Godly Student Chapter 429

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It's all because of you. I'm was going out for a few days and you're going to get engaged to someone else. I can't come back, so I can only do this for that kid. Cheng Yu said.

Actually, it was true that Cheng Yu did this to make Tang Ze suffer. As for him going out and ruining the engagement ceremony due to this matter, it was really an accident.

Because at that time, he didn't even know that he would go out. The Divine Dragon matter came too suddenly, he even forgot that one day was Han Xue's engagement ceremony.

But luckily, Cheng Yu did something to Tang Ze at that time, otherwise Han Xue would have been engaged to him. Thus, he naturally could not tell the Han Family that this was an accident.

So you were prepared a long time ago. Why didn't you tell me first? I was so worried Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Han Xue also felt a sweetness in her heart.

She had originally thought that Cheng Yu didn't care about this matter and had even forgotten about it. She hadn't thought that Cheng Yu would care about her so much and had arranged everything beforehand.

Isn't this the matter from that day that I was too anxious to forget? Hehe. Cheng Yu smiled.

So that's how it is The mother and father realized that they had wrongly blamed Cheng Yu. At that time, they thought that Cheng Yu had abandoned Xiao Xue, but who would have known that such a thing would happen?

Xiao Yu, since you and Xiao Xue are fine, can you cure Tang Ze's illness? After all, this was caused by our family's Xiao Xue. Your uncle also works in the government. It wouldn't be good if he completely offended the Tang Clan. Mother Han said.

They've been here? Threatening you? Cheng Yu said with a frown.

Tang Ze's mother came by for a while this afternoon, but she wanted me to ask for your help. Seeing Cheng Yu's expression, she was truly afraid that Cheng Yu wouldn't help

Alright. Let him come to my house tomorrow morning. I won't wait until the deadline Cheng Yu didn't say anything more. It wasn't as if he wanted this kid to be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

Tang Ze's illness was not an illness at all, it was just that a part of his meridians had been temporarily sealed by Cheng Yu's true energy, causing his lower body to be unable to move. And modern instruments and such naturally could not detect the existence of true energy, even if Cheng Yu did not treat him, Tang Ze would still return to normal after a month.

However, if that happened, their Tang Clan would no longer have any fears, and they might even think that it was the Heavens that had eyes. The first reason was to frighten the other party and let them know the consequences of offending him. If he could make you crippled, you will be crippled, and if he wanted to cure you, you will be cured. If they don't have any problems in the future, it's best that they don't provoke him, otherwise he could be crippled at any time.

On the other hand, he naturally wanted to reap some rewards. He had been busy for so long, and had not charged any medical fees. Wouldn't this be a waste of time?

Okay, thank you Little Yu, I'll call them now. Mother Han originally thought that Cheng Yu wouldn't agree so easily, but now he readily agreed and she happily called Gu Fangqin

The next day, Tang Clan members appeared outside Cheng Yu's villa as expected. Tang Ze was sitting on a wheelchair and was looking at Cheng Yu with a hostile and even hateful expression.

However, Cheng Yu didn't care. To his surprise, Ji Wenbo and a group of old experts also came with the Tang Clan.

Old man, why are you everywhere? Cheng Yu walked out of the villa and said as he arrived at the entrance.

Hehe, Mr. Cheng, you've given us so much support from the hospital, I came here specifically to thank you. Ji Wenbo said with a smile. Indeed, he had a gift in his hand, which looked like wine.

Is that so? If that's the case, then it's fine. What's up with them? Cheng Yu said with a smile. How could he not know the thoughts of these old fellows?

If it wasn't for Cheng Yu, these old experts would definitely have been the top experts in Chinese neuroscience. But even so, they couldn't even find the cause of Tang Ze's illness. This was really hard for them to understand.

These people had looked down on Cheng Yu before. They felt that even if he had been studying medicine since he was born, he had only been practicing medicine for twenty years. Naturally, they wouldn't think that Cheng Yu was that skillful.

However, the medical records of the two incurable patients were detailed. Although they weren't experts in cancer, they still understood the problem. Not to mention handing the two over to them, even if they were to hand over to all the cancer experts around the world, they still wouldn't be able to save them.

But Cheng Yu had really done it. They were not only shocked, but also excited. There was actually someone who could cure cancer patients in this world. This was definitely a miracle in the medical world.

Now that they heard that Cheng Yu was willing to treat Tang Ze's illness, which was a strange disease to them, they naturally wanted to come and observe and learn from it. Furthermore, according to the Tang Clan, the disease itself was caused by Cheng Yu. This made them even more curious.

Ah? This is what it is, what it is. Hearing Cheng Yu's words that didn't seem to have any intention of letting them in, Ji Wenbo said somewhat embarrassedly.

Come in Cheng Yu was just joking around. Naturally, he wouldn't be so unreasonable.

Mr. Cheng lives alone? The group of people became even more curious about Cheng Yu when they saw that his villa was so grand and magnificent, yet they didn't see a second person.

Cheng Yu said that he didn't need money to treat the illness and even generously gave money to the patient. Now seeing that he lived in such a good house, it was really a mystery where his money came from.

Un, I don't like to be disturbed Cheng Yu said faintly. His intention was to tell them that it was best not to disturb him in the future.

Mr. Cheng, thank you for treating my son After entering the villa, Gu Fangqin didn't dare to put on airs anymore, so she spoke politely.

Don't thank me so early. Although I agreed to treat your son, I still have two conditions. If you can agree to my two conditions, then I will treat him. Otherwise, he can only continue to sit on this wheelchair. Cheng Yu said while sitting on the sofa.


Mr. Cheng, please tell us Hearing Cheng Yu's words, the expressions of the Tang family members changed, especially Tang Ze, who started to curse. However, Tang Zhiyong cut him off and calmly said.

First of all, your son's medical expenses are 20 million. If you agree to this condition, then the second condition is nothing Cheng Yu said calmly.

Hiss. Everyone took in a deep breath. This Cheng Yu's appetite was not small at all. The moment he opened his mouth, he asked for 20 million. This was no different from robbing a bank

But could a deputy director really afford to spend that much money?

Tang Zhizhong's expression was very ugly as this condition was indeed difficult for him. With so many outsiders present, wouldn't it be a big deal if he, a vice department official, could come up with 20 million?

But if he didn't agree, what would happen to his son? Did he really have to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life?

Didn't you say that you don't need money to treat illnesses? While Tang Zhizhong was hesitating and didn't know how to deal with the situation, Gu Fangqin said.

Hehe. You do remember a lot, but I forgot to tell you. I only treat poor people without money. Even if I were to treat nobles, as long as they are rich, I would still charge money, and you guys, if Han Xue's mother didn't ask me to, I would never treat you guys. Cheng Yu smiled.

After hearing what Cheng Yu said, everyone finally understood why Cheng Yu would live in such a good house. Originally, it wasn't that he didn't want to take money, but he only wanted to take the money from the pockets of the rich.

However, the cost of treating the patient was not something anyone could afford. It was 20 million, so he might as well just die.

But we don't have that much money either? With Ji Wenbo and the others present, he really didn't dare to agree to this condition.

Then I can only apologize. Please forgive me for not sending you off Cheng Yu said indifferently.

This... Can you charge less? Tang Zhiyong said.

Not a single cent less

Then can I write a promissory note? Tang ZhiYong gritted his teeth and said.

A promissory note? It's not impossible but I'm afraid I'll forget after a while. I still prefer cash Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Ten days. Give me ten days, I can borrow it Tang Zhiyong said.

Then why don't you come back in ten days? But I don't know what your son will become in ten days. Maybe 20 million won't be enough to solve the problem! It is even possible that I have already left Yunhai. Cheng Yu said indifferently.


Cheng Yu, you're doing it on purpose This time, Tang Zhizhong's words were cut off by Tang Ze. Seeing Cheng Yu's complacent look, he couldn't take it anymore.

Since I've already said this, it's your business whether I save you or not. I still have things to do, please go back Cheng Yu ignored Tang Ze's anger and stood up to send him off.

I agree. But I don't have that much money right now. Tomorrow, I will definitely send it over. We can sign the promissory note Tang Zhiyong said while clenching his teeth.

Although he knew that Cheng Yu did it on purpose, he wasn't sure of his words. If it was really as he said, then his son's condition suddenly worsened or if Cheng Yu left Yunhai, then there really would be no saving him.

Alright. Seeing how sincere you are, I'll grant your wish. The second condition was very simple: don't disturb the Han Family in the future. If I were to see your Tang Clan appear or do something bad to the Han Clan, then I can't guarantee who would be the next to be crippled Cheng Yu coldly said.

Cheng Yu's words caused everyone to tremble in fear. They could only feel a chill run down their spines. No one doubted the authenticity of Cheng Yu's words.

I promise you Tang Zhizhong said while clenching his teeth with an ugly expression on his face.

Very good. Since you've agreed to my two conditions, let's begin Cheng Yu had a satisfied expression as he looked at Tang Ze and smiled.