Godly Student Chapter 417

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Hey Uncle, what can I do for you? Cheng Yu said as he picked up the phone.

Hmm, I want to ask if you have any conflicts with a young man called Tang Ze? Zhao Minglong's voice came from the phone.

Tang Ze? He came to see you? Cheng Yu's eyebrows twitched. He was a bit surprised, could it be that this kid knew that he had done something to him? It looks like he was a bit clever.

Mhmm, just now, his father called me and told me to take you to the hospital to save his son. Was his illness caused by you? Zhao Minglong also went to the hospital to see Tang Ze that day and was familiar with his condition, but he didn't expect this to be related to Cheng Yu.

Save his son? I'm not a doctor, how am I supposed to save him? Of course, Cheng Yu couldn't so easily save him. Besides, all of this was caused by him. If he didn't dig his own grave, would he have become like this?

He didn't mind saving Tang Ze if Han Xue didn't fall out with him, but right now, he wasn't in the mood.

Little Yu, tell me honestly, were you the one who caused his illness? Zhao Minglong said.

What illness?<.q> Cheng Yu feigned ignorance.

It's his lower body that's paralyzed. Are you really the one who caused it? Zhao Minglong at least had to confirm it.

Paralysis of the lower half? What does that have to do with me? I didn't hit him In any case, Cheng Yu wouldn't admit to it.

Little Yu, I know you're doing this because of the Han Family's girl, right? Let me tell you, the Tang Clan has quite the background, so I hope that you can help Tang Zhizhong was the deputy director of the provincial public security department, so he had to give him face.

Is that so? That has nothing to do with me? I'm not a doctor, but I can follow you to the hospital to see him Cheng Yu naturally wouldn't care about how powerful the other party's family was. Since he had nothing better to do, it would be a good idea to take a look at this fellow.

An hour later, Cheng Yu appeared at the People's Hospital alone.

The group of people had long since been waiting at the entrance of the hospital. However, it was clear that other than the Dean, Ji Wenbo, the others were either dissatisfied in their hearts or filled with curiosity.

It turned out that after hearing the news of Zhao Minglong bringing Cheng Yu to the hospital, Ji Wenbo was very excited and took the initiative to come down to greet the two of them.

The first to be dissatisfied was naturally Tang Zhiyong and his wife Gu Fangqin, because they had already determined that Cheng Yu had done something to their son. Moreover, Cheng Yu was a junior, so besides his status as Zhao Minglong's nephew, what qualifications does he have to be welcomed?

The other experts were also very unhappy. Some of them were experts from outside the country who was invited by Ji Wenbo. Although they couldn't find the cause of their patients, they were still powerful people. How could they welcome a nobody?

However, since the Dean had personally left, although they were unwilling, they had no other choice. Moreover, the Tang Clan couple was still relying on him to treat their son. Naturally, they had no choice but to go as well.

However, several doctors in charge of the hospital revealed an expression of anticipation. Cheng Yu's case had long been treated as a legend in the hospital, even though the doctors didn't see anyone from the hospital.

However, his name has long been known by everyone as the medical staff of the people's hospital, because Cheng Yu had left behind a few miracles that could drive countless medical workers crazy.

Once, a patient in the clinic was cured with a wave of his hand by Cheng Yu. Then, he miraculously recovered a patient whose thigh had been penetrated by a steel bar and had to be amputated. Even Han Xue, who was sentenced to death by the hospital, was saved by him.

All of this was very absurd. Countless people had questioned this before, but with so many people personally witnessing it, these doubts were completely broken. This was because even their Dean admitted to Cheng Yu's miraculous medical skills.

Old man, long time no see. You look good Cheng Yu got off the car. Seeing so many people, he did not take them seriously. He only knew Ji Wenbo, the old man who wanted to invite him to be the honorary director of the hospital. As for the others, he had no interest in them, nor did he need to know.

Hehe, thanks to Mr. Cheng. Welcome to our hospital again. Hearing Cheng Yu's rude greeting, Ji Wenbo smiled awkwardly.

Old man, this territory of yours is not a good place. Don't welcome me like that. Besides, I'm not here to be a doctor in your hospital. I just heard that an old friend of mine was hospitalized here, so I came here to take a look. Cheng Yu smiled.

Seeing Cheng Yu throw such a large group of experts aside and directly enter the hospital without even looking at them, everyone's faces turned ugly. Ji Wenbo didn't pay much attention to it. Compared to these experts, Cheng Yu's medical skills were the real deal. Naturally, he valued Cheng Yu more.

The Tang family didn't say anything, but anyone could tell that their expressions were ugly.

The group walked inside the hospital in a grandiose manner, led by a young man in his twenties. The dean was accompanying this young man, which confused everyone.

On the other hand, the doctors and nurses who had seen Cheng Yu before were all looking at him with excitement.

Old man, the environment in your hospital is pretty good. I heard that a lot of officials and nobles would come here to stay for a period of time due to exhaustion. Recently, my body has been feeling stiff. Can you equip me with a room to stay in for a period of time too? When Cheng Yu walked into the hospital, he did not directly go to Tang Ze's ward as they had imagined. Instead, he looked around the ward one by one, looking more like a supervisor visiting the hospital.

Mr. Cheng must be joking. This is a hospital, not a sanatorium. How can there be such a service? Ji Wenbo was also speechless. This Cheng Yu was not an ordinary person who was easy to please, but there was nothing he could do about it. Who asked him to have such high medical skills?

Most importantly, Ji Wenbo also wanted to see how Cheng Yu cured Tang Ze, and what kind of method did he use to make Tang Ze become like this.

However, Cheng Yu did not follow the rules at all. It was as if he had no intention of saving someone.

The Tang couple had long become impatient. Gu Fangqin saw Cheng Yu walking back and forth like this and didn't have any plans to save her son. She immediately stood out and said, Surnamed Cheng, what do you want? We didn't call you here to check on you. We asked you to treat my son.

Who are you? Cheng Yu said with raised eyebrows.

I am Tang Ze's mother The woman said with a cold expression.

So what? You're his mother, not mine. What are you doing in the hospital? Besides, did I say that I would save your son? Cheng Yu completely ignored the woman who was about to go on a rampage and continued to walk towards the other wards as usual.

You... Gu Fangqin was about to retort, but was stopped by her husband.

Mr. Cheng, isn't this a bit too much? Although you're Mayor Zhao's son, you can't be so arrogant Tang Zhiyong said with a gloomy expression.

And who are you? Tang Ze's father? Cheng Yu said with raised eyebrows.

That's right

So that's how it is. But so what? Did I say I was here to save your son? What's more, your son is sick, so he should go to a doctor. What are you trying to find me for? Cheng Yu pointed at the group of people dressed in white.

You... Clearly, you were the one who did something to my son, and you're still pretending Gu Fangqin said.

Hehe. This was the most interesting joke I had ever heard. Since you said that I did something to your son, then I did something to your son? Cheng Yu smiled.

You... This... Gu Fangqin did not know what to say. This was just her son's guess.

But after hearing from Ji Wenbo that this kid's medical skills were good, they believed even more in this matter. Otherwise, how would they explain his son's illness? Only those with high medical skills would be able to harm people that that easily.

Mr. Cheng, how about we go see a patient? Seeing this scene, Ji Wenbo hurriedly added in.

Since you've already said it, what else can I say? Then let's go and take a look Cheng Yu smiled indifferently.

You... Cheng Yu. It's you, You did something to me, didn't you? Tang Ze waited for so long, but no one came. He was already impatient on the bed. When he saw Cheng Yu walk in, his mood immediately became incomparably agitated. His mother quickly sat on the bed to comfort him.

Tsk tsk. Isn't this Mr. Tang? What a coincidence. Are you here for a vacation? What an interesting vacation spot you chose Cheng Yu pretended to be surprised.

Cheng Yu, stop playing dumb! It was clearly you who did something to me. You better cure my disease or else I will make you die a graveless death Tang Ze said with a gloomy face.

Eh? Didn't they say that you are very ill? I can see that you're full of vigor. It's obvious that you're faking illness. You can't be pretending to be sick because the nurse here is so beautiful, right? How could Cheng Yu be scared by the other party's threats

Cheng Yu, don't go too far Gu Fangqin shouted.

Hah. What? A family has come to threaten me. Let me tell you, I have really come today to save people. Cheng Yu said loudly.

When the crowd heard him, they thought they had heard wrongly. What did he mean? Judging from Cheng Yu's stubborn attitude, he should have said, He's not here to save people, right? Could it be that Cheng Yu had given in?

However, the next sentence gave everyone an answer

But don't worry. I'm not here to save him. Old man, find the most difficult patient in your hospital. I'm in a good mood today, I'll give your hospital a free medical consultation The reason he came today was to anger Tang Ze, which could be considered as his venting of the past few days due to the falling out with Han Xue and Lin Yuhan.