Godly Student Chapter 416

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Young Master Yu. Then what is the maximum price we can afford? Wu Chang asked.

You don't need to know. You just need to suppress them. Cheng Yu said.

This... Young Master Yu, what if we don't have that much money to pay them? Wu Chang was shocked, not because of Cheng Yu's domineering attitude, but because of his words that made people speechless.

Although you are a deity, but the ability to turn stone into gold shouldn't be true, right?

I will think of a way. Your mission is to take this land. If you can't take it down, I will take a huge piece of your skin Cheng Yu said.

Ugh... Alright then Wu Chang was shocked. Since the boss had already said so, what else could he do? He should just directly suppress them. Anyway, Cheng Yu said he would find a way.

Alright, you should go back first. Remember, you must take this land Cheng Yu said.

Alright. Wu Chang stood up and walked out, suddenly, he turned his head and said with a face full of curiosity: Young Master Yu. Can you turn stone into gold?

If I want to, nothing is impossible At first, Cheng Yu was stunned, then he put on an act and said, as if that was really the case.

Really? Wu Chang was pleasantly surprised.

So you better think of a way to take that land, or you might turn into a piece of gold Cheng Yu smiled.

I got it, I'll definitely help you take this land Wu Chang left excitedly.

This guy can't really believe that I can turn stone into gold right? He better not give me an amount that is too outrageous, or else I really will kill him. After he had put on an act, Cheng Yu suddenly started to worry.

Although he told him to take down those two companies. He wouldn't be like Fatty, not treating money as money, right?

Thus, he quickly took out his phone and called Wu Chang.

Hey. I'm telling you, don't mess with me. If you come up with billions, I'll definitely kill you Cheng Yu hung up the phone without waiting for Wu Chang Zai's reply, leaving him baffled.

While Cheng Yu had nothing to do at home, in a nursing ward in the People's Hospital of Yunhai, several old men who looked knowledgeable were shaking their heads at the illness of a young man in a white coat.

This young patient was none other than the person who wanted to get engaged to Han Xue, Tang Ze.

Pity him, didn't he just want to get married? In the end, he ended up like this.

These so-called experts had come every day these days to do some scientific research on him, but it had no effect, and his lower body still had no senses

Dean Ji, can these experts really do it? It's been seven or eight days, but my son is still like this. Why don't you find me some more famous doctors? Tang Ze wasn't the only one who couldn't take it. Even his mother, who had always been by his side couldn't.

These experts had a way of speaking, but after a few days of discussing the cause of her son, she was annoyed that they still hadn't told her why.

However, since she had a request for them. They were true doctors no matter how poor their skill was to her. At the very least, she still had some hope. Furthermore, she heard that these experts were famous throughout the country, so she didn't dare to offend them.

Lady Tang, it's not that I don't want to. These people are already one of the best neuroscientists in China. If they are unable to help, then it's useless even if we have to invite anyone else Tang Ze's strange situation really made it difficult for these experts.

Although there were many cases of neurologic diseases that couldn't be cured, the cause of them was very easy to find but they were unable to find the cause of the paralysis of Tang Ze's lower body

Actually, most of the things that happened was because of the problem with the motor neurons, but in reality, not to mention the motor neurons, there was nothing wrong with Tang Ze's body at all.

From the various inspection data reports, it seemed that his body was much healthier than most people. This was too strange

Then you can ask the experts from other countries. Didn't the doctors abroad say that they are very skilled? Mrs. Tang said impatiently.

The one who was lying down was her son, her only son. At such a young age, there were still many good days waiting for him. His father had even paved the way for him, and in two years he would be transferred to the province.

Now, not to mention his career, he wouldn't even be able to pass on his legacy.

With red eyes and tears in her eyes, she said, I already said that I won't let you date the Han family's girl, now look at the result. If you marry her into the family, who knows what will happen?

Mom. What does this have to do with Little Snow? Tang Ze said with some dissatisfaction.

You're still protecting her, she is a jinx. Otherwise, why would you be paralyzed at this early hour when you were about to be engaged to her? If this isn't a jinx, then what is? Could it be that a ghost is coming? Mrs. Tang said while wiping away her tears.

Wait! I suddenly remembered something! I remember a few days ago someone slapped me on the shoulder. Doctor, do you think it was him who did it? Hearing his mother's words, Tang Ze suddenly recalled the meeting with Cheng Yu that night.

He clearly remembered that back then, he thought that Cheng Yu would attack him, but what was strange was that he only patted his shoulder. At that time, he felt that it was a little strange, but now, it seemed Cheng Yu was very suspicious.

Especially when he said, I hope you are as capable as you say, otherwise. You will lose your life

Yes. It was him. It must be him. That bastard must have done something to me Thinking of this, Tang Ze's mood became very agitated.

Because Cheng Yu had said, The best way to deal with the person he hates is to make them disappear from this world Could it be that his own tragedy will not stop here and he would even die?

I don't want to. I don't want to die. Mom, get my dad to bring that bastard over here. I will kill him<.q> Tang Ze's expression was ugly. There was fear and anger on his face.

Son, what's wrong? Who was that person? What exactly is going on? Seeing Tang Ze suddenly become so agitated, Tang Ze's mother was shocked.

Mom. I don't want to die, I don't want to die Tang Ze cried.

A few experts were also shocked, and Ji Wenbo quickly asked the doctor to give him a tranquilizer. Only then did he slowly calm down.

Son, tell mom, what is going on? Who is that person you're talking about? Seeing that her son had calmed down, Mrs. Tang asked anxiously.

His name is Cheng Yu, Xiao Xue's boyfriend, and also the mayor's nephew. He came to see me before, and he said something weird to me. I didn't understand it then, but now I know, it must be him, at that time he gently patted me on the shoulder Tang Ze said.

The woman's boyfriend? If she has a boyfriend, why did you want to marry her? This was the first time his mother heard of this matter, and she said in astonishment.

That's a boyfriend, not a husband. I like Xiao Xue, why can't I marry her? Tang Ze said.

Cheng Yu? You mean the mayor's nephew, Cheng Yu? When Ji Wenbo heard Tang Ze's words, he was also astonished. At the same time, he was also somewhat enlightened.

No wonder they were unable to find the cause. If it was really as Tang Ze said, then it was not impossible. Cheng Yu's mystical medical skills were definitely the most powerful and magical he had ever seen.

It's just that I didn't expect Tang Ze to try to steal Cheng Yu's girlfriend, it would be weird if he didn't do anything to Tang Ze.

Dean Ji, could it be that you know this Cheng Yu as well? Mrs. Tang turned around and said.

I've met him twice. The girl who came here with you last time was saved by Cheng Yu. His medical skills are the most magical I have ever seen. If he really did something to Tang Ze, I think in this world, other than him, no one else can cure him At the same time, he was also telling them that Cheng Yu wasn't a simple person and that it was best if they didn't act rashly.

So that bastard is definitely the cause of my illness? Mom, quickly call my dad and capture that bastard for me Tang Ze angrily said.

Mr. Tang, I advise you not to be so impulsive. You still need to rely on him to cure his illness. If you really make a big fuss, then there will be no one who can cure his illness. Ji Wenbo said.

Ji Wenbo and Cheng Yu weren't exactly friends, or more accurately, Cheng Yu didn't even like him. He could also tell that Cheng Yu was an extremely arrogant person.

If Tang Ze really dared to use force on Cheng Yu, he believed that his illness would be incurable.

This... Tang Ze was shocked and scared. That fellow, Cheng Yu, he had super high martial prowess. Moreover, he was the mayor's nephew. If they were to let things get out of hand, with the mayor's protection, his old man wouldn't be able to do anything to him.

However, if the other party was unwilling to treat his illness, then wouldn't he have to lie in bed for the rest of his life?

Dean Ji, how can we contact this Cheng Yu? His mother also knew what to do, and even if she wanted to get him, she would have to wait until he cured her son.

He's Mayor Zhao's nephew. You should be able to contact him! Ji Wenbo said.

Alright Tang's mother immediately took out her phone and called her husband, asking him to contact the mayor and get his nephew, Cheng Yu.


At this time, Cheng Yu was doing research at home. Researching what? He wasn't researching anything about cultivation, he was researching how to coax Lin Yuhan and Han Xue.

Cheng Yu's dream was very simple. He wished that the women he liked could live happily with him, but now that he had broken off two of his five flowers, he felt very sad

Ding ling ling! The phone rang. He picked it up and saw that it was his uncle, Zhao Minglong.

Hey Uncle, what's the matter? Cheng Yu asked