Godly Student Chapter 433

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Cheng Meiyan arrived at the company early in the morning. Just as she sat down, her secretary, Zhao Ying, came in to report.

Chairman, the surveying and mapping department just called. A few hours ago, a strange thing happened to the piece of land we were surveying Zhao Ying said.

A strange thing? What do you mean? Cheng Meiyan said in confusion. Weren't they surveying the area they were looking for a few days ago, Cheng Yu's land?

They said that 30 mountains had flown over from who knows where on to that piece of land this morning. Now, this news is everywhere on the internet. I just confirmed it on the internet. It's true

Where did the thirty mountains come from? How is that possible? Cheng Meiyan said in surprise as she quickly turned on the computer.

But when she turned on the computer and saw the headlines, Mountains Descending from the Sky Ten Wonders of the World Ten Most Strange Things in the World Is it really from outer space? She was also shocked speechless.

Looking at the pictures of the scene above, Cheng Meiyan was more and more surprised. When she saw the last aerial photo that overlooked the area, Cheng Meiyan suddenly realized that the thirty peaks that fell from the sky were somewhat familiar.

Just when she felt it was strange, she inadvertently thought of the mapping she showed to Cheng Yu yesterday and thought of something. She looked at Zhao Ying and said, I understand, you go out first

Alright Zhao Ying didn't think too much about it then she closed the door and left the office.

Cheng Meiyan quickly picked up the map and compared it with the aerial photo on the computer. This comparison had truly frightened her quite a bit.

This... This... How is this possible? Cheng Meiyan's face was filled with disbelief. The 30 mountains that fell from the sky were actually exactly the same as the location that Cheng Yu pointed out. What was going on? Was it just a coincidence?

But how could there be such a coincidence in the world? Could it really have been Cheng Yu's doing? But where did he get these mountains? How did he manage to get such a big mountain in one night?

Could it be that it was as she said yesterday, that Cheng Yu asked a deity for help?

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that this matter was too strange. She quickly picked up the phone on the table and called Cheng Yu. But no matter how much she tried, no one answered.

This brat, why won't he answer the phone Cheng Meiyan said angrily.

Seeing that the news had even mentioned this matter and caused panic among the surrounding citizens, some of them even raised their concerns. Maybe one day, there would be another mountain that would directly press down on their houses or their village, which would be a tragedy.

Hey, Old Zhao, do you know that 30 mountains have suddenly appeared on the piece of land that Little Yu bought? Cheng Meiyan said.

How could I not know? I received dozens of calls early in the morning. The media are all waiting for my reply. I'm in a bind right now. Zhao Minglong said dejectedly./

I think you should go find Little Yu. It may have something to do with him./ Cheng Meiyan said.

Little Yu? What's going on? Zhao Minglong asked with a puzzled expression.

I don't know the specifics, but I'm sure it's because of this brat. Didn't he ask me to map the land for him a few days ago? Yesterday, he came over to look at the map, but in the end he said he wanted to move the mountain. I told him that this project would take too many years, but today, there are 30 mountains in that piece of land. And what's even weirder is that these 30 mountains are exactly where Little Yu marked them yesterday. Cheng Meiyan explained.

This... But if this really has something to do with Little Yu, then how did he do it? Zhao Minglong was so shocked that his entire world view was ruined.

That's why I told you to find him. I tried calling but no one answered, I don't even know where he went. Cheng Meiyan herself also wanted to know how Cheng Yu had managed to do it.

After hanging up, Zhao Minglong called Cheng Yu. As expected, no one answered.

Zhao Minglong thought about it and decided that he should go find Cheng Yu. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to explain himself in front of the media.

Ding ling ling! However, just as he got up, his phone rang. Zhao Minglong took a look and saw that it was his father-in-law, Cheng Ruilong, on the phone.

Hello, Dad. What can I do for you? Zhao Minglong respectfully said.

I just saw on the news that something happened over at your side. How was it? Have you figured out why? This matter is of great importance to us Cheng Ruilong said.

We haven't investigated thoroughly yet, but according to what Meiyan said, this matter seems to be related to Little Yu. Zhao Minglong was surprised. He didn't expect that his father in law was also paying attention to this matter.

Little Yu? What's going on? Cheng Yu was currently the darling of the Cheng family. He didn't understand why this matter was related to his grandson.

Little Yu bought that piece of land two days ago. Just now, Meiling called me to tell me that these mountains were marked by Little Yu on the planning map yesterday. So I was just about to ask him what was going on? Zhao Minglong said simply.

He bought the land? Where did he get so much money? Cheng Ruilong said in surprise. Although he knew that Cheng Yu was a cultivator with extraordinary strength, there was still a difference between this and earning money.

Didn't he tell you? He was working with the Wanmei Group before, and those magical Face Restoring Pills on the market are all his products. He's a complete rich man now. Zhao Minglong was a bit surprised. This Cheng Yu was really good at hiding things from people. He was so well-off that even the old man didn't know about it.

I've heard him talk about cooperation before, but I didn't care too much about it. This damn brat actually managed to get so much money without saying a word. Alright, since this matter was caused by this brat, I'll explain it to the upper management. When the time comes, just give the media an answer. Although Cheng Ruilong was cursing, he was actually very satisfied with Cheng Yu.

Okay, thanks Dad After Zhao Minglong hung up the phone, he sighed in his heart. Cheng Yu was the one who was favored. The moment he said that it was caused by him, everything was fine.

By the time Zhao Minglong arrived at Cheng Yu's villa, it was already noon, and Cheng Yu had already recovered from his closed-door training.

Uncle. Why are you here? Seeing that it was broad daylight, why would Zhao Minglong, who was supposed to be working, come over to his place?

Little Yu, there's something I want to ask you Zhao Minglong sat down and said.

What is it? Speak Seeing the serious expression on the other party's face, Cheng Yu was puzzled. Did something big happen?

Last night, thirty mountains suddenly appeared on your land. Did you do it? Zhao Minglong went straight to the point. But even he himself didn't believe these words. Such a big mountain was basically impossible to move, much less 30.

But other than Cheng Yu, this mysterious nephew of his, there was no other person. Besides, his wife had made it so clear that the 30 mountains were marked by Cheng Yu. Other than him, how could there be such a coincidence in the world?

How do you know? Cheng Yu said in surprise. Could he have seen it? That's impossible! If anyone had been there, he would have found out.

Did you really do it? How did you do it? How did you move these mountains? With what? After getting Cheng Yu's confirmation, Zhao Minglong was quite shocked. A string of questions were immediately spoken out.

This... I can't tell you yet Cheng Yu said.

If you won't tell me, how can I explain it to everyone? Zhao Minglong said.

Explanation? Why do you want to explain it to everyone? Cheng Yu said in puzzlement, why did he have to explain things to others?

Right now the internet is filled with news about you. The surrounding citizens are all worried because of you, afraid that one day another mountain will fall down and press on their heads. My phone has been blown up by the higher ups and the media all morning. Zhao Minglong said unhappily.

This... Then just find a reason to fool them. There won't be any more mountains popping out. Cheng Yu was also very surprised, he didn't expect this matter to have such a huge impact.

Deceiving? You are telling me to fool them? Where did this mountain come from? How do you want me to explain that? Zhao Minglong felt a headache coming on. This matter was originally very bizarre, Zhao Minglong couldn't even come up with a reasonable explanation.

This... Why don't you just say that it really fell from the sky Cheng Yu was also stumped. At that time, he only thought of his own goal, so how could he have thought of these things?

Do you believe that? Zhao Minglong said.

Regardless of whether they believe it or not, As the mayor, some will believe your words Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Can't you tell me the truth? How the hell did you get these mountains out? You really make it hard for me to explain. He himself was also very curious about this matter.

Uncle, it's not that I'm not willing to tell you, but even if I did tell you, you wouldn't be able to explain it to everyone, so whether or not you really know the truth, you won't be able to tell them. Even if you do tell them, no one will believe you. Cheng Yu said seriously.


You said it yourself, how did I get this mountain? Would you believe me if I say I made it? Would anyone believe it? But that is the truth. Then don't you still have to come up with a reasonable excuse? Cheng Yu said.

How is that possible? You are simply fooling me. Do you think that it's a fairy tale? Zhao Minglong felt that Cheng Yu was spouting nonsense.

Then I'll give you a simple demonstration. This tea table will be like the piece of land, and these cups will be like those mountains, and those mountains appeared just like this. Cheng Yu pointed at the cup on the tea table and then with a turn of his hand, all the cups on the table disappeared. But then, Cheng Yu magically made the cups reappear one by one.