Godly Student Chapter 410

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Is that all? Cheng Yu said in surprise.

Of course. Although this solution will not completely solve this problem, at the very least, it will be much better than what you are doing right now. In the future, no matter what others say, you will at least be able to hold your ground.<.q> Zhao Minglong said.

Alright then. I'll find them and arrange for them to do it! As for sending spies to the Azure Bamboo Gang, I will get Qin Canghai to contact you. This can also be considered as their sincerity in turning over a new leaf Cheng Yu stood up and said.

It was still early, so Cheng Yu didn't stay at the Zhao Family, but went straight to the New Light Nightclub. Zhao Minglong was right. In this society's system, being pestered because of the identity of a gangster was not a good thing.

Moreover, he had to think about it for his family. Although he did not care about the status, the Cheng family's official career could not be ruined by him.

Young Master Yu

Young Master Yu Walking into the club, those who knew Cheng Yu respectfully greeted him.

Young Master Yu, you're here Qin Canghai was sitting in the office with a few people. When he saw Cheng Yu come in, he quickly got up and said.

There were also Violent Wolf, Wu Chang, and the three Lian brothers.

It turned out that today was actually the fourth day of the three day period that Cheng Yu had mentioned the last time. They had already been waiting for a long time. At this moment, everyone was very excited because Cheng Yu had said that he would bring them to a place.

Although Qin Canghai and the others did not know what kind of place it was, they knew that since it was a place to nurture the three Lian brothers, it was definitely a very powerful place.

Is the matter at home settled? Cheng Yu sat down and drank a mouthful of tea as he spoke.

Yes. The arrangements at home have been made. The three men said.

You three don't need to stay there. I'm only bringing you three to take a look and tell you guys some things. Cheng Yu saw how excited Qin Canghai and the others were and immediately splashed cold water on them.

................... Qin Canghai and the other two were at a loss. So he was just taking them on a tour. Were they excited for nothing?

Anyways. From now on, whatever you see must not be leaked out, or you will become a corpse. Cheng Yu said solemnly. Young Master Yu, don't worry. We won't reveal even half a word. Otherwise, may the heavens smite us Everyone stretched out their hand and swore.

En Cheng Yu also believed that they didn't dare to say anything they shouldn't say. He waved his hand and everyone disappeared from the room. If there was anyone in the room, they would have definitely seen a painting on the table.

This.. How are we here? He discovered that he was deep in the mountains and his surroundings were filled with a breathtakingly beautiful scenery. He immediately exclaimed in surprise.

I know that all of you have always been very curious about my identity. Now, I might as well tell all of you that I am a cultivator who pursues the Heavenly Dao. I am also known as an Immortal cultivator, and I can be said to be a deity in your eyes. This is my magic artifact. As an immortal cultivator, if he wanted to become stronger, he would need more spiritual energy to cultivate.

In the cities, the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth was scarce and thus, it is difficult for humans to cultivate with it. This is why so many of you are so weak

The spiritual Qi inside my magic artifact is thousands of times denser than the spiritual Qi in the city. With your current strength, it is very easy for you to feel Qi in your body move by cultivating here. Cheng Yu did not care about how shocked these people were. He did not care whether they understood or not, he just kept talking.

The three Lian brothers, from today onwards, you will have to stay in seclusion here for a month. After a month, I will send you out. Here are three spirit fruits. Take a small piece each day and refine it. As for the cultivation knowledge and techniques, they are all recorded in this jade slip. As long as you focus your attention and channel the spiritual energy within your body into this jade slip, you will naturally be able to see the contents within. As Cheng Yu spoke, he took out three Spirit Origin Fruits and some Qi Gathering Pills and gave them to the Lian brothers. Then he took out a jade letter and gave it to them.

You guys just train here. Don't let me down! I hope that you can officially become a Qi Refining disciple in a month. As for the food, it's all in this bag of holding. If you can't check the jades, then you can't open this bag of holding. That means you'll starve to death here.

This is my first test for you. If you cannot pass this test, then you will become its food. Shi Ji Cheng Yu said to the three of them, then he shouted towards the lake in the distance. Puff. Suddenly, a creature as large as a dragon leapt out of the lake and glanced at them with its huge mouth open. It turned out to be a giant serpent with a long horn on its head.

Pow! Everyone was so frightened by what had just happened that their legs turned to jelly and they fell to the ground.

You can choose to give up now. I won't force you Cultivating requires perseverance and courage. He wouldn't really feed them to Shi Yan, he just wanted to see their perseverance and courage.

The three Lian brothers broke out in a cold sweat. They had seen a python on TV before, but compared to this giant python, that python was too cute. Although the three of them were scared, Cheng Yu's display of a mysterious future made them look forward to it even more.

The three of them looked at each other before looking resolutely at Cheng Yu and saying, Young Master Yu, we are willing to stay

Very good! You already have the courage, what's left depends on how much perseverance you have. As for that big guy from before, you can rest assured. As long as you don't provoke her, she won't cause trouble for you. I'll see you guys in a month's time. I'm looking forward to the surprise you'll be givng me Cheng Yu said with a smile, and then with a wave of his hand, he disappeared along with Qin Canghai.

Seeing that Cheng Yu was so mysterious and had disappeared just like that, the three Lian brothers became even more determined. If they could become deities, why wouldn't the three of them be able to persevere?

Whiz Cheng Yu and the other three had already returned to Qin Canghai's office. Qin Canghai and the other two were quite frightened as well. When they returned to the office, they immediately collapsed onto the chairs.

Previously, when they heard that Cheng Yu was only bringing them on a tour, they had some regrets. However, after seeing that big fellow, they felt that it was better to let the three Lian brothers stay there instead of them.

At this moment, the three of them were no longer looking at Cheng Yu with admiration and respect, but were looking at him with reverence.

So it turned out that Cheng Yu was really a deity-like person. Naturally, being able to become the subordinate of such a magical person was the best thing that could happen to them.

The three of you don't need to think too much about it. I'm the same me and you don't need to treat me any differently than the past. Now I have a few things I want to arrange with you. Cheng Yu knew what they were thinking the moment he saw their gazes.

Please give your instructions, Young Master Yu Although Cheng Yu said so, Cheng Yu's position in their hearts had long surpassed their parents. He was a god, and even if he wasn't a true immortal, he was someone who wanted to become a god. So they were still very respectful.

In the past few months, you have done a good job. Your actions have also received the approval of the government. This is a good thing. But no matter what, you were born as gangsters. You are notorious even if you want to be a good person now. In order for you to have a legal identity and allow others to accept us with a normal mindset, I intend to disband the Blood Wolf Gang. I wonder if you have any objections? Cheng Yu said while looking at the three of them.

This... Young Master Yu. I don't have any objections to disbanding the Blood Wolf Gang, but since we have so many brothers that we need to feed, what can we do about it? Qin Canghai said with difficulty.

To tell the truth, the three of them had been in the Blood Wolf Gang for so many years. They had grown big step by step and occupied such a large area of land. However, they knew that they had to do this because Cheng Yu was their boss now, and with Cheng Yu's status, they cannot disobey. Since the deities had spoken, do you dare to not listen?

Don't worry, my uncle, the mayor, has already pointed this out to me and my plan is to set up a company. With this company, you can similarly support these brothers Cheng Yu said. Starting a company? Young Master Yu, that sounds good but we're used to fighting and killing, how would we know how to open a company? Qin Canghai said with his eyes wide open.

It's not like I'm letting you change your businesses. It's just these three nightclubs, won't you the same as before? It's just that you changed your identity from a hooligan to a white-collar worker. Cheng Yu said.

That's true. Then do we have to withdraw all of the people outside? Qin Canghai said. In the past, many of the brothers weren't in these three nightclubs, they were in their own territory, so as to avoid other gangs coming to raid them.

Yes, I'll talk to the mayor about that. He knew that because of his presence, the local police station would either keep its eyes open or its eyes closed.

Now that the Blood Wolf Gang had been completely withdrawn, if the police didn't care and the other gangs started to cause trouble again, then the security would be in trouble.

Alright. I will settle this matter as soon as possible. What is the name of our company? Qin Canghai said.

Since this is to let you leave your original world of darkness and welcome you to a new world. Let's call it New World Cheng Yu said after some thought.

New World? This one is good. Alright, we'll be called New World in the future Qin Canghai laughed.

One more thing, I need your help. I heard that quite a lot of drugs have appeared in Yunhai recently. The police hope that you can cooperate with them in sneaking into the Azure Bamboo Gang to collect evidence. Do you dare to go? Cheng Yu said.

Sneak into the Azure Bamboo Gang? Qin Canghai frowned. The Azure Bamboo Gang was not that simple. There was a reason why they could become the largest gang in Yunhai. The Azure Bamboo Gang had a lot of powerful people, and they were very strict too. It was not easy to collect evidence of their crimes