Godly Student Chapter 430

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Very good! Since you've agreed to my two conditions, let's start now Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Seeing that Cheng Yu was planning to treat the disease here, the experts became excited. They were afraid that Cheng Yu would be secretive and bring Tang Ze to a room to treat the disease by himself.

Cheng Yu already knew what they were here for, so he didn't avoid them. In any case, even if they saw him, they wouldn't understand.

He walked up to Tang Ze and squatted down. His smile was very natural and he looked very friendly. However, Tang Ze always had a bad feeling about this.

Do you feel anything? Cheng Yu knocked on Tang Ze's calf and asked.

No Tang Ze replied truthfully.

Cheng Yu lifted up the other party's left leg and checked the condition of his body. He was shocked and then forcefully pulled it. Kacha! There was only the crisp sound of a bone.

AHHHHHHH Then, Tang Ze suddenly shouted in pain.

What are you doing? Gu Fangqin was shocked and quickly pushed Cheng Yu away

This.... How could he feel pain? The Tang family didn't react, but an old expert found the problem.

Tang Ze clearly didn't feel anything from the lower half of his body, but was screaming in pain when Cheng Yu pulled him. What did this mean? This meant that the other party must have sensed something.

Can you feel anything? Ji Wenbo asked in surprise.

Hmm? Really, I can feel it. Hiss.... At this time, Tang Ze also reacted, but he didn't even have the time to feel happy before his left leg felt a heart-wrenching pain. He shouted at Cheng Yu, What did you do to me?

Didn't you ask me to treat your illness? Don't you feel a sensation now? Cheng Yu said.

But why does my left leg hurt so much now Tang Ze broke out in a cold sweat.

Who told your mother to push me away? Cheng Yu spread out his hands and said helplessly.

This... I didn't know that it would turn out like this. Please treat him Gu Fangqin was startled and said panickedly.

When she saw Cheng Yu suddenly causing her son so much pain, she thought that Cheng Yu wanted to hurt him again, so she pushed him away in a panic.

Ka-cha! * Cheng Yu also didn't say anything, he squatted down and grabbed the other person's left leg to connect with it.

Whoosh! Tang Ze instantly felt relaxed.


q>Son, how is it? Gu Fangqin asked anxiously.

Alright. It's really all right now. Ouch. How could this be? Why is my right leg still numb? Feeling that his legs could move freely, Tang Ze was pleasantly surprised and was about to get up and walk, but just as he got up, he fell to the ground.

I haven't treated it yet, so it's naturally still numb. Cheng Yu said snappily.

What? It's going to hurt once more? Tang Ze was shocked. The pain he felt just now was too excruciating. It was as if he was being slashed to pieces.

What is it? You don't want to? Then that's good.

Of course I want to Tang Ze hurriedly said. What a joke. Feeling pain is better than being a cripple. Moreover, their family has paid such a heavy price. How can they not treat it?'

Cheng Yu didn't say anything. He was just messing with him before, now there was no need to scare him anymore. He just made a show in front of those experts to unseal the other meridians that were sealed by him.

Alright. You're fine now Cheng Yu stood up and said.

You're done? Why didn't I feel any pain? Eh? It's really done! I can move, I can finally stand up again Tang Ze closed his eyes as cold sweat broke out all over his body. He was waiting for Cheng Yu to give him a painful blow, but before he could feel anything, he was cured.

When he moved, he found that he could indeed feel his legs. He stood up and walked around excitedly

Alright. You can leave now Cheng Yu gave the order to leave.

Cheng Yu. I will remember this matter Tang Ze felt that there was nothing wrong with his body. He hatefully said while looking at Cheng Yu.

Hehe. Is that so? I wonder if you will have the ability to continue playing. Otherwise, you won't be just crippled next time. Remember the two conditions you have agreed to. Otherwise, the consequences would be very serious. Cheng Yu said indifferently.

The Tang Clan left. No matter how much they hated Cheng Yu, at least Tang Ze had been cured by him.

Why haven't you left? It couldn't be that you wanted to stay and eat? Looking at the group of hesitant old men, Cheng Yu said.

Hehe. This... Mr. Cheng, we admire your medical skills very much, but we really don't understand. Can you explain it to us? One of the old geezers said politely.

It's very simple, I've sealed a part of his meridians. Now that I've opened it again, he'll naturally be fine. Cheng Yu said simply.

His meridians have been sealed? How did Mr. Cheng seal him up? Why can't get any results after we've done so many tests? Hearing Cheng Yu's words, everyone asked curiously.

Simply put, it is a type of Qi Naturally, you won't be able to find any results.

Qi? Is Mr. Cheng talking about Qigong Qi? One of them said.

Un, that's about right. If you guys can use Qigong, as long as you find the sealed place, you can treat him as well Cheng Yu said.

So that's how it is. Then Mr Cheng must be a Qi Master? Although Cheng Yu said it was easy, but their harvest was very big. They knew about qigong, but they had never seen it before. Naturally, they didn't know that after successfully cultivating qigong, it would be this magical.

Just casually sealing a person's meridians would cause them to become paralyzed. It seemed that they would have to find more information to study the Qi Method when he returned.


Mr. Cheng, I have a presumptuous request. Although we've heard that qi skills are magical, can you demonstrate it for us? An old man couldn't help but ask.

In the society, there were many people who used the cover of a Qi Master to trick others. However, no one had ever seen a true Qi Master, and many Chinese people even doubted the existence of a Qi Master.

Seeing that these old men no longer had the arrogance from before and each one of them was modestly asking for advice, Cheng Yu didn't refuse. These people were all famous doctors in China.

Qi Method is to channel the spiritual energy from the outside into the body, and form a type of Qi for one's own use. As for its use, it can only be dug out by the person who has comprehended it. For example, this cup of tea Cheng Yu picked up a teacup and said.

Everyone gathered around to look at the teacup in Cheng Yu's hand, and after a moment, they were surprised to find that the tea was boiling with steam.

This... It's really amazing. Everyone touched the teacup. The tea inside was indeed hot.

This is the effect of Qi. As for what other functions Qi has, I am unable to explain it to everyone. Cheng Yu put down his teacup and said.

Thank you for answering our questions, Mr. Cheng. We understood a lot from the demonstration just now. We will take our leave now. Although it was just a simple demonstration, they were very excited, as if they had seen a new field of medicine waiting for them to explore.

Everyone, wait a moment. There's something I want to ask of you all. Just as they were about to leave, Cheng Yu suddenly remembered something.

Mr. Cheng, if you need any help, feel free to tell us Today, Cheng Yu's explanation had solved the mystery that had surrounded their heart for a long time. No wonder Cheng Yu had all sorts of mystical techniques. So he was a genuine Qi Master. Naturally, they did not dare to be negligent.

These few visits to your hospital have shown me quite a few problems. Although I have Qigong on me, I still have no way to treat all the patients. As far as I know, based on your medical skills, some terminal illnesses can be cured in the early stages of the illness, but many patients lose their best time due to economic conditions. Cheng Yu said as he looked at Ji Wenbo.

This... There are a lot of cases like this, but we can't do anything about it. The hospitals have their own rules, and the medical field in our country is not perfect yet, so we can't treat every patient for free every time we meet one, because some operations are really expensive and the hospitals can't afford them. Even if we can take a few, there will still be more patients who can't be cured. Ji Wenbo knew that Cheng Yu had always been dissatisfied with the hospital, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Alright, I don't want to discuss the rules of your hospital with you. I want to set up a Medical Charity to help the patients who can clearly survive surgery. At the same time, I want to help the poor people who can't afford to cure their disease. You are all seniors in this field, so you should be well aware of this aspect. I believe that managing this fund will not be a difficult task for you Cheng Yu said.

Although he had been to the hospital a few times before, seeing the condition of the two patients yesterday made him feel uncomfortable.

He never took money too seriously, so even if he could earn it quickly and spend it quickly, the reason why he cooperated with Yang Ruoxue was for an ideal in his heart.

Now that he had already bought the land, he didn't really need money anymore, and the money from Yang Ruoxue would definitely continue to come in steady streams. So much money was just a pile of numbers in his hands.

However, for that old man, every single dollar was hard to come by. He couldn't even eat a simple bowl of porridge. That little girl, on the other hand, was so young and she almost became an orphan. She was about to liv alone, living the same life as Keke.

Everything was so sad, just like how he had been with his mother in his previous life

He was not a savior, but he could be like a savior, doing his best to help the poor people and make them as happy as possible.