Godly Student Chapter 419

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In an operating room of the People's Hospital of Yunhai. A scrawny old man was lying on the bed. At this moment, he had already fallen asleep.

Beside the bed stood a young man who was about 20 years old. This young man was Cheng Yu. The reason he had pushed the old man into the operation room was to hide his secrets from others and to make an act for the people outside. He couldn't just treat the patients who were deemed to be terminally ill without even going into the operation room.

Cheng Yu didn't know much about modern people's understanding of cancer and its etiology. Moreover, he didn't have the foundation and knowledge of modern medicine, much less the modern high technology method of saving people.

His method was very simple. He placed his hand on the old man's wrist, just like a doctor taking a pulse. But in fact, it wasn't a pulse test.

Pulse control is the determination of a patient's physiological condition based on the pulse pattern of the patient's pulse. As for Cheng Yu, he used his spiritual sense to check for illnesses. Spiritual sense was a type of spiritual force. Although it couldn't be seen or touched, its function was like a radar scan. It could clearly see a person.

Soul consciousness existed for everyone, but not everyone could use it and control it. Only those who had reached the Qi Condensation stage would be able to sense this power and use it.

Cheng Yu's Spiritual Sense slowly probed into the old man's body, then he began to search for the problem within the old man's body. After a thorough investigation, Cheng Yu discovered that there were many solid masses on the old man's body. His body was filled with poison and it devoured the energy within the old man's body. As a result, the old man's body gradually lost its function.

The internal organs of the old man were severely exhausted, and the rate of exhaustion would increase with the passage of time.

After understanding the old man's physical condition, Cheng Yu finally understood the situation. When it came to restoring the function of the body and returning a person's life, what could be more effective than the divine water in Cheng Yu's hands?

Although Cheng Yu didn't understand why the mysterious green soil was so magical, but the God Water made from this green soil was definitely one of the most amazing items he had ever seen.

He took out a small bottle of Divine Water and fed it to the old man. Besides recovering his vitality, Divine Water also had the ability to clear away toxins and restore his blood and vitality. Therefore, even though the bottle was small, it had already affected the treatment of the elderly for more than half of his illness.

Next, it was time for Cheng Yu to finish the other half of the treatment. Suddenly, a green luster appeared on Cheng Yu's right hand. After the Divine Water entered his throat, Cheng Yu placed his hand on the top of the old man's neck and began to slowly move downwards.

With Cheng Yu's guidance, the divine water in the old man's body began to move as his hand moved. Whenever there was a hard piece on his body, Cheng Yu would stop and gently press it.

The spirit energy from his body was slowly transferred from his hand into the old man's body. The spirit energy that entered the old man's body was combined with the divine water inside his body to help the old man heal.

After about a minute, Cheng Yu's hand moved downwards again, towards the next lesion. It was the same method that used spiritual energy and divine water to coordinate.

Because the old man was already in the advanced stage of cancer and had so many hard blocks on his body, it took Cheng Yu more than two hours to circle around the old man.

It was a good thing that with the divine water's existence, even though the duration was long, it didn't cause Cheng Yu to consume too much spiritual energy.

After a cycle of going through the old man's body, Cheng Yu's treatment did not end because of this. Instead, he took out another small bottle of Divine Water and gave it to the old man to drink. Then, he injected a stream of spirit energy into the old man's body.

Finally, after channeling the divine water and spiritual energy into his heart, Cheng Yu chanted an incantation and formed a seal with his hands. He then formed a strange pattern and the pattern instantly entered the old man's heart.

At this moment, Cheng Yu's treatment work finally came to an end.

Outside the ward, whether it was the old woman, the accompanying family members, Ji Wenbo, or the experts, they were all waiting anxiously.

Even though Ji Wenbo also believed in Cheng Yu's medical skills, his heart was in turmoil when faced with such a situation. This was a patient in the advanced stages of cancer. Could it be that Cheng Yu could really turn the impossible into a miracle and make another great sensation for the medical community?

He really wanted to run into the control room and have a look. Last time, there was a problem with the camera, causing him to miss out on a miraculous scene. This time, he wanted to personally witness how Cheng Yu cured his illness.

However, these patients' families seemed to not believe him and didn't let him leave at all, because they were afraid that he would run away. As he was the person in charge, if something really did happen inside, then the person they were looking for would naturally be him.

Thinking of this, Ji Wenbo was both helpless and anxious. At the same time, he was also a bit worried.

After about two and a half hours, the operation room finally opened.

Seeing Cheng Yu pushing the old man out, Ji Wenbo was more agitated than anyone else. He quickly greeted him, Mr. Cheng, how is the patient?

It should be fine, but it will take a long time for him to fully recover Cheng Yu said. The reason why he did that last action was to help the patient recover.

Especially that strange holographic image at the end, it was a restriction. The old man was an ordinary person, so the spiritual energy within his body wouldn't last long. If it wasn't sealed, it would escape out of his body.

With this restriction, the spiritual energy would slowly circulate the spiritual water in his body until it ran out of spiritual energy.

More importantly, he was afraid that the people in the hospital would take the old man to do some research, and although the spiritual energy would not be detected. However, divine water could be detected. However, after he sealed it with restrictions and added the protection of the spiritual energy to the divine water, no matter how hard they tried, they would be unable to detect the existence of the divine water.

Even if they did detect it, it would only be ordinary water.

It's over... This... Complete recovery? You mean his cancer has healed? Ji Wenbo said with a trembling voice and an excited expression.

The doctor standing behind Ji Wenbo was also shocked. How was this possible? This was cancer, a terminal cancer patient not too far from death.

You just need to agree on it? Do you take us for fools? There's not even a sign of a scalpel wound. How did he push it out? One of the experts could not help it.

He had just looked at the patient on the bed. Although his face did look a little better, it was no different. He didn't even see a single surgical wound. If this wasn't bullsh * t, then what was it?

Maybe this brat had slept for more than two hours.

That's right, Doctor, you mustn't use us commoners for fun. I've never heard of a terminal cancer patient who can be cured. At this time, one of the family members also voiced his doubts.

Exactly. Exactly The others also quickly started to cheer him on.

This... Ji Wenbo was also in a difficult position. He didn't really believe it, but if he said that he was bringing the patient for an examination, then it would mean that he didn't believe Cheng Yu.

Old man, get someone to take him to have a look. You take me to the next patient. Cheng Yu said indifferently. He already knew that they wouldn't believe it.

Good. Let's go, there is a patient with motor neuron disease After giving some instructions to a few doctors, Ji Wenbo brought Cheng Yu to the ward, explaining the patient's condition to him.

Motor neuron disease, also known as gradually freezing man disease, is a kind of muscle atrophy, at any time the scope of muscle atrophy would, extending to the whole body, resulting in dyspnea failure and causing death.

This time, they came to a nursing ward. Cheng Yu frowned as he was only willing to treat those poor patients first, but since they were already here, he didn't say anything.

Dean Ji. Why are you here? There were a few men and women inside the ward. Judging from their clothes and the jewelry and necklaces on the woman's body, the jade bangles on their hands, and so on, it could be seen that they were the kind of people who didn't need to worry about food and clothing.

Haha, Mr. Shen. I've invited an expert to treat the old Masters illness Ji Wenbo smiled as he spoke to a young man.

So that's the case. Thank you so much, Dean Ji. May I know which expert Principal Ji invited? Shen Jie looked at the group of doctors behind Ji Wenbo, but didn't notice Cheng Yu, who was standing next to Ji Wenbo. After all, Cheng Yu was too young and was wearing casual clothes, so he didn't look like a doctor.

Hur hur, let me introduce you. It's this Doctor Cheng Seeing Shen Jie's expression, Ji Wenbo knew that the other party had found the wrong person. He awkwardly said as he looked at Cheng Yu.

This... Hello, Doctor Cheng He didn't think that Ji Wenbo would find such a young man for him. His face immediately became a bit unsightly, but since Ji Wenbo personally came, he had to give him face. Thus, he indifferently greeted Cheng Yu

However, Cheng Yu didn't pay attention to him and continued to observe the patient on the bed.

When Shen Jie saw that the other party didn't even look at him, the dissatisfaction in his heart grew. When Ji Wenbo, who was at the side, saw this, he was startled. He simply pretended that he didn't see it.

Just like that, Cheng Yu looked at the person on the sick bed and found that the diseases that people suffered in this world were truly strange. As expected, this person's muscles had all withered.

I can't treat this person Cheng Yu said indifferently and then left.

Hey. What do you mean? Are you looking down on me? Before anyone could come to a realization, Shen Jie started speaking with an unsightly expression.

Cheng Yu only took a few looks at the patient before saying that it was impossible to cure. Wasn't this just speaking nonsense with his eyes open? In Shen Jie's eyes, he was clearly looking down on him. It was one thing to not greet him just now, but now that he didn't even take the patient seriously, he couldn't bear it any longer.