Godly Student Chapter 415

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Holy sh * t. What's the use of that? Doesn't that mean I won't be able to find him even if he hides in Yunhai City? Hearing that he could only sense the other party's presence but not the position of the other party, Cheng Yu felt that this skill was too weak.

Just be content with what you have. At the very least, if you can sense his presence, you will be on your guard, which is much better than hiding in your house and not knowing where he is hiding The Soul Suppressing Orb said in a bad mood.

Cheng Yu was speechless, but the Soul Suppressing Orb was right. Being able to sense the appearance of the other party made him constantly on guard, but he wasn't completely passive.

Since he wasn't able to find him for the time being, he had no choice but to give up. In any case, that fellow was severely injured, so he shouldn't appear for the time being.

At this thought, Cheng Yu also felt a lot more at ease. He drank a small bottle of God's Water, closed his eyes and sat down, recovering from his injuries.

On the second day, Cheng Yu had just woken up from his meditative state when he received a call from the Old Master of the Capital.

Grandfather. What's the matter with calling this early? Cheng Yu answered the call.

Do you know what happened at Wutai Mountain? Cheng Rui Long said.

Ever since he had seen the massacre at Wutai Mountain, the level of strangeness and malevolence had far exceeded the imagination of ordinary people. The news of last night's strange explosions had already reached the capital, and it revealed an extraordinary amount of information.

After careful deliberation, Cheng Ruilong quickly thought of Cheng Yu. It wasn't that he suspected that it was Cheng Yu who did this, but he knew that Cheng Yu was capible of doing this

Morever, he felt that this matter might be related to Cheng Yu. And the facts proved that his guess was not wrong. Cheng Yu did not hide this matter from him.

Yes, you can't deal with this matter, so there's no need for you to investigate further Cheng Yu said.

The other party was a cultivator, so even if they managed to investigate, it would be useless. Not to mention whether they could find him, even if they could, the final loser would still be the country.

Is the opponent really a cultivator like you? What was his motive? Why did he suddenly come to the mortal world to commit such a tragic act? After hearing Cheng Yu's confirmation, Cheng Rui;ong was still very surprised.

In the past, Cheng Yu had also told him about some of the cultivation world's situations, and he knew that they would normally not come to the secular world, and even more so, would not easily break the balance of the secular world.

But what was going on now? Why would a cultivator suddenly come to the secular world to cause trouble? If the other had truly been premeditated, wouldn't it mean that the secular world would be in danger? And China was the first to bear the brunt of it.

It's true that the opponent is an immortal cultivator, but I've already injured him last night. He shouldn't appear for a short period of time. Cheng Yu said.

What? Did you meet him yesterday? So you were the ones who caused the consecutive explosions in Wutai Mountain last night? Then are you hurt? He didn't expect that Cheng Yu would have already fought with the perpetrator.

I've suffered some minor injuries, but I'm fine now. Cheng Yu said.

That's good Cheng Ruilong let out a breath of relief. When he heard that his grandson was not seriously injured, he was also a lot more relieved. At the same time, he gained a better understanding of his grandson's strength. The fact that this perpetrator could turn hundreds of people into bones in one night showed how powerful and cruel he was.

However, such a powerful person was still injured by his own grandson. Listening to him, the other party's injuries were not light. Otherwise, Cheng Yu wouldn't say that the other party wouldn't appear for a short period of time.

Then do you know the purpose of his actions? In fact, this was also what worried Cheng Rui Long the most.

The other big bosses didn't understand this, but because of Cheng Yu, he now knew the other side of the world, so he had no choice but to worry about this problem.

Cultivators could fly into the sky and flee into the ground. Even Cheng Yu was able to block bullets. If there really were cultivators in the mortal world, then there would be a huge problem. Just one person was enough to fend off thousands of enemies, how many rounds could the entire secular world give them?

You should be able to relax. He should be looking for me Cheng Yu didn't want to tell him about Keke, and if that guy really wanted to find Keke, he would definitely meet me.

He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to thoroughly eliminate that fellow, lest he cause trouble for the world.

Looking for you? Don't tell me he has a grudge against you? Cheng Ruilong did not know that they had already met.

Yes, the cultivation technique this person cultivates is evil and specializes in absorbing human blood essence and soul. The last time I went to the cultivation world, I didn't kill him. I never thought that it would bring such a tragedy to the secular world Cheng Yu's voice was somewhat low and deep.

With so many innocent people in Wutai Mountain, including even First Martial Saint who had some connections with him, dying in this tragedy made him feel really guilty.

Sigh. Then you must be careful Cheng Ruilong also sighed. He didn't know what the truth of the matter was. At this moment, he didn't know what to say.

I know, just don't interfere in this matter. Otherwise, more innocent people will die Cheng Yu said.

I got it. I will arrange it Cheng Ruilong immediately hung up.

..........At this time, thousands of kilometers away in a mountain, a black robed man was sitting in a cave, his body was wrapped by countless bats. After a while, all of the bats had hidden in his black robe.

Only now could his face be seen. His face was almost devoid of flesh. His eyes were sunken in, and his cheekbones were high and protruding. He looked more like a skeleton than a man.

This person was none other than Ming Zhi, who was injured by Cheng Yu.

His deep eyes shone with a ghostly light, like a ghost, which made him look very strange.

Damn bastard, He actually injured me twice. I will definitely get my revenge for this Ming Zhi said fiercely.

After a night of recovery, his injuries had stabilized, but his strength had dropped yet again.

He had sacrificed hundreds of the bats lives. In addition to the fact that several wisps of the soul of the Sky Demon Ruins had been suppressed and he even had to use the Blood Escape again to flee, this made him nearly explode with rage.

Right now, his cultivation was only at the early Gold Core stage.

I wonder if that girl is by his side. If she is, it would be really troublesome. Now, if I meet him again, I really won't be able to escape. he thought quietly.

Let's return to the cultivation world first. The spiritual energy in this place is too sparse to recover it, I'll have to wait for a very long time. After thinking about it, he felt that it was safer. If that girl was really with that man, he would be in big trouble.

He had finally gotten his current cultivation level. He didn't want to gamble with his luck. He had to save his strength and come back in the future to take everything, including his life

Cultivators had a long lifespan, and they shouldn’t be in a rush for revenge. They had to learn how to endure; this was the so-called long term. As long as he could preserve his life, he would naturally have the opportunity to take revenge in the future.

Thus, without any further hesitation, he flew towards the entrance of the cultivation world.

Cheng Yu was sitting on the sofa at home, watching the news about the massacre at Wutai Mountain broadcast on the TV. Looking at the ruins of those ancient temples and the white bones on the ground, Cheng Yu's heart became heavier and heavier.

That guy would be a disaster if he didn't get rid of him

In three days, Wutai Mountain will have a huge prayer ceremony to pay homage to the dead.

Cheng Yu really wanted to go and pay his respects to these innocent people, especially the First Saint Master. However, he didn't dare to leave Yunhai because he didn't know if the black-robed man would come here.

After leaving, he would be in trouble if Ming Zhi found a loophole. He wasn't sure if Ming Zhi understood him, but if he did, then his family would be threatened.

Therefore, Cheng Yu didn't dare to go anywhere during this period of time and could only stay in Yunhais.

Remembering that Han Xue and Lin Yuhan were still angry at him, Cheng Yu had no choice but to call Wu Chang to help.

Young Master Yu. What business do you have with me? Wu Chang stood in front of Cheng Yu and said respectfully.

You want to know what happened to thepiece of land? It should be due in a few days Cheng Yu said calmly.

Yes. Tomorrow is the auction's deadline. However, two additional companies started to enter the auction yesterday. The current auction price has reached 13.8 billion Wu Chang said.

Wu Chang was also worried when he saw such a high price. The previous few days, the price had only reached 12 billion, but because of the two companies, the price had risen to 13.8 billion.

Wu Chang's heart almost jumped out when he saw this, this was 13.8 billion, not 1.38 million. He really did not understand the world of the rich.

Wu Chang didn't know why Cheng Yu spent so much money to buy a piece of wasteland, and he didn't understand how Cheng Yu could spend so much money.

Oh? Do you know what company it is? Cheng Yu said with a frown. This price was indeed a bit high, but this land was too important to him, so he had to buy it no matter what.

I know. They are listed companies from two provinces. They are very powerful Wu Chang said.

Even if they are powerful, you have to think of a way to take this land down. Do you understand? Cheng Yu said.

Then what's the highest price we can accept? Wu Chang felt a bit of a lack of confidence. The other party's background was huge, and he didn't know how big Cheng Yu's family background was.

You don't need to know. You just need to take them down Cheng Yu said in a domineering tone.

This... Then what if we can't pay that much money? Cheng Yu said it easily, but Wu Chang was troubled.

This is not playing house, the other side is in the country, do you dare to play with the country? If he couldn't pay for it when the time came, wouldn't he be eating prison food?