Godly Student Chapter 405

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This... Xiao Xue... I didn't mean to lie to you, it's just. It's just that you didn't ask me Cheng Yu looked at Han Xue's expression and said with a bit of lack of confidence.

You... So it's still my fault? Get lost This time, Han Xue was really angry, pushing Cheng Yu towards the door.

Little Snow. What happened? Who are you talking to? Hearing the voice from her daughter's room, her mother came to the door and said loudly.

Snowy, listen to my explanation! I have my reasons Cheng Yu said as he was pushed.

Alright then. I'll give you a chance. Do you like her or do you like me? Do you want her or do you want me? Han Xue looked up at Cheng Yu and said.

Gulp! Cheng Yu swallowed his saliva. The thing he was most afraid of happened. He looked at Han Xue and weakly said, You are all my beloved women, can I say that I want them all?

Sure Han Xue coldly said with disappointment in her heart.

Really? Little Snow Cheng Yu said in disbelief.

Yes, you can scram now Han Xue once again pushed Cheng Yu out the door.

Xiao Xue, who's in your room? Her mother spoke again. She clearly heard voices coming from her daughter's room. Pow! The door to Han Xue's room opened, but surprisingly, Cheng Yu was pushed out by Han Xue.

Little Yu? You. Why are you in Snowy's room? Mother Han said in surprise. Cheng Yu had clearly just left, how come he suddenly came out of her daughter's room? This was too shocking.

Ugh... This... This is yet another accident Cheng Yu was pushed out by Han Xue as he smiled awkwardly.

Little Yu, If you really like our Xiao Xue, can't you treat her better? Han's mother saw that her daughter was still very angry, so she looked at Cheng Yu and said.

Ugh.. For example... Cheng Yu said.

Accompany her more, look at you, you've only been back for a few days and you've disappeared again without a trace or word. If it wasn't for the accident that happened to that brat from the Tang Clan, Snowy really would have become someone else's wife. Mother Han placed all her hopes on Cheng Yu, so naturally, she had to hold back this young genius.

So they're not engaged? Cheng Yu said happily. He originally wanted to go to the Tang Clan to intimidate them, but now it seemed like there was no need. His underhanded tricks were not bad.

Of course, Little Yu, tell Aunt honestly, do you really like our Little Snow? Mother Han pulled Cheng Yu to the living room's sofa and sat him down as she said this seriously. Originally, she wanted to find Cheng Yu to discuss this issue when Han Xue wasn't about to be engaged to Tang Ze three days ago. Although he was a few days late, the engagement didn't work out, so this issue was still very meaningful.

Of course. It was just that the problem was a bit serious, but he didn't dare tell her mother. Otherwise, she would have used a broom to chase him away.

Then, will you marry Xiao Xue in the future? Mother Han said.


But will your family agree? Although she didn't know much about Cheng Yu's family background, she was sure that it was not an ordinary family, so it was better to study and clarify it early. Otherwise, If they don't allow her daughter to marry into the Cheng Clan because she was a few years older than Cheng Yu, wouldn't that be harming her daughter?

Auntie, don't worry about that. I can make the decision Cheng Yu said.

You decide? Do your parents ignore you? Mother Han said in surprise. Weren't big families very strict on the marriage of their juniors? When did the younger generation make their own decisions?

I'm very free in my house. I can decide everything on my own, and I will definitely marry Snowy. In this life, she can only be a daughter-in-law of my Cheng family. If Aunt is worried, how about I hand over the bridal gift first? Seeing that Mother Han seemed to be willing to allow him to be with Han Xue, Cheng Yu was overjoyed. He decided to just give the betrothal gift, so Han Xue couldn't escape.

This... Is that really possible? Mother was also pleasantly surprised. Wouldn't it be better if he could settle their matter right now? Then her daughter wouldn't be afraid that no one would want her when she grew up.

Since I'm not prepared today, can you just treat this as a betrothal gift? Cheng Yu thought for a moment, then took out a gold bank card and said.

Of course... Of course you can Mother Han looked at the gold card in Cheng Yu's hand and said happily. Although Cheng Yu didn't say how much money was in the card, she could tell from one look that this card wasn't an ordinary bank card.

Mom. What are you doing? I don't want to see him again. Tell him to leave our house as soon as possible Just when Mother Han took the golden card, Han Xue suddenly came out of the room and said loudly with a straight face.

Snowy, what are you saying? After getting Cheng Yu's promise and betrothal gift, Cheng Yu's position in Mother Han's heart immediately changed as she looked at her daughter with dissatisfaction.

Auntie, I think I should go first. Then we finally have an agreement Cheng Yu knew that Han Xue was currently angry, and since he couldn't give her the answer she wanted in such a short time, he decided to leave first.

As the saying goes, there's still a long way to go. Monks can't run away from girls. He would eventually find a way to capture Han Xue.

Mom. What did you tell him? What did he say? After Cheng Yu left the Han family, Han Xue looked at her mother and said.

Little Snow. Mother asked for you. Little Yu is definitely sincere towards you. Look, he even gave you a betrothal gift Mother Han took out a gold card and said happily.

Mom. Why are you always like this? To make a decision without my permission, isn't the Tang Clan the best example? Han Xue was currently angry, how could she be willing to marry Cheng Yu.

You little girl, your mother did this all for you. Look at you, looking as if you've been out of your mind for the past few days, didn't you keep saying that you're not going to marry anyone other than Cheng Yu? Now that Cheng Yu is back and you're trying your best to chase him out, aren't you eating the wrong medicine Mother Han said with dissatisfaction.

That was before .... Humph... Who the hell would want to marry him now Han Xue said, thinking back to what he said just now and felt annoyed. He wanted both of them, which was too shameless, but she didn't want to tell her mother.

I'm too lazy to care about you. Let me go downstairs to the ATM to take a look. How much money is on this card? Let's see just how much sincerity this kid has Mother Han didn't pay attention to Han Xue and happily took her bank card downstairs.

Mom. Return the card to him Han Xue said, but her mother didn't take her words seriously

Humph. That bastard. This was so infuriating, never mind him again Han Xue sat on the sofa and said angrily.

Ten-odd minutes later, her mother suddenly ran home excitedly.

Little Snow. Little Snow Han's mother closed the door as she told her daughter in an excited yet careful manner.

What's wrong? Seeing her mother like this, she knew that Cheng Yu had given her quite a bit of money, but she wasn't a woman who liked money, and she didn't stay with him because he had a lot of money.

Guess how much money is in it? Mother Han's hands were shaking uncontrollably.

How much is it? Seeing that her mother seemed to be overly excited, Han Xue also became curious.

Their family couldn't be considered rich, but they lived a fairly wealthy life. As long as it wasn't too extravagant, they could still bear it. However, her mother was so excited. This was a bit exaggerated. Could it be that there were several million?

This number? Mother Han said as she stretched out two fingers.

Two hundred thousand? Han Xue said, a betrothal gift of two hundred thousand was not a small amount.

More Mother Han shook her head

It can't really be two million? Han Xue was also shocked, two million RMB betrothal gift was too outrageous

More Mother Han shook her head with excitement.

More? Han Xue curiously said. Seeing that her mother really did extend out two fingers, her heart was startled and she exclaimed, It's ... Could it be 20 million?

That's right. A total of 20 million. Oh my god. I never dreamed that Little Yu would be so generous. He just wanted to make a simple agreement with you and gave you 20 million yuan for the betrothal gift. It's too scary Mother Han patted her chest in excitement.

Although she was the wife of a vice minister, Han Li had always been an honest man. He never embezzled nor accepted bribes, so how could she have seen so much money?

Mom. You're crazy! How can you want so much money from him? If his family knew about this, wouldn't they think that we blackmailed him? Han Xue was also really frightened.

Twenty million. What kind of concept was this? Many people had never seen so much money in their lives, but it could be said that she and Cheng Yu didn't even have a relationship yett. It was hard to accept that he would willingly use so much money as a betrothal gift.

What's wrong with that? It wasn't us who asked him for it, it was him who gave it to us. We didn't steal nor blackmailed him for it, so what's there to be afraid of? This just means that Little Yu truly likes you. Mother Han didn't think too much and said happily

But we still can't take that much money Han Xue still couldn't believe this.

What do you mean? If you marry him, the money will be yours sooner or later. Now that he's given you the money, at least you don't have to worry about him raising a wife outside Mother Han said.

Han Xue smiled bitterly in her heart when she heard this? Little wife? It was still unclear who the wife was. Besides, since Cheng Yu was able to take out so much money so easily as a betrothal gift, how could he not have more money?

Little Snow. Mom will give you a lesson. As a women, you don't have much time to busy yourself with this. It's fine if you are angry, but you just have to be careful with your temper. Don't overdo it. If we really wear out his patience, then where can we find such a golden husband? Mother Han reminded Han Xue seriously when she thought of her temper.

Now that Cheng Yu had obviously become the golden plaque in her heart, if Han Xue kept her attitude around Cheng Yu and caused Cheng Yu to be disinterested in her, then she would be distressed

Even as a mistress? Han Xue said casually.