Godly Student Chapter 425

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Cheng Yu brought Han Xue to Qin Canghai's office to introduce her to him, but Han Xue didn't know what to say. She really wanted to get to know Cheng Yu more, and also wanted to know more of his friends. However, she didn't expect that Cheng Yu's friends would be the three big bosses of the underworld.

As a police officer, she naturally had a lot of interest in the people on the underworld. Qin Canghai and the others were once among the people the police investigated. But now, the three big bosses called her sister-in-law. Did this count as her becoming Big Boss woman?

Although Cheng Yu repeatedly emphasized that they turned from black to white, Han Xue always felt that something was wrong when she was with them.

How much has it risen now? Cheng Yu didn't know the complicated thoughts in Han Xue's heart and asked Wu Chang about the important matters.

It has already risen to 14.5 billion! Wu Chang said, then he turned the computer display on the table towards him. On it was the land information of the Bureau of Lands auction.

14.5 billion? More than 20,000 mu, the land you said you want to buy is this? What do you want to buy such a large land for? Before Cheng Yu could say anything, Han Xue looked at the price and land information and was suddenly startled by 14.5 billion. What sort of concept was that? She had never seen a hundred million piling up, but there was someone on the internet doing it right now. If a hundred million piling up was just a few cubic meters, then what about 14.5 billion? If a hundred million was just one meter tall, wouldn't that mean that 14.5 billion was over a hundred square meters? He could even use money to build a big house, yet Cheng Yu was spending so much money to buy land. Wasn't this insane?

Hehe, didn't I say that you would know about it later? Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Can't you tell me now? Besides, where did you get so much money? It can't be that you did something illegal, right? Han Xue really couldn't understand how Cheng Yu could have so much money. He once told her that he had his own company, but she didn't go into details about it.

When she first met Cheng Yu, seeing how young he was, she thought he was spending all of his family's money. However, when she was accompanying him and his cousin Zhao Yunfang to buy a car, Zhao Yunfang let her know that it was Cheng Yu's own money.

Moreover, at that time, the news she got from Zhao Yunfang was that this guy had also just started earning money. Although she knew that Cheng Yu's pills were easy to sell, she didn't think he would be able to earn that much money in these few months.

On the other hand, the existence of Qin Canghai's group made Han Xue immediately think of them doing something illegal in order to earn such a windfall.

Do you really not believe in my ability that much? Do you think I need to rely on those methods to make money? As I told you last time, the Face Restoring Pellets on the market are all mine, and now that the whole country's markets have opened up, the money is flowing like water. You really look down on women's care about their looks, do you think that all women are as fortunate as you? A true Face Restoring pill is not something that just anyone can use. Cheng Yu said proudly.

There might not be many women with money in this world, but their men did. Would they let their women grow old? Besides, the woman herself was unwilling. Instead of letting her man throw money at a mistress, he might as well spend it all to make herself more beautiful.

Humph Han Xue snorted disapprovingly. Although she was also surprised at the speed at which Cheng Yu was earning money, she didn't want to see Cheng Yu's complacent look.

Young Master Yu, these two companies have been fighting for this land for the past two days. I'm worried that during the final auction, other people would come and fight with us for it. If they offer more money than us, we might not be able to get our hands on this land This was also the reason why he wanted Cheng Yu here.

If the other party didn't care about this land, he wouldn't have cared. However, whether it was the two competing companies or Cheng Yu, both of them were determined to get this land. He was very worried about this problem. If the other side happens bid more money than them, or if the network's delay has caused them to not be able to bid, then the bid will fail.

There's such a thing? Cheng Yu naturally didn't know much about this, and when he heard the other party's words, he couldn't help but frown. Alright then, give that Director Liu a call.

Soon, the call connected.

Hey. Chief Liu? I am Cheng Yu Cheng Yu said straightforwardly.

Oh, so it's Mr. Cheng. May I know what business Mr. Cheng has? Is it about the land? Hearing that it was Cheng Yu, Liu Hai was very polite. After all, Cheng Yu was a true rich person and it was always better to try to build a relationship with rich people.

Not bad. Today is the final day of bidding. I saw two companies are also thinking about this land

Yes, they are all listed companies in the provinces. They all want to build a resort there. I wonder if Mr. Cheng wants to take this land?

So that's how it is. However, I heard that there will be a fierce auction at the end, but I am determined to win this land, so I want Director Liu's help. No matter what price they are bidding for this land, you will add another 500 million to help me take it. I will definitely thank Director Liu after this matter is completed. Cheng Yu said in a domineering manner, and the others present all stared with wide eyes, another 500 million more than others' prices?

Hehe, Mr Cheng is indeed bold. Sure, that won't be a problem. Mr Cheng, please wait for the good news Hearing the other party's words, Director Liu was naturally very happy.

Every time he negotiated a partnership, it would be a political achievement. The higher the price, the greater the benefits the country would gain from it.

If that's the case, then I'll have to thank Chief Liu first. With that, Cheng Yu hung up.

Young Master Yu, aren't you being too impulsive? Actually, as long as you can bid more than others, why would you need to pay such a great price? Wu Chang said.

No matter, as long as we can take this land, it will be worth it. Furthermore, we must let others see our strength. In the future, this Director Liu will be very willing to help us. Now that Cheng Yu had enough money on his card to buy the land, he naturally wouldn't care anymore. At the same time, he would use this method to suppress his competitors, and Liu Hai would be more than happy to help him in the future because of this

But the price is too high As a native of the city, he still couldn't understand Cheng Yu's actions.

Enough. This is the money for buying the land, and you need to help me settle the rest of the formalities as soon as possible. Cheng Yu gave the most important card to Wu Chang, which was all of his savings.

Moreover, he didn't really care about earning money that much. The Longevity Pill had already been listed on the market, and this pill was targeted at everyone. There was no need to talk about the profits.

You're the most extravagant person I've ever met. Although other people are also buying this land, but they are buying it for the company. However, you actually bought a piece of wasteland for yourself, moreover.... it is such a big one. I don't even know what's in your head. After exiting newlight nightclub, Han Xue sat in the car and chattered on.

Hehe, this thing called money. It's better to spend the rest of your money on what you want to do than to put it in a card. Cheng Yu said with a smile.


Hehe, why? Are you heartbroken? Don't worry, if you like money, then I'll make you a mattress out of money in the future. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

I don't want it. I just don't agree with the way you spend your money. Where are we going now? The hospital? Han Xue said. Although she wasn't some rich young lady, but she wasn't a poor person either

Let's go to the mall first Cheng Yu said.

Han Xue didn't ask much since she already applied for leave today, it didn't matter where she went.

However, she had originally thought that Cheng Yu was taking her shopping, but what surprised her was that the things that this guy bought were all for the elderly and young girls.

You bought it for your family? Han Xue asked curiously. This was because when she came to Cheng Yu's Uncle house, she already knew that he had a five-year-old sister.

No, for yesterday's patients. Although some unhappy things happened yesterday, Cheng Yu's heart was deeply touched when he saw those poor patients. To him, money was just a pile of numbers or scrap paper, but to those poor people, it was their lives.

Without money, their family would not care about them. The hospital would also not really care for them even if they are sick because of their lack of money. It was unknown how many lives were taken by Cheng Yu. In the past, no matter who's life was, it was always like grass. If it wasn't you who killed me, then it was me who killed you.

But after coming to this world, he had his family and loved ones. The people here did not have the strength to destroy an army with just a wave of their hand, but they lived even more realistically.

He had experienced this kind of pain before, but when his master and mother left him, he had never experienced it again.

But yesterday, seeing the helplessness of those poor patients, what did he think he should do?

When did you become so kind? She didn't expect that Cheng Yu was buying it for the patients.

I have always been a kind person

I really couldn't tell

Do I have to shout out loud that I am a kind person? And although I am a kind person, I am not a Savior, and from what I know, not even aSavior can save all the suffering people Cheng Yu said.

No matter what, he was someone who had once lived in the Immortal World. Although an Immortal was strong, but he was still unable to bring people back to life.