Godly Student Chapter 426

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Cheng Yu brought Han Xue to the hospital. Seeing Cheng Yu appear once again, many doctors and nurses showed endless admiration for him, especially the nurses and their sisters. They stared at Cheng Yu as if they wanted to eat him up.

After a few months, Cheng Yu's reputation in the People's Hospital once again peaked. If the previous few miracles made many people only hear of him but not see his skills, many people still felt that everyone was skeptical towards Cheng Yu's miracles.

However, when the miracle of the medical field happened in the City People's Hospital again yesterday, those who were doubtful had no choice but to believe it, because the two patients were still in the hospital.

One was already dying of terminal cancer while the other one was dead. Both of them were saved by Cheng Yu and they were completely fine.

Of course, the fact that they said that everything was fine did not mean that they were able to move around freely. If that was the case, they really would have to worship Cheng Yu as a deity.

All they said was that after their inspection, the old man's cancer cells were gradually decreasing and his body was recovering. Although there were still cancer cells in his body, but they believed that with this reduction speed, the cancer cells in his body could definitely completely disappear and return to normal in less than a month.

That leukemic person was even more mysterious. Not only did she come back to life, the leukemic cells also disappeared. Her hematopoietic function was also becoming normal. It would probably take about a month for everything to return to normal.

The two patients were normal, but with such a miraculous event happening right in front of their eyes, they felt like it wasn't normal in the first place. It broke all their knowledge of cancer, and it broke all the knowledge that the medical community had known about cancer for so many years.

The cancer and leukemia that were once regarded as the world's five greatest problems were actually cured by Cheng Yu. If they were to hand the remaining three patients over to Cheng Yu, would he be able to cure them?

If that was the case, then Cheng Yu was definitely the most awesome doctor in the world. Just thinking about it made people excited, and they even wanted to invite a few of these patients to treat him.

Why do I feel like they're always looking at us strangely? As Han Xue walked along the corridor of the hospital, she saw that everyone was looking at them with an excited look, she asked curiously.

Do you think it's easy to find a couple as handsome as me, or as beautiful as you? It would be abnormal if they didn't look at us strangely. Cheng Yu said with a smile. Naturally, he could guess some clues. If other people had this ability, then this hospital wouldn't have so many tragedies.

Arriving at the old man's room yesterday, the old man was already awake and the two old couples were chatting. The old woman might be tired from living, but her thoughts were very simple. As long as the old man stayed by her side, she would be happy.

Eh? Isn't this the genius doctor from yesterday? Seeing Cheng Yu appear at the door, one of the patient's family members suddenly shouted in excitement.

Hehe, nice to meet you all. Grandpa, how do you feel today? Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Mister Godly Doctor, thank you so much. You are a good person, even my wife and I don't know how to repay you The two old couples were also very excited as they spoke, especially the old woman. She was about to kneel down and express her gratitude to Cheng Yu.

Hey, grandma, you don't need to be like this. I'm very happy that I can help you. Here are some daily necessities and fifty thousand yuan. Take it Cheng Yu quickly supported the old woman and passed the things in his hands to her.

This... How can we accept it? Thank you, Godly Doctor. We should be extremely grateful to you for treating my husband's illness. How could we take such a precious item like this? The old woman was shocked and quickly refused.

Grandma, this is not something precious to me. Compared to your two elders' feelings, this is nothing and the two of you will need it to live out your life in the future. I have also heard about your affairs, and living your life like this is not an option either, take it Cheng Yu pressed the money into the old woman's hand.

That's right. Grandma, he doesn't lack money, but if this money can help you, it's worth more than anything Seeing this scene, Han Xue was also very moved. However, the old woman still repeatedly refused to accept it, so she went up and said.

Thank you! Thank you. You really are the living Bodhisattvas. The heavens will definitely bless you all Everyone in the ward was deeply touched by the sincere kindness of Cheng Yu and Han Xue. Some of the family members and nurses were moved to tears, while the two elders were also full of tears and kept saying words of thanks.

When he walked out of the ward, Ji Wenbo was also standing at the door. He had only seen half of the previous scene, but it was clear that he was moved by Cheng Yu's actions.

Geezer, you're pretty free. I can see you every time I come to the hospital Upon seeing Ji Wenbo, Cheng Yu smiled.

Haha, Mr. Cheng, you're really a kind-hearted person. I'm really sorry about what happened yesterday Ji Wenbo was on the verge of tears as well. Upon recalling what happened yesterday, he said awkwardly.

Originally, Cheng Yu was here to cure people, but in the end, he was caught and sent to the police station by someone else. He felt extremely guilty.

It's fine, it's not your fault Why would Cheng Yu bother with him over such a small matter?

Cheng Yu brought Han Xue to another ward, which was the ward of the patient with leukemia. On the bed, the little girl from yesterday was lying next to the woman, as if she was listening to a woman's story.

Big brother. You're here, My mom really woke up Seeing Cheng Yu walk in, the little girl suddenly said happily.

Hur hur, aren't you happy? Cheng Yu patted her head and smiled.

En. Who is this sister? Your princess? My mother said the prince's princess is always so beautiful. The little girl looked at Han Xue and said innocently.

Heh heh, yes, she is my princess. Look, I brought you a princess too. Do you like it? Cheng Yu said with a smile, then he took out a blonde doll from his bag and gave it to her.

Doll. So beautiful, big brother, is this for me? The little girl said happily when she saw the doll.

Of course. Do you like it?

I like it. But Mom says you can't take anything from someone else. The little girl really liked dolls, but she still reluctantly handed the doll back to Cheng Yu, while staring at the doll.

Your mother is right, but we are not the same. Aren't we friends? Of course you can accept gifts from friends Cheng Yu smiled and returned the doll to the little girl's arms.

Really? Mom, is that really true? The little girl turned around and looked at her mother in disbelief.

Are you the doctor who my daughter mentioned that saved me? I really don't know how to thank you. When I recover from my illness, I will definitely earn money to repay your medical expenses. The woman did not answer her daughter, but stood up to kowtow a few times in gratitude.

She had already heard from the nurse about her condition, and in her present condition she could fully recover. When she heard this news, she simply couldn't believe it was true. She had thought that she really was going to die. The only regret she had was that no one was able to take care of her pitiful daughter. She had let her down.

But now, she had come back to life and was able to continue living with her daughter. Thinking of this, she felt extremely grateful to Cheng Yu.

As for the medical fees, I'm not a doctor, so I won't charge for them. As for the hospitals, they don't have the qualifications to charge for them, you just need to tend to your sickness, and your daughter needs your care since she is still so young. Cheng Yu smiled and said. I brought some daily necessities and fifty thousand yuan. You guys accept it, don't say anything to reject it. Even if you don't care about yourself, you still have to take care of your daughter. Cheng Yu placed the rest of the things on the table beside the bed.

Just now, he had already used a lot of reasons to convince the two old couple to accept his gift. He really didn't want to talk about it again.

This... The woman didn't know how to reply to Cheng Yu's words. He had already said everything by himself.

She had lived for over 30 years and had never believed that there was a living Buddha in this world. However, today, she had encountered a living Buddha, so all she could do was shed tears of gratitude.

Thank you, Thank you The woman was sobbing

When the people in the ward saw this scene, they were both envious and touched. In this world, there were many good people, but this was the first time they saw it with their own eyes.

Godly Doctor. Godly Doctor. Please save my father

Godly Doctor. Save my wife

Godly Doctor. I beg you, please save my child Just when everyone was immersed in the sea of emotions, a voice suddenly sounded from the ward's door.

However, after the first sound was heard, all sorts of pleas for help from Cheng Yu came out

It turned out that when Cheng Yu appeared in the hospital, he had long been noticed by the patients who saw Cheng Yu's miraculous medical skills yesterday. Now, they saw that not only did Cheng Yu not ask for the medical expenses for treating the patient, he even sent money to the patient.

Of course, these people didn't want Cheng Yu to give them money as well. It was just that Cheng Yu's medical skills were truly too good. They had already asked about the patient's condition and she was even declared dead. Who else was there that he couldn't save?

However, they weren't all rich people. Cheng Yu's medical skills were high and he didn't need money, so who wouldn't want him to treat them? Even those rich people were shouting like crazy.