Godly Student Chapter 413

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So it's you Seeing the black robed figure, Cheng Yu did not recognize him, but the black robed person recognized Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu frowned. Although the other party was completely wrapped in a black robe, he was still familiar with his Baleful Yin Force.

He thought to himself, This guy actually knows me? I don't remember fighting with someone like him?

Ha. You've actually become a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Haha, the heavens are truly on my side. I was almost killed by you last time, how are you going to run today? The black cloaked man stared at Cheng Yu for a moment, puzzled at first, then happily said.

Are you the Devil Dao cultivator from back then? Hearing the other party's words, Cheng Yu finally recalled the other party's identity.

In the past, he had fought against this person in the heart of the Forest of Death. Back then, the other party's baleful aura had penetrated into his brain, almost causing him to perish.

That's right. When you burned my bat and injured my ghost, my vitality was greatly damaged. Today, I want you to become their tonic. The black-robed man said bitterly.

The black robed man's name was Ming Zhi. His last battle with Cheng Yu had caused him to suffer heavy losses. Numerous bats had died, and most importantly, his Yin spirit had been burned by Cheng Yu's strange fire.

It had to be known, that the Yin Spirit was connected to his soul. The Yin Spirit was injured, causing his own soul to be severely injured. In the end, he also had to use Blood Escape to escape, making his injuries even worse.

Originally, he wanted to go to find righteous path experts so he could kill a few Golden Core experts to recuperate, but how could a Golden Core expert be so easy to kill? He was only in the early Golden Core realm, and after suffering such heavy injuries, he was barely able to unleash the power of a Gold Core stage cultivator.

After thinking about it, he finally thought of this little girl. She had the origin spirit pill constitution, and was an absolute tonic. If he could directly devour her, then his injuries would definitely recover by 80%, and it would be much easier to hunt down a Gold Core Stage expert.

When he saw Cheng Yu just now, he was still very wary and even had the urge to run away. However, he never would have thought that the person who almost killed him would turn out to be a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Now that their identities had been reversed, he originally thought that he was the weaker party, but now that he had become the stronger one, his mood suddenly improved greatly, and he no longer had any scruples.

So what if I'm in the Foundation Establishment stage? A lot of Gold Core Stage experts had the same thoughts as you, but in the end, they all became ghosts under my sword. Cheng Yu looked at him and said.

But in his heart, he wasn't sure because he didn't know the situation with the black robed man. He only knew that this guy had the same ability as him to fight those who were stronger than him.

He was also surprised to hear Cheng Yu's words, because he had already known that Cheng Yu had the ability to fight above his level. But the other party suddenly went from the Gold Core stage to the Foundation Establishment stage, he should have suffered some serious injury. Could he have fought a battle beyond his cultivation level?

Humph. Don't think you can scare me just by saying that Although he couldn't be sure whether what the opponent said was true or not, no matter how unsure he was, he couldn't let the opponent see through it. This was a taboo in battle.

You're from the cultivation world, so I don't care how many evils you commit in the cultivation world. But you actually dare to come to the mortal world to kill mortals? Aren't you afraid of being abandoned by the heavens? Cheng Yu coldly said.

Haha. My Dao is the killing Dao. These mortals are people abandoned by the Heavenly Dao. No matter how many I kill, so be it. So what if I'm in the cultivation world? So what if I'm in the secular world? In front of me, there is only the dead In the cultivation world, one of the ways to practice was to kill people. Even though he was in the mortal world, there was no different

The only difference was that these mortals were far worse than the cultivators. Their bodies were simply filled with impurities, and he found itit troublesome to use them in cultivation.

The reason why he created such a big commotion was to force the little girl out. He didn't expect that the girl wouldn't come, but would bring Cheng Yu over instead.

He now believed that the girl was related to Cheng Yu.

In that case, you are definitely going to die today It was too dangerous for Cheng Yu to let such a bloodthirsty person stay in the secular world.

You want to kill me? Haha, then let's do it. I want to see if you really have the ability to do so Ming Zhi didn't waste any more time talking to Cheng Yu, and directly rushed over with his black long blade.

Cheng Yu was already prepared. He raised his Purple Light Sword and went forward to receive the sword. The two of them quickly battled, but Cheng Yu was only at the late Foundation Establishment stage, although he displayed his ability to jump levels, but the gap between the two of them was not small, Cheng Yu was forced to fight passively.

Berserk Demon Saber Art As Ming Zhi's attacks became fiercer and fiercer, Cheng Yu was forced to retreat step by step. Ming Zhi took advantage of this and fought even more fiercer. In the dark night, one could still see the shadow of his black broadsword swirling around.

BOOOOOOOOM! The shadow of the blade fell from the sky directly onto a mountain.

/p>Purple Light Thousand Layered Waves Cheng Yu gave a loud shout, and the purple light sword in his hand began to emit waves of sword qi towards Ming Zhi who was chasing after him.

Ming Zhi was not afraid at all, with his powerful Gold Core stage strength, he directly broke through the wave of sword qi and rushed towards Cheng Yu.

Primeval Strike Cheng Yu thrust out his sword, wanting to block Ming Zhi's attack. The sword tip's sword aura once again swirled rapidly like a whirlpool.

Mad Demon Dance With a loud roar, just as Ming Zhi's large blade was blocked by Cheng Yu, his blade was once again filled with black qi, and black energy shot towards Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu was greatly shocked. He was too familiar with this move and it was precisely this move that caused his brain to be affected by the black energy. It almost took his life away.

Cheng Yu immediately retreated dozens of meters away from the battle. He guarded his mind, chanted a chant to clear his mind, and expelled the energy.

However, since Ming Zhi had killed so many people and fought so many battles, he naturally knew what Cheng Yu must be up to. He immediately launched another attack and rushed up.

Limitless Sky Demon Ming Zhi's figure suddenly turned into a huge phantom that was more than a dozen meters tall. He raised his big blade and chopped down towards Cheng Yu.

Bang! As the broadsword slashed down, the Exquisite Cauldron within Cheng Yu's body immediately rushed out, blocking in front of the virtual shadow. However, the shadow's strength was strong, and it actually directly sent the Exquisite Cauldron back into Cheng Yu's body.

Soon after, the Saint Spirit Robe on Cheng Yu's body flashed. Bang! A Soul Artifact's robe was not something a Gold Core stage cultivator could break.

Even so, the moment the Saint Spirit Robe returned to Cheng Yu's body, Cheng Yu was still sent flying by the powerful force.

Puff puff puff! Cheng Yu had broken a few trees in succession before finally falling to the ground.

Hehe. How about it? Even though you are able to fight above your cultivation level, I am not an ordinary Gold Core stage cultivator. You want to kill me? You're still lacking The huge shadow gradually disappeared and once again turned into Ming Zhi's original body. He walked over and smiled at the heavily injured Cheng Yu.

Is that girl in your hands? Hand her over, and I can let you live Ming Ji said while looking at Cheng Yu.

I don't know what girl you are talking about. Do you think you can kill me like this? Cheng Yu coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood. He slowly stood up and smiled at the other party.

Is that so? Then I really want to see what other magical equipment you have. I can see that you have a lot of treasures on you. If you can't protect them, they might all be mine today Ming Zhi laughed.

Back then in the Forest of Death, it was because of Cheng Yu's Exquisite Cauldron that he was toyed with by Cheng Yu. Earlier, when he unleashed his powerful technique, this fellow's defensive treasures were actually layered, or else he would not be in his current state.

Your strength is indeed not bad, but I don't know if you can block her. Huo Yu Cheng Yu gently smiled. Suddenly, a fiery red figure flew out from Cheng Yu's body

The fiery red figure instantly grew. It was Cheng Yu's magical pet, Huo Yu. Huo Yu was almost three meters tall. Her body was chubby, and her feathers were like flames. However, they were exceptionally hard.

A Gold Core stage companion? How is that possible? Surprised, Ming Zhi quickly retreated dozens of meters.

Although he didn't have a Magic Pet, he had some understanding of Magic Pet. Magic Pet's cultivation could not surpass its owner. Cheng Yu had clearly gone from the Gold Core stage to the Foundation Establishment stage, but why was this magical pet still in the Gold Core stage?

This was too unreasonable

Huo Yu did not give him much time to study why she was still in the Gold Core stage. Her task was to help master eliminate the enemy. Because of Cheng Yu's special nature, the growth of his strength in the cultivation world was too fast. After she was subdued by Cheng Yu, she hid within the Mountain and River Diagram to cultivate.

After such a long time not being able to fight because of the difference in strength between her and her master, she had to hold back her urge. Now that her master's cultivation had been knocked down, She could finally show off her skills in front of her master.

Hu hu hu hu! Huo spread her wings and flapped, sending several red feathers flying towards Ming Zhi.

Peng peng peng! Ming Zhi quickly used his defensive power to block Huo Yu's attack.

Hu hu hu hu! However, Huo Yu was not discouraged. The more she flapped her wings, the faster she moved. A fiery red tornado suddenly appeared in front of Ming Zhi.

The fiery tornado became bigger and bigger, engulfing everything around it. All of the trees and rocks were sucked into it, and Huo Yu kept flapping her wings.

Ming Zhi was shocked, because he discovered that this strange tornado was not the wind, but a fiery red Qi blade. Although his body was protected by the Qi of his Gold Core Stage cultivation, he still felt as if it was being torn apart.

He knew that the more time passed, the more he would be unable to suppress the tearing power.

Suddenly, a black qi completely wrapped around his body. Boom! With a loud bang, Ming Zhi exploded like he had self-destructed.

However, what was surprising was that while the tornado had disappeared, Ming Zhi was still standing unharmed tens of meters away. Although he looked a bit bedraggled, but he definitely didn't self-destruct

I really underestimated you Ming Zhi said between his gritted teeth as he looked at Cheng Yu.