Godly Student Chapter 431

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Establish a Medical Charity? Everyone exclaimed.

Yes. You are all representatives of the Chinese medical community, and you all work in hospitals. Naturally, you will be able to understand the patient's condition at the first possible moment. In the face of those patients who are unable to receive surgery in time because of their financial circumstances, you can get them to receive assistance from my Medical Charity for the operation in time. Although I am not able to save all the patients with my wealth, I can still save some people. Cheng Yu said.

Mr. Cheng. You are a truly benevolent person, I will definitely support your way of thinking Ji Wenbo said excitedly.

Mr. Cheng, although we are several dozens of years older than you, hearing your words made us both feel ashamed. We will definitely support your fund.

Yes, Mr. Cheng, it is the good fortune of the Chinese citizens that you have done such a good deed. On behalf of all the poor patients, I thank you A few of the experts were moved and impressed by Cheng Yu's kindness.

Thank you everyone. As for management, I will get someone to arrange it for me. You guys will be helping me build bridges in each of the major hospitals, helping those poor patients to the best of their abilities. Of course, you will also be senior members of our foundation, which is unquestionable. Cheng Yu said after some thought.

Thank you, Mr. Cheng. We are very willing to do such a good deed for the common people. Everyone laughed and said.

Alright then, I will arrange for someone to dicuss the details with you. Cheng Yu said.

Alright. If there's nothing else, we'll be taking our leave first Ji Wenbo and the others stood up and said.

After everyone had left, Cheng Yu took out his phone and called Wu Chang.

Hey. What happened to the land? Cheng Yu asked directly.

Young Master Yu, we bought it for 16 billion yesterday. I've already completed the relevant procedures yesterday afternoon. Do you need me to send it to you now? Wu Chang said.

No need, I still have things to do. Cheng Yu immediately hung up.

Leaving the villa, Cheng Yu drove to the Golden Age Building, where his aunt Cheng Meiyan's company headquarters is located.

Hello, You must be Mr. Cheng Yu? Cheng Yu saw the beautiful front desk in the lobby and was about to ask about where his aunt was when a woman around 30 years old wearing a standard business suit and black-framed glasses walked up to Cheng Yu and politely asked.

Yes, You are?/

Hello, Mr. Cheng. I am the Chairman's Secretary, Zhao Ying. The Chairman had asked me to come and pick you up. The woman's smile was very natural, and her words were very proper.

Alright, Thank you

Who is this man? He's so handsome, he has the same surname as the chairman, Cheng. It can't be the chairman's family, right? Seeing the two leave, one of the staff at the front desk said in an infatuated manner.

I think so, but so what? From what I see, our beautiful and elegant Secretary Zhao is more reliable The other one said with a smug look on her face.

On the 20th floor, Zhao Ying opened the door to the chairman's office.

Chairman, Mr. Cheng is here Secretary Zhao said.

Got it, go make two cups of tea and come in! Cheng Meiyan said.

Auntie, I didn't expect your company to be so grand, it's not any smaller than Ruoxue's company Cheng Yu was sitting on the leather sofa as he spoke with a satisfied expression.

You stinking brat, you're still spouting sarcastic remarks. If you could help me create projects that would shock the world and shock the heavens, like helping your lover, I would have already become as rich as her. Cheng Meiyan said unhappily.

Heh heh, there's nothing I can do about that. I don't know much about real estate, so wouldn't I have come to you for help myself? Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Let's take a look. According to your request, this is a mapping our company made for you. Did you really buy such a large piece of land? Cheng Meiyan asked curiously.

A few days ago, Cheng Yu had asked her to help him map that piece of land, but when she got the map, she was really shocked.

Of course, otherwise I would have had nothing to do. I want you to help me with this. Hmm, this map is quite detailed, but I need to move the locations of these mountains Cheng Yu looked at the markings on the map and said.

What? You want to move the mountain? Cheng Meiyan asked in surprise.

Yes, here, here, and here. These places all need to be moved Cheng Yu picked up the pen and began to change it. He didn't see the ugly expression on his aunt's face at all.

In the end, moving this all the way here can be considered as completing the basic layout. Aunt, what's with your expression? Cheng Yu excitedly talked and painted all by himself. When he moved the last mountain, Cheng Yu finally raised his head.

Are you sure you want to do this? Cheng Meiyan said.

Of course, I have to. Cheng Yu said.

There was nothing he could do, but he had no choice but to do so. After his modifications, these mountains had already become a 24 layered Spirit Convergence Array. There were also 12 large mountains surrounding the formation.

With the existence of these two great formations, not only would it be able to absorb all the spirit energy in the surrounding 20,000 mu of land, but it would also not let the spirit energy run away and completely control the 20,000 mu of land.

Although the spiritual energy in the world was very sparse, it would accumulate over time. Moreover, Cheng Yu had spirit veins and spirit crystal veins, so he had to lock this spiritual energy inside. Otherwise, if it were to dissipate, he would be at a huge disadvantage.

He wanted to move mountains by himself, but unfortunately, his cultivation was too low. If he wanted to move mountains to fill up the sea, he would need to be at least at the Spirit Severing stage.Where could he go to find a Spirit Severing expert now? Was he going to ask his master to come?

However, if a Spirit Severing expert were to pass through the barrier and enter the mortal world, they would be easily discovered. If that was the case, the news of Cheng Yu's survival would also be discovered by Kunlun.

Therefore, Cheng Yu absolutely could not go to the cultivation world to find people. He could only use the power of modern technology to move mountains.

Do you know how much work it is? Look, according to your drawing, there are at least a dozen mountains that need to be moved Cheng Meiyan said somewhat angrily.

Aunt, I know this is a bit difficult, but look at the mountains themselves. They aren't big, and these places are all nearby, so it shouldn't be too hard. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

What are you trying to do? Even if you want to build a building, you don't need to move a mountain. Also, look at how messy you are moving around the mountain, aren't you blocking the flat ground? Then how about the buildings you will builld, one mountain after another, can it really look good like that? Cheng Meiyan could not figure out what her nephew was up to.

Of course, this place is used for building buildings. However, my buildings aren't built in these open areas, but on these mountains. Cheng Yu said.

What? On the mountain? Are you trying to build a temple? Cheng Meiyan asked in surprise.

Must it be a temple to be built on a mountain? Aren't many tourist attractions also built on the mountain? /q> Cheng Yu said.

At least they don't need to move that mountain around so much. In short, the mountain transfer project that you mentioned is too big. If we really do as you say, it will take at least a few years to finish moving the mountain. If we want to repair all of the buildings, it will take at least seven to eight years. Cheng Meiyan said.

That long? Then what's wrong with your technique. I intend to finish everything within a year Cheng Yu said in surprise. How could he wait so long? Just moving mountains took years, this speed was too slow.

One year? Are you dreaming? Why don't you ask the deities to help you? Cheng Meiyan said in a bad mood. Was moving the mountain as simple as him drawing on a piece of paper? Besides, there were dozens of mountains to move around.

Then why don't you hire more people?

Even if you hire more people, it will still take a few years. Cheng Meiyan said.

Is there no other way? Cheng Yu said in disappointment.

At the very least, our technology is still far from the speed you want. Cheng Meiyan asked.

Then move these first. There are still more than half of the mountains here that do not need to be moved, so we can start the construction at the same time. Cheng Yu said after thinking for a while. Could it be that he really wanted to take the risk of inviting his master over? This could save him several years of time

But what if Kunlun found out? It wasn't easy for him to live a peaceful life these days, was he going to have to keep on killing?

Is this all we can do for now? Now tell me about your requirements for architecture Cheng Meiyan read it.

For this, you can just build according to the style of the palaces. The most important thing is that it is impressive. Make sure to arch the heavenly bridges between each mountain Cheng Yu said.

Palace? Cheng Meiyan asked in puzzlement.

En, doesn't China also have many Taoist temples and palaces? You just have to look at the style.

You can't be trying to tell me that you bought so much land just to build a Taoist temple, right? Cheng Meiyan asked with a puzzled expression.

More or less. In short, you guys just need to follow this design. I'll be leaving first. Now that he had encountered a new big problem, Cheng Yu was no longer in the mood.

He needed to think of a way to solve this problem. It was impossible for him to wait a few years.

After returning home, Cheng Yu racked his brains for any good ideas, and when he thought of the mountains, he had a strange feeling in his heart. Late at night, when it was quiet, Cheng Yu finally could not hold it in anymore and secretly flew to the western suburbs by himself.

Flying on this vast wasteland and looking at these small mountains that were not that high, he finally knew that something was wrong, because he felt that these mountains were truly too small and too low.

This problem seemed to be even more serious than he had imagined. Originally, he wanted to build this Taoist temple at the peak of a mountain because it displayed its mysteriousness and sacredness.

Building the Taoist temple at the bottom of the mountain would be contrary to this point because the only way to achieve such an effect is to build a temple at the top of the mountains