Godly Student Chapter 418

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Old man, find the most difficult patient for me to treat in your hospital. I'm in a good mood today. I'll give your hospital a free medical consultation Cheng Yu said arrogantly.

What... What.... What? Ji Wenbo's face was filled with surprise. He thought that he had misheard.

Not only Ji Wenbo, but everyone present, including the three Tang Clan members, were stunned by these domineering words. However, when everyone finally reacted, the external experts and the three Tang Clan experts looked at Cheng Yu with contempt and disdain.

This was simply too ridiculous. A young man of about 20 years of age was actually so arrogant to such an extent. Get the most difficult patients for him to treat in the hospital?

Having been a doctor for so many years, they knew more about the business than anyone else. There were so many diseases in the world that they could not cure. No doctor dared to say that, but the young man said no.

They didn't know if this guy was arrogant or ignorant, but they definitely didn't think he had the ability.

What is it? You don't want to? Then forget it, I'm too lazy to waste this effort anyway. Cheng Yu was about to leave the ward as he spoke.

When the crowd saw this, their expressions became even more contemptuous and full of ridicule. This guy clearly wanted to run away. Just now, he spoke so loudly and some of them even thought he had some ability. So he was just a quack

Sigh. Mr. Cheng, you misunderstand. I was too happy that you were able to make a move. I was too agitated just now, so I couldn't react in time. I'll go find a patient for you right now When Ji Wenbo saw that Cheng Yu was about to leave, he immediately recovered from his shock and hurried to chase after him.

Others might not know of Cheng Yu's ability, but how could he not know of it? He believed that since Cheng Yu would dare to say such words. This meant that he definitely had the capability to do so.

After seeing Cheng Yu's ability and confidence, he wasn't stupid. This was a matter that benefited the common people, so of course he make use of it.

Sigh. Wait. I'll go find them myself Cheng Yu said and walked straight to the other wards.

The others also quickly followed. They wanted to see if this arrogant fella was truly capable or if he wanted to use this opportunity to escape. Even the Tang family's couple curiously followed. They also wanted to see what Cheng Yu was up to.

Cheng Yu directly skipped over the high security wards, the critical wards, and those luxurious wards. Those following behind him were even more certain of their thoughts.

What could be more difficult to treat than an illness in an intensive care unit? He didn't even look at it. Wasn't this the perfect proof?

But Cheng Yu's thoughts were very simple. The people he wanted to save were those who had terminal illnesses but had no money to treat them.

Under the lead of Ji Wenbo and a nurse, Cheng Yu and the others arrived at an ordinary ward. It was filled with people, which was much worse compared to the environment of the ward from before.

The stench filled the air, and the moment they entered the room, they felt nauseous.

Mr. Cheng, it's him. Is that really possible? Beside the bed, there was a skinny old woman feeding the old man. There was no food in a small bowl, only white muddy water. It looked like porridge soup.

According to what Ji Wenbo had just told him, the old man was in the advanced stages of cancer, and he had three sons and one daughter, but since cancer was a terminal illness in the world, death was inevitable, and his children were not rich, his children had put the old men in the hospital and left them alone.

The old man had long since stopped taking medicine. He relied on the old woman to pick up trash for money to make porridge to sustain his life.

What are you doing? Don't chase us away. There's a good reward for being a good person. Let us stay here The old woman was feeding her husband, but when she saw so many people suddenly arrive in front of them, she panicked. She thought that they were going to chase them away again and hurriedly said.

Old women, we came here to treat your husband. Ji Wenbo said.

Really? Are you really going to treat my husband? But we have no money the old woman said.

Today, we don't want money. We will treat the old man's illness for free Ji Wenbo laughed as the nurses prepared to push the old man's bed away.

Free? No. You're lying to me, I know you want to chase us away. Please, let us stay here When the old woman saw that they were going to push her husband away, she reacted immediately and pulled the bed to kneel down as she cried out.

Hey. How can the hospital be so inhumane? The two old people are homeless, and they're so sick, how can you chase them away?

Exactly. Do you want to force the old people to death? Can't your hospital show compassion?

The other family members in the ward could not stand watching this. They thought that they were here to chase the old man away, so they stood up and pointed at Cheng Yu and the others as they scolded.

How could this be? Cheng Yu coldly looked at Ji Wenbo and said.

This Ji Wenbo's face was also filled with embarrassment. Although he knew that some things were too excessive, he didn't have any other choice. After all, the hospital wasn't a charity, and it wasn't a nursing home.

He had reported the two old men to the government, but the government had ignored them, and he didn't want to. Although he didn't instigate this matter, there were quite a few such incidents in the hospital, so he could only close his eyes.

He didn't need to be afraid of Cheng Yu, but the feeling that Cheng Yu gave people was that he was always far above them. His eyes were very intimidating and his entire person was very imposing.

In addition to Cheng Yu's miraculous medical skills, Ji Wenbo actually felt that he was a junior in front of him, so hearing Cheng Yu's words made him feel a sense of fear and guilt.

When the people in the ward saw that the hospital's Dean was actually being submissive in front of a young man, they became curious.

Grandma, please get up. Don't worry, we really aren't here to kick you out. You can always stay here, if they don't let you stay, I'll tear down this hospital for you. I'll build a house for you to live in. Cheng Yu supported the old woman as he spoke.

Ji Wenbo was shocked when he heard this. He was really afraid that Cheng Yu would do such a thing.

Really? you really aren't here to chase us away? The old woman said with tears streaming down her face.

Yes. We did come today to treat your husband, and we don't want a penny Cheng Yu consoled.

But is there really such a good thing in the world? The old woman was still unwilling to believe it.

If you don't believe me, you can have everyone come with us. We don't want to kick you out. Cheng Yu said as he looked at the people in the ward.

Grandma Li. Don't be afraid, we'll listen to him and follow them. If they really want to chase you away, we'll definitely help you bring your husband back An old woman said.

Yes. Elder, don't worry. With us around, they won't dare to kick you out. Other family members also voiced their support.

Alright then. I'll go with you guys Seeing so many kind-hearted people speaking up for her, the old woman felt warm in her heart.

Such a large group of people walking through the hospital corridor was quite frightening. They thought something had happened to some big shot. So many people had come.

At Cheng Yu's request, Ji Wenbo arranged an operating room for him. Seeing Cheng Yu pushing the patient in by himself, the old woman and the other family members of the patient were all surprised.

Could it be that this young man is going to operate on my husband? How could this work? Can he cure my husband? The old woman suddenly said. Although Cheng Yu had helped them just now, this operation wasn't a joke. She had seen so many old doctors in white gowns, so she thought they were here to save them.

That's right, no wonder you guys don't want money. You guys actually used the old man to give you interns to train? You're all too wicked The relatives of the patients were also very angry. They thought that Cheng Yu was an intern at the hospital. Although they had a good impression of this young man, this method of using patients to practice was simply too preposterous.

Seeing that the door to the operation room was closed, everyone rushed up, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't break through the door.

Quiet. Silence. Everyone, please calm down. That young man just now is not an intern in our hospital, but an expert invited by us. His medical skills are very good, otherwise, he wouldn't dare to operate on a cancer patient, so please calm down. Ji Wenbo also had a headache.

To think that a good deed could be done in such a miserable manner and it caused such an outrage. It was truly not easy to be a good person.

We don't study that much, so don't lie to us. Is there really such a young expert? Although Ji Wenbo's explanation was very sincere, it was truly hard to believe.

Exactly. Don't treat us commoners as idiots Another round of complaints from the crowd.

I really didn't lie to you. Although he's young, his medical skills are much better than our hospital's doctors, so please keep quiet. If everyone is so loud, it might affect the operation inside, and then something big will happen Ji Wenbo helplessly said.

Hearing this, the old doctors' expressions didn't look very good. After so many years of practicing medicine, even though it couldn't be said that they were skilled at doing it, they still had some skills. Now that Ji Wenbo said this, it would be strange if they were in a good mood.

They wanted to see how this young man can cure the cancer. Cancer was one of the five most difficult diseases in the world and was also a terminal illness, so it was naturally incurable. Not to mention that the old man was already in the late stages, so looking at how young he is, it was impossible for his medical skills to be any better.

If it was really cured, they would have nothing to say, because even if they lived a hundred and eighty years, they wouldn't have the ability to do so. But if he couldn't, then it would be hard to say. They had all been invited by Ji Wenbo from outside the city. Now that they were being belittled like this, it wouldn't be easy for them to get along with each other.

After hearing Ji Wenbo's repeated explanations that might affect the operation inside, the family members didn't dare to argue anymore. If something happened, they would be blamed for it.