to fight for them. But now that the boss has arrived, I believe that our class's results can definitely be at the top First, Fatty had a bitter look on his face, then he said with an excited expression.

Don't bother, I'm not here to participate in your sports meet, I'm here to find your sister-in-law. Cheng Yu said.

Boss, you can't decline. I've already registered for you Fatty laughed.

What? Didn't your sister-in-law say she won't let you find me? What did you report? Cheng Yu exclaimed.

Hehe, I secretly signed up for you. Actually, there isn't much. I only registered you for a five kilometer race, a ten thousand meters race, high jump, long jump, dodgeball, javelin throwing, basketball...

Sigh. Alright, alright, That's not much? Cheng Yu rolled his eyes.

Hehe, there are a lot of capable people, and we have quite a few too. There's also the 50 meter, 100 meters, and 200 meter race Fatty continued to say.

Okay, I won't go anyway. It's not like you don't know what I'm capable of. Playing with them is just bullying. I think the sports game itself is a chance for you to exercise. You can play it yourselves. I'm going to find your sister-in-law. Cheng Yu wasn't in the mood to play with these brats, it would be too boring.

Boss, you can't do this. No matter what, this is related to the honor of the collective. Besides, sister-in-law is also participating in a few projects, so it's useless even if you look for her Fatty quickly said.

What? She is participating in this as well? Cheng Yu said in surprise. According to his understanding, Lin Yuhan was not a lively girl. She was a quiet girl, how could she participate in such a lively event?

Hehe, she is still in the committee. As a cadre of the class committee, of course she can't escape. Anyways, although she usually looks calm, she won the 200 meter race with ease. Boss, you didn't cast any spell on Sister-in-law, did you? Why don't you help me too? Fatty said with a look of anticipation.

Didn't I teach you a way? It was you who didn't cultivate properly. Look at your body full of fat. Cheng Yu snappily said. He had already taught him the Qi Drawing Arts back then, but this brat was obviously not a good cultivator.

Boss, your method is too slow. I don't feel anything at all. Fatty had tried hard for a period of time, but had given up long ago after seeing that he had not succeeded.

For some things, it's better to let nature take its course. When the time comes that you really need it, I'll help you. His plan had already begun, and he would naturally have his days of cultivation in the future. Taking advantage of his young age, it would be a good thing to let him experience his life.

Oh yeah, boss, a new classmate came to our class a few days ago. She's pretty, but she's at the same level as my sister-in-law. Boss, you're so lucky. Fatty was truly not interested in cultivating right now. He suddenly thought of this new classmate and said with a cheap smile.

You're underestimating me, your boss. There's a saying that goes, 'Weak water is three thousand, but only takes one ladle'. Although I haven't seen all the beauties in the world, I have seen countless women and have long since surpassed the stage of beauty hunting. Right now, I am very interested in your sister-in-law. Cheng Yu said righteously.

Then why are you still two-timing. Fatty obviously did not believe Cheng Yu's words.

Cough cough. >What do you mean by two-timing? They're all your sister-in-law, why can't I love them equally? Cheng Yu said snappily.

Oh I understand. You mean, as long as you make her my sister-in-law, you won't be considered as cheating. Boss, you really can do it Fatty was suddenly enlightened.

Bullshit. I can't be bothered to tell you that, hurry up and bring me to see your sister-in-law Cheng Yu rolled his eyes. This kid really knew how to make a fool of himself.

That's where our base is Fatty pointed at the beauties in the distance.

Seeing that the base camp of the Economics Department was filled with beauties while the department of mechanics were filled with men, Seeing the look of them, that look on their face really made one sad.

You Big Radish, you still dare to come to school Seeing Cheng Yu come to the base camp, all the girls in the class treated him with hostility.

Ugh. I didn't offend you beauties, did I? Cheng Yu said with a helpless expression.

Humph. You have not offended us, but you have offended our sisters. We don't welcome you here. A slightly plump girl said.

Ladies, isn't my boss here to apologize? Don't do that Fatty said awkwardly.

Damn fatty, you're on the same side as him. If you're unhappy, then you can leave together with him. The slightly fat girl said angrily.

Alright, Fatty, I'll go to the side and wait Cheng Yu glanced around and saw Lin Yuhan in the competition. He didn't mind and left alone.

Boss Fatty shouted.

Humph, serves you right A few girls said.

Cheng Yu didn't care too much, this matter was his fault to Lin Yuhan, it was a good thing that she had so many sisters looking out for her. He walked to the nearby grandstand and sat down, silently watching Lin Yuhan run by herself.

Lin Yuhan was already at the Qi Condensation stage, so running like this was no big deal for her. Seeing how balanced she was and the gap between her and the contestants, she should be far in the lead.

Can I sit here? Just as Cheng Yu was thinking about Lin Yuhan, a sweet voice sounded out beside him.

You... You. Why are you here? Cheng Yu looked at the girl in front of him and said with a surprised expression.