Godly Student Chapter 421

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That's him! Capture him When Cheng Yu pushed the patient out of the operating room, a group of police suddenly surrounded Cheng Yu.

You... Mr. Cheng. Why is it you? This time, the person who brought people to arrest him was the Chief of the Public Security Bureau, Pen Dahai. A few hours ago, he received a call from the Public Security Bureau, asking him to cooperate in the arrest.

Hehe, so it's Chief Peng. Are you here to capture me? Cheng Yu handed the patient over to the medical staff, then looked at Pen Dahai and laughed as he spoke.

Ugh... This.... He was also one of those who had received favors from Cheng Yu. Back then, he had asked for help from Cheng Yu because of a man's problem, and the next day, Cheng Yu had actually gotten someone to send him a miraculous pill. Now, he was able to restore his manliness to have a few rounds with his wife, and this was all because of Cheng Yu.

But now, he had brought people to capture him. This was not something he could afford to do

What are you blabbering about? Hurry up and capture him Seeing that the two of them actually knew each other, Tang Zhizhong didn't have the interest to see them catch up. He quickly shouted to capture Cheng Yu.

You told them to come after me? Very good. But I would like to ask, what makes you think you can catch me? Cheng Yu looked at Tang Zhiyong and said with a faint smile.

I... You beating up a government official in public was something that everyone witnessed with their own eyes. Now, Mr. Shen wants to sue you for intentionally beating him up, as well as for intentionally wounding him, we must capture you and bring you back Seeing Cheng Yu's smile, Tang Zhiyong felt his heart tremble. But when he thought about how arrogant this guy was, he wanted to kill him.

Moreover, if he was unwilling to treat his son's illness, then he would be willing to take the initiative to treat his son's illness.

That's right. We're not done with you hitting me. I want you to go to prison and reflect on your mistakes With the support of his wife, Shen Jie rubbed his waist and said with a face full of anger.

Is that so? But you have prevented me from treating my patients, and my patient almost died from lack of treatment because of your delay in treating them. Can you be responsible for this? Cheng Yu calmly said without a trace of fear.

You're talking nonsense. Who knows how the patient's condition is, it isn't up to you to say something Shen Jie's heart skipped a beat. He definitely would not admit to such a thing.

Did I just say it casually? I believe that the doctors and nurses here have the most authority Cheng Yu said.

It doesn't matter if what you say is true or not, but you deliberately beat me up is the truth. You can forget about escaping the charges, you have to first investigate everything before coming to a conclusion, don't you think so, Mr. Tang? Shen Jie naturally wouldn't give him the chance to explain himself before bringing him to the Public Security Bureau.

That's right. We need to investigate everything before we can make a decision. But before that, you have to come with us Tang Zhiyong also said.

So you're saying you've got me? Cheng Yu said.

If you want to end this matter right now, it's not impossible. You just have to agree to treat my father's illness, pay me 20,000 yuan in medical and mental damages, and we'll let this matter go. How about it? Shen Jie said with a smile.

And my son's illness At this time, Tang ZhiYong also quickly added.

Hehe, so that's how it is, fine. Since you all think so highly of me, then I'll have to go with you guys Cheng Yu slowly said. When the two heard this, they couldn't help but feel joy. They thought that the other side had truly given in, but they didn't expect that they would actually be played by the other side. Their expressions immediately changed.

Humph. Since you do not know how to appreciate favors, let's make a trip Shen Jie said.

Mr. Shen, Mr. Tang, why don't we clear up this matter here. Actually, there's no need to cause such a ruckus Seeing that they were really prepared to bring Cheng Yu away, Ji Wenbo hurriedly stepped forward and said.

Dean Ji, it's not that I don't want to give you face, but you saw what happened just now. He wasn't willing to reconcile with me. Shen Jie said with a gloomy face.

This... Mr. Shen, Mr. Cheng is so young, it's hard to avoid being impulsive and rash. Don't bother too much with him, how about I tell him to treat the old man? Ji Wenbo advised again.

After all, Cheng Yu was here to treat the patients in the hospital, but now he was going to the police station. Although this had nothing to do with him, but Ji Wenbo was indeed optimistic about Cheng Yu and even had thoughts of studying under him.

Even if that wasn't the case, in the future. With Cheng Yu's medical skills being so good, there would definitely be a lot of things that he could ask of him in the future.

Old man, there's no need to say anymore. I'm willing to go with them Cheng Yu looked at Ji Wenbo and then left.

Seeing that the situation had turned out like this, Peng Dahai also had an awkward expression. Since he couldn't capture Cheng Yu or infuriate the big figures over there, he could only bring his men to follow by Cheng Yu's side.

Have you been particularly grand in front of your woman lately? Walking on the road, Cheng Yu didn't feel like he was a suspect at all as he calmly told Peng Dahai, who was beside him.

Ugh... Hehe, thanks to Young Master Yu's medicine, I really don't know how to thank Young Master Yu. Peng Dahai nervously walked next to Cheng Yu. Seeing that Cheng Yu wasn't angry, and that he was calm as usual, Peng Dahai was first stunned, and then said somewhat embarrassedly.

It's nothing. That's right, how is Han Xue recently? In fact, this was what Cheng Yu wanted to know the most.

This was also why Cheng Yu was willing to leave with them. If it was someone from another police station, he definitely wouldn't want to go to the police station. However, this police station was different, because there was a woman that he was obsessed with. Normally, he didn't know how to face Han Xue, but wasn't this the best opportunity to see her? He didn't even need to find an excuse, because he was forced to do so as well.

Han Xue is always in a daze these days. Did you quarrel with her? Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Peng Dahai said.

Hur hur, a lovers contradiction Cheng Yu smiled.

Is it because of the matter with the Tang Clan? Peng Dahai cast aside Tang Zhiyong, who was at the back, and softly said.

He naturally knew about the engagement between Han Xue and Tang Ze, and he was even invited to attend the engagement ceremony. Now that he saw Tang Zhizhong deal with Cheng Yu in such a manner, he thought that it was because of this matter that he had purposely taken care of Cheng Yu.

That's not it, it's my problem Cheng Yu sighed.

You... You, divided the leg? Peng Dahai said in a fashionable manner.

Divided the leg? Cheng Yu does not understand these network words and the new language.

Ugh... Are you looking for a mistress outside? Peng Dahai was stunned. An old antique like him had already mastered the art of keeping up with the times. This Cheng Yu was the new generation of youngsters, so how could he not know this term?

Oh... This... It should be... It can't be counted as one Cheng Yu naturally understood the term 'mistress', but he felt that none of the women he liked were one. In his heart, they were all important to him, so how could he call them 'mistress'? He treated them like his own wives.

I understand, I understand. It's normal for a man to have a few female friends. Now that Han Xue knows, you should honestly admit your wrongs. A man who knows how to take the initiative to admit his wrongs is a good man. It can be seen that Han Xue really likes you, or else she wouldn't be so listless all day. As long as you are sincere and coax her, I believe she will forgive you. Peng Dahai said like an emotional expert.

In that case, Director Peng should have quite a few female friends, right? He didn't expect that this old fellow would have such a way with talking about women.

Cough, cough, cough. I was just casually saying it, nothing more. Peng Dahai's old face reddened, and he awkwardly said.

Shen Jie and Tang Zhiyong, who were behind them, were furious when they saw Peng Dahai chatting happily with Cheng Yu. However, the two parties had completely forgotten that one of them was the victim while the other was the culprit.

Pen Dahai, what are you doing? Tang ZhiYong shouted.

Peng Dahai was shocked and then realized that he still had a mission on him. He apologetically glanced at Cheng Yu and pretended to drag Cheng Yu into the police car.

After returning to the city police station, a team of people came in and attracted the attention of the police officers in the office.

A policewoman saw that Cheng Yu was led into the detention room. She turned around and ran away.

Meanwhile, in an office in the police station, Han Xue was staring at the street lights outside the window in a daze. She was no longer in the archives but had been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department. She had been working overtime every day for the past few days and had come back late.

But every day, she was always absent-minded. It had been so many days already, Cheng Yu hadn't even called her. It could be seen that he didn't have any feelings for her at all.

Perhaps he was currently accompanying his school belle girlfriend under the moonlight, just like when Cheng Yu brought her to sit on the flying sword.

Every time she thought of this, Han Xue's tears fell uncontrollably, her tears fell onto the case file without her realizing it.

Little Snow, Little Snow. Not good, Your young lover is here At this moment, a policewoman ran into the room, gasping for breath.

You... Are you talking about Cheng Yu? He came? Are you sure about this? Seeing that someone had entered, Han Xue hurriedly wiped her tears away and said with a face full of joy.

Don't be happy yet. He didn't come looking for you. He seems to have committed another crime. The Chief himself brought him here, and he has now been locked up in the detention cell. The policewoman said.

What? Do you know what he did? Han Xue didn't care whether he came to see her or not as she nervously said.

I don't know about that. The bureau chief seems to be quite cautious, and there are two middle-aged men following behind him. They look quite impressive. I wonder if he offended them? When the policewoman saw Cheng Yu, she immediately rushed over to inform Han Xue, so how could she know the details?

I'll go and see him now Han Xue anxiously ran out of the Criminal Investigation Department's office.