Godly Student Chapter 427

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Godly Doctor. Godly Doctor. Please save my father

Godly Doctor Please save my wife

Godly Doctor. I beg you, please save my child The door was suddenly filled with people. Some of them were patients, while others were the patients' families. They all wanted Cheng Yu to help with the treatment.

This... Seeing this scene, Cheng Yu, Han Xue, and Ji Wenbo were all very surprised. They never thought that these patients would be so crazy.

At this moment, Cheng Yu didn't know what to do. He knew that this world's modern high-tech medicine still had many illnesses that couldn't be cured, but he also told Han Xue that even if he was really an immortal, he couldn't cure all the patients in this world.

Everyone. I can understand your desire to defeat the disease. Perhaps my medical skills have made you feel amazing, which is why you are so excited. But I'm sorry, I'm a doctor, but I'm not an immortal. I think you know a little about my two patients, and it's not like what you see. I pushed them into the operating room, and then I got them out.

I paid a huge price to be able to save them. This kind of cost also prevents me from continuously treating patients like a machine, so I am unable to agree to your request. Cheng Yu said helplessly.

Although these words were a bit false, Cheng Yu had no choice but to do so. With so many patients surrounding them, if he started to treat one of them, then he would have to treat all of them.

If that was the case, then all the patients in the hospital would come to him for treatment, so there was no need for the hospital to continue running. More importantly, even if he were to exclude those ordinary patients and only leave those terminally ill patients for him to treat, it would be impossible for him to cure them all.

He had said that although he had a good heart, he was not a savior. Some things are all about fate, like this little girl's mother. If it wasn't for him refusing to save Shen Jie's father, he wouldn't have discovered her. Naturally, a tragedy would have been inevitable.

He could help avoid one or a few tragedies, but he could not help avoid all of them, so he could only reject them. Although it seemed to be a little cruel to those terminally ill or dying patients, he had no other choice

Godly Doctor, we can pay Someone shouted after hearing Cheng Yu's words.

Yes. Godly Doctor, we can pay for it, as long as you help us with the treatment Many people said.

Sorry, I never need money to cure a patient. Because the price that I have to pay is not something that money can buy back. Even if you put all the money in the world in front of me, I still won't be able to save anyone, so I'm very sorry Cheng Yu said.

This... Cheng Yu's words made everyone gag. They had never heard of a doctor that saved patients but didn't want money. But now that they had actually seen one, and this doctor couldn't save people, what could they do?

Godly Doctor, is the price you have to pay that great in order to save people? Some people still refused to give up.

Right now, I can't save anyone. I need to recover. Once I recover, I will naturally be able to save them. Cheng Yu said.

Then when will you recover? Can we go and find you? Someone said. Since Cheng Yu could still save others, they naturally had to think of a way to find him.

I don't know either, because these two patients are so serious, in a few months, maybe even in a few years. Besides, although I don't need money to cure the illness, it's a matter of chance and opportunity. Just like the two patients I saved yesterday, this is all fate. If the first one I met yesterday was one of you two, then I might have saved you two and not them. So, if there is fate, I will naturally appear without you looking for me. But if there is no lucky chance, then even if you stand in front of me, I will not be able to save anyone, just like right now Cheng Yu didn't want him to be guarded by a bunch of patients all day in the future. If that happened, then he wouldn't be able to live his life anymore.

What Cheng Yu said made everyone very disappointed. This was the first time they had heard that saving a patient had to do with fate. Why did it seem like Cheng Yu wasn't a doctor, but more like a Daoist?

I'm sorry. It's time to leave Cheng Yu didn't want to do anything else, so he left as soon as possible. Although they were unwilling, they had no other choice. They could only give way and allow him to leave.

Mr. Cheng, can you really not save others now? Walking out of the crowd, Ji Wenbo said to Cheng Yu.

He had heard that Cheng Yu had come again, and he still wanted him to help save a few more people. However, who knew that such a thing would happen? Now that Cheng Yu said that he was temporarily unable to cure the patient, this made him very suspicious.

Of course it's true Cheng Yu would never tell him the truth.

Mr. Cheng, can I ask you to come to the hospital and save someone in the future? Yesterday, the two cases once again allowed him to witness Cheng Yu's medical skills. Naturally, he hoped that Cheng Yu would come to the hospital often.

Didn't I just say it? Everything depends on fate. If I am fated, I will naturally come! Besides, aren't you afraid that I'll rob your hospital's business? Cheng Yu said.

Heh heh, how could that be? Mr. Cheng's medical skills are extraordinary. If you can cure all the patients for free, that would be the fortune of our country and the good news of the people. Why would I be unhappy? Ji Wenbo laughed as he spoke.

Although this hospital had a profitable purpose, it was still the national hospital. If he could cure all terminally ill patients in his hospital, then regardless of whether it was free, he would still be the one who contributed greatly. He couldn't wait for Cheng Yu to come every day

Cheng Yu didn't say anything and just left with Han Xue.

Why are you looking at me like that? Have I become more handsome again? Han Xue stared at Cheng Yu while they sat in the car. Cheng Yu asked in confusion.

Hm. Today, you are exceptionally handsome Han Xue said with a smile. Today, she saw a different Cheng Yu. She saw the help Cheng Yu gave to those patients and the tears of those patients. She was proud of Cheng Yu.

Han Xue was also more determined to be together with Cheng Yu. This man was different from the others. Not only did he have the status of an immortal cultivator that shocked everyone, he also had the ability to overturn rivers and seas.

A kind-hearted man was even more fascinating. Perhaps she really was an idiot, but she really couldn't give up on such a man.

Hehe, only today? I feel that I have always been this handsome Cheng Yu smiled.

Cheng Yu, do you like children? Han Xue asked because she saw that Cheng Yu's previous love for this little girl was like love for his daughter.

Hm. Don't you think they're cute? Cheng Yu recalled the Keke at home. They were all people that had been abandoned by fate. If they didn't meet him, Keke might have already been starved to death or beaten to death.

Do you like boys or girls? Han Xue asked.

As long as it's someone you gave me, no matter if it's a boy or a girl, I like them all Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Fuck you, who wants to give birth to your child Han Xue said with a red face.

It doesn't matter if you don't give birth for me, I'll sow it for you Cheng Yu smiled.

Die... Scoundrel Han Xue blushed as she scolded.

Ha ha Laughter filled the interior of the car as it instantly disappeared into the road.


Seeing that Cheng Yu had left, the people gathered in the hospital all dispersed in regret. What was worth noting was that the Tang couple was also standing there. Their faces were very unsightly.

Previously, they only thought that Cheng Yu's medical skills were slightly better than those experts, but the matter of these two incurable patients being cured was like a stone that had a thousand ripples in the hospital. Most people knew about this and were discussing it.

They really didn't expect that Cheng Yu's medical skills were already this powerful. Yesterday, they only thought that Cheng Yu could alleviate the patient's condition. After all, it was a terminal illness that no one could cure.

But they were wrong, and now they were regretting it. Recalling what Cheng Yu said just now, it was possible that Cheng Yu wouldn't be able to treat anyone within a few months. Their hearts sank to the bottom of the sea.

If they could have a good talk with Cheng Yu yesterday, perhaps their son's illness would have been cured. What should they do now? Yesterday, they purposely provoked the conflict between him and Shen Jie, and now, it's even more impossible for him to treat their son.

Old Tang. What should we do now? Why don't we go talk to Cheng Yu Gu Fangqin said.

I'm afraid he doesn't even want to see us. How can we start a conversation? Tang Zhiyong sighed.

They were sure that Tang Ze's illness was caused by Cheng Yu, because Cheng Yu's medical skills far exceeded anyone's imagination. No wonder even the old doctors couldn't find the cause of Tang Ze's illness, but so what if they knew?

Now that they had offended him, wouldn't he be happy if they wanted him to treat them?

Talk to the mayor again! If Mayor Zhao appears, Cheng Yu will definitely give you face. Gu Fangqin said.

That's hard to say. Yesterday, I arrested Cheng Yu into the police station and it was Mayor Zhao who personally brought him in. And I think Mayor Zhao really values this nephew of his. I'm afraid he has already hated us for a long time. Tang Zhiyong said.

He was truly depressed. Originally, he came here to help his son get engaged, but now, it turned out like this. The engagement was not made, and instead, he made his son into a cripple.

He knew that it was someone else's doing, but he didn't have any other choice. Who would have thought that Cheng Yu would be so capable? He had easily crippled his own son.

Truly, one had no choice but to lower their head