Godly Student Chapter 406

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Even as a mistress? Han Xue said casually.

What do you mean? Mom is teaching you on how to take a man's heart. Don't create opportunities for other women. Many girls like Cheng Yu because he is such a talented person. If you don't keep a tight hold on him and always show your temper around him, other girls will sooner or later take him away. Your age itself is also bigger than Xiao Yu, don't let younger girls grab his heart. Do you understand?Mother Han take her daughters words seriously.

Mom, I will handle it myself. In short, return the card back to himHan Xue didn't want to discuss this with her mother. She got up and walked towards her room. She suddenly turned back and said, Give it to me

What?Mother Han said inexplicably

The Bank Card, I will return it to him

Im too lazy to care about you silly girlMother Han ignored her daughter and went straight into her room.

MomHan Xue called out a few times outside the door, her mother did not pay any attention to her


Although Cheng Yu had an agreement with Han Xue's mother, but his heart was not completely relieved because the biggest problem now was still Han Xue herself.

What he wants is Han Xue's willingness to follow him but he doesn't know how to explain to her.

This problem seems to be unsolvable in this monogamous society because Han Xue isn't the only problem he is going to have to face. He would have to face the same problems with Yang Ruoxue, Yao Na, and Lin Yuhan and he had no way to face it.

Among the women he likes, he only had some confidence in Lan Ya. He had no confidence in the others.

Cheng Yu sighed. Although he had some experience on the path to cultivation, but on the issue of men and women, he did not have any experience at all.

When I used to pick up girls, I only thought that life was very beautiful. Until now, at this moment, he realized the profundity of the mess after picking up a girl is more difficult than picking up a girl.

Hey, Fatty. Is there class today?There is no point in thinking about it. I can only take a step at a time. I will go to school first because I'm worried about Lin Yuhan

He hasn't figured out how Han Xue suddenly knows his and Lin Yuhan's affairs. He can find fatty to inquire about it and see if Lin Yuhan also knows about Han Xue.

Boss, you finally appeared. The situation is not goodThe anxious voice of fatty came from the phone.

Cheng Yu's had an ominous premonition, and the truth was as cruel was he had imagined.

What is it?Cheng Yu asked.

Boss, you got bustedsaid fatty

What do you mean?

Boss, I mean, people found out about your affairs with two womensaid fatty in a hushed tone.

What happened in the end?

The day before yesterday, a post appeared on the school's forum, saying that a beautiful woman who claimed to be your girlfriend came to the school to find you. The result was seen by Lin Yuhan. Her condition did not seem very good these past two days.Fatty said

Post?Cheng Yu said startled.

So that's how it was discovered? Is the woman who claimed to be my girlfriend Han Xue?

It's reasonable to think about it. Han Xue was about to be engaged yesterday, and he had suddenly disappeared. It's normal for her to go to his school to find him.

Thinking of this, Cheng Yu wanted to beat himself up. If he had called Han Xue first to tell her that he had to go out, then there would not be so many problems.

What happened to Yuhan?Cheng Yu Said

I don't know, she should be very sad though

Are you in classCheng Yu said

No, there is no class in the morning, She should be in the dormitory right now

Wait for me at schoolCheng Yu said, he went straight to the school

Twenty minutes later, a sports car slowly drove into Yunhai University. Such a conspicuous sports car can easily attract the attention of others. Some people with good eyesight could see at a glance that something interesting was going to happen.

In the past two days, Cheng Yu's name has once again been like the fire of the college examination results a few months ago. His name often appears in the posts of the school forum. Whether it is because of brilliant achievements or gossip news, the name Cheng Yu has become popular in Yunhai University and also the topic people usually talked about.

Boss, I'm hereCheng Yu got off the car, and soon heard fatty shouting from under a big tree

Boss, why have you come empty handed? You should have at least brought some gifts or something. How else can you make Lin Yuhan happy?Seeing Cheng Yu empty-handed, fatty said.

What a good fatty, you sure know how to please girls, but you are still too young to teach your boss. This way of pleasing girls are only used by newbies like you. With my way of picking up girls, any gifts will seem too excessiveCheng Yu said as he patted fatty on the shoulder.

Although he said that, Cheng Yu's heart was quickly beating. Fatty was right, Cheng Yu didn't think about getting Lin Yuhan a gift.

Boss, I don't doubt your skills, but this time I can see that you are really in trouble,said fatty.

What do you mean?

In short, Lin Yuhan looked very depressed in the past two days, and she sometimes has a heartbreaking look

So I really need to buy some gifts first?Cheng Yu frowned and said. Things were much more troublesome than what he originally thought.

I think you should, anyways, you are not short in moneyfatty nodded.

I'll still give her a call first, it's better to check on her mode firstCheng Yu said before calling Lin Yuhan

However, the phone was immediately hang up when it was just dialed.

You are right, I think I really should buy some gifts first. Fatty, what should I buy? What is appropriate?Cheng Yu thought about it

I think that flowers would be the best choicefatty said

Okay, go and buy some flowers for me, buy a lotCheng Yu took out a stack of money and said to fatty

Okay boss, wait for me here. I'll come back as soon as possiblesaid fatty

This fatty, how can he be so excited? Is it because he wants to embezzle my money?Seeing fatty so excited, Cheng Yu was very puzzled. After another ten minutes, fatty was running over with a bunch of bright red roses, and it was even impossible to see his face

Such a conspicuous scene, an unknown number of students have come to the side, and some people who have nothing else to do was following behind fatty, ready to see who the flowers are for

You idiot, buying such a large number of roses, how am I supposed to hold it?Cheng Yu laughed

Boss, believe me, 999 roses, I'm positive that it will give you the best resultsaid fatty with a smile

Tell me, are you trying to take advantage of me

Boss, I love to help you do things, how can I take advantage of you?Fatty was shocked

What are you so excited about then?Cheng Yu naturally does not really care if fatty is trying to take advantage of him, but obviously, there is something up. Fatty was so excited to be buying flowers for him, and he even bought so many flowers...

Hehe, I'll tell you laterFatty said with a smile

Cheng Yu is also too lazy to care about him, and he still has a big problem now. Fatty shouted at a few students to hold the flowers. Fatty and Cheng Yu both led the way in front. As a result, a huge group of people followed them.

Hey, Boss, do you see this effect. Don't you see how much popularity you are attracting? With so many roses, it can touch the heart of any woman. Lin Yuhan definitely can't resistFatty smiled

You are underestimating Yuhan. If she is so easy to get, things would not be like thisCheng Yu was not optimistic about this way at all. Now it is not a pursuit, but a rescue.

Hey, what are you students doing hereJust as Cheng Yu arrived at the girls' dormitory to get in, suddenly a person stopped in front of everyone.

Hello teacher. I want to go in and find someoneCheng Yu said politely

Are you illiterate? That teacher pointed to a sign next to him, and it was written Girls Dormitory, No Boys Allowed

Is there such a rule? Why didn't the boys' dormitory have the 'No Girls Allowed' sign?Cheng Yu turned to look at fatty

Hey... Boss. This should be because of different physiological structurefatty said speechlessly

Aunt. Oh no, teacher, you see, it's not easy to get around. Can you just let me go in for a while?Cheng Yu said helplessly at the teacher

No means no. Seeing that you look like a person who doesn't even study well. All day, all you know is how to pursue girlsThe teacher looked at the bunch of flowers and said to Cheng Yu in a dissatisfied tone.

Hey...Cheng Yu's forehead was full of black line, this teacher was too rude. Boss, I have a way to let you see Lin YuhanSaid fatty

Then why didn't you say it earlier?Cheng Yu said in exasperation

Follow meSoon after, the group followed after fatty

That child.... His parents must have been very disappointed in himsighed the teacher

At the girls dormitory, countless girls opened their windows looked at the group of people below after hearing the commotion. They chattered with each other as they saw a bunch of roses enviously.

Yuhan, Yuhan. Look, your sweetheart is coming, and he even brought a lot of rosesLin Yuhans friends ran over to the windows and said excitedly

It's true, Yuhan. Hurry and come overSeveral girls ran to the window and saw that a lot of people gathered, and Cheng Yu was at the front with a bunch of roses next to him.