Godly Student Chapter 420

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I can't treat this person Cheng Yu said indifferently and then turned around to leave.

Hey. Wait a minute, are you looking down on me? Shen Jie said in dissatisfaction.

However, Cheng Yu didn't pay any attention to him and walked out of the room.

Dean Ji, what does he mean by this? Is this the expert you found for me? Shen Jie said angrily.

This... Mr. Shen, please calm down. I'll go ask what is going on Ji Wenbo embarrassingly said. He didn't expect that Cheng Yu would not give the other party any face either.

Mr. Cheng, what's going on? Are you sure you can't cure that disease? Ji Wenbo said as he caught up to Cheng Yu. He felt that Cheng Yu was unwilling to treat it.

If Cheng Yu couldn't treat this disease, he would have already told him when he was explaining the illness to him. Why wait till now? At the same time, he also slapped his face.

Yes. I can't cure it Cheng Yu continued to speak.

In reality, it wasn't that Cheng Yu couldn't cure him, but that he truly didn't want to. This wasn't because that surnamed Shen didn't take him seriously, Cheng Yu wouldn't bother with such a person.

When he had used his spiritual sense to check on the old man, he realized that this disease needed to be washed clean. This was what Cheng Yu didn't want.

How could it be so easy to cleanse one's meridians and marrow? He did not have any Bone Ablutionary Pills, so he could only use the Spirit Origin Fruit. This Spirit Origin Fruit was incomparably precious; how could he give it to someone else so easily?

Although he didn't like Shen Jie and the patient was innocent, this had nothing to do with him. There were too many people waiting to be saved in the hospital and he couldn't possibly save everyone

This... Then I'll explain it to him Although Ji Wenbo didn't understand why Cheng Yu wasn't willing to treat him, he knew that he couldn't persuade Cheng Yu so he could only explain it to him.

Shen Jie was the deputy director of the provincial audit office. Because the neuroscience department of Yunhai City's People's Hospital was famous throughout the country, he sent the old man here.

This person has been here for several months now. Shen Jie repeatedly told Ji Wenbo to think of a way, and it just so happens that Cheng Yu had this kind of diagnosis today. So, Ji Wenbo wanted to take this opportunity to befriend Shen Jie.

He was unable to win the favor of the other party, and had instead met with a setback.

Wa Wa Wa. Mom, Don't go, Don't leave Flower behind While Cheng Yu was searching for patients one by one, he suddenly heard the crying of a girl in a ward in front of him.

When Cheng Yu walked out of the ward, he saw a girl around the age of Six crying on the body of a woman. The girl was wearing two braids and her clothes were worn and torn.

The woman's hair had been shaved long ago, and her face was as white as paper. The nurse beside her tried to pull the girl away, but the girl struggled intensely, tightly holding her mother's hand.

Let me go. Let me go. I want to be with my mother. You bad guys The girl struggled, swore, and bit into the nurse's hand. The nurse let go because of the pain, and the girl layed down on the woman's body again.

Looking at this scene, everyone in the ward was sad. Some women even wiped away their tears. Pitying this little girl, her mother had died, leaving this girl alone in this world, who knew how much suffering she would have to endure.

Cheng Yu used his divine sense to check the woman's body. Although she was no longer breathing, her heart still faintly fluctuated. Delighted, he walked into the room.

What are you doing? My mother is asleep, you are not allowed to touch my mother Seeing Cheng Yu approaching, the little girl said in a fierce tone.

Little sister. Your mother is indeed asleep, but don't you want her to wake up and tell you a story? Cheng Yu looked at the little girl and said with a smile.

Yes. But I called for a long time and my mother ignored me. She doesn't want me anymore. Wu Wu Wu As she spoke, the little girl burst into tears again.

Little sister. Big brother can wake your mother up. Do you want big brother to wake your mother? Cheng Yu said gently.

Really? Can you really wake my mother up? The little girl said with tears in her eyes.

Of course. Can big brother take your mother to another room first. Big Brother will be able to wake her up soon. Seeing the girl's appearance, Cheng Yu suddenly recalled his own past self.

Back then when he was back home after cultivating for a long time, the moment he saw that stone tablet, his heart was as helpless as a little girl.

No. My mother isn't going anywhere The little girl shook her head. There were many things she didn't understand, but she always felt that if her mother left her, she would never see her mother again, so she couldn't let anyone take her mother away.

Cheng Yu could feel that the woman's heartbeat almost disappearing. He didn't have time to care about that. He suddenly put his hand on the little girl's head and she instantly fell onto the bed.

You... Everyone in the ward was shocked. They didn't understand what this young man was trying to do. He wanted to stop him.

Hurry up and push her into the operation room! Cheng Yu said to a few nurses while ignoring the others.

This The nurse was shocked. Who was this young man? They had never seen him before, and he didn't seem like a doctor either.

Push her into the operation room Cheng Yu shouted.

What are you still standing there for? Push it over quickly At this time, Ji Wenbo happened to run over and shouted at the nurses when he saw Cheng Yu's angry look.

Seeing that the dean had appeared, the nurse didn't dare to say anything else. She quickly picked up the little girl and pushed the woman to the operation room.

However, just as the few of them pushed the little girls mother passed by an intensive care unit, they were stopped. The one who stopped them was Shen Jie.

Today, you must first cure my father of his illness. Otherwise, you won't be able to pass through here. Shen Jie said. He just met Tang Zhiyong and his wife. They said that this young man called Cheng Yu was very skilled in medicine and could cure cancer patients.

This young man really looked down on him. He clearly didn't want to treat his father's illness, so how could he have any face? Thus, he and a few friends blocked the corridor of the hospital, and the Tang couple stood behind them.

When the two saw that Shen Jie and Cheng Yu were at loggerheads, they couldn't help but laugh in their hearts. Look at how arrogant you are

Get out of my way Cheng Yu was in a hurry to save others, so how could he have the mood to waste words with them? With a single kick, he kicked Shen Jie to the ground and then pushed the woman away.

Stop right there. How dare you hit a government official in front of so many people. Mr. Tang, you've seen it all, hurry up and bring someone to arrest him When the middle-aged woman saw that her husband had been beaten up, she shouted angrily.

However, Cheng Yu didn't care about them at all, directly pushing the woman into the operation room.

Don't worry. Lady Shen, There was no way this brat could escape. I will definitely seek justice for Mr. Shen. When Tang ZhiYong saw this scene, he was even more overjoyed. He really wanted Cheng Yu to cause more trouble, and now that he was able to avenge his son, he didn't even need to personally step out. He quickly picked up the phone and dialed the number.

Seeing how terrible the situation gotten, Ji Wenbo was worried. Originally, it was a great thing that Cheng Yu was able to help them in the hospital. However, he never expected that this matter would forever develop beyond his imagination.

This Cheng Yu was the same as well. He was young, arrogant, and fearless. This person didn't save many people, but he had to offend a bunch of people first.

Cheng Yu didn't have the time to care about the things outside and he was too lazy to care about them.

The woman on the bed had a weak aura. With the delay just now, he could barely feel any signs of life.

Cheng Yu also didn't care about the consequences. He definitely wouldn't be wrong to take out the divine water. This was because no matter who it was, even if the person didn't have any disease, they would only benefit from drinking Divine Water. It was just like a tonic.

Moreover, the woman on the sickbed was currently losing her life, so it was natural for her to use Divine Water.

Women suffer from leukemia. When it comes to leukemia, it is also a type of cancer, known as a blood cancer. Cancer is the unlimited proliferation of cancer cells, while leukemia is the malignant proliferation of leukemic cells. (I don't understand any of these terms and is also too lazy to search it up).

Although the principle was the same, for Cheng Yu, the difficulty of treating her was completely different. Although the old man from before also had cancer and it was an advanced stage, at least he wouldn't die immediately.

But this woman could be said to be at the end of her life, and to a hospital, she was already a dead person.

This was sufficient to prove how difficult it was for Cheng Yu to save her.

After consuming the Divine Water, Cheng Yu did not dare to slack off at all. He immediately released his Qi and wrapped it around the woman, trying his best to slow down her death and allow her to regain her life force faster.

Cheng Yu's hands began to glow as he began to use his Qi heal the woman. That kind of slow healing method was already useless, because the woman did not have that much time left.

Remembering the helpless look in the little girl's eyes, Cheng Yu no longer cared about the large amount of true energy he consumed and rushed to save the woman.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Streams of Qi kept pouring out, and Cheng Yu was already sweating profusely. Suddenly, Cheng Yu's hand formed a seal. The woman on the sickbed was enveloped by a faint layer of fluorescent light, and her body began to float upwards.

The seals on Cheng Yu's hands became even faster. His entire body was like water as it escaped, and he was covered in sweat. With a large amount of true energy being transferred into the woman's body, Cheng Yu finally felt her heartbeat start to accelerate.

At this time, Cheng Yu slowly retracted his Qi. The woman's body began to fall, and when she laid on the bed, the glow on her body slowly disappeared.

Although a woman's life was temporarily saved, it would still take some effort to cure her body. However, at least for now, Cheng Yu did not need to consume his true Qi anymore without consequences.

Just like how he did with the old man a moment ago, he once again took out the Divine Water and fed it to the woman. Then, he used his Qi to suppress the lesion, and after a full circle of circulation, Cheng Yu left some Divine Water and spiritual energy on the other party before leaving the seal.

This process actually went on for an hour. It was already extremely dark outside.

It's him. Capture him When Cheng Yu led the patient out of the operation room, he was surrounded by a group of police officers.