Godly Student Chapter 408

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Boss. How was it? Is the matter with sister-in-law settled? Under the Female Teachers's strange gaze, Cheng Yu swaggered out of the girls' dormitory. Fatty hurriedly ran over to ask.

Do you think there is a woman in this world that I can't deal with, a man as heroic and extraordinary as your boss? Cheng Yu arrogantly said.

Boss, did you really do it? It can even be settled like this? Seeing that there was no disappointment on Cheng Yu's face, fatty really thought that Cheng Yu had settled the matter. He said with a face full of astonishment.

Alright, I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first Cheng Yu was feeling extremely sad, how could he have the mood to care about him?

Boss, there are still lessons in the afternoon. Aren't you going to class? Fatty said.

I'll just skip class today Cheng Yu waved his hand and said.

But you've just made up with sister-in-law. Aren't you going to accompany her more?

Your sister-in-law is considerate. She will understand me Cheng Yu patted fatty's shoulder and said. He wanted to go, but he didn't dare to go see Lin Yuhan now, nor did he want to make her more sad. It was better for her to calm down a little.

As he drove through the crowd, Cheng Yu was very annoyed. It was already troublesome with two of his woman like this. He hoped that it'll be peaceful with the other women; or else, he would really have to apologize until he died.

Without realizing it, Cheng Yu drove the car to the gate of Yunhai High School, thought for a moment, and then drove the car in.

When he arrived at the classroom she was in, Yao Na was coincidentally teaching. Seeing her patiently explaining every question to the students, Cheng Yu felt that this scene was very harmonious.

Just like that, Cheng Yu stood outside the classroom and watched her silently. If one day she also discovered that he had other women by his side, what would happen to her?

Yao Na seemed to see Cheng Yu as well, but when she left the classroom after class, Cheng Yu had already left.

Hey. Did you come to the school to look for me just now? Are you alright? When Cheng Yu drove away from the school, he received a call from Yao Na.

I'm fine. I just came to see you. Seeing that you're still so beautiful makes my soul tremble, I'm very satisfied. Cheng Yu said.

Smooth talker, are you really alright?

Are you free tonight? Let's have a meal together Cheng Yu suddenly felt that he had let down a few women. He was always busy and didn't have much time to accompany them.

Great. I'll call you tonight Yao Na said.

After hanging up, Cheng Yu didn't go anywhere but directly returned to his villa. Since he was temporarily unable to resolve his emotional problems, he might as well practice

He took out the forging book that his master Qing Xu Zi gave him and slowly started to study it.

In fact, there were many similarities between refining pills and weapon forging. It required a cauldron as well as various ingredients. However, pill refining was mainly controlled by alchemy and fire. Although weapon forging needed to pay attention to the quality of the fire, the most important thing was still the forging method.

There were many weapon forging methods in the cultivation world, and this was the same as the cultivation method. The better the refining method, the higher the grade of the artifact.

Just like the set of weapon forging techniques that Qing Xu had given him, he could only refine spiritual weapons at the highest level. As for soul weapons, there was no need to think about them unless he found a higher tier refining technique.

In addition, the post-production of normal artifact and magical artifact was also very important. Usually, the normal artifact and magical artifact taken from the cauldron weren't the final product, but rather, some auxiliary production. Although it could be said to be auxiliary production, its importance couldn't be ignored.

Drawing formations required a huge consumption of spiritual energy, whether it was normal artifact or magical artifact. Many weapons craftsmen knew some simple magic arrays. If they drew these magic arrays on normal artifact or magic artifact, they would be able to use them better.

The drawing of the Spiritual Concentration Formation could also help the magic artifact absorb spiritual energy on its own, while the attacking and defending array could enhance the magic artifact's attack and defense.

After memorizing Qing Xu's refining techniques, Cheng Yu was ready to conduct an experiment

He took out the meteorite and some other materials that he had previously left behind in his spatial ring. He then took out a piece of Spirit Crystal and threw it into the furnace. Finally, he threw out the Phoenix Spirit Flame.

If someone was watching on the side, they would only see on that Cheng Yu's hand was constantly chanting incantations. After an entire hour had passed, Cheng Yu's first artifact refining was ready.

A golden light flashed from the lid of the furnace. Cheng Yu stretched out his hand and grabbed. When the golden light disappeared, he saw an exquisite ring appearing on his hand.

The ring was simple and elegant, especially with a sparkling crystal phoenix on it. It looked extremely beautiful, as if it wanted to spread its wings and fly away.

This ring wasn't some kind of offensive or defensive artifact, but was just a popular storage artifact in the cultivation world.

Cheng Yu probed with his Spiritual Sense and was instantly overjoyed. The space inside was much larger than the one he had, it was at least a hundred square meters. Such a large space was like a moving house.

Just when Cheng Yu was about to make more artifacts, his phone suddenly rang. Cheng Yu looked and saw that it was Yao Na. There were several missed calls from her and then he realized it was already so late.

When Cheng Yu drove the car to the gate of Yunhai HighSchool, Cheng Yu immediately frowned. It was because he saw an annoying guy beside Yao Na. This guy was none other than the guy he met the last time he came to find Yao Na.

Nana, get in the car Cheng Yu was already very angry today, Han Xue and Lin Yuhan had a falling out with him. Now that he met this guy before eating with Yao Na, he really wanted to go up and slap him.

Yao Na knew that Cheng Yu was angry, but she was very curious why Cheng Yu was so angry today. In the past, whenever he encountered something or hated someone, he would smile as if he never got angry. But today, everyone could see from his face that he was unhappy, so she obediently got in the car.

Hey. Aren't you kind of rude? Can't you see that I'm talking to Teacher Yao? Also, let me remind you once again, you are a student and she is a teacher. Liao Yun was happily chatting with Yao Na. He originally wanted to invite her to dinner, but Cheng Yu suddenly appeared. He was very unhappy.

He was not stupid and could tell that their relationship was not shallow. However, Cheng Yu was once Yao Na's student. It was impossible for the two of them to be together, so he naturally had to continue pursuing Yao Na.

You better not let me see you next to my wife again. Otherwise, I don't mind making you unable to touch a women for the rest of your life Cheng Yu coldly looked at him, said a few words and drove away.

You... Liao Yun wanted to say something, but the other party had already left. Liao Yun's complexion turned ashen, and there was no need to mention how angry he was.

He had been a teacher for so many years, and it had always been him who scolded students. When had he ever been scolded in such a manner by students?

Teacher Liao. What a coincidence, who are you angry at? At this time, a man suddenly appeared beside Liao Yun and said smilingly. If Cheng Yu was there, he would have definitely recognized this person. He was the one who had caused him so much trouble.

So it's Teacher He. It's nothing? It's just a student without discipline No matter what, Liao Yun was a special grade teacher of the academy. He did not want to lose his face in front of others.

Although Yunhai High School was a noble school, there weren't many special grade teachers like him, especially since he was so young. He was definitely the only one who was a thirty year old special grade teacher, and this was also his honor, so he valued his own image.

Hehe, this car looks familiar, I think it belongs to Cheng Yu, right? He Jian put on an act and said. In fact, he had seen the entire scene clearly.

What is it? Teacher He also knows this student? Liao Yun said.

As for Cheng Yu, he's a famous star student in our school. How could we not know him? And I also heard that he was originally Teacher Yao's student? He Jian chuckled. Does Teacher He know about Cheng Yu's identity and family background? I think that he is quite arrogant and does not place his teacher in his eyes at all

Heh heh, since ancient times, those with knowledge and strength have always been proud of their talent. As for his family, they only have the money to read books. He Jian laughed.

Actually, he didn't know much about Cheng Yu's family background. He was just making wild guesses.

I don't think it's that simple Liao Yun wasn't stupid. Students at Yunhai High School was from either a rich or a noble family. If he was an ordinary person, he wouldn't be afraid. If he offended someone he shouldn't have offended, it would be troublesome.

Hehe, who knows? I heard Teacher Liao likes Teacher Yao quite a lot, but from what I see, Teacher Yao seems to be in an inappropriate relationship with her student. I feel really sad He Jian spoke with a heartbroken expression.

He Jian's words stabbed into Liao Yun's sore spot. He was with Yao Na almost every day, he doesn't know what medicine Cheng Yu made Yao Na drink to make her so infatuated with him. She didn't even give him a chance.

Now that he was humiliated twice by Cheng Yu again, he was so angry in his heart

Does Teacher He have any good methods? Liao Yun asked.

What good idea would I have? He just sighed occasionally. Teacher Liao can be considered a role model for our generation of young male teachers, and Teacher Yao is the most beautiful female teacher. You two could be said to be a match made in heaven. However... What a pity... What a pity He Jian added on.

This... What should I do? Teacher Yao won't even give me a chance The more Liao Yun thought about it, the more unwilling he became. I think Teacher Liao should just cook the rice straight away. Teacher Yao is that kind of traditional woman. If she were to offer herself up, she'll definitely be the type of woman who will follow you without any regrets He Jian said.

I want to as well. But how can you cook this raw rice into a cooked rice? Liao Yun's eyes lit up as he said excitedly.