Godly Student Chapter 423

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Then I better beat him up again Seeing that Han Xue didn't want to let go, Cheng Yu turned his head around and was about to hit Shen Jie again.

You're crazy. You can't do this Han Xue pulled Cheng Yu back.

So you forgive me? Cheng Yu smiled.

In short, you can't casually hit someone Han Xue didn't say that she would forgive him or not.

Then I'll take it that you are forgiving me Cheng Yu pulled Han Xue's hand and said with a smile.

Hey surnamed Cheng, don't be too arrogant. Don't think that just because you have some medical skills that you think everyone will curry favor with you. You have offended me today, so in the future, I will let you know the meaning of suffering Shen Jie's face turned ugly. No matter what, he was still a department head. He never thought that he would be scared by a brat here in Yunhai. How could he show his face?

So you're not going to let me go? Cheng Yu said with his head tilted.

That's right. What? Are you afraid? If you beg me now, I might just change my mind. Or else, you just wait and see Shen Jie said complacently.

As an official, he always had some resources, so it was easy for him to ruin a doctor. He could find a few reasons to get help from a friend in the Ministry of Health to revoke Cheng Yu's medical license, making him unable to become a doctor for the rest of his life.

Little Snow, you saw it too. It's not that I'm not letting him off, it's that he's not willing to let me off Cheng Yu helplessly said to Han Xue. He then turned around and slowly walked towards Shen Jie. With a smile, he said, Since you're not willing to let me go, then I'll have to not let you go

You... What do you want? Don't be reckless. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life in prison? Shen Jie said in panic. This brat wouldn't change his mind no matter what he said. It was as if he was not afraid of the law at all.


q>Stop Just as Cheng Yu was about to slap Shen Jie away, a familiar voice suddenly sounded. A young man walked over hurriedly.

Little Yu. What are you doing? Don't you know it's illegal? It was the mayor of Yunhai City, Zhao Minglong. It turned out that when Cheng Yu had followed them to the police station, Ji Wenboo had contacted Zhao Minglong, which was why he had hurried over.

Alright. You've been saved once again. It seems that your luck today is quite good. Cheng Yu put down his hand, glanced at Shen Jie with a smile, then walked back to grab Han Xue's hand and started touching it.

Han Xue's face turned red. She struggled for a bit but was held tightly by Cheng Yu, so she fiercely glared at him and let him hold her.

Mayor Zhao. You... Do you know him? Seeing that Yunhai's mayor was here, and he seemed to have quite a good relationship with this Cheng Yu guy, otherwise he wouldn't have called him by a nickname.

Mr. Shen, why are you here? Cheng Yu is my nephew. I wonder what he has done to offend you Shen Jie was the department head, so Zhao Minglong had naturally met him before when he went to the provincial capital for a meeting. The two didn't interact much, but they could still be considered to know each other.

From a level point of view, Zhao Minglong was a deputy provincial mayor, and although Shen Jie worked in the province, he was still just a department head.

What? Mayor Zhao, you said that he's your nephew? Shen Jie said in surprise. At the same time, he looked at Tang Zhiyong beside him.

This fellow had never told him of his identity, saying that he was just a doctor with great medical skills. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so unyielding.

If he had known about this from the beginning, he might have been able to get Cheng Yu to treat his father just by talking to Zhao Minglong. But now that it had turned out to be like this, anything he said was of no use.

He had already lost his face, and it was true that he was kicked by Cheng Yu. He was even threatened by this kid several times. It was impossible to reconcile between the two.

Yes, I don't know what kind of misunderstanding there is between Mr. Shen and him, but Mr. Shen is an elder after all. Can you just let it go on my account? Zhao Minglong said.

Mayor Zhao, of course I don't dare to not give you face, but it's also a fact that your nephew hit me in public. If we're going to end it like this, then how can I face others? Although the other party was at a higher level than him, but he did not need to lower himself to him

Then I'll apologize to you on his behalf here, and invite Mr. Shen for a meal tomorrow to apologize. What do you think? The other side's attitude was clear, so Zhao Minglong wasn't dissatisfied. However, he knew that Cheng Yu definitely wouldn't show any mercy. He could only apologize on his behalf.

Otherwise, with Cheng Yu's temper, if he were to apologize, he would probably blow the matter up again.

Shen Jie was also surprised to see Zhao Minglong apologize on behalf of Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu was his nephew, it would be easy for him to get Cheng Yu to apologize on his behalf, so why would he apologize on his behalf? He was too kind to his nephew

However, since Zhao Minglong had personally apologized, if he still didn't know what was good for him, then he would really offend someone. Although Zhao Minglong didn't have such a high position, Zhao Minglong was already a mayor at such a young age. In the future, if he took another step forward, he would definitely be in the province, so he naturally didn't want to offend him.

Moreover, when he saw the look in Cheng Yu's eyes, there was always a kind of inexplicable fear. This made him somewhat afraid of causing trouble again

Mayor Zhao has already said so. If I still don't accept it, then I really don't know how to appreciate favors. Shen Jie said with a smile.

Hehe, since everyone is able to resolve the dispute, we can talk about it later. I can only thank Mr. Shen for his magnanimity. I'll take him back first. It was too late for him to treat them to dinner, so he had to leave.

Go back first. I still need to send Snowy back Cheng Yu didn't want to argue with an ordinary person, but seeing Zhao Minglong apologize for him, he didn't say anything. In any case, it was impossible for him to apologize.

Who wants you to send me back!? I will go back myself Seeing that it was finally over, Han Xue heaved a sigh of relief, shook off Cheng Yu's hand, and left the police station by herself.

Little Snow, you're not trying to go back on your word, are you? Cheng Yu caught up to Han Xue and said.

How did I go back on my word?

Then why don't you let me send you back

I don't have any relationship with you, why should I let you send me back? Han Xue said.

How could there be no relationship between us?You are my wife. We are engaged, and your mother even accepted the betrothal gift. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Looking at Cheng Yu's natural and sincere smile, Han Xue felt even more sad as she thought of the 20 million as a betrothal gift. Why was such a good man such a playboy? Why was he like other women? If only he liked her only

Since I'm your wife, then what about that school belle girlfriend of yours? What is she? Your mistress? Han Xue looked at him and said.

Of course not, she's also my wife. Cheng Yu said.

Wife. Wife. Do you think that all beautiful women is your wife? Why do you guys always have to keep watching over the pot while enjoying the food in the bowl? Han Xue's heart suddenly surged with anger as she angrily shouted.

I.... When have I ever eaten in a bowl? I've always been staring at the pot Cheng Yu said weakly.

Although Cheng Yu liked the five women, he hadn't eaten all of them. According to him, these five were still cooking in the pot, so he didn't even have a bowl

Then go and eat what's in your pot. Go, I don't want to see you Han Xue said angrily as she continuously pushed Cheng Yu.

Bang! Han Xue used all her strength to push Cheng Yu, but Cheng Yu didn't resist. Who knew that Cheng Yu would be pushed off the sidewalk by her and be sent flying by the speeding car

AHHHHHHH. Cheng Yu Han Xue was stunned at first, but after she reacted, she immediately let out a mournful scream that broke the silence of the night. Who knew how far it spread. About ten meters away, Cheng Yu was lying quietly on the ground.

Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu. How are you? Are you okay! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose. Please don't let anything happen to you Han Xue ran over and hugged Cheng Yu as she cried.

Cheng Yu. Wake up, Don't scare me, it's all my fault. Don't scare me Han Xue checked Cheng Yu's breath and found that there was not a trace of air left. Han Xue panicked and felt even more sad. She cried while hugging Cheng Yu.

At that very instant, Han Xue really hated herself. Why was she so impulsive? She didn't push him earlier or later, and just happened to push him off when there was a car coming.

Cheng Yu, don't die. I'm Sorry, you are a god, how can you die? You said you'd spend the rest of your life with me. Don't abandon me! I promise you, I won't make you angry again. Han Xue hugged Cheng Yu tightly, and all the tears on her face flowed onto Cheng Yu's face.

Little... Little... Miss, he. He.... Is he alright? I'm not... It wasn't intentional, he just so happened to be there. You have to be a witness for me At this time, the driver's face turned pale from fright and his legs were trembling as he walked over and said.

There weren't many people on the road at this time so the driver wasn't really paying attention but he didn't expect that someone would suddenly pop up out of nowhere.

Little... Miss? Miss? The driver called a few times, but Han Xue just kept on crying and ignored him.

He thought for a while and slowly retreated a few steps. He realized that the other party still had no reaction. He then quickly returned to the car and drove away.

Cheng Yu, wake up. I promise you, I will never be angry with you again. As long as you wake up, I will forgive you. Wuuuuuu Han Xue could only hug Cheng Yu and cry

I must call the ambulance Only then did Han Xue come back to her senses and planned to call a doctor. She quickly took out her phone and called 120. But at that moment, a hand covered her phone