Godly Student Chapter 411

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Sneak into the Azure Bamboo Gang? Qin Canghai said with a frown.

Yes. I hope you can agree to it. This is also a good opportunity for you to clean up your crimes. At the very least, it shows how friendly you are to the government Cheng Yu said.

Alright. Since Young Master Yu has said so, I will make sure to make the proper arrangements. Qin Canghai also felt that it made sense. Now that he planned to take the right path, he would have to deal with the government in the future, and establishing the company could be considered as laying the groundwork for his future development.

Alright. I'll get the mayor to discuss this with you. Cheng Yu said and then looked at Wu Chang, Help me look out for the piece of land I was looking at before. There are still a few days left before we must take it down. Alright! Young Master Yu Wu Chang said respectfully.

At night, when he returned home, Cheng Yu once again began his path of artifact forging. Refining artifacts was just like refining pills. At the start, it required a large amount of experience. Only by doing this would one have a higher success rate when refining better equipment and magic artifacts in the future.

Just like this, a few days passed. Cheng Yu did not do anything except focusing on refining his equipment at home. The first time he spent Ten hour on the ring, but now he only needed three hours to refine it.

He had also refined a few weapons. Unfortunately, even though he had used a miraculous flame like the Phoenix Spirit Flame, the highest quality weapon he had refined was only a high-grade artifact. He couldn't even forge a top-grade artifact.

It seems like this refining process is indeed much more difficult than I thought. No wonder my master refined so few top grade artifacts. Looking at the Cyan Steel Sword in his hand, Cheng Yu sighed.

Cheng Yu couldn't use so many complicated arrays, so he used some simple offensive and defensive arrays. Most of the time, he had added many restrictions to the ring.

Compared to formations, restrictions were much easier. The strength of the restrictions had a lot to do with the caster's strength. The higher the base level, the more powerful the restrictions he casted would be.

And many of the array formations had little to do with the person who cast the array. What mattered was whether or not one had a thorough understanding of the array formation. In the world of cultivation, there were many people who entered the Dao through formations. Even though their strength and cultivation level wasn't high, they could still use formations to defeat or even kill people with a cultivation level higher than theirs.

Thus, an array formation was a very mysterious and profound thing. It was just like the Seven Star Yin Yang summoning divine array that Qing Yuanzi had found in the past. A person who had never learned a technique that could revive a dead person would not be able to revive a dead person, even if they were Rogue Immortals or even true Immortals.

However, if you were to learn such a formation, then even if your cultivation level was not high, you would still be able to bring people back from the dead. However, if a person with a high cultivation were to use it, the probability of reviving would be higher.

Therefore, Cheng Yu did not know much about the profound formations. These few days, he had made a ring for each of the women. Although the Spirit Crystals he modeled off were all created phoenixes, every phoenix had different shapes. Some spread their wings to fly, while others soared into the sky in a beautiful manner.

Cheng Yu had even refined a new ring for himself. His shape was a dragon flying into the sky, extremely domineering.

After placing several layers of restrictions on the ring, Cheng Yu finally decided to leave.

While many people in the city were still living peacefully as usual, something extremely strange happened on Mount Wutai

It was late, and no one could be seen on the Wutai Mountains, only the night lights. Some were still drinking in the tavern, others had long since gone to sleep.

No one noticed that a gigantic black cloud had appeared in the sky.

Amitabha. The great calamity was approaching. Meng Yuan, hurry up and tell the monks to go down the mountain An old monk suddenly opened his eyes and said to the young monk beside him in a meditation room in the Fa Lei Temple.

Master, won't you come down the mountain with us? Meng Yuan said in surprise after hearing what the old monk said.

This great calamity is because of me, how can I leave, go! Go. If you wait any longer, it will be too late The old monk waved his hand and said.

Master The young monk was still unwilling.

Idiot. Do you want your fellow apprentices to die here? Hurry up and leave The old monk shouted as the buddhist beads in his hand spun faster and faster.

Seeing the look on the old monk's face, the young monk knew that persuading him again was useless and hurriedly left the meditation room.

At this moment, the entire Fa Lei Temple was in chaos. The monks and the guests were nervous and hurried down the mountain. They didn't even know what had happened. They just saw everyone running and ran.

What should come will eventually come. I just hope that we can avoid harming any more living creatures. The old monk sighed. If Cheng Yu was here, he would have definitely recognized this old monk. He was the one who had come to pay a visit, the First Saint Master.

Back then, when Cheng Yu was removing the curse on Keke, Cheng Yu had said that the evil spirit had contacted its owner. He had also advised her to leave the Temple of Fa Lei, but the First Holy Mage had no intention of leaving.

Now that five months had passed, the other party had indeed come looking for him.

Just as everyone was about to head down the mountain, the huge black cloud floated up to the top of the temple. Suddenly, countless terrifying evil spirits flew out from the black cloud and pounced towards those people


Run. There really are ghosts The evil spirit charging into the group scared everyone, including those monks. They normally ate and chanted buddhist chants, but they had never seen a real ghost before. If they really met one, they would immediately panic.

Whoosh. Whoosh. After the evil spirit passed through, the people that were entangled with it immediately turned into a pile of white bones

Help. No way Seeing such a terrifying scene, everyone was frightened. No matter how old or how experienced they were, no matter how strong they were, seeing such a terrifying scene, they couldn't bear it any longer.

Evil creature. Don't hurt the innocent Suddenly, a golden alms bowl flew out from the Fa Lei Temple. The alms bowl suddenly grew large, emitting a dazzling holy golden light. The light shone onto the evil spirit's body, and the evil spirit instantly disappeared.

Master. Help Many people saw the First Saint coming out and instantly exterminated the evil spirits. They immediately felt as if they had seen a living Buddha.


AHHHHHHHHH This time, the ones screaming were not humans. Rather, it was those countless Evil Spirits. The evil spirits were evil Yin creatures and the holy Buddhist light was the best holy objects to restrain evil and yin.

However, it was difficult for the First Saint to take care of everyone. There were countless evil spirits, and they wouldn't care about their own life and death like a human would so they still rushed towards the crowd. Even with the existence of the golden alms bowl, there were still many people who had been devoured to the point where only a pile of bones was left.

Boundless Dharma The golden bowl's golden light flourished once again, illuminating an even wider area. When the golden light hit the evil spirit, it instantly disappeared.

Seeing how strong the First Saint's magic power is, everyone ran into the range of the golden light from the golden alms bowl, hiding and not daring to leave.

However, there were too many people, and the scope of the golden light was still too small. Many people outside the circle of light either drilled in with all their might or dragged the people inside out. Some people even started to fight.

In the face of death, the selfishness of human nature was fully demonstrated. No one wished to be the one to be devoured into nothingness!

Which bastard is this? Don't pull me

Bastard. Push your way in, and give way

F * ck, which bastard is riding on my head

Push your way in. Your father's ass is still outside Everyone looked as if they had gone mad. They were squeezing people, and some were even climbing onto other people's heads. This was definitely not inferior to the crowded trains during the Spring Festival

In just a moment, the entire group of people under the golden bowl were safe and sound. There were screams everywhere on the mountain, and the ground was littered with white bones

Many evil spirits were unable to get into the golden light and directly targeted First Saint

The First Saint took the buddhist beads from his neck and chanted an incantation. The buddhist light from the buddhist beads flourished and with a wave of his hand, the buddhist beads struck the evil spirits and the evil spirits immediately dissipated.

Hold these talismans in your hands and drip a drop of blood. Quickly, hide. First Saint Master not only had to use the golden alms bowl to protect everyone, but he also had to constantly consume spiritual energy to deal with evil spirits.

After throwing in the talismans, everyone frantically fought over it. In the end, most of it was torn into pieces. Seeing this, the First Saint knew that it was impossible for these people to escape this calamity.

Pow. Sure enough, not long after, the range of the golden light from the golden alms bowl gradually shrank, and the people standing on the periphery were once again engulfed by the evil spirits.

Master! Help Seeing the circle of light shrinking, the people inside shouted in fear.

But how could the First Saint still have the ability to take care of them? With so many evil spirits attacking him, he could no longer afford to take care of himself.

Pow. In the end, the First Saint's golden alms bowl completely disappeared, falling straight to the ground.

No The last few also lost the protection of the golden light as they screamed miserably, before turning into a pile of bones.

Evil creature. Old Na will fight it out with you Seeing that everyone had died, the First Master was thoroughly enraged. The beads also began to glow with buddhist light, and countless evil spirits once again dispersed.

But right at that time, the Evil Spirit suddenly retreated and returned to the huge black cloud in the sky.

The First Saint looked at the black cloud with surprise. He didn't understand why these evil spirits would suddenly return

Whiz Without giving the First Saint a second thought, a figure flew out from the black cloud. A black robed man stood in front of the First Saint. His entire body was wrapped in a black robe, no one knew what he looked like

Who are you? To commit such evil. Why kill these innocent people? First Saint stared at him as he spoke. He knew why the other party would come here, but he was prepared to die. However, he didn't expect the other party to not let go of these ordinary people.

No matter how one looked at it, there were at least a few hundred lives here. Yet, they all turned into bones in an instant. This was too cruel