Godly Student Chapter 424

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I must call the hospital Only then did Han Xue come back to her senses and planned to call a doctor. She quickly took out her phone and called 120. But at that moment, a hand covered her phone

Han Xue blankly looked at the owner of this hand looking at her with a cheap smile

Hehe, Little Snow. I'm fine now Cheng Yu said with a smile.

... Han Xue didn't say anything, but continued to look at him without moving.

Little Snow. Little Snow Cheng Yu waved his hand in front of Han Xue

You lied to me. You actually lied to me like this. You bastard Han Xue suddenly shouted in fury.

Earlier, she really thought that Cheng Yu had lost his life and was regretting it in her heart. But she didn't think that this guy would actually lie to her like this.

What do you mean? I've really been hit Seeing Han Xue's angry expression, Cheng Yu also felt uncertain. He couldn't have really gone too far. Just now, he heard Han Xue crying so bitterly. Now, her face was covered in tears, making him feel guilty again.

Pow! Han Xue directly pushed Cheng Yu away and stood up to leave.

Aiya! Little Snow, this time, I really got injured Cheng Yu shouted and rolled on the ground, but this time, Han Xue didn't believe him and just walked forward.

Actually, what happened just now was because everything happened too fast and she didn't even have time to think about it. She only saw that Cheng Yu had lost his breath and she really thought that Cheng Yu was dead.

Therefore, she didn't even notice that there wasn't even a trace of blood on Cheng Yu's body. Han Xue was sad and angry at the same time. She was extremely sad for him, but he was actually playing a joke on her

Little Snow. Little Snow. Don't be angry. I'm fine, but I was hit by a car. You should comfort me no matter what Cheng Yu rolled twice on the ground, but Han Xue looked at him and quickly chased after him.

Do you need me to comfort you for being so amazing? Han Xue said angrily.

What I have injured is my heart. I naturally need your consolation.

I'm sorry, I won't Han Xue still walked forward without even looking at him.

Little Snow. I know you still like me, and I know I deeply hurt you. If you think my injury will make you feel better, then I will injure myself Cheng Yu did not follow her and instead shouted at her back.

Then, Cheng Yu's right hand turned into a palm, gathering Qi and striking his own chest.

Puff! Cheng Yu suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood

What are you doing? You're crazy Han Xue felt that something was wrong and could not help but turn her head. She just happened to see Cheng Yu spitting out blood and instantly running back nervously

Little Snow. I really like you. I don't want to lose you. I've said it before, I'll make you the most beautiful ring. Promise me you won't leave me, okay Cheng Yu didn't care about his own injuries. Instead, he pulled Han Xue's hand and took out a beautiful ring on his right hand. The crystal-like phoenix with its wings spread and looked like it could fly away, becoming even more dazzling under the moonlight

Han Xue watched with incomparable shock as Cheng Yu slowly put the beautiful ring on her finger. An indescribable feeling of gratitude arose in her heart, but at the same time, a thick sadness emerged from her heart.

The tears kept rolling down like pearls with their strings cut off

Wu Wu Wu. Han Xue couldn't hold it in any longer, and she started crying helplessly in his arms like a child.

Cheng Yu quietly hugged her but didn't say anything. Regardless of how many women he liked, at this moment, there was only Han Xue in his heart

Han Xue only calmed down after crying for a while.

I'll take you home Cheng Yu said softly.

En Han Xue nodded.

The two of them got a taxi and Cheng Yu brought Han Xue home. The two of them quietly walked through the courtyard of the city government's residence without saying a word, experiencing this rare moment of peace and quiet.

Han Xue's heart was very conflicted. She clearly felt Cheng Yu's love for her, but she knew Cheng Yu wouldn't give up on that girl for her.

But as a modern person living in the modern world, how could she accept that a man had two wives? But what could she do even if she didn't accept it?

There was no doubt that Han Xue liked Cheng Yu, and it was also because of this that she couldn't bear to give up on Cheng Yu even though so many days had passed. Every day, she hoped that Cheng Yu would call her at home or go to the police station to find her.

But now, not only was he here, he even gave her such a precious ring. This showed how much he loved her. From the moment the ring was placed on her finger, it could be said as a personal engagement for life.

But what would she do? She couldn't tell her parents that Cheng Yu had another girlfriend, and how could she explain it to them in the future? How do we get married? Or is this a relationship that could only be hidden in the shadows? All of this made her feel very confused, and she didn't know how to deal with it.

Cheng Yu...

Han Xue... The two of them called out at the same time when they arrived at the front of Han Xue's home.

You first Han Xue said.

I know you have a complicated mind right now, so you don't need to think so much. Let's just let nature take its course, okay? As for your parents, I will think of a way to get them to agree. I said it before, you will always be my Cheng family's wife. I will never abandon you Cheng Yu pulled Han Xue's hand and said.

Han Xue didn't say anything as she gently nodded

Go up. I'll come to you tomorrow Cheng Yu kissed Han Xue on the forehead and said.

Watching Han Xue's disappearing figure from the corridor, Cheng Yu helplessly sighed and went home alone

Early the next morning, Wu Chang called him

Hey. You took that piece of land? At this moment, Cheng Yu was driving his BMW to pick up Han Xue because his Lamborghini was left at the City People's Hospital yesterday.

Young Master Yu, not yet. The auction will only end today at 12 PM, so I want to invite Young Master Yu to come and hold the line After all, this business was too big, with more than 10 billion yuan. This was a huge sum which could allow others to enjoy the rest of their life with no worries. He did not want Cheng Yu to lose a lot of money.

Alright! Where are you now? Cheng Yu said after thinking for a while. It's a good idea for him to take care of such a big matter

Although he didn't value money, if he didn't have money in this world, then some things would be quite troublesome.

Han Xue was already waiting when Cheng Yu drove the car to the police station.

Today, Han Xue wasn't wearing a police uniform. Although it was already November, Yunhai was in the southern part of China, the weather wasn't very cold, so Han Xue was wearing a green suede long sleeve shirt and tight black pant.

Did you wait long? Cheng Yu said as he opened the passenger door.

No, I just got off. Why are you driving this car today? Han Xue sat in the car and said.

That car was left in the hospital yesterday Cheng Yu said.

Where are we going today?

Originally, I planned to take you to the hospital. Yesterday, I rescued two patients and prepared to bring them something to help nourish them as well as to see their condition. However, my friend just called me to take care of an important matter first. Come with me Cheng Yu said.

Important thing? I won't disturb you, will I? Han Xue said. Since last time when Cheng Yu disappeared for no reason, Han Xue just realized that she didn't know any of Cheng Yu's friends. She really wanted to go when he said he had business with a friend.

At the very least, if she got to know Cheng Yu's friends, she could understand him better. Moreover, if the next time Cheng Yu disappeared, she wouldn't blindly search the entire world for him.

It's fine, I just want to buy a plot of land. Today is the deadline for the auction for that piece of land Cheng Yu said simply.

Buying land? Why are you doing buying land? Are you planning to make a real estate company? Han Xue asked curiously.

I'm not that bored. I don't lack money, so who would be free to make something like that

Then why did you buy the place for?

Hehe. It's a secret for now, but you'll know about it in the future Cheng Yu smiled mysteriously. He still needed to plan carefully before buying the land. Unlike the cultivation world, this place had some troublesome problems that he didn't want others to know about beforehand.

How secretive, I'd like to see what the land looks like Han Xue said disapprovingly.

Hehe, you'll know once we arrive Cheng Yu smiled. Not just anyone would dare to buy such a huge piece of land.

Young Master Yu When Cheng Yu drove the car into the newlight nightclub, Wu Chang was already waiting at the door. There weren't many people around during the day, so it seemed rather empty.

Isn't this the territory of the Blood Wolf Gang? What are you doing here? He's not the friend you're talking about, right? Han Xue was a police officer, so she naturally had some understanding of the division of powers in Yunhai.

Seeing the third brother of the Blood Wolf Gang being so respectful to Cheng Yu, she could not understand.

That was in the past. Now, this place is no longer the Blood Wolf Gang, but New World, Limited. I named it, what do you think? Very good right Cheng Yu said with a smile.

New World Limited? You named it? Is this your territory? Han Xue said in surprise.

You can say that. Wu Chang, let me introduce you, this is my wife. Han Xue, This is my friend Wu Chang. Cheng Yu said.

Hello, elder sister-in-law Wu Chang said respectfully, not at all ashamed that Han Xue was younger than her. As people of the underworld, they were very strict with respect to seniority and social status.

Although Cheng Yu had never admitted to being their boss, this was the truth.

What elder sister-in-law. Just call me Miss Han Han Xue's face turned red and she couldn't help but glare at Cheng Yu. She wasn't used to being called elder sister-in-law by a man in his thirties. Furthermore, the other party was the former Big Boss

This... Wu Chang looked at Cheng Yu.

It's fine, let her be This woman was still as shy as ever.