Godly Student Chapter 422

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I'll go and see him now Han Xue anxiously ran out of the Criminal Investigation Department's office.

Although Han Xue knew that Cheng Yu wasn't an ordinary person, she still couldn't help but worry for him. Perhaps this was what they called caring so much that it would be messy. Moreover, Cheng Yu was a cultivator, but she knew that there were many methods that Cheng Yu couldn't use.

Uncle Tang... Mr. Tang When Han Xue just ran into the front hall, she saw Tang Zhiyong. She greeted him in surprise.

What are you doing here? For him? Seeing Han Xue's appearance, Tang Zhiyong was also a bit surprised. However, he didn't give Han Xue any face.

Today, Tang Ze told him everything. Cheng Yu is Han Xue's boyfriend, and his illness was caused by Cheng Yu.

After knowing all of this, he naturally would no longer treat Han Xue as a good woman, much less as his future daughter-in-law. Besides, Han Xue was so worried for Cheng Yu being captured, but his son stayed in the hospital for so long. Other than the first day, he didn't hear about her visiting his son again, so he felt even more annoyed with Han Xue.

This... Could it be that Cheng Yu has offended Uncle Tang? Han Xue was shocked. She never thought that Cheng Yu offended Tang Ze's father. This was really troublesome.

It's true that Cheng Yu has offended me, but today, he has even offended this big shot beside me. He's in a worse mood than me Tang Zhiyong coldly said.

Hello, Sir. I wonder where Cheng Yu offended you? Han Xue didn't know the other party's identity, but from Tang Zhiyong's words, the other party's identity definitely wasn't low. Han Xue was also very angry inside. This Cheng Yu really was looking for trouble. How could he offend these people for no reason?

And she was disgusted to see the man staring at her.

Who are you to him? Ever since he saw Han Xue come out, Shen Jie had been sizing her up. This woman's face was extremely beautiful, and although her skin wasn't particularly white, but her skin was definitely very good.

Listening to their conversation just now, it seemed that the other party was Cheng Yu's friend. He couldn't help but have a thought passing through his mind.

I... I'm his girlfriend Han Xue thought about it, gritted her teeth and said.

Oh? He's lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend, but I'm afraid you won't be able to wait for him. Today, he hit me. I'm sure he'll spend a lot of good times in prison Shen Jie looked at Han Xue and chuckled.

I'll go and see him Hearing the other party's words, Han Xue was taken aback. What kind of medicine did Cheng Yu eat? How could he casually hit someone? Moreover, he was even a government official. This was really infuriating. She wanted to see Cheng Yu and figure out exactly what was going on

He's making a statement right now. You can't go in Tang Zhiyong said.

Han Xue looked at Peng Hai, who was standing on the side, and lightly seeing him lightly shook his head. She didn't say anything, so she could only wait outside.

What's your name? Shen Jie's gaze wandered over Han Xue as he spoke.

Han Xue Although Han Xue really hated the look in the other side's eyes, she could only honestly answer as the other side was a government official.

You really want to save him? If you really want to save him, we can have a good chat sometime. Maybe I'll change my mind very soon, don't you think? Shen Jie smiled.

Thank you Sir. I will get Cheng Yu to apologize to you if there's a chance. Han Xue was not a newbie in society, how could she not recognize the other party's intentions? She frowned and said with a polite smile.

Director Peng, what is the crime of blatantly beating government officials? How many years will you been sentenced for? Seeing the intention of Han Xue's rejection, Shen Jie's expression changed, and he suddenly shouted.

This... Peng Hai was shocked and didn't know how to reply for a moment.

What is it? Could it be that Bureau Chief Peng didn't know, it seems like the Bureau Chief's expertise isn't up to standard. If that's the case, how could he convince the public? How can one manage the security of this part of the city? Mr. Tang, don't you think so? Shen Jie said in an official tone.

The crime of intentional injury. According to the criminal law standards, anyone who commits the crime of intentional injury shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance Peng Dahai was shocked in his heart. If this were to ruin his career, then he would hurry up and say this.

Oh? Is that so? But all of a sudden, I feel very unwell. If there's any serious problem with the test, I'm afraid it's not under 3 years, right? Although Shen Jie doesn't know much about criminal law, he isn't an idiot. There is a problem with every level of criminal law, and the amount of punishment will be determined by what degree.

Err... Peng Dahai and Han Xue both had very ugly expressions. Was this an obvious accusation?

Pow! At that moment, the police officer who had recorded Cheng Yu's confession came out of the detention cell.

How is it? Did he plead guilty? Tang Zhiyong said.

He didn't say anything The policeman said awkwardly. In reality, this police officer was the Wu Zhong who knew Cheng Yu. When he was inside, the two of them hadn't said anything about admitting guilt. The two of them had been talking about Han Xue the entire time.

What? Chief Peng, it seems like none of the police officers in your department are capable of doing anything. Shen Jie was the first to speak unhappily.

Han Xue, on the other hand, didn't care too much and rushed straight into the detention cell.

Little Snow Cheng Yu was sitting on a chair with his legs resting on the table. He had a face full of satisfaction as he didn't have the awareness of a suspect. Seeing Han Xue enter, Cheng Yu was so excited that he fell over on his chair.

You bastard, what have you done wrong again? How can you hit government officials at will? Cheng Yu walked over, Han Xue slapped his face and said angrily.

Hehe, I knew you care about me a lot Cheng Yu didn't care about it at all after getting slapped, he grabbed Han Xue's hand and smiled.

Is that important to you? Even with a dog, I would care about him Han Xue tried to pull back her hand, but was held back tightly by Cheng Yu.

Xiao Xue, I missed you so much! It's good to see you Cheng Yu pretended to be indifferent, but anyone could tell that he was not.

Humph/ Don't tell me that. Don't think I can forgive you just by saying something sweet. If you really missed me, then you wouldn't have come to find me so long ago, or even called me. You clearly only like your school belle girlfriend, and you've already been with her for a long time. The more Han Xue said, the louder she got. She was getting more and more upset. She got more and more wronged as she spoke, and her eyes immediately turned red as tears started streaming down her face.

No. Little Snow. I didn't come to find you because I didn't want to make you angry. I wanted to calm you down before coming to find you. I'm sorry, I really don't want to hurt you Seeing Han Xue like this, Cheng Yu's heart felt as if it was being stabbed by knives. He tightly hugged her in his embrace.

Liar, you liar. You've been lying to me from the beginning to the end. Han Xue struggled and cried in Cheng Yu's arms.

Yes. I'm a bastard! I lied to you, release all your anger and discontent towards me Cheng Yu said while hugging Han Xue.

Dong, dong, dong! However, as the two of them were talking about their feelings, Shen Jie very inappropriately knocked on the door to the detention cell.

Do you think this is a movie? Hurry and get out of here Shen Jie said in dissatisfaction as he saw the two of them hugging each other like they were on the verge of death.

Scram Cheng Yu was feeling sad right now, so how could he bear being disturbed by others? He raised his head and shouted at Shen Jie.

Good. Let's see how long your arrogance will last. All of you, drag her out Shen Jie called a few policemen and said while pointing at Han Xue.

I told you to drag her out. Didn't you hear it? The policemen were Han Xue's colleagues so they weren't very happy about it, but they were government officials. Even their own bureau chief didn't have any right to speak in front of them, much less a small fry like them.

But Cheng Yu didn't care about all that. The only reason he came to the police station with them was to see Han Xue. Did they still think he was here for trial?

What are you doing? Are you thinking of getting off duty? Just pull her out Shen Jie was also furious. He had seen arrogant people before, but he had never seen such an arrogant person. He actually dared to be so boisterous after entering the police station. Was he really not afraid of death?

The policemen had no choice but to bite the bullet and walk forward. Han Xue was indeed their colleague, but if she lost her job, then what colleagues?

Peng peng peng! But just when they were about to pull Han Xue out, Cheng Yu's body suddenly flashed with a light and the few of them were bounced back. Luckily, Cheng Yu didn't want to hurt them.

Don't think that just because you are an official you can act arrogantly in front of me and point fingers at me. Don't you want to mess with me? You want me to treat your father? Let me tell you, you don't even have to think about it. Didn't you say I hit you? But I can see that you're in high spirits right now, how are you like a person who got beaten up. No one will believe you even if you say it out loud. How about I help you again Cheng Yu watched Shen Jie as he slowly walked towards him.

You... What are you doing? I'm warning you. I'm a top official. If you dare to do anything rash, you'll be stuck in jail for the rest of your life Shen Jie was shocked and immediately became scared. He could put on airs, but when it comes to fighting, how could a man in his forties, be a match for the young and strong Cheng Yu? He continuously retreated as he spoke.

No. Cheng Yu, you'll really get into big trouble this way Han Xue quickly pulled Cheng Yu. She did not wish for Cheng Yu to really injure this person, as that would only lead to more trouble.

Then are you still angry with me? Suddenly, Cheng Yu turned around and said.

This... You... This is a completely different story. In short, you can't hit him. Han Xue was stunned. This person was as shameless as the old man in front of her. He actually dared to threaten her with this. But she couldn't just watch Cheng Yu beat up the government official. Then he really would have to bear criminal responsibility.

Then I better beat him up again Cheng Yu turned his head and was about to attack Shen Jie again