Godly Student Chapter 414

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I really underestimated you Ming Zhi thought that even if he couldn't find the little girl, he would still be able to kill Cheng Yu first.

He didn't think that not only did Cheng Yu have a lot of soul rank magic treasures, but he also had a Magic Pet. Even so, the thing that confused him the most was that this fellow's companion was actually two ranks higher than its master. This was simply too much.

If it was in the past, he would naturally not be afraid of a large bird of the Gold Core stage. But now that his injuries had yet to heal, it would be extremely difficult for him to defeat this large bird.

Moreover, he was worried about Cheng Yu. This guy was very strange, it seemed like his trump card was endless. Also, because of his strange flame, he didn't even dare to use his bat and ghost.

If he let him burn his ghosts a few more times, there would be no cure.

Thinking of this, Ming Dong had the intention to retreat. To him, finding that girl was the most important thing. As long as he recovered his strength, then Cheng Yu wouldn't be able to stop him no matter how powerful he was.

Berserk Demon Saber Art A demonic aura burst forth from Ming Zhi's body as he slashed his blade towards Huo Yu.

Huo Yu folded her wings together to protect her body. With a clang, she stepped back a few steps and stably blocked Ming Zhi's attack.

At this time, Ming Zhi didn't launch another attack, instead, he flew up and was about to leave.

Huo Yu. Stop him Cheng Yu instantly shouted.

This fellow was someone who didn't follow the rules of morality. If he was allowed to wander around in the secular world, he would be an extremely dangerous person

Just like what the people in the city said, a bomb can cause massive damage, and with the opponent's early Gold Core stage strength, he could burst out with the strength of a Gold Core stage cultivator. That was much stronger than the bomb, so Cheng Yu would definitely make him stay here today.

Although Huo Yu's body was enormous, her flying speed was surprisingly fast. She instantly caught up to Ming Zhi.

Humph. Trying to stop me? You're courting death Although Ming Zhi didn't want to fight with Cheng Yu again, it wasn't because he was afraid of him. It was because none of them could take advantage of the situation if they continued to fight like this.

Although Huo Yu was powerful, she would definitely not be able to kill him. It was also unlikely that he would be able to kill Huo Yu or Cheng Yu, so there wasn't much point in continuing this battle.

But now that Cheng Yu didn't want him to leave, he had no choice but to use his killing move

Pu Pu Pu. Suddenly, his black robes started moving, and a group of soul sucking bats finally made their move.

Huo Yu, be careful Cheng Yu was startled. This fellow's bat and yin spirits were extremely dangerous creatures. He had the Phoenix Spirit Flame and wasn't afraid at all, but Huo Yu would inevitably be entangled.

Whoosh! Just as Cheng Yu was worried about Huo Yu, Huo Yu spat out a mouthful of flames. Her opponent's bat had actually been burnt to the ground.

Good job, Huo Yu Seeing that Huo Yu's flames could also burn those bats, Cheng Yu was overjoyed.

AHHHHHHHH Cheng Yu was happy, but Ming Zhi was furious. This bird was like its master, how could it have such a strange flame?

Sky Demon Disintegration This time, Ming Zhi was extremely angry. Last time, he had already lost a lot of bats due to Cheng Yu, and now this giant bird had burned a lot of them. How could he tolerate this?

It was as if his body had been disintegrated, turning into countless demonic shadows, attacking Huo Yu.

The demonic shadow held the Sickle of the God of Death in its hand and fiercely slashed at Huo Yu. With such a fierce attack, Huo Yu could only use her wings to protect herself as she was attacked by the demonic phantoms.

Soul Suppressing Pagoda Cheng Yu couldn't care less about hiding his trump card. He had to keep this guy here, and Huo Yu couldn't be injured, otherwise it would be troublesome.

Although these demonic phantoms were fierce, they were all soul type creatures, and the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was definitely the greatest nemesis of soul creatures.

The Soul Suppressing Pagoda shone with a dazzling golden light, just like the golden alms bowl that used to belong to The First Saint. However, Cheng Yu's Soul Suppressing Pagoda was clearly much stronger than that golden alms bowl.

The golden light of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda dispersed outwards, shining on the demonic figures and instantly being sucked into the pagoda.

The shrieks of the demonic phantoms were terrifying. The demonic phantoms instantly merged into one, and Ming Zhi’s body was revealed once again. At this time, his face was extremely distorted, and his heart was filled with fear.

Feeling that the golden pagoda still wanted to suck him, he panicked and no longer cared about losing his strength. He once again activated Blood Escape and disappeared from Cheng Yu's eyes.

Everything returned to normal, and Cheng Yu was extremely disappointed. With such a good opportunity just now and he actually wasn't able to suck him into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. What a pity.

It would not be easy to meet him again. Although he seemed to be heavily injured, to ordinary people, he was no less than a nuclear bomb.

Tat tat tat! At this time, Cheng Yu suddenly heard many voices. This voice was very familiar to him; it was the voice of a helicopter. Cheng Yu couldn't care less and quickly called back Huo Yu and the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, then flew away on his flying sword.


Sure enough, not long after Cheng Yu left, several helicopters flew over. When they discovered with their searchlights that several of the mountains had suddenly been severely damaged, everyone became extremely terrified

Actually, they had been here for quite some time. However, two of the helicopters that had flown over had exploded instantly, causing them to watch from afar as they slowly moved forward.

It turned out that not long after the fight between Cheng Yu and Ming Zhi had begun, the huge explosion had already triggered the police who were investigating the massacre in Wutai Mountain nearby.

They did not dare to slack off in the slightest because the tragedy at Wutai Mountain was too shocking. And now, there was such a huge and continuous explosions near the mountain, how could they let it go?

The police quickly contacted their superiors and dispatched helicopters to investigate the situation. However, the two helicopters had arrived during the intense battle. The Spiritual Qi within a radius of a few miles fluctuated abnormally, and Sword Qi was flying everywhere around them.

The two helicopters were inexplicably blasted apart by the sword qi, and when the helicopters were sent into the vicinity, they felt a strong sense of pressure, as if they had been blocked by something. Those people with sharp eyes saw the trees in the distance fall to the ground.

The weirdest thing was that they noticed all kinds of strange lights within several li. This was truly too strange.

When there were no more loud noises, the helicopters cautiously flew towards the direction of the source of the strange light.

Now that they had reached the place with the most damage, it was likely that they had also seen the light flash out before. Originally, the helicopter could not land on the mountain, but now, the vast amount of forest had become flat ground.

Everyone got off the plane and saw that the ground was full of potholes. Many of the trees that had been destroyed had cut marks that were like knives.

Everyone was shocked. No one knew what happened here. A typhoon? But how could there be a typhoon on the Wutai Mountains? Isn't this nonsense? And what was that strange light?

Everyone took photos of the scene and sent them back to headquarters, but no matter how much they analyzed, they could not figure it out. They contacted the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to find out what the satellite images were, but in the end, they could not display them at all

After obtaining such a strange result, the crowd looked at the photos on the scene and didn't know what to do.


While all the police and investigators were still confused, Cheng Yu had already returned to Yunhai's villa. His face was somewhat pale.

At that time, he was injured by some of Ming Zhi's most powerful moves, which caused some serious injuries to him

Recalling his current strength at the Foundation Establishment stage, Cheng Yu felt a headache. He didn't know when he would be able to recover his strength.

If his cultivation hadn't fallen back, how could Ming Zhi have escaped again today? But it had already become a fact. Even though he was worried that Ming Zhi would cause some kind of shocking event, there was nothing he could do about it now.

As the saying goes, the enemy is in the dark while he is in the light. He had no other choice but to show up of his own accord or come to find him.

Soul Suppressing. Is there any way you can find that guy? Cheng Yu asked subconsciously.

If it was in the past, you should be able to do it. However, the current you is unable to do so The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Why? He just casually said that he really had this kind of ability?

Because when he turned into a demonic shadow, He attracted a few demonic shadows. They were formed by him using his soul force. According to his soul, you would naturally be able to find him. However, your current strength is insufficient. If you still had your previous cultivation, you would have naturally been able to find him The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Then I have no other choice but to let him come out in order to kill him? Cheng Yu said with a frown.

Kunlun is really harmful. If it wasn't for them, how could he have become like this? Sooner or later, he would take revenge.

That is not completely necessary. At the very least, if he appears within a hundred li of you, you will be able to sense his existence The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

A hundred li in radius? You're saying that as long as he's within a hundred li, I can find him? Cheng Yu was also relieved to hear The Soul Suppressing Orb's explanation, because he was worried that Ming Zhi would hurt his family and women.

If that was the case, at least he wouldn't be defenseless whenMing Zhi comes to Yunhai City. Also, he didn't have to worry about his family being threatened by him.

Of course not. You can only sense his presence. As for where he is, that is impossible to know. Even if you had recovered your Gold Core, you would only be able to determine the location of his hiding place within a hundred miles The Soul Suppressing Orb explained.

Holy sh * t. What's the use of that? Doesn't that mean I can't find him even while he's hiding in Yunhai City? Cheng Yu was shocked. This was too useless