Godly Student Chapter 407

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Yuhan. Come and look. Is it really Cheng Yu? So many flowers, so romantic When the girls saw Cheng Yu standing there with so many flowers, they started chattering.

Lin Yuhan sat on the bed with a complicated heart. She had already predicted that Cheng Yu would come find her when he came looking for her.

A few days ago, she had felt that she was the happiest woman in the world. But now, she didn't dare to be sure because Cheng Yu actually had another woman.

This was a question she had never thought of before, so she didn't know how to handle the relationship between the two of them.

Cheng Yu stood downstairs looking at all the onlookers and was speechless. He had come here to apologize to Lin Yuhan, how could he explain himself now?

Fatty. Is this what you thought of? You want me to say 'I love you'? Or is it 'marry me'? Cheng Yu looked at the fatty and said.

Boss, aren't you here to ask for sister-in-law's forgiveness? fatty said.

Since you also know that I'm here to apologize. Do you want me to say in front of all these people that I have another girlfriend? Cheng Yu said snappily.

Then what should we do? Shall I borrow a ladder? fatty tried to test the waters.

Forget it Cheng Yu took out his phone and dialed another number.

But after two rings, he was hung up and then tried again, but the other person still didn't pick up.

Seeing so many people waiting to watch a good show, Cheng Yu felt helpless and could only throw caution to the wind.

Yuhan. I know you already know that I'm downstairs, I already know what's going on, but what I'm trying to say is, I've never lied to you, everything I've ever said to you is true. I hope we can have a good talk Cheng Yu had no choice but to shout loudly.

Yuhan. I think this kid is quite considerate, what do you think? Do you want to give him another chance? The girls in Lin Yuhan's dorm said.

Stop messing around, I want to calm down Hearing Cheng Yu's voice, Lin Yuhan felt as if her heart was pierced by needles. She was afraid that she was going to be soft-hearted, so she directly covered her head with the blanket.

Boss. Is sister-in-law not in the dorm? After waiting for a while and not seeing Lin Yuhan, the fatty said.

Cheng Yu was also very anxious. He did not know what happened to Lin Yuhan, it was impossible for them to not see each other. Looking at the dormitory, could it be that he had to climb up the window again?

Wasn't this too much? He climbed up Han Xue's window in the morning, and now he had to climb up another woman's window in school. Was he that unpopular with others because he was born to be someone that climbed up the window?

If Yang Ruoxue and the other ladies are also like this, then he would become a professional climbing window climber.

Which dorm is your sister-in-law staying in? Cheng Yu asked as he looked at the countless windows.

This... It should be... That one, no, it seems to be. Which room? The fatty pointed towards a few rooms in the building and said uncertainly.

Which one? Cheng Yu said with a frown.

This... I can't remember fatty said.

You are truly useless. Hey, may I ask which room is Lin Yuhan's dorm room? Cheng Yu suddenly shouted loudly towards the dormitory.

Handsome. Don't look for Lin Yuhan, there are beauties in our dorm too! Come to us No one told Cheng Yu where Lin Yuhan's dorm room was, but some bold girls already wanted to take him in.

Are you sure she is in the building? Cheng Yu ignored the girls and said to fatty.

I'm sure of that, and those rooms should belong to our class fatty said.

Then it's settled. Give me the flowers Cheng Yu said.

Boss! You're not going to just climb up there, are you? Why don't I go find you a ladder fatty said in shock.

No need, by the time you find the ladder, the flowers will already be cold. Cheng Yu took the flowers from the students. This fatty was too f * cking stupid, actually buying so many flowers. He almost couldn't hold the flowers in his arms.

Boss, you want to climb up with these flower in your hand? That doesn't seem to be convenient, does it? Fatty said as he looked at Cheng Yu, who was completely buried in the flowers.

What is he doing? He's not going to climb up from below, is he? The girl standing on the balcony said in surprise when she saw Cheng Yu's posture.

Cheng Yu couldn't care so much anymore. In order to not show off as much as he could, Cheng Yu jumped up to the first floor at a time and grabbed the balcony with one hand. Then he flipped over the balcony and jumped again.

But even so, everyone was shocked to the point that they couldn't say anything.

Too cool, he really wants to climb up here like this

I'm so touched. For the sake of the girl he likes, he's not afraid of danger and took such a huge risk to climb the windows. He's even carrying a bunch of flowers. If I were that girl, I would definitely be moved to tears.

So cool. Look at his strong body and strong arms. His endurance must be amazing. I really want to give him a try

This big brother is really willing to risk his life for a woman. He dared to climb up so high? The most inconceivable thing is, wasn't this too fake? He climbed up so easily? Doesn't that mean he can come and go as he pleases in the girls' dormitory?

Coming and going freely in the girls' dormitory? Oh my god. What a great man this is Seeing Cheng Yu climb up the fourth floor so easily, everyone was shocked.

Yujan, come out and take a look. Cheng Yu climbed up from downstairs. This is too dangerous<.q> Seeing this scene, Lin Yuhan's roommate was both touched and worried.

Humph. He's very strong, how could he possibly be in danger? If she didn't know about Cheng Yu's condition, then she would've been fine after seeing him do that for her. However, now that she knew about Cheng Yu's capabilities, she wouldn't care about him.

Seeing that everyone was moved by Cheng Yu's actions, Lin Yuhan became even more annoyed. This guy was clearly trying to get some sympathy from her

Cheng Yu quickly jumped onto the balcony. The group of girls stared at Cheng Yu with their eyes wide open. They couldn't believe that he just climbed up the balcony like that.

Beauty. May I ask which dorm Lin Yuhan is in? Seeing the shocked girls, Cheng Yu said with a bright smile.

AHHHHHHHHH The girls shrieked and ran into the dorm like a swarm of bees.

Cheng Yu looked inside. Originally, their dorm room was full of underwear. They naturally wouldn't care about the boys who never came, but now a man actually appeared, so they had no choice but to put it away.

Hey. Beautiful woman, I'm not here to get underwear from you girls, I'm here to look for someone Cheng Yu helplessly interrupted the flustered girls.

Over there, next door A girl pointed to the dormitory with a blush.

Yes, thank you. Your underwear is beautiful. Especially that little kitten, it must be really happy Cheng Yu looked at the white underwear in the girl's hand and smiled. Then he jumped onto the balcony and jumped past the dormitory, only to hear the girl scream.

Hey. I shouldn't have made a mistake this time, right? Seeing the female student in the dormitory, Cheng Yu smiled.

Hehe, that's right. I didn't expect you to be so amazing. You climbed up so easily. A slightly plump girl said.

Then can I go in and see Yuhan? Cheng Yu said.

Of course. But we have to take care of this too The girls quickly ran in to collect their private things.

About this, can you guys go out for a while? If you look at me like that, I'll be embarrassed Cheng Yu walked into the female dormitory and helplessly said when he saw that the few of them were still looking forward to watching a show.

Sigh. Yuhan, don't go Seeing that Lin Yuhan was going to follow them out, Cheng Yu quickly pulled her and said.

I have nothing to say to you Lin Yuhan said with a cold face.

Han Han, this is a misunderstanding. Don't be angry, look, this flower is beautiful. I chose this flower especially for you, to absorb the essence of the sun and moon Cheng Yu quickly closed the door and took out a fresh flower as he spoke with a smile.

Humph. Don't think that you can lie to me just by saying those sweet words. I won't believe you anymore. Lin Yuhan turned and did not pick up his flowers.

To the heavens and the earth, I have never deceived you. Your heart can definitely be seen by the heavens and the earth, the sun and the moon can be seen from it Cheng Yu put the flower down, turned Lin Yuhan's body around and said.

Is that so? Then how do you explain that woman? Lin Yuhan said.

She... She is the same as you, both women I love. I definitely never thought of deceiving you Cheng Yu said.

You... So you're admitting that she's also your girlfriend? Lin Yuhan's heart was like a heavy blow.

That's right... know you can't accept this at the moment, but this is the truth, but I definitely do not have any intention of lying to you all

Fine, I'll give you a chance. If you leave her, I'll forgive you Lin Yuhan could not accept that the man she liked liked other women.

This... I can't do it, just like she wants me to leave you. Maybe you'd think I was making excuses for myself, and I admit I was being too obscene. Perhaps in this world, I am already an absurd person, but I know that you are all people that I love. I will not abandon either of you. Cheng Yu said helplessly.

Why? Why are you doing this Lin Yuhan roared at Cheng Yu with tears in her eyes. Her previous bliss was now nothing more than a reflection of the moon

I'm sorry. Other than this condition, I can promise you anything else Cheng Yu said.

Go. I don't want to see you again Lin Yuhan kept pushing Cheng Yu as she cried.

At this moment, her reaction was so similar to Han Xue's that Cheng Yu's heart broke when he saw the woman he liked being so sad in front of him. He knew that they wouldn't be able to accept his ridiculous thoughts for a short period of time.

No matter what you think, I will not give up. I've said it before, you are destined to be my Cheng family's wife Cheng Yu did not insist on persuading her anymore because he knew that whatever he said now would be futile, because they all wanted the same result.