Godly Student Chapter 432

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What kind of mighty and domineering buildings can be built on such a small mountain? If future friends of the cultivation world were to see this situation, not to mention showing off, they might even make fun of him. Cheng Yu flew in the sky with a depressed look on his face.

Isn't there any other ways to move the mountains? After flying around for a while, Cheng Yu was even more depressed when he discovered that none of the mountains in this 20,000 mu area met the requirements.

Kid. You truly are an idiot. Being unable to move such a small mountain, for the old master to find a successor like you is truly a sad thing. All of a sudden, the Soul Suppressing Orb's voice came into his mind with incomparable disdain.

What do you mean? Could it be that you have a way to help me move the mountain? Cheng Yu asked curiously.

Of course Soul Suppressing Orb proudly said.

Really. Then what are we waiting for? Help me move a few mountains Cheng Yu said in pleasant surprise.

The one moving the mountain isn't me, but you

Me? But with my current strength, how would I be able to move a mountain? Cheng Yu said in confusion.

Of course you can't move the mountains outside, but there is a place where you can

There's such a place? Cheng Yu said in surprise. He never knew that such a place existed

You really are an idiot. Don't you know that you can freely control the things inside the magic treasure? The Soul Suppressing Orb said in disappointment.

Magic treasure? You mean the Mountain and River Diagram? But why didn't I know this mountain could move? Cheng Yu said in surprise. He never knew that he could freely move around anything inside the Mountain and River Diagram

Of course. How do you know you can't move these mountains without trying? said the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Although Cheng Yu had lived for so long, he really didn't know that he could change the world inside the magic treasure. Because he had never had such a magical equipment before

RUUUUUUU! After hearing Soul Suppressing Orb's words, Cheng Yu tried to control the mountain inside the Mountain and River Diagram with his mind and soul consciousness. It was just as Soul Suppressing Orb had said. The mountain he controlled began to move, creating a loud noise.

The loud sound caused by the mountain's movement immediately alarmed Huo Yu and Shi Ji. A beast and a demon hurriedly rushed over, and the three Lian brothers also hurriedly ran out of the cave when they saw the sudden turn of events.

When Cheng Yu transmitted his thoughts to them that the disturbance is caused by him. The demonic beast and demon then returned to their own cultivation grounds.

Knowing that this method worked, Cheng Yu was ecstatic. He could really control everything inside.

The Mountain and River Diagram was once a quasi-immortal weapon. When it is completely intact, it can even change the running time of the diagram and increase the speed of time by two times. This means that you could have cultivated inside for two years but only one year has passed outside The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

They were once the treasures of the old Palace Master, so they naturally understood each other. Unfortunately, the damage on the Mountain and River Diagram seemed to be far more serious than his, and it had been so long, Cheng Yu's spirit meridians and spirit crystal meridians were both stored inside, but the spirit of the Mountain and River Diagram still did not show any signs of awakening.

Maybe he really had disappeared. Soul Suppressor thought with some sadness.

So powerful. So I have to find a way to help it recover? Cheng Yu said in surprise.

He didn't expect that the Mountain and River Diagram would have such a miraculous effect. The palace masters of the Holy City really weren't simple people. They actually had quasi-immortal treasure in their hands.

It had to be known that in the lower realms, it was almost impossible to find immortal treasure. Even if there were, it was very likely that it would have already been damaged. If he could find a complete immortal treasure, it would definitely be a powerful aid.

An immortal treasure was equivalent to an immortal. Even though it was unable to display its full power, it could be used to fight a tribulation expert or a Rogue Immortal.

So, for people who had complete quasi-immortal treasure, their strength could already be said to be earth-shaking. However, for people as powerful as them, they were actually all exterminated. Could it be that those enemies were all deities?

Every time he thought about the matter of the Holy City, a question would arise in Cheng Yu's mind about who could have been able to destroy it.

If you want to recover the Mountain and River Diagram, it is impossible for you to do so now. You can only let nature take its course. Soul Suppressing Sigh said.

Is that so? That's too bad. Cheng Yu said regretfully. If he could restore the Mountain and River Diagram to a quasi-immortal treasure, then he would be able to double his cultivation. Unfortunately, this was just a dream and he was extremely depressed

Regret was regret, but at least his current problem had been resolved. Cheng Yu flew high into the sky and looked at the small mountain below him. Then, he found the right location and released the Mountain and River Diagram.

The Mountain and River Diagram shot into the air. The painting slowly opened and emitted countless rays of light, holy and solemn.

Cheng Yu's consciousness probed into it and found a mountain. The Mountain and River Diagram once again made a loud noise. The three Lian brothers were shocked to the point that they couldn't speak when they saw a mountain suddenly rise up from the ground and disappear from their line of sight.

They already knew that this was done by Cheng Yu, but this Mountain Shifting Technique was too shocking. At this moment, Cheng Yu was even more sacred in their hearts. They quickly kneeled on the ground and kowtowed. They had just met a true immortal.

However, Cheng Yu, who was outside, did not have the time to pay attention to them, nor did he think that he would be mistaken for an immortal. In fact, he was still thousands of miles away from one.

Cheng Yu's expression was serious. He was very familiar with storing items, but this was the first time that he had moved a mountain. His hands formed a seal and a giant mountain suddenly appeared in the sky.

Heh. Cheng Yu's hands descended and a flickering imprint appeared on the ground. Then, the mountain peak in the sky landed on the light.

BOOOOOOM! As the mountain fell to the ground, an earth-shattering sound was heard. He saw the dust and dirt on the ground roll up to a height of a hundred meters. Although it was night time, Cheng Yu could see everything clearly.

The nearby commoners' homes lit up in the middle of the night. The loud noise just now was too scary. They felt that their houses were moving and many people even shouted earthquake

Cheng Yu was flying in the air and he could clearly see the lights in the distance. He was shocked and immediately flew away.

An hour later, the commoners felt that it was not really an earthquake, so they all went back to their homes to sleep.

The noise was too loud. There were still so many mountains to be moved, didn't that mean that they were going to stir up trouble? Cheng Yu gloomily said as he returned to the wasteland.

In the cultivation world, such a loud noise could be considered normal. Although it would be attractive, it wouldn't cause any trouble, but in the mortal world, it was different. If something loud happened, then something big must have happened and everyone would want to check it out

Soul Suppressor, do you have any way to prevent such a big commotion, like a restriction that separates you from the outside world? Cheng Yu felt helpless and could only ask the Soul Suppressing Orb. Although Cheng Yu knew many kinds of restriction, but it wasn't that big and couldn't cover a mountain.

Of course I do The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

That's good. Help me silence the impact. Cheng Yu found a place to set the mountain and said.

The Soul Suppressing Orb also flew out of Cheng Yu's body along with the Mountain and River Diagram. Under Cheng Yu's control, the Soul Suppressing Orb flashed out a large area of light. Cheng Yu used the same method to release another mountain.

But the only difference was that the Soul Suppressing Orb had blocked all of the tremendous sounds within the light. The commoners in the surroundings didn't hear anything nor did they feel anything.

With the help of the Soul Suppressing Orb, Cheng Yu was able to handle things much faster. According to his array formation, there were a total of thirty peaks in the two great formations.

24 linked Spirit Convergence Array's 24 peaks were inside and 12 linked Spirit Lock Array's 12 peaks were outside. When Cheng Yu finished arranging the last mountain, Cheng Yu felt very tired and the spirit energy in his body almost ran out.

Seeing the sky gradually brighten, Cheng Yu did not want anyone to discover him and hurriedly left the wasteland.

Once he returned to the villa, Cheng Yu went into seclusion to meditate. But what he didn't know was that his big move had attracted a lot of police and reporters.

It turned out that after dawn, the local citizens got up to work and suddenly discovered a magical mountain not too far away. They immediately thought that they were still dreaming, but when the villagers discovered this strange occurrence, they finally believed that they weren't seeing things.

The same thing happened in other villages. The 20,000 mu of land was not small. Some villages might not be able to see it, but other villages will.

This mountain that appeared out of nowhere suddenly reminded people of what happened last night. Could it be that the earth-shattering sound came from this mountain that fell from the sky? Thus, someone immediately called the police.

According to the police's investigation, it wasn't just one extra mountain that appeared, but many. After counting, there were actually 30 mountains here that suddenly appeared

What was going on? Did it really fall from the sky? the local people said they heard a loud noise? How did these 30 mountains fall at the same time?

Everything was hard to understand. The morning news' Thirty Mountains Out of the Sky' had become the biggest news of the day. It was also the weirdest news. Even the people on the internet had started a heated discussion about it.

I know, this must be a mountain from outer space

I think this is a mountain dropped by an alien

Bullshit, do you think aliens are as stupid as you? Look at all this, I think it's more like alien shit. I suggest that the experts go and get a sample of the soil and examine it. This must be feces. A netizen called I am an Alien said with certainty.

What a pity, why didn't the aliens drop gold? We would've been rich that way A netizen who called I love 999 pure gold said with regret.

In that moment, everyone had different opinions. The person involved, Cheng Yu, didn't even know that he had created another piece of legendary news